Blowing Things Back Into Proportion

Yes, we just finished a 4 game road trip 3-1 with 6 out of 8 points.

Yes, we had two back to back games.

No, we cannot win every game.

No, our defense and goaltending does not suck because we can’t win every game.

Yes, we had a great run.

Yes, contenders have great runs during the season.

No, that run should not cause you to believe the Cup is ours.

No, we’re not the only team trying to raise the Cup.

Yes, we are missing our starting goaltender.

Yes, Quick will return.

No, Ben Scrivens is not Jonathan Quick.

No, Martin Jones is not Jonathan Quick.

Yes, you should be upset at tonight’s loss.

Yes, you should get over it fast.

No, I will not listen to you whine about it.

No, I will NOT listen to you whine about it.

Yes, I still love you.

Yes, Go Kings….

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  2. Game over man! Game over!

  3. 7 game streak? How many minutes without allowing a first period goal?

    I only saw the first but they played like shit. That lazy play by Muzzin was pretty bad.

    Panic? Nah… They’ll bounce back. I mean it would have been good to beat Chicago but it happens. 6 outta 8 on the road? I’ll take it

  4. “Yes, my opinion is the only one that matters”
    “Yes, I get to decide how everyone else should feel about the game”

    Not that I really disagree with your viewpoint on this game, just because it was a back to back more than anything. But while it’s easy to use a viable excuse like that for one game, looking at things more broadly, this team just keeps beating us, and even discounting our head to head games, I’ve been watching them vs all the other teams too, and they just look better. One of the reasons I gave for why we need to trade for Matt Moulson (or someone like that) at the deadline is that there are a few teams right on par with us who could beat us if the bounces go their way in a seven game series (San Jose, possibly even Anaheim), but most of all, the Blackhawks are just better than us right now with our current roster. They were better last year and they added Versteeg. Their style also gives us fits because the one semi-weakness the Kings have is speed (and scoring), and the Blackhawks are the fastest team in the NHL.

    So it is something to be worried about. On the positive side, Chicago probably already made their move (with Versteeg). Their GM is notoriously conservative and scared to pull the trigger, so I doubt he makes two moves in one season. Meanwhile we still have two 2nd round picks to deal at the deadline, and a ton of prospects to deal assuming Lombardi doesn’t have that same problem when it comes to pulling the trigger on deals that include some of his better prospects.

    So as long as Dean adds to this team before the deadline, there’s no reason to be worried, you’re right. But we should still be very clear about it, right now the Blackhawks are better, on paper and on the ice, and it is something to be very worried about if Dean doesn’t add to this team.

  5. Quick? who’s Quick? Oh yeah, the Dipietro with a cup. I don’t think Jonny will ever be the same, god bless him. One great year, 10 mil per! Kings need defense and need it bad. Look for Dean to make a deal. Marc Staal to the Kings? It could happen. Someone to shu down Kane. Need it bad.

    • I think you should be on probation, seeing as the Chicago loss was basically your fault.

    • 1st in the league in goals against, on pace to be only the second team in over 13 years to have under 2.00 GA/G. Yep our defense sucks! Lets trade for a $4M/yr defenseman who is an UFA in 2015. I usually like to use hyperbole to hit home my sarcasm in cases like this, but I think you idea was hyperbolic enough.

      • I was thinking the exact same thing.

      • Whatever, we need a shutdow d man. I can’t harp on it anymore. I guarantee that Dean knows it. You can’t see beyond wins and loses. I can.

        • Who would you suggest that would be an upgrade to Mitchell, Greene and Regehr? And, who would you be willing to give up for that player. I can guarantee that Toffoli would be the one targeted by other teams. They’re not going to be satisfied with guys like Lewis and Fraser.

          • I like Greene but Regehr and Mitchell’s best days are clearly behind them. Even still, Greene cannot shut down top competition. I may look to the Rangers and see if they would give up Staal or McDonough. Someone who can play top minutes and shut down a guy like Kane. He will toy with the current D. I don’t think Seidenburg or Martin can be had. Giordano from Calgary is intriguing. Fuck, I’ll leave it up to Dean. He knows what the fuck he’s doing. Of coarse they want Toffoli but maybe they will settle for Vey and Frattin. Possibly Forbort, I don’t know. All of you that expect Jones to carry a. 950 save% and a 1.50 GAA all season are in for a long, cold winter and spring.

    • Dipietro? What are you a Ducks fan?

  6. Jones bitches!!


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