The Oilers are the young, dumb team. If they were a chick, we would want a few more rounds with her but could never take her seriously.

The Sharks are the Sharks. The same fuckers we have known for years. Regular season heros. Playoff zeros. The chick that’s been ridden hard, put up wet and we wouldn’t touch with a…

So I’m thinking about Martin Jones and the 6-0 record. Hockey is a game of inches. A bounce or an inch here or there is the difference between a goal and a good save. Think about the puck Matt Greene flicked into the Oilers’ zone, that stopped and spun left onto Jordan Nolan’s stick. I’ve hit wedge shots that do that but a puck? On ice?

Jones has earned every victory, the defense has played well in front of him but he has also not given the D unnecessary work by poor rebound control.

If Jones faces the San Jose Sharks tomorrow, it will be a good test of his positioning and patience. He is a very different style goaltender than Ben Scrivens. Whereas The Professor is an attacking style, plays above his crease and is prone to getting out of position, Jones stays deeper, has economic movements and defaults to gobbling up rebounds and stopping any offensive momentum opponents may build. Several times, I have seen him take the conservative route of pouncing on the puck and letting a faceoff ensue than letting the play continue.

Against the Sharks, I am looking at Muzzin to have a better game, for Greener to get his game legs back and Drew Doughty to just keep being the Hockey God that he is. I haven’t had much to complain about from our forwards although Dustin Brown has left me wanting, as have Justin Williams and Mike Richards at times. The thing with the latter two is I know they rise to the occasion, especially in big games. As for Brownie, I do wonder if he’s playing at 100% but perhaps, if he’s not, he is right where he belongs on the third line.

The keys to victory against the Sharks: the forecheck and breakouts. It should be a great game. It usually is against those fucks. Let’s win another on our way to many more.