Oilers Yesterday, Sharks Tomorrow. Win, Win.

The Oilers are the young, dumb team. If they were a chick, we would want a few more rounds with her but could never take her seriously.

The Sharks are the Sharks. The same fuckers we have known for years. Regular season heros. Playoff zeros. The chick that’s been ridden hard, put up wet and we wouldn’t touch with a…

So I’m thinking about Martin Jones and the 6-0 record. Hockey is a game of inches. A bounce or an inch here or there is the difference between a goal and a good save. Think about the puck Matt Greene flicked into the Oilers’ zone, that stopped and spun left onto Jordan Nolan’s stick. I’ve hit wedge shots that do that but a puck? On ice?

Jones has earned every victory, the defense has played well in front of him but he has also not given the D unnecessary work by poor rebound control.

If Jones faces the San Jose Sharks tomorrow, it will be a good test of his positioning and patience. He is a very different style goaltender than Ben Scrivens. Whereas The Professor is an attacking style, plays above his crease and is prone to getting out of position, Jones stays deeper, has economic movements and defaults to gobbling up rebounds and stopping any offensive momentum opponents may build. Several times, I have seen him take the conservative route of pouncing on the puck and letting a faceoff ensue than letting the play continue.

Against the Sharks, I am looking at Muzzin to have a better game, for Greener to get his game legs back and Drew Doughty to just keep being the Hockey God that he is. I haven’t had much to complain about from our forwards although Dustin Brown has left me wanting, as have Justin Williams and Mike Richards at times. The thing with the latter two is I know they rise to the occasion, especially in big games. As for Brownie, I do wonder if he’s playing at 100% but perhaps, if he’s not, he is right where he belongs on the third line.

The keys to victory against the Sharks: the forecheck and breakouts. It should be a great game. It usually is against those fucks. Let’s win another on our way to many more.

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  1. The keys to beating the sharts are puck possession, a strong fore check, beating and leaning on them with checking and staying out of the fucking penalty box.

    Jump on them just like the last time and take care of your own end. Keep it simple, stupid.

    Defenders need to be physical and smart, no room for errors, or giveaways. Keep the sharts to the outside and do not let them drive to the net.

    Our forwards need to be diligent and determined to not let any sharts player win puck battles, or get to loose pucks on the back check.

    No leisurely skates to retrieve pucks, move your ass!

    If the sharts want to stand in front or around our net, smack them down, make them pay physically if they want to claim that piece of ice near the net.

    We have turned the page of the sharts, and we need to remind them of this fact!

  2. Going tonight. Here’s to a hard fought win in an important 4 pt game. Sharks fans are sure to start out really overconfident. Shutting them up early will insure I don’t go home pissed. GKG \X/. Win win win.

  3. Gonna be a good, hard fought win tonight. It’s time to brutalize and demoralize these dumbasses from the north.

    Remind these assholes why there’s a Cup banner hanging in the rafters.

    Does Brownie still deserve to wear the C? Not to say that he’s still a leader in the room but I’d rather see the C on Kopi’s jersey. Not a big deal but I think Brownie’s time as the captain is over.

    • You clearly need to be reminded one of the main reasons “why there’s a Cup banner hanging in the rafters.”


      • I think it’s time to change the captaincy imo. I’m not saying Brownie isn’t a good leader and captain.

        • The only way that’s comin off his chest is with the uni it’s sewn onto. They would trade him first. If you demote your captain mid season and then hope to trade him later your not playing the trade game very well. Having a quality player not happy where he is ruins it for everybody. Kinda like pokin a hole in your gas tank before a long trip, or icing your dick before you use it. Boston likes to call people out before they trade them. That’s how they wound up with Erickson for Kessel and Seguin. Just dumb. Besides Brown’ll come around. What are you new?

        • I’m sorry, I think this whole “captain” thing is overrated. Is it me or am I missing something?

          Why do you think Kopitar should be the Captain? Do you think because Kopitar leads the team in points, that justifies why he deserves to be the Captain?

          Let me ask you one question: If someone takes a run at Justin Williams or Mike Richards would Kopitar go out and get into a fight with whoever it was that took the run at the Kings player? The answer is no, which is something I think people forget, is another thing that Brown brings.

          Brown might not win a fight, but at least he is willing to do whatever he has to, to show his teammates, the opponent and fans he has his teams back regardless of the challenge.

          Not all Captains will get into scraps, but never let it be said that Brown has ever backed down from a challenge or to stand up for a teammate.

          Captain doesn’t mean you have to be the best player on the team, or the most vocal on and off the ice in the locker room etc…

          Dustin Brown shows his leadership through his play. If he is hurt, he doesn’t show it, and if he isn’t scoring goals, you don’t see him throwing tantrums because he has been moved to another line.

          Brown put this team on his back, a few seasons ago with a shitty coach, and without Kopitar to make the playoffs. The next season, he once again was one of the better players throughout the playoffs helping the Kings win their very 1st cup.

          I honestly am baffled by why you think right now the Kings should make a change of who their Captain is!

          The Kings are one of the Top 5 teams in the NHL right now and you are concerned about who has a “C” on their sweater?

          These are professional hockey players, and they really shouldn’t have to look to someone else to draw any sort of inspiration or work ethic. If you have players on a team that have a problem getting motivated, well then they should find another team to play for, or go overseas and get paid a bunch of money for very little effort.

          • I agree with everything you said: the C is overrated, but it sends an extremely strong message of confidence to give it and an even stronger message to take it away.

          • I had a feeling I was gonna get some flack for this. Well my reasoning’s pretty simple. First off I like Brown. I’ve always liked Brown. I’ve always thought of him as the quintessential power forward that will get to those areas and make those crushing hits on a regular basis. And early on with the Kings, you could always count on him to level someone almost every game. I really didn’t see him as much of a goal scorer or dangler. Just a straight up power forward with an edge to his game.

            Kopitar. I mean what else can you say about the guy? He’s relatively mild mannered, low key kinda guy but on the ice he’s a beast. He dominates players on an almost at will basis. His puck protection skills are getting elevated to that next level. He’s a powerful guy on skates.

            2012…rumors of Brown on the trading block. Wtf? Brown…you can’t trade Brown! Then he went postal in the playoffs right.

            You don’t need to be a fighter to be the captain. You don’t need to be the best player to be the captain. What you do need is a game that you can take on your back if needed and make shit happen and Kopitar is that guy. He’s the guy that can make shit happen. He’s the guy that can take a game on his back and turn shit around. I’ve been noticing lately that he’s been getting double shifted more and more often. There’s a reason for that and that’s because he can make shit happen.

            I’m not saying trade Brown mid season. I’m also not saying take away his C and give it to Kopi mid season. I shoulda been more clear on that. That’s my bad.

            But next season and beyond. Is our captain really now going to be that of a 3rd line power forward? Yeah yeah I agree the C really doesn’t mean that much. I mean it’s really just a letter on your jersey. And if that were really the case than why would it make a difference to have Kopi wear it?

          • @Hat Trick

            Like I had just said:
            it sends an extremely strong message of confidence to give it and an even stronger message to take it away.

            So to take it away from Brownie is such a sign of disrespect. Yes he is on the thrid line right now, because that is what is best for the team. You think because he is not performing right now we should essentially write him off forever. Because that is what taking the C away would be doing. Like Hamburglar said the only way you take it away is if he is traded.

            Also, it is like you have no memory before this season. Kopitar as captain because Brown is slumping in point production? Kopi slumps all the time, that is why you give a PWF the C, because he is playing his game day-in-and-out! Seriously, you are catching flack because your idea is at best a gut reaction and at worst REALLY FUCKING STUPID!

    • The C should always be worn by the guy who shows and and is exemplary on and off the ice. A guy the coach wishes everyone would behave like. If that’s Brown, then it’s Brown. If he falters then it should be the next best guy. Doesn’t matter how many minutes they play or how many goals they score. They just must have a body of work. If it’s Fraser, then give the C to Fraser. Teammates can look up to the man for giving his all everytime out. The guy is just happy to be in the NHL. Sometimes, that’s enough.

      • You’re absolutely correct. If he doesn’t have the leadership qualities, or if he had them and lost them, give the C to someone who exemplifies leadership and 100% effort.

  4. On Brown: a few seasons ago many Kings fans questioned if he wasn’t truly a 3rd line player that everyone was overvaluing. He kept rebounding with 20+ goal seasons which quieted the critics, as well as that great playoff run. Still, 25 goals, without large assist totals, when you’re getting top line billing and top powerplay time, isn’t elite production in the least. I remember Jon Hoven was saying how great Brown is and that 6 million a year would be a discount, and I disagreed at the time completely. Brown is a good complimentary player but he has his ups and downs. He is a 5 million dollar player at most to me, maybe 4.5.

    Point being, Brown has had a few good stretches in his career, but he has never been an elite offensive player. It looked for awhile when he was young that he had that potential, but he’s never taken that next step to being a point per game player or 30 goal scorer. And this season he’s really, really struggled. I also wonder if he’s injured or out at shape. At the least though, he’s a good 3rd liner.

    On Justin Williams, he’s looked a step slow all season to me. I remember commenting (except for game 7 vs SJ) that he looked injured in the SJ series last season. People here disagreed with me saying he wasn’t injured, but I read that at the time from some sources and eventually it did come out I believe that he’d been playing with an injury.

    So maybe that injury is still lingering, or maybe it just affected his offseason training and now he’s playing catch up, or maybe he’s just aging at 32. Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t lost a huge step. It’s subtle. He’s still a very important player for us, still one of our best players, and 32 isn’t THAT old. If he is slowing some, he just needs to have a better offseason before next season and he can come back to 100%. We’ve seen that with the Sedins where it seemed like they were on the decline five years ago, and then they started training better in the offseason, and they came back big. Or Teemu Selanne. Or Jaromir Jagr. Age doesn’t mean you have to decline. If all other variables stay unchanged, age will make you decline, but if you improve your training habits more than age declines you, you can still get a net increase in your playing ability.

    But I agree, Justin Williams this year has been at about 85%. Better than the 70% he was at in the playoffs last year, but not 100%.

    As for Mike Richards, this has been his best season as a King, but I agree at times he’s left me wanting especially recently, where his lack of size and speed show their ugly faces again.

  5. By the way it sounds like Frattin and Vey could both be out of the lineup tonight in favor of Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser (when will they trade him already???). We’ll see what happens but I’d think against the Sharks you would want as much speed and talent in the lineup as possible. I can live with Lewis in the lineup over Vey just because that straight line speed on the backcheck and to loose pucks is important against SJ, even if we lose Vey’s skill, but there’s no way Fraser should be in over Frattin. We lose speed AND skill AND offense in that trade off.

    One huge factor in Martin Jones vs Ben Scrivens that most people aren’t thinking of is the shootout. Both these LA/SJ games have gone to overtime this year. Scrivens has performed well above expectations during games this season, playing well positionally and making saves, but where he’s really shown his inexperience and lack of elite physical talent that Quick has is in the shootout. Niemi is very good for SJ in the shootout, and just like last time where Scrivens let in a ton of shootout goals to the Sharks and we lost as a result, if it was Scrivens vs Niemi in another shootout, our odds would be very, very low.

    But Jones seems like he’s much better at it. It’s small sample size, but he was fantastic in the one shootout he’s been in,. Not only has Jones been a better goalie overall in the games than Scrivens, in my opinion, but the gap is even wider in the shootout. Should tonight’s game go to a shootout, and let’s hope it doesn’t, I think playing Jones over Scrivens could be the single biggest difference between a win and a loss.

    Which also, there is a blog on hockeybuzz about how the Kings should demote Jones to the AHL once Scrivens comes back… First of all, didn’t I read somewhere that Jones would have to pass through waivers? That doesn’t sound accurate at all so maybe whoever wrote that is just an idiotic. But even if he can pass through waivers, why the hell would you do that? Playoff position is very important. The Kings will win more games with Jones. Plus, Scrivens is a trade chip. Instead of having three goalies and only one net, so you’re wasting asset-value in the press box (or the AHL), trade one out for asset-value you can use on the ice, i.e. a forward that can help.

    But as for tonight’s game, I’m very concerned Frattin isn’t in the lineup. This is a very fast player with good hands, a great shot, and good hockey sense. That’s a skill set that’s capable of producing offense. So the fact he hasn’t produced should tell you something, like maybe they just haven’t given him the right opportunity. Fourth line minutes with Fraser and Carcillo are not conducive to offense. Put him with Brown and Stoll on the 3rd line and see what happens. He should be playing.

    • 52 pts chief. The sky ain’t falling. You seem to want to build a shitty East coast team like the Leafs or Tampa bay. We beat the shit out of the Sharks last night with defense. Why would you change anything? Best start in team history with over 30 points diff in GF and GA. We are an unstoppable fucking freight train. I watched Trevor Lewis make awesome selfless plays one after another last night. You must like to watch the puck or something. Your comments are always punitive and just not well informed. Whoever told you you have a mind for this stuff was fucking with you. Good luck with your verbose ill informed rants though, I’m back to not reading them.

    • As for the whom gets sent down once Quick returns, unfortunately it has to be Jones. Scrivens would have to clear waivers, which he won’t, and Jones is on a two-way deal. We trade or lose scrivens, then what happens if Quick gets hurt again? Then jones is starting with Berube on the bench and no one in Manchester. Plus, once Quick comes back, how will playing once every few weeks help Jones? Scrivens is a perfect guy to back up Quick. In all ways, it makes sense to send Jones down once Quick comes back.

  6. I’ve been really happy with the new lines.
    Sutter has shown his genius again. I see Stoll Brown Williams as a second line, not a third. Stoll is playing up with his new line mates, arguably the best wingers on the team. (Carter excluded). Richards and Toffoli give the Kings the skill they need to match or overmatch any third line in the league, except maybe the Hawks, who are deeper than a Lake Michigan sewer tunnel. I like moving Lewis to Richards’ line and letting Vey center line 4. I wouldn’t call Brown a third line forward. He’s way better than that. GKG beat them “Sharts.”

  7. Who still doesn’t think Jones is the real deal?
    You’re idiots!!
    You still don’t think the Chicago game could’ve been different?
    Fucking Bullshit!!!
    San Jose is every bit as good and Jones stood on his head and kept the Kings ahead.
    Fuck all of you who said Scrivens is as good!!!
    The first and second periods were owned by Jones and he should’ve had the shutout again!

    • Agree wholeheartedly that Jones is better than Scrivens and could have made a difference against Chicago, but San Jose is not as good as Chicago, plus wasn’t that a road game? Kings are a different team at home.

  8. If Jones isn’t at least the backup, what the fuck does he have to do?
    Look at the facts people! 7-0, 3 shutouts and only six goals against!

    • Genius: Jones as the backup once Quick returns means Jones might get 5-7 more starts the rest of the season.

      For a goalie, a young goalie who has had some inconsistency in the AHL, the best thing for him once Quick returns is to be sent back to Manchester to start the majority of the games for the Monarchs.

      It doesn’t help Jones to sit on the bench when Quick returns, he gets a handful of games for the remainder of the season.

      The Chicago game is in the past, move on it was a bad game by the same team that played so well against the Sharks. This is why this team can sometimes be so frustrating to watch because they can look really good one night and then look like crap the next.

      Scrivens is the backup, once Quick returns, there isn’t much of an argument you can post because this team, and this coach will ride their #1 for a long as they can.

      Jones goes back to Manchester knowing he can handle the next level, but he should also know that he can’t come into camp next season and expect to be handed the job. Ask Tyler Toffoli about entitlement and how the Kings handled him to begin this season.

  9. I gotta take some ibuprofen or something. My face hurts from smiling. Just awesome. There was some serious magic around that net tonight. When he stopped the puck on the line?????? It looked like he felt it carom off his leg. Spectacular game. Avs next. I hate that team. GKG\X/

  10. That game misconduct on Brown was fucking bullshit. Hertl just happened to have his knee in a really vulnerable position. If Brown really woulda gone for the knee there woulda been at least two sharks players looking to beat the shit outta him.

  11. Why don’t you put another “Got Something to Say? Bring it!” at the top of the home page! Then, anyone could start a new comment string. Right now, we have to wait for Surly or Scribe to comment first. If Surly and Scribe are busy, and don’t comment, we can only comment on one of your previous blogs.

    As for the Kings vs. Sharks game, I would like to say that I am very proud of the way the Kings played. Even the Kings that don’t usually have a positive affect on a game were working hard, and they didn’t make mistakes that cost the Kings.

    That shot by Marleau was a terrific shot, which beat Jones. Don’t worry about it.

    As for Brown, it was a bad call, but shit happens! And they DID kill that penalty off!

    Go Kings!!!!

    • Guy sitting behind me jinxed the shutout twice. The second time was seconds before Marleaus goal. I say Jones makes that stop if the guy behind me isnt so clueless. ;) seriously. Sometimes you get a guy behind you doesn’t shut up the whole game and doesn’t mention anything hockey related, and the next night this dipshit behind me says two things all night. Both forbidden jinxes of an obvious shutout bid. ” I can’t believe he’s gonna get another shut out with over 6 mins left in the game,” and how many shutouts is that now?” Like I said seconds (less than 5) before Marleaus shot. I’m not proud. I asked him what kind of idiot jinx he’s trying to be? Someone had to do it. It’s not like there’s a rule book out there for these things. The only time I lost my shiteater all night though. GKG\X/

    • We have thought about starting a forum here but we would have to convert to a different platform for it. Plus a forum comes with rules and regs and Surly and I aren’t really the rule and reg type. We prefer you come over when we invite you, have a beer with us and talk puck. Giving you your own key to the house is a pretty big step and Surly has commitment issues


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