No Way You Watch This Without Being Turned On…


Since we are on the subject…


That’s enough for now.

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  1. I have to admit, I love the tenacity! No amount of thong in LA can compare to the stunning beauty of the female competitive spirit. I’m in love!

  2. Brazilian sumo…….? Brilliant sumo if you ask me. Anyone wanna go halves on a strip club?

  3. I’ll be at the game today. My brother in law, sister in law are here from Toronto for the holidays. My brother in laws family among other things were a billet family for the OHL Brampton Battalion.

    One of their former billet’ plays from the Colorado Avalanche he wears the #9 Matt “Dutchy” Duchene. We had hoped to have been going down to the bunker after the game, but the Lakers play tonight so they are rushing the hockey guys out.

    There are 2 other guys currently playing in the NHL that were also billets who lived with my brother in laws family Jay McClemment of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Jay Harrison of the Carolina Hurricanes.

    We are sitting in 119 which is behind the visitor bench, and well will be 4 rows from the visitor bench glass.

    I’ll be wearing a pretty distinctive jersey its a red 2009 Subway Super Series Team WHL #31 Martin Jones game worn jersey. Its red, with a big WHL emblem and it also has the front ties. I’m pretty sure my brother in law will be wearing either a green Brampton Battalion jersey Duchene, or maybe a Colorado Avs jersey worn and signed by Matt Duchene. I suppose my sister in law will also be wearing one or the other.

    I’m proud of my American/Canadian sister in law who now has dual citizenship. It was about 5 years ago she asked me to help her watch and learn about hockey.

    I gave her a few great DVD sets which explained the origins of the game, the games first superstars like Fred “Cyclone” Taylor, Frank and Lester Patrick, Paddy Moran, Georges Vezina, Howie Morenz, Fred “Bun” and Bill Cook, Aubrey “Dit” Clapper, Hap Day, Eddie Shore, King Clancy, Conn Smythe etc,,, and some of the best teams of the PCHA and early NHL up to the expansion teams.

    Her employer at the time had Ducks season seats, so I would take one for the team and go down behind the Orange Curtain to the Peoples Repugnant of Orange County and explain to her that the Ducks Fans, and team SUCK. I explained the game, as well as pointing out how fuckin lame the Ducks fans were.

    I explained to her the style of their goaltender along with pointing out how clueless their fan base was when they didn’t know what the penalties were along with their amount of SIN bin exile and how Ducks fans were nothing compared to Kings fans in very simple terms, they had to be instructed to cheer by a video board of Dead Thing running around the Ponda Center.

    She absorbed this knowledge like Martin Jones, headed up to Canada and is now a part of the clan in the great white north. I must admit she is married into a family of Leafs Royalty. My brother in law is the grandson of a living legend of the Leafs from their 4 Cups in the 1960’s. This HOF’r also put out a Christmas song in the 60’s.

    Here is the song and here is my brother in laws grandfather. If you see me, say hello it shouldn’t be too hard to spot me and my son, along with my brother and sister in law. We will be there early for warm-ups by the Avs bench to chat with Matt maybe get me a stick of his, Mandeskog or Mackinnon.

  4. This reminds me of an oldy but goody… Fluffy top or creamy filling?


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