LA Kings beat Colorado Avalanche in a 3 – 2 league

I enter every shootout in a bad mood. I do enjoy leaving them in a better mood. As much as I hate this ridiculous exhibition to decide a regular-season hockey game, watching Martin Jones put on a clinic on goaltending has been inspiring.

Six or seven years ago I started a religion in the name of Anze Kopitar. It was aptly dubbed the Kopitarian faith. It gained momentum, gathered disciples, spread the word and through its truth and way brought to life the worthy worship of the Slovenian Hockey God.

Martin Jones is getting dangerously close to earning such dogmatic status as he has had an effect on this team similar to that of Kopitar when he first joined our franchise.

I will be taking applications for disciples as well as violent, bloody sacrifices shortly.

Meanwhile, Kings fans find themselves talking less and less about the need for a top six left wing, as a result of Dwight King’s budding confidence, maturity and on ice play. King has become a smart and sexy hockey player, with accurate touch passes and a nose for the open areas. He maintains his physical presence, plays 200 feet and is racking up the goals and assists.

It’s actually pretty amazing considering that it was only earlier in the season that some of us were wondering if Dwight was going to turn the corner.

Nobody get too excited but the corner appears to be turned and if he keeps accelerating his play at this rate, Tyler Toffoli will not have the distinction of being the only potential top six forward Dean Lombardi has drafted.

As for today’s game, it was fun and the Colorado Avalanche have clearly become a better team under that dickhead who’s face I want to smash with my fists.

While he strokes his Stanley Cup rings that are firmly around his cock, I have never forgotten 1993 nor will I ever have any love for him. I hope our victory today gives him a wart so far inside his urethra that the rings become a painful irony to match whatever unmerited pleasure they previously provided.

Our lines have balance.

Drew Doughty and Jake Muzzin have gelled and Jake has clearly taken his game to a higher level.

The defense looks solid, although the absence of Willie Mitchell is still noticeable around the crease. No way that second goal is scored with Willie manning the area around the blue paint.

Mike Richards, although playing well, is nowhere close to his regular season beast mode status. While Carter has found new beaus in Kopitar and King, Mike Richards still longs for his old friend. When you have been dishing to the same line-mate for so long, it’s hard to adjust and adapt. He will get there. He is a damn good hockey player.

Scribe’s three LA Kings stars of the game:

3. Jeff Carter

2. Martin Jones

1. Justin Williams

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  1. Williams goal was just sick! Absolutely sick!

    • I don’t think Williams gets the credit nationally he deserves. He’s not only a very talented player but a very smart one who knows the ice and how to make it work for him. There’s a reason every line he plays on succeeds and gets goals. He’s the driving force on that line and it shows.

    • He doesn’t make that shot if he isn’t on top of his game! He was intense and ready! Great shot!

  2. I am enjoying the Kings rolling right now, gaining points much needed in a very competitive division. Jones is amazing and I wonder what the Kings will do when the 10 game rookie decision needs to be made. Do they keep him up here on send him back?

    I like Muzzin and Doughty, DD said he likes playing with Muffins and it shows .

    I disagree about the lines having balance. The first 2 lines, the scoring lines that have the balance and are producing because as the scoring lines, they get the most TOI. Once Sutter promoted Stoll to 2nd line center and demoted Richards to 3rd, his role changed. He’s on the shut down line, much lower TOI and with a rookie, although a very talented one , on RW, rookies have peaks and valleys ,part of the NHL adjustment and growth process. It’s not the same as playing with a veteran winger, it’s a lot harder. And Richards has nothing on LW. And that is hurting that line every shift. But Lewis is the teachers pet and it looks like he’s now a fixture there , which is a shame. Production on ES will be very sporadic because that line doesn’t have the fluidity and balance of the first 2. If the PP ever gets going , MR will pick up points there. But unless he’s put back in the position he was in for most of the year, on a producing line with more TOI and and upgrade on wing, his numbers won’t go up. Sutter knows that, and knew it when he made the decision. As long as the team wins , he won’t change that. MR is a total team guy and will drive the Zamboni if it would help, he won’t complain, just take his shift. But having suffered thru this once already, his last year in Philly, it’s very disheartening to see it happen again. He’s a very smart player and a good playmaker, but right now, that’s not the position he’s be placed in.

    • You made some very good points Deirdre.

      I think everyone who follows Kings hockey is beginning to seriously wonder what kind of decision will be made on Jones. It will become more difficult for management if he continues his winning ways! He hasn’t shown any cracks in his armor until today, with the second goal. He was in a terrible situation, because of a defensive breakdown by the defense, so he was hung out to dry. He was obviously thinking the shot was going far side, because he moved his blocker away from his body, which left some room for that shot. Well … so he is human after all!

      I agree with you about Lewis. He plays hard but his bad hands will always leave him lacking.

      I don’t really think Frasier is good either, but he did make a nice shot that could have very easily been a goal, except for a nice save.

      King continues to look like a very good winger for the Kings.

  3. Why can’t there be a brown richards williams line?

    • I think because TT is a top 6 talented rookie winger who needs a top 6 center in order to grow, learn the ice, find the scoring areas. When Carter went down, TT slid in there and Richards is a good teacher, due to his patience and being so unselfish. he takes the pressure on himself to draw the coverage and that gives the wingers a lot more space. NOt many top centers are that unselfish. TT will benefit from this, although as a rookie, it will take awhile.
      Stoll can’t do that for him, putting him on a line with Stoll would cause him to regress.
      Richards is a good fit for him, DL just needs to get a LW. Either an elite one for the top line and move King and Brown down accordingly . ON a veteran 2nd/3rd line guy for RR’s line . And I keep reading rumors (mostly out of NY) that he’s been making calls to the Isles.
      Anyway, that’s why Richards can’t center Brown and Williams.

      • Good argument. I totally agree with you. What about carcillo then? I don’t know what they are going to do with lewis. 4th line center?

        • You know what? I don’t understand how Sutter thinks. Carcillo has played with Richie before in Philly and at has the ability to score. And SUtter knows that. He’d be a better fit , I think Clifford was better, hell even Nolan was. Lewis adds nothing to that line and drags it down. Sutter defends Lewis, and honestly, I can’t see what the hell he sees in him that everybody else watching misses. As long as Lewis is riding that line, they won’t produce. And that’s a shame because if that line had a decent LW and Sutter quit playing yo-yo and throwing a new guy on there very other game, they’d gel a bit more.
          I just don’t get some of Sutter’s decisions and I agree on Carcillo.
          I don’t get it, Sutter has a coaching staff, video reviews…how is it possible he can’t see that Lewis is way over his head outside the 4th line.

          • A team that covets defense covets forwards that play a near flawless defensive game. Trevor Lewis is exactly that. No one disputes his offensive limitations. However, nobody is putting him on the first or second line.

            As for Mike Richards, it is even more simple. It has nothing to do with him. Jeff Carter is a lightning rod. Jeff Carter and Kopitar were put together with Dwight King because Sutter wants to surround King with his two best offensive threats who also play a 200 foot game. This is about giving King the tools to succeed while bringing balance to the lines by moving Williams and Brown down.

            Sutter didn’t see the same level of benefit from King being placed with others.

            King is benefiting. His game has never been better.

        • Carcillo, Clifford and Nolan are interchangeable to Sutter.

          Lewis is not. His PK skills and ability to play center put him on a different level

          • Yes. Carcillo, Clifford and Nolan haven’t proven that they’re consistently better than Lewis … and they’re not Centers. Lewis has done a Journeyman job on the PK. So, until the Kings can get a Center that is as good as Lewis is AND can score as well, Lewis will stay where he is.

          • For a million and change I don’t think there is a better player in the nhl.

      • That’s why he wins wherever he goes. I’m still stunned Philly let him go.

        • Tyler Toffoli is another very talented rookie. He is a different kind of player than King, but he offers a lot to the Kings. He IS showing steady improvement. He also deserves his place on the team. He is positioned next to Richards, so that he can learn … in the same manner that King is learning from playing with Kopitar and Carter. I think both of these young players will stay with the Kings and be a part of a very prosperous nucleus of players who will take the Kings to a higher level.

          Go Kings!

  4. If it’s just a matter of contract I say he plays more than 10. He’s earned the money for sure. Just wouldn’t want to lose him to waivers. Which I think I read he has a two way contract. Come playoffs I say he backs up Quick. Whatever that takes. He’s just better than Scrivens. GKG\X/

    • He has to go down. He has to play. It won’t happen immediately. We may carry three goalies until Quick is back in the groove.

      • Right. Carry three goalies until Quick looks comfortable. Then you send him down. If you can get some worthwhile return for Scrivens at the deadline, you move him and bring Jones back for the playoff run. If you can’t move Scrivens for anything (probably can’t), you leave Jones down in Manchester, where the game will probably look like it’s in slow motion now, and he will probably take Manch on a playoff run, which is great experience and a great way to reinforce confidence.

  5. I am split on Richards…on one hand, he looks a little neutered without Carter. On the other hand, he is a great choice by Sutter to help groom Toffoli. I have to wonder if next year, no longer a rookie, having earned more confidence and gotten more comfortable defensively, do Toffoli and Carter flip? Also love Brown and Williams with Stoll. Their hitting and puck possession is off the charts, great line just for wearing the other team down, but with them as a third line, teams will tend to forget Brown and Williams’ dangerous scoring touch (lets face it, with Richards, Cliffy, and any rookie, no matter how good, that’s a borderline second/third line. But if Toffoli goes with Kopi, Carter falls back in with Richards, and Carter-Richie is a second line with pretty much any passable left wing.)

  6. When is that Duchene kid coming over to play for us?

  7. Duchene is an elite Top 6 Center who can also be moved over to the wing if they ever needed him to.

    I was really hoping the Kings could have moved up a few spots in the 09 Draft to get Duchene but Matt was a Sakic fan and a Roy fan growing up so being drafted by Colorado was like a dream come true for him.

    Duchene was killing the Kings yesterday. We kept saying let him play with the puck all he wants behind the net, just don’t let him come out, otherwise he’s going to be a problem. He has so much speed and skill he will skate with the puck behind the net, stop, turn and then come out so quickly defense have hard time containing him.

    He’s a great guy also. He lived with my brother in law’ family for 3 years in Brampton while he played for the Battalion . His uncle believe it or not is Newell Brown former assistant coach for the Ducks and Canucks now with Phoenix. Newell Brown (his uncle) was a coach on the Ducks Stanley Cup winning team.

    Matt is just now feeling 100% after suffering from a pectoral muscle strain he was out for a few weeks.

    We are hoping to see Matt be selected as a member of Team Canada for the Olympics, just because he deserves it with the way he has played this season. He’s represented Canada before in U-18 World Juniors and the World Championships.

    Regarding Lewis: He might not be able to finish as much as we would like him to, but every GM/Coach will tell you, it is important to have defensively sound forwards who play a strong fore checking game. In addition Lewis is a great penalty killer, along with being able to play both wing or center.

    I really appreciate Lewis and what he brings to this team. Too many people are always looking for offensive contributions but Lewis and his defense, and speed are his job are. Getting goals or assists from Lewis is just gravy.

    Same can be said of Carcillo and his physical play. Under Sutter CARBOMB has been a player who has kept his antics under control and being a pest and agitator not costing his team by taking bad penalties.
    Nolan is another guy who isn’t out there for his offense. He is a big, strong physical checking wing who is going to finish his checks and is going to drop the gloves against anyone regardless.

    It was a pretty good game yesterday, not as intense but there were a few good hits. We had great seats and seeing Matt was great, but seeing the Kings beat the Avs in the shootout was just the icing on the cake.

    Jones goes back to Manchester once Quick comes back. He needs to continue to play a majority of the games in Manchester. Having him stay up and sitting isn’t going to help him.

    Manchester is leading the AHL right now with JF Berube, so the likely hood of them making the playoffs is another reason why Jones should be there so he can gain that experience also.

    Bernier went through the same type of journey on his way back to the Kings after they rushed him to play in the NHL and his confidence was shot down.

    Many of you seem to have forgot what Ben Scrivens record is, 7-3 with 3 shutouts. If the Kings make the finals this season they can have Scrivens, Jones both on their roster. Since Sutter likes to carry 7 defense, Jones will be going down to Manchester once Quick returns.

  8. So Duchene likes the new Nordiques eh? Talk about a phenom. I would gladly give up Jones, Martinez and a pick for him. I would take him over Benn.

  9. I think Jones is in town for the playoffs with the black aces anyway. Should Quick re aggravate his injury or get a different one Scrivens would get the call off the bench. But you know you want Jones in there over BS. If Quick is out for more than a couple games? Scrivens is doing a solid job, but you can see the difference pretty clearly. Jones A game is a head above the Professors.

  10. As much as I love the offense out of King lately, he has had some equally beautiful backchecks to bfeak up plays as he has had sick offensive plays.

    • King has, from when he first came up the Kings, always showed good effort. In his first year, he was like every other rookie, he seemed a little out of sink, like most rookies, but he still showed a good work ethic. And I think he did a good job in the playoffs.

      This season has been much better for him. He has shown everyone that he IS capable of improvement. It has certainly helped that Sutter placed him with line mates who are highly skilled. This has given him confidence, and it has enabled him to blossom as a good two-way player. I think he has earned his position on this team. He might even become much better. Only time will tell. He doesn’t have speed, but there have been many very good hockey players who were not fast. He has shown us that he DOES have good hands. And he has made many solid defensive plays as well.

      When a player shows positive improvement, and can make a difference in the games they play in, they’re a keeper. If they play like Penner, while he was in LA, you get rid of them.

      Go Kings!


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