I enter every shootout in a bad mood. I do enjoy leaving them in a better mood. As much as I hate this ridiculous exhibition to decide a regular-season hockey game, watching Martin Jones put on a clinic on goaltending has been inspiring.

Six or seven years ago I started a religion in the name of Anze Kopitar. It was aptly dubbed the Kopitarian faith. It gained momentum, gathered disciples, spread the word and through its truth and way brought to life the worthy worship of the Slovenian Hockey God.

Martin Jones is getting dangerously close to earning such dogmatic status as he has had an effect on this team similar to that of Kopitar when he first joined our franchise.

I will be taking applications for disciples as well as violent, bloody sacrifices shortly.

Meanwhile, Kings fans find themselves talking less and less about the need for a top six left wing, as a result of Dwight King’s budding confidence, maturity and on ice play. King has become a smart and sexy hockey player, with accurate touch passes and a nose for the open areas. He maintains his physical presence, plays 200 feet and is racking up the goals and assists.

It’s actually pretty amazing considering that it was only earlier in the season that some of us were wondering if Dwight was going to turn the corner.

Nobody get too excited but the corner appears to be turned and if he keeps accelerating his play at this rate, Tyler Toffoli will not have the distinction of being the only potential top six forward Dean Lombardi has drafted.

As for today’s game, it was fun and the Colorado Avalanche have clearly become a better team under that dickhead who’s face I want to smash with my fists.

While he strokes his Stanley Cup rings that are firmly around his cock, I have never forgotten 1993 nor will I ever have any love for him. I hope our victory today gives him a wart so far inside his urethra that the rings become a painful irony to match whatever unmerited pleasure they previously provided.

Our lines have balance.

Drew Doughty and Jake Muzzin have gelled and Jake has clearly taken his game to a higher level.

The defense looks solid, although the absence of Willie Mitchell is still noticeable around the crease. No way that second goal is scored with Willie manning the area around the blue paint.

Mike Richards, although playing well, is nowhere close to his regular season beast mode status. While Carter has found new beaus in Kopitar and King, Mike Richards still longs for his old friend. When you have been dishing to the same line-mate for so long, it’s hard to adjust and adapt. He will get there. He is a damn good hockey player.

Scribe’s three LA Kings stars of the game:

3. Jeff Carter

2. Martin Jones

1. Justin Williams