Ugly Green Sweaters @ LA Kings: Pregame and Open Forum

Our LA Kings take on the neon laced Dallas Stars tonight at home. Everything I ever cared to know about the Dallas Stars I have forgotten and I don’t care to learn much more about them. In other words, you’re not going to get any deep insight from me.

I do like Jamie Benn nearly as much as Drew Doughty does.

I just hope to be home in time to watch the game.

This is your open forum.

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  1. If Nolan Stoll and Toffoli were on the same line it could be the Noly Stolly Toffoli line? Just my 2¢. Whatever.

  2. The Kings were slower than the Stars. They weren’t passing the puck well … and maintaining possession. Jones let in a lot of high goals. And Lewis showed, again, that he can’t get the puck on net to save his life.

    I hope the Kings have a great holiday break … including today!

  3. What goes up must come down. Isn’t that a principal of physics? Yes it is. The opposition has figured out Jones and if the Kings can continue to score on some opportunities, they may have a chance. Look for Scrivens to get back in net. Can you seriously tell me Mr. Jones was going to have a save% under 1.0 all year long? And win every game? Let’s be serious here. Time to upgrade on D and hope Quick can at least be half the goaltender he was that magical year. Let’s see what Dean does.

    • Expecting Jones to be under 1.0 is as foolish as making a statement that the opposition has figured him out. Equally myopic

      • Thank you for that blast of common sense, Mr. Scribe. It always humors me how people feel the need to jump to extremes and make bold statements. Here’s a concept for you, Fenrir: Poisson distribution, and it’s not the way your French sushi chef arranges thinly sliced fugu on your plate. I’m sure if I manage to waste enough of my clients’ time today reading the blogs I’ll also see something about how the “Kings need more consistency”, now that we lost our second game in the last 10 or so. And fenrir, knocking BS’s hockey knowledge, yet you mistake save percentage for goals against average…oh brother.

      • No, it’s not as foolish as you think. Well, considering your so called “knowledge”, of hockey is laughable, I expected that fan boy scribbles.

    • Anyone know what’s going on with frattin? Is he in the dog house? What’s going on? I know we had high hopes for him but it doesn’t seem to be workin or he is just not getting the confidence from Popeye sutter. I can tell he has the skill to be a solid winger with grit, just not sure why he gets the short end of the stick when In theory he should be able to do what car bomb can do plus more offense which we can use to supplement our defense. That is all. Merry Christmas, I will be enjoying me some home brew!

      • Too many RW. He isn’t better than any of those we have although the poor kid is due for another chance

      • When you’ve been around the Kings long enough you’ve seen a Lot of hopefuls come to be a hero and end up a zero. Watching Frattin so far yeah the guy can skate. He’s that power forward but he can’t score for shit. How is he any different than anyone other RW? He’s not.

        I’d say he’s pancakes 2.0 but Frattin hustles at least.

        • I am also wondering about Frattin. I especially think of him when I watch Lewis trying to keep the puck on his stick. He has to be better than Lewis! I know Frattin’s a winger, but it’s still so frustrating for me to see Sutter putting him ahead of everyone else. Last night, again, he was on a break and didn’t even get close to the net when he shot. Later, he could have moved the puck into the low slot and he lost the puck off his stick. I cringed!

  4. The bounces didn’t go our way tonight.. Lewis is so frustrating to watch! @_@ PS Dallas sweater isn’t that bad.. I like the color. I wish the Kings switched to Forum Blue

  5. I only caught the last 2-3 minutes of the game via an NHL Network Live Look-In — curse my east coast existence — but I can say I’m only bummed that Jones’ first loss was against a team as shitty as the Stars.

    Either way he still had an impressive run. Sure, he didn’t beat the record for most consecutive wins by a rookie goaltender, but he tied it. That’s certainly something!

  6. You gotta admit those unis are way more Christmasy than ours.

  7. I just have to say. .Dallas is not as bad as you people are saying. They are in rebuild mode and I think it is coming along. Benn a player thay caught my attention fron day one. Seguin, I would want him on the team any day, just a young immature future Elite.
    Now they have Lindy Ruff guiding them. Great coach.The team has picked up speed, and we seemed somewhat sluggish finishing plays. Trouble in the Neutral zone. Not our night.
    Sorry weighing in so late..just busy…and of course all that jmo.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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