Stupid Nasville, Stupid Refs, Stupid Defense

I hated this game.

From puck drop, it felt disjointed.

The defense didn’t look like ours.

The forecheck looked slow.

Playing the Predators is like masturbating with a condom on.

Stupid call on Toffoli. Very basketball.

Stupid game winning goal call. Still haven’t seen a video or photo of it completely crossing the line and neither did the zebra who made the call.

War Room. Pfft. Assholes.

Stupid 3-2 league.

We’re 5-5-1 against the Central Division based on a tweet I just saw from Rosen.

Stupid Central Division.

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  1. Not a questionable call – it was clear in real time.

    Problem with the Toffoli call is that he did actually hold him. Bigger issue for me was the high stick Mitchell received that was completely missed.

    Just have to do the whole Park and Ride thing. That and play better. And focus for a full 60.

  2. This was a heartbreaking game to watch. But when I think about it, the Kings really did not play well enough to win. That breakdown at the end was embarrassing.

    If nothing else can be taken away from this game, those stupid penalties are costly.

    In the rear view mirror now.

  3. Pretty bad line change on Nassvilles PP goal.

  4. They played a mediocre game. Not necessarily their worst, but certainly not good. They had obviously not been thinking about hockey for four days! And maybe they all ate too much!!

    The Toffoli penalty was, technically a penalty, but this is hockey. It’s not basketball!!

    The refs, in hockey, have been so worried about calling things tighter that they are frequently making bad calls. Let’s get back to REAL hockey or the game will continue to suffer from bad calls. If it gets much worse, hockey will lose its fan base.

    As for Nashville’s winning goal, Scrivens DID need a second swipe at it to get it out of the net. On the first swipe, he stopped it next to the post. On the second swipe, he pulled it out. Now … as for whether or not it was still touching the line, only God knows. Did the ref see white between the puck and the line? I doubt it. He wasn’t leaning over the top of the net. He was too far back. The only one who saw that puck clearly was Scrivens. He was really excited about the fact that it was still touching the line. From what I saw, in the shot from behind the net, it could have been touching the line.

    As for Scrivens play, he was a little shaky throughout the game. He did make some nice saves, but he wasn’t moving well. He was fighting the puck all night long. He seemed to be a fraction of a second behind the play.

    Let’s hope for better when they meet the league’s best team, Chicago! Go Kings!

  5. Scrivs needs to make a save on that 2nd goal… Even though the defense shouldn’t make a change like they did that’s still on him.

  6. uugghh/ick/crap/shit
    still feeling irratated with that game. still putting ulgy creases in my forehead and sighing my displeasure.
    We were disjointed vs Dallas..and now again…typical start..but period 2 I saw dominance. .and yet no finish with a goal, cept Kopi’s which was done with such grace ..such ease..aTypical KopiSTAR goal. He really is a thing of beauty.
    End of game..that was the Five Stoges if ever You would see it..clusterfuck of miscommunication. It was like a TV time out was called. .but it wasn’t.
    I was saying to TV ‘whaaaa’ as all 5 leave the ice and bam..5 on zero right at chance. That we tied it was a gift of the Hockey Gods..but we did not give that God respect..and so He smote us with a Pred goal.
    uugghh/shit :-(

  7. I need to see Deirdre here on the site at moments like this. I haven’t seen enough (radio and internet often) of Richards. I did see the whole Nashville game though and admittedly a poor play by Richards on GWG.
    People also ragging on him big time tonight on LAKI (tonight being the 1-0 loss and inability of our forwards to cash in on opportunities). This isn’t an anomaly for the team as it simply happens to damned often.
    Similar to last year’s playoffs. This year 1-0 OT loss vs. Avs. Giving up GWG’s in the last minute of regulation. Good reason to be pissed off about things at the moment. Still simply too little bottom six depth and lack of finishing. Meaning, if Carter, Kopi, Williams don’t finish, then who exactly can be counted on to finish. Brownie not getting it done at all this season on the offensive side of the puck. I suppose he’ll turn it around eventually, but in the meantime……

    • Richards needs Carter. Time to reunite. That is what our lovable Deirdre would say. And I may even agree

      • Thanks Bobby. I think you’re right. I really don’t give a toss who says it, as long as it resonates. That’s whats so cool about this site.
        Also, curious to see what you’ll have to say bout last night’s game, as these f—ing games get harder and harder to take…. cause in my opinion they just expose the total lack of ‘quality’ in the bottom six…. and if not that, then they expose having a player (who I think the world of btw)…. Lewis, but who has absolutely no business playing on a line with Toffoli. Toffoli thrived in Manch because he played with players who complemented him. Trevor simply doesn’t ‘get’ the offensive aspect of hockey. That’s fine. But he drags down a guy who Does get the offensive aspect of hockey.

        • So true!! Aside from his play on the penalty kill, Lewis is a detriment to this team.

        • I do think player chemistry is Important.
          I understand they are all professionals..this is a team..and they have a system..set plays etc.
          But it is a fact certain guys gel better together..That was one of Murray’s biggest negatives imo.
          Carter seems to have adapted to Kopi and King..although he is not scoring as much so ???
          I actually liked Stoll with Brown and Williams whom I like seeing play together. Thought those were right players to boost Stollie. Richards has been a bit off..think no Carter effecting him more rhen the other way around. I don’t like saying this..but since he is one of my Favorites and I love his game and often isolate him while watching, Slava has been off. Don’t know why or what is going on..sure hope it will correct Soon!

          • Yes. I think that’s a key point. We do have too many grinders and not enough scoring. But putting the guys you do have onto the right lines is critical if this team is going to get enough wins to stay near the top. And what’s going on with our defense? I thought those defensive pairings would be awesome, but they’ve been having some problems.

            I agree that Stoll, Brown and Williams do work well together. I think Kopitar, King and Carter can be better when Carter gets into his scoring rhythm. I think Carter is adjusting, and he will get better on this line, but we have the problem of Toffoli getting mixed in with all of the grinders. That is not helping Toffoli at all … or the team. You could move Toffoli up with Kopitar and Carter, but then you would be hurting King by moving him back with our access of grinders! Carter, Richards and Toffoli worked well together, but now that that line is spit up, everything has been out of synch! I think Kopitar could do well with any players, but his scoring suffers without someone who can make good passes to him.

            As for the grinders, I think Nolan is good. He may never be an excellent offensive player, but I think he is a good grinder who can do well in both zones, and he can add an occasional goal/assist. I think Kyle Clifford is in the same mold as Nolan.

            As for expendable players, I don’t like Lewis or Frasier. I don’t know what to think about Frattin; he hasn’t shown us if he can be good or bad. He seems to just go through the motions. I really don’t know why we got Carcillo. He hasn’t done anything positive. He’s just another Frazier. And Lewis never gets a shot on target. It seems that all of his shots are wide by a large margin. He doesn’t even pass well.

            Richards HAS been off since he has been away from Carter. He’s certainly capable of playing well without Carter. He needs to show us that he can! It’s like the goal that Chicago scored. If Richards was playing the way Richards can, he would have dropped back and covered for Muzzin. But he didn’t! He wasn’t focused.

            Sutter is in a difficult position. He’s an awesome coach, but he can only do the best he can with what he has to work with. Really, it’s Dean Lombardi’s problem. He needs to make a trade or two or three!

  8. Monday’s game against the Blackhawks was a struggle. It was a battle of two very strong teams. In the first period, Muzzin stepped up on a play (on the right side), and got caught. There was nothing wrong with jumping up on the play. Every one of the D-men have the green light to jump up if they have the opportunity to do so. He did this knowing that that there was another Chicago player that would be behind him! And he wasn’t successful. He got squeezed to the boards. Then, the puck got passed back to the trailing Blackhawk. This pass could have been intercepted, if Richards, seeing Muzzin jump up, had done what he’s supposed to do … and cover for Muzzin! This created an offensive attack for Chicago. Surprisingly, Muzzin didn’t try to skate hard and back check after he was stopped! He just watched Richards as he skated back to back check. That sucked!

    Richards did skate back hard to cover the right side, BUT when Green made a nice defensive play to tip the puck to Richards, he couldn’t handle the puck. When Richards failed to collect the puck from Green, Saad got his stick on it and swept it past Jones. That score held up for the remainder of the game.

    Overall, the Kings played a very good game, but Chicago only needed them to make that one mistake! Chicago isn’t just a team of offense! They have a solid defensive team! As for Richards … he had his head up his ass in the first period! And it cost us the game! He didn’t just make one error on that play! He made two!!!! He could have nipped it in the bud at the blue line. Then, on the back check, when he was able to get into defensive position, he blew it again by not clearing the puck out of the zone!!!

    That’s three losses in a row due to poor thinking! Focus, focus, focus!!!


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