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  1. Went over to friends place for dinner and missed the whole game. Kept an eye on the score though. Good thing I didn’t watch it. Was already pissed as fuck from last nights game plus the dumbass goal in Nashville.

  2. Blackhawks and Stars are two of the fastest teams in the NHL, and it showed. Kings need to add a scorer.

    The thing is, adding Moulson isn’t going to make the Kings into the Blackhawks. It’s impossible to really make that transformation at this point when Dean hasn’t modeled the franchise like that. It starts at the bottom with the scouting philosophy at the draft. The Kings are built around size and defense, the Blackhawks are built around speed and skill.

    So how do we beat them, then? We definitely can if the roster is re-arranged appropriately. It’s not that the Blackhawks style is inherently better, it’s that their mix is better and they have less dead weight.

    This is our major problem right now. Where the Blackhawks have guys like Kris Versteeg in their depth, we have guys like Kyle Clifford, Dwight King, and Jordan Nolan. But that’s not the issue by itself, actually. Players like Versteeg are definitely better, but having a couple guys like Clifford, Nolan, and King fit our team’s identity, and they mix in well with the skill guys we have, and they bring size and energy mixed with some skill. It’s ok to have a couple guys like that in the lineup mixed in with the scorers.

    The major problem is that it doesn’t stop there for us. We have Clifford, King, and Nolan in the lineup most nights, which is already 3 forwards out of 12 who aren’t very effective offensively, but then most nights we also have two more on top of them, Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser, who are absolutely 100% ineffective on offensive.

    And it can’t be explained any more simply than that. Most nights we ice 5 out of 12 forwards, almost half of our forward group, who really don’t score goals or create any offense at all. King does some, but everyone else doesn’t really. And Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser especially are among the five or ten worst forwards offensively in the entire NHL, and somehow we have both of them in our lineup.

    i really do think it’s that simple. You’re just not going to be a good offensive team playing only seven offensive forwards a game out of 12. And when you calculate the entire team, keeping in mind that Matt Greene and Robyn Regehr are the Colin Fraser’s of defense, and produce absolutely no offense every season, and remembering that Willie Mitchell, still not fully recovered from injury, is basically the same way this season, that leaves only three defenseman who can create any offense either.

    So in total, out of 18 skaters, you’re only dressing ten players capable of contributing offense every night (Doughty, Muzzin, and Voynov on defense plus the 7 forwards). And when you’re facing top opposition that dresses 16 or 17 offensive players a night, it’s going to be very, very hard to win a battle that is 10 against 16/17.

    So how do we beat the Blackhawks? On defense, Martinez has to be playing. No, not in Muzzin’s place, as many posters here have been requesting. Everyone’s correct that Muzzin is rough around the edges and can make bad giveaways, but overall his skating, puck handling, and blueline-best shot make him a valuable commodity for this team. Martinez should be playing instead of Matt Greene.

    On offense, Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser should never play another game in a Kings sweater. Sutter needs to pick two or three out of those five that he likes best, and everyone else must go. The obvious choice to stay is Dwight King, and after that Clifford and Nolan can also play most games, and alternate in a few.

    And in the place of Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser is where the identity of this team can be tweaked, where the team speed and the offensive capability of this team can be improved significantly, much more than you might think by just changing around 2 or 3 players (because that’s how little Lewis and Fraser were giving us, just historically low production), without changing the overall identity of this team which is that it’s tough to play against, hard on the forecheck, and responsible defensively.

    Who replaces Lewis and Fraser? Believe it or not, having Vey and Frattin in the lineup every night, playing with the right linemates, would actually make a difference. Even if they’re not elite players, they can still skate, handle the puck, and create offense. It’s a big change just by virtue of going from 10 offensively-capable players in the lineup to 12 (or 13) with Martinez.

    But if that’s not enough, you go to the trade market. The Kings are greatly positioned to make moves because they have two 2nd round picks next year, a 1st round pick, Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser, and a ton of prospects. We’ve already seen, time and time again, what happens if you horde too many of your prospects instead of trading the 2nd tier ones while they’re at peak value to help your team. You just end up losing them for nothing anyway. Holloway, Loktionov, Moller, not to mention Brian Boyle, Hickey, Purcell, and Moulson. That is a very long, depressing list, a list that could have netted this team multiple top-six forwards at previous deadlines had Dean pulled the trigger when he should have.

    Well, Dea is in a similar position today. Vey, Pearson, Kozun, Forbort, Zykov, Shore, Weal, Andreoff, Ebert, Hyka, Fasching, Miller, Deslauriers, Prokhorkin… these are all promising prospects with value (maybe besides Kozun because of his age), but there is no way the Kings will ever have enough roster spots open for all of them to make the team. The Kings simply have way too many B prospects right now, more than they have room for. So the smart thing to do would be to either trade a few B prospects for A prospects, if you don’t want to mortgage the future at all, or, if you actually want to make a run at the Cup this year, pick your favorites out of this group, the ones you think will really develop into impact players for the Kings and actually make the team one day, and then trade some of the rest for upgrades to the actual team. Matt Moulson is available, and there’s a good chance he’ll re-sign. Thomas Vanek would be a coupe. Everyone is always afraid to shoot for the moon with these star players because they’re afraid of the cost, but the truth is that (assuming you can get him to re-sign, which is another topic entirely), these star players are so good that they’re almost always worth the cost. See Jeff Carter for proof. Vanek is another Carter, very similar players, and his combination of size, hockey sense, and elite skill would be a perfect fit the Kings, improving on their identity of size and forecheck while at the same time really improving the skill quotient of the team, just like Carter.

    Another option for a rental is old Jaromir Jagr. Big and skilled, perfect for the cycle identity of the Kings even if he wouldn’t help with the team’s speed much. Playing him with Anze Kopitar would create a dynamic duo that would be impossible to knock off the puck on the cycle. Jagr would also help the Kings power-play greatly.

    Or the darkhorse candidate, Evander Kane. I’ve pegged him as the next superstar in this game, and the Jets would be crazy to trade him. He is Mike Modano as a power forward. He’s going to be mentioned with Ovechkin and Stamkos pretty soon I think. The Kings have still never quite gotten their “Kovalchuk” for decades. They managed to win the Cup without one so the calls for that type of player quieted. But they still could use one, in my opinion. Evander Kane is that player. I believe our 1st round pick, both 2nd round picks, and Matt Frattin, for instance, along with a mid-tier prospect might get him. Would you have traded Jonathan Bernier and a 1st for Evander Kane? I sure would have. And with the cap going up next year, moves like this are feasible. (Making it fit this year is another story since Dean has unwisely kept 23 players with the NHL club all season, wasting cap space, but there are ways around that, too).

    But these are the big times. In truth there are tons of smaller names who are available for much less who would help the Kings. All Dean Lombardi has to do is make two trades similar to what the Blackhawks did to acquire Kris Versteeg, and the Kings are off and running. In truth it was a big missed opportunity not trading for Versteeg himself, but let’s hope Lombardi simply had his eyes on bigger fish. But if he can’t make the headlines on deadline day, a few moves like that Versteeg trade would put the Kings in position to beat the Blackhawks.

    But if anyone asks you why the Blackhawks keep beating the Kings, the simplest, most accurate answer is to simply tell them that the way the Kings are currently constructed, they are only playing most games with 10 players capable of offense out of 18 roster spots, while most elite teams in this league play with significantly more.

    • You are a piece of work!

      I find you very hysterical because you don’t say fuck all when the Kings are winning, but the second they lose a game or more you magically appear with your thesis on how you have all of the answers, just nobody but you seem to know this.

      Your contempt for Lewis and Fraser gets old after a while, seriously come up with something new, or just shut up!

      Lewis isn’t paid to score goals, and every team needs defensive forwards to fore check, and provide energy along with their defensive skill set.

      Fraser isn’t looked to score goals either, he is out there same as Lewis to fore check, be physical, take draws. If you get scoring from Fraser that is just a bonus but the Kings aren’t asking Fraser to score goals, he’s a defensive forward.

      Clifford and Nolan are not there to provide offense, they are the guys who are physically imposing damage to the opposition. If you get offense out of them that is a bonus but for you to bitch about them being pretty much unproductive, well you are really clueless when it comes to roles certain players provide.

      You are now ripping Dwight King stating he doesn’t give the Kings any offense, so he’s just a waste to be playing with the Kings. I guess having 10 goals and 9 assists just isn’t helping the Kings right now, especially since King is playing LW.

      So now Martinez should be playing and Matt Greene should be scratched because Greene doesn’t provide any offense, and the same is said of Mitchell, Regehr they don’t score points so in your mind they are worthless.

      Sorry, but you again are beyond help because you once again are putting more importance on a players offensive output, then on their actual role, in which Greene/Mitchell/Regehr jobs are to be the stay at home, physical defensemen, which are a safety valve which allow Doughty/Voynov and sometimes Martinez or Muzzin to jump into the offensive zone.

      You have succeeded in making me so pissed off, I can’t even, or should even take anything you say as being sane or rational. Maybe in your mind the above statements make sense, but you live in a closet, waiting for something to go wrong and then you show up, giving everyone your superior arguments and answers at to what needs to happen.

      You do accomplish one thing however! You make me laugh at how retarded and even beyond the 1 chromosome too many retarded. I don’t point fingers or point fun of people who are mentally retarded as a rule, but in your case I make an exception. Retarded and funny are what you are, a legend in your own myopic world.

  3. Pretty lame for Sutter (post game) to point a finger at Scrivens for the loss. His team is scoring about 2 and 1/2 goals per game, so if that goalie allows more than 1 chances are the team loses. But by all means Sutter, it’s the goalies fault. lame…
    How about talking to your buddy Deano and losing some of the redundant 3rd and 4th line grinders. How about making him realize that they need a speedy top 6 LW so they have a real top 6. They struggle against speedy teams because they can’t catch them and end up taking too penalties as a result. How about Payne putting together a PP scheme that actually works on a reg basis? But saying it’ sthe goaltending? Wow…

  4. Well it’s official. The Kings ruined Christmas, my birthday and New Years. What a bunch of assholes.

  5. my phone did not rain down confetti ( forgot spoiler as I was on tape delay last night)
    This is the Year of the Horse…so
    Hockejockey says
    This is our Year..good omen..be positive..
    Happy New Year!

  6. Nolan should be sent down, Fraser and Stoll need to start producing a little and Clifford is a fucking huge disappointment!!!! By the way, Scrivens still sucks! Send him down and keep Jones as the backup. How many times can a goalie fall down by himself, he’s an awful skater!!

    • I disagree about Nolan. If they got rid of someone, it should be Frasier and Lewis. I do agree that Clifford just hasn’t gotten it done this season. He showed such promise last year. But then again, with all the line shuffling that has been going on, the whole team has suffered from it.

      As for Scrivens. He’s a good backup for when Quick returns. If Quick re-injures himself, look for Jones to be brought up again.

      • Scrivens and Jones cost the same money! You want Scrivens over Jones? Step away from your crack pipe!! No fucking way!!!!

        • It’s not what I want. It’s what the Kings organization knows WILL happen. Of course, I think Jones is a much better goalie.

        • Scrivens isn’t costing the Kings anything. Toronto retained his salary and Frattin’ salary so no he doesn’t cost the same money when Toronto retained his salary.

          Jones goes back to Manchester for 2 reasons one being he needs to play as many games as possible. 2nd Jones coming up does cost the Kings in terms of the salary CAP. In addition Jones on the bench when Quick comes back doesn’t help Jones which is why he goes back to Manchester once Quick returns.

          Stoll producing as the 3rd line center is a bit of a reach since normally the 3rd and 4th lines are not utilized for scoring. In the Kings system its pretty clear lines 1 and 2 are who they look to for a majority of their scoring. The 3rd line with the Kings has been a fore checking line, along with being more of a defensive line.

          Stoll has been used more for his faceoffs and defensive play than for scoring goals or adding assists. Stoll isn’t used on the powerplay any more for reasons we aren’t privy to. Same with his exclusion from shootouts.

          Right now Dean Lombardi needs to go out and find a big Top 6 LW, or he needs to bring up Pearson and Vey and use them with Toffoli as the 3rd line. I can’t think of any other realistic options for the Kings right now.

          Quick coming back helps in theory, but I would be very cautious about how he is used when he does come back. Knowing how Sutter rides his goalies, he could potentially use Quick too much and this could end up with Quick re-injuring his groin again.

          Tonight against St. Louis was a complete team failure. You can say Jones and Scrivens had 5 goals scored on them, but that doesn’t excuse the fact no one single King player scored a goal against St. Louis.

          I don’t see any fight back in the Kings forwards. Not one of these guys are giving much in terms of physical play. If you are going to take stupid offensive zone penalties they better be for trying to drive the opponent through the boards or being over aggressive. These lazy BS penalties and that is what they are an epidemic right now.

          Forwards taking tripping penalties in the offensive zone? What kind of stupid crap is that? I can understand gripping the stick to tightly but tripping a player 200 ft from your net?

          Things will turn around eventually for this team, but right now we are seeing the lack of depth in the Kings organization. Too many centers, and converting a defenseman like Deslauries into a LW is another very glaring issue that has never been addressed after they let Frolov go.

          Defense isn’t so much of a problem as it is Lombardi sitting down with Sutter and saying you can’t play Muzzin and Doughty together. You have Greene, Mitchell and Regehr you play Doughty with Regehr, you play Voynov with Mitchell and you put Martinez back with Greene. You want a 7th defender then fine dress Muzzin but you can’t keep playing Muzzin and Doughty as a tandem it doesn’t work.

          What worked with the Kings was having a mobile defenseman paired with a stay at home defenseman. This is something the Kings need to get back to.

          • I’m glad that you’re adding your two cents on Surly & Scribe! I agree with you on every point modcoop!

            As for Jones, in tonight’s game, I don’t blame him on either goal. On the first goal … shit happens. On the second goal, it was a lucky deflection that turned into the perfect pass. He couldn’t stop that one either! Scrivens didn’t look very steady, but it was more that the team in front of him was shaky.

            We have too many Centers!!!! :-(

            Muzzin hurts the Kings. He SHOULD be the seventh man.

            We have a lot of dead weight on this team! And we keep hoping that the elite players will help them to become better. It isn’t happening!

            Did you see the Blues’ confidence grow as the King’s confidence withered?!

            If anyone thinks that the greatness of Quick is going to turn things around, they’re badly mistaken.

            Hopefully, things will begin to look better before we get to February 2nd!!

          • I turned off the game in the third..after goal #4..and I NEVER do that..was really disgusted..the penalities are just ridiculous. .you know many do not gey called..and I can’t belive every Ref group is out to get us..I am mad and also Sad for our Boys.

          • Gey called? I give up. How many? :)

          • made me smile…I have rewatched (a winning game so as not to get re aggravated) and just watched for penalities..refs miss and are very inconsistant ..fact.

          • I totally agree they’ll turn it around eventually but holy fuck what a brutal game. But in a good way they needed this ass kicking to wake them the fuck up especially the so called “leaders” of the squad. They need to make shit happen even if that means pulling pucks outta their asses, whatever it takes.

            Totally with you on vey and Pearson. Bring me up and give em minutes. A legit 3rd scoring line will give other teams fits. No ones scared of Frattin, Fraser and Nolan. I’d even put Lewis on the Vey line and have Stolly center carbomb and Nolan.

            They’ll come around. I think Carts needs to be reunited with C3PO aka Richards.

          • woke up ready to face and do battle with my Hockey demons. Thanks for that..was just a momentary flash of despair. If thst is what they needed to wake up it shoukd have done the trick.

  7. Off Topic: There’s a fantastic writeup on the process of picking the US hockey team written by Burnside. If you have any interest on how they selected team members, I strongly suggest you read it. I found it very intriguing.

  8. The game against the Blackhawks was one I actually got to watch on cable TV, and I think I was mostly mad that the one goal scored all game came off a really, really dumb mistake by Richards. Jones deserved that win. It was pretty embarrassing that the Kings couldn’t find the back of the net once.

    They’re going to bounce back tonight against the Blues, right?


    • Yes. I haven’t heard much about how the wise and experienced Richards made a boneheaded mistake when he didn’t cover for Muzzin when he stepped up on that play.

      As for tonight, If the lines aren’t changed to enhance the potential for scoring, we’ll lose against the Blues. We’re lacking on the left side. And we have an abundance of centers. So, we are using centers as wingers. Somehow, we need to use the guys in a manner that will enhance the King’s chances of scoring.

      Carcillo hasn’t helped with scoring.

      I don’t like Frazier’s ability to score, but I think he can pass better than Lewis.

      I would like to give Frattin a chance to prove himself.

      Nolan can score, and he’s tough.

      I think the four lines should be:

      Kopitar centering for King on the left and Williams on the right
      Richards centering for Toffoli on the left and Carter on the right
      Stoll centering with Clifford on the left and Brown on the right
      Frazier centering for Nolan on the left and Frattin on the right

      So much for my two cents!!

      Go Kings!!

    • You would think that the Chicago game would be revenge for the retardedness of the Nashville game but wasn’t the case. How does a “leader” like Richards brain fart the last 26 seconds of the game when they just tied it up with an empty net? The guy should be coming out in full redemption mode.

      The Blues tonight? Shit my confidence is dropping. I didn’t watch the Dallas game but I heard that Richards played a pretty decent game overall.

      Don’t really expect 3rd/4th line guys to be scoring. It’d be a nice contribution but don’t expect much from em. Top line guys need to come through in a big way if not 5 on 5 then the PP must come through and there’s no excuses for it. The PP was something really ridiculous like 0-37 or some stupid shit like that.

      Brown really needs to step up his game.

      The possibility of going down 0-5 is very real tonight.

  9. Left fucking wing Lombardi! Lewis, Frazier fucking cya. Clifford, Frattin stating to think they are just dead weight at this point. Time to pick up the offense on this team. It’s a 3-2 league right Sutter? Well can we score 3?

    • If playing Frattin 15+ minutes isn’t throwing in the towel I don’t know what is. The guy just flat out sucks ass.

      • Was probably used to bench Brown’s non performing ass as he experienced his lowest TOI of the season. He’s probably still feeling the effects of that nasty bug he got but he’s been pretty nonexistent prior to that also.

  10. We’re fine. Everyone has hardships throughout the year! Par for the course!

    It’s the old saying, “We’re built for the playoffs.” Not many teams have an advantage over us in a seven game series. We are not always the beauty queen, but we always seem to get the job done one way or another! Persistence! Probably my favorite trait in people/teams!

    It’s not a coincidence every team in the league thinks we’re one of the toughest teams to play on a consistent basis. Our style needs to be appreciated, not criticized, because it’s very taxing and takes an incredible amount of dedication and these guys do it on a regular basis.

    I’m not blind to our shortcomings, but I appreciate the effort these guys give on a nightly basis. The same effort that has gotten us deep in the playoffs the last two years. I’ll take an above average regular season paired with a spectacular playoff run every time.

  11. Carcillo goes to the Rangers!


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