Jonathan Quick Makes My Groin Large. Kings Beat Canucks 3-1

As goaltenders go, they don’t make them any more sexy that Jonathan Quick. He misses nearly 2 months of action and, in his first game back, makes Vancouver Canucks forwards and defensemen suck it.

These diving prima donnas have not changed a bit. Neither has karma.

Rapid fire thoughts and tidbits:

– Jeff Carter had his mojo tonight. That pass he received and snapshot to the top corner while his feet were still moving, and all in one motion, was classic. You are born with that kind of skill set. You cannot teach that.

– I don’t care that it took us a while to score. We were playing great. Everything from breakouts through the forecheck was efficient. The penalties sucked, especially early on, but those were not lazy reaching or obstruction penalties. First one by Carter was just getting tangled up with a pussy. And we all know when Carter gets tangled with a pussy, the pussy is going down. The second one was not a crosscheck. It was a diving Kevin Bieksa.

– I love Brad Richardson. That one-timer he had at the end was shot right into Jonathan Quick’s crest. Never change Brad. You sold your soul. Never change.

– Dustin Brown was playing like he was either going to score a goal or kill himself trying. That type of desperation and work ethic is what makes Brown awesome. He has to do that shit more though. He has been a C- Captain and top six forward the entire season. We all know he has it in him. We all saw Beast Brown in the 2012 playoffs. Consistency however is what makes you a superstar.

– No complaints on defense. They did a damn good job in front of Quick. The only goal the Canucks scored was due to Williams having to retrieve his stick and, in the process, creating a cross-ice seam for the pass to Ryan Kessler.

Hey look, we scored three goals and didn’t have to trade our entire bottom six. How about that…

Scribe’s three stars:

3. Willie Mitchell

2. Jeff Carter

1. Jonathan Quick

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  1. Tortorella and “DaSchmucks” claimed to have left their diving days behind them…right back to their old shit tricks. Certainly the most frustrating team to play against and a detriment to hockey. No cups for you. Quick’s first post-to-post splits scared me, but his iron groin proved unfaltering, and last two months of net-worry faded as he held the line and in so doing, the team…forgot how much I love that fucking guy.

  2. I agree with Messinger about the uneasiness I felt when Quick did the splits and held the puck on the goal line. That was NOT an easy thing to do!

    As for not seeing any defensive problems, I think it was fortunate that Muzzin’s ineptness didn’t cost us. Some of the things he did in the first period made me cringe. I know, he’s supposedly going to settle into a steady D-man. I hope so. And I understand that it DOES take time for a D-man to develop. It’s the same with Goalies. He DOES have a lot of potential. It’s his reads that make me uncomfortable.

    I liked the Kings effort!

    Go Kings!

  3. Jon Rosen hears howling trade winds. What exactly are our options? I thought we are right up against the cap? Call me crazy…… i still wanna check out Martinez at left wing. Its no secret that we win with him in the lineup. Even he is just a lucky charm out there. It may be magically delicious. My 2¢. Whatever.

    • I think it’s obvious that trades are necessary. How this will shake out is anyone’s guess. It depends on who is available to the Kings. The Kings should NOT trade Jones, but they could trade Scrivens. As for everyone else on the team, the options are somewhat limited.

      I know Muzzin isn’t quite at top six level yet, but he does have good potential. Good defensemen are difficult to find. Defense is difficult period. You can find a forward who can score, but if he isn’t a good two-way player, he will cost the team big time.

      The Kings have a few mediocre forwards, but what team would want them?! So … what would the Kings have to offer another team? King’s management shouldn’t trade away the future of the team. They have a lot of really good and talented youth. I wouldn’t want the Kings to lose them. I’m not familiar with the players on the Monarchs. Maybe several of them could be traded, but, again, I’m concerned about trading away young players who could be important for the team’s future. So … where does that leave the team? I guess that’s why General Managers make so much money! I hope Dean Lombardi has some good ideas!

      Go Kings!

    • Kings are up against the CAP and rather than having Martinez up at wing, give Larry Deslauries a call up to play LW. He’s the 2nd best LW the Kings have in Manchester and since he is a converted defenseman he would be perfect to play on a 3rd or 4th line.

      Larry can take the spot Muzzin currently occupies on the roster. I am also skeptical about Muffin being left to play on the 1st pairing on defense with Doughty. He’s not a Top 6 defenseman and I don’t care if Doughty had lobbied for him as his line mate, he’s just not good enough to be given that kind of responsibility.

      I think if some pieces are moved having Deslauries on the 3rd with Stoll and Toffoli could be that 3rd line which the Kings can get some scoring out of. If not Larry then bring up Pearson, but they do need to give themselves some depth in terms of production and it should come from the 3rd line.

      Oye Vey has been in the doghouse since being sent back to Manchester so I am not sure if he would be the 1st player to be called up.

      Greene was scratched last night and I am not sure that was because of him being injured or if Sutter wanted a more mobile defensive team. Perhaps it was a showcasing situation for Martinez but I sure hope it isn’t because I am still not convinced Muffin is better than Martinez on defense. Martinez is calm back there, Muffin you are never sure what he is going to do.

      Once again RR was a physical MENSCH out there last night. Fuck anyone who thinks he is worthless or too slow, Regehr should be paired with Doughty and I seem to recall seeing the Mitchell and Voynov reunited last night for a few shifts. I would like to see Greene paired with Martinez once again.

      If the Kings do make some kind of a trade to address the LW issue, they will have to give up something of value in terms of skill and also to be able to afford any salary they do pick up if its someone who makes a few million.

      The mighty Mayor has written he expects Jones to be sent down, but then called up very soon, which to me indicates he thinks Scrivens will be traded. This is speculation and makes no sense since Scrivens doesn’t cost the Kings any money regardless of his being on the roster.

      Jones should be back in Manchester and if they need him to come up, then they can make that call, but if Quick is back Scrivens rides the pine while Jones plays in Manchester. Manchester is also more than likely making the playoffs and they can always call Jones up once the Kings make the playoffs since the number of players the team can carry is increased once the playoffs are started.

      Berube has been great while Jones had his success with the Kings so they are in good shape regardless of who is in net in Manchester.

      • Good thoughts! Yes, Regehr has been solid.

        We’ll just have to wait and see regarding any trade, or trades. Something certainly does need to be done. I hope Lombardi is able to finagle a good deal! :-)

      • Are you referring to Nick Deslauriers? Of 12 goals, the converted defenseman. Tanner Pearson in over 10 fewer games still has 1 more goal.

      • Hehe, “Muffin” – something new to yell at my television…

  4. On the World Juniors Championship …

    I know Finland deserved to win the gold. Sweden squeaked past Russia to get into the final. And Finland played really well. But I felt bad for #14, for Sweden, getting beaten so badly on the winning goal. And #10, for Sweden, just stood there flat footed while the Fin skated right in front, unmolested, and scored. Watch the end of that game. You’ll cringe when you see the lapse in their defensive play! What’s sad is that those two young players will have to live with that for the rest of their lives! That was a nice goal by the Fin, but he really never should have gotten in front of the net.

  5. Andrew Ladd, anyone?

    Would you be willing to trade Stoll or Greene/Mitchell/Regehr, for cap space?

    What are the needs of Winnipeg? Do we have prospects/players we would be willing to give up for his services? I’m not sure I’d would be willing to deal another first round pick, but I’d sure think about it.

    Ladd is 28 with 3 years left at 4.4 million. I would seriously look at different options on getting this cat in a Kings uniform.

  6. Seriously…that play by King on Carter’s goal…Seriously…I said aloud, “Yeah…I’d let King fuck me after that one.”

  7. Rewatching the Nuck game and I have to say
    I think both Frattin and Toffoli had good games.
    Like Richard centering the line. Too bad none of their rushes converted.
    Also like Stollie with Brown and Stick.( have said that before).
    Willie M had a nice game..He gets more amped vs his old team doesn’t he?
    Really really happy to see Quick play so solid. What a Pro he is. Not seeing him for a while makes me appreciate him even more then I already do.
    Luongo was solid as well. Kings were so intense and determined they wore down Vancouver. Hope to see this effort continue.

  8. DL needs to pick up a cast,off so we don’t get screwed in a trade.
    Pick,the right cast off, recapture somemformer glory,you have a winner.

  9. My bold prediction of the day; Frattin has a multi point game tonight…

    That is all.

    • I’ve been thinking that for some time now, but he hasn’t come through. It would be nice to see him contribute to the scoring! Then again … it would be nice to see a number of Kings begin to perform better!

    • He is sure trying. that would be great!

      • I haven’t given up on Frattin like many others. When the bounces start going his way, he’ll be a nice secondary piece. Agreed, his effort is always there. Now, if we can only loosen him up a little and let his nature skill take over, we’ll be in good shape.

  10. I loved Stoll’s quote, “Sometimes we make goalies look good.” Haha! You don’t think they know? Thanks for the honesty, Stoll. We still love ya, dude!

  11. Fuck this team. Can’t finish. This is fucking pathetic. I’m so sick of telling my wife we are gonna lose. Rookie goalie against us tonight. It’s not the fucking goalie! We can’t fucking finish. Too many fucking grinders. Not enough fucking scorers…

  12. Ok, I must admit, I’m a bit frustrated!

  13. If Pearson saves us so be it but it is a huge reach…after thinking that. We r fucked!

    • I wouldn’t say fucked I know they have it in them to do it. Montreal game or even the last game.theyre main problem IMO is the limp dicked PP. Going 0-4+ on a consistent basis is like throwing goals down the toilet. They need to honest with their PP and recognize that it’s dogshit and then do shit to turn it around.

      • The ducking power play is a HUGE issue. Fuck stevens

      • What I have been movement.. stagnent..frozen feet. Like basketball..only can’t slam dunk a puck over player’s heads. Too much time for opposition to set up. Too much hesitation (Doughty). Too much throwing puck in behind net and chasing..other team has 50/50 chance to retrive as well. Need more shoot off the
        pass..too .Payne needs to change it up.

  14. Darcy..? Fucking Darcy? Darcy???

  15. The Kings have a special knack of being able to make an average goalie look like an elite goalie. I’ve followed the Kings for a very long time. They’ve had their ups and downs. But their difficulty with goal scoring is a very serious problem that DOES need to be addressed. And they’ve had this problem for a long time now. They’ve had nights where the goals DO come, but those are nights of luck … not skill. Thinking that they’re just in a slump isn’t going to fix this team. Yes, when their penalty killing is working well, it will make the games close. Yes, when you have good goal tending, that will make games close. But when you don’t have a good power play, and when the team, except for Carter and Kopitar, doesn’t have that special ability to get a man into position, separated from defenders, and actually able to place their shot, the team is in a very bad situation. This includes quality stick to stick passing. The Kings will throw 40+ shots at the net without thinking about, or without the ability, to place a shot at the far leg-pad; or to pick a corner; or to go for the five-hole … and put it through that small hole. Yes, sometimes the situation will dictate that you just fling your shot at the goal and hope for the best. But that should be the exception! It shouldn’t be the rule! This has gone on for a couple of years. Even when they won the cup, they didn’t usually score many goals. Their penalty killing was awesome and Quick was inhuman that year.

    Will they make changes? If they don’t, they won’t go far when they get to the playoffs. And if this problem continues the way it has recently (one or no goals per game), they won’t even get into the playoffs.

  16. Can you believe they added Kiss to the entertainment lineup for the Stadium Series? Wow is all I can say!
    I am seriously torn now between trying to get tickets for the game, but I am not looking forward to how much I will have to shell out since the event sold out within days of going on sale to the little people or as they refer to us as General Admission aka “GA”.

    Wait, I’m confused now. I had heard from the Kings management well the Kings Business Operations, and the ticket representatives that the game had sold out. How could there be tickets still for sale if the event has sold out?

    The business operations department is one of I suspect a few different departments within the Los Angeles Kings organization. I also suspect all departments might not communicate with the others on everything regardless of importance. Maybe this was one of those situations where there is a disconnect between all the departments to make sure all departments are in the know regardless of its importance to all departments.within the organization.

    Fuck it, I’m not going, never really planned on it, and seeing how out of touch the Kings business operations and accounting are for the price of the ticket I’ll just stay home and make my own cold hot dog and drink warm beer, well not warm beer, since I don’t drink so warm Red Bull or Rockstar and I can make my own popcorn even though it isn’t Popcornopolis and i can buy Wetzel’s Pretzels at my local market.

    Problem solved, except no Kiss playing live,but that is fine I am still a mod/punk/rudie at heart anyway!

    Ma ma my ge ge Generation.

    I feel its my obligation to paste the following commentary just because a thread isn’t a thread until it is blessed by the almighty Oz.

    Never at a loss for words, or the ability to wrap up a thought or story in less than 3 novels, here is a canned response the way MrConcisemice would bring it.

    Blackhawks and Stars are two of the fastest teams in the NHL, and it showed. Kings need to add a scorer.

    The thing is, adding Moulson isn’t going to make the Kings into the Blackhawks. It’s impossible to really make that transformation at this point when Dean hasn’t modeled the franchise like that. It starts at the bottom with the scouting philosophy at the draft. The Kings are built around size and defense, the Blackhawks are built around speed and skill.

    So how do we beat them, then? We definitely can if the roster is re-arranged appropriately. It’s not that the Blackhawks style is inherently better, it’s that their mix is better and they have less dead weight.

    This is our major problem right now. Where the Blackhawks have guys like Kris Versteeg in their depth, we have guys like Kyle Clifford, Dwight King, and Jordan Nolan. But that’s not the issue by itself, actually. Players like Versteeg are definitely better, but having a couple guys like Clifford, Nolan, and King fit our team’s identity, and they mix in well with the skill guys we have, and they bring size and energy mixed with some skill. It’s ok to have a couple guys like that in the lineup mixed in with the scorers.

    The major problem is that it doesn’t stop there for us. We have Clifford, King, and Nolan in the lineup most nights, which is already 3 forwards out of 12 who aren’t very effective offensively, but then most nights we also have two more on top of them, Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser, who are absolutely 100% ineffective on offensive.

    And it can’t be explained any more simply than that. Most nights we ice 5 out of 12 forwards, almost half of our forward group, who really don’t score goals or create any offense at all. King does some, but everyone else doesn’t really. And Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser especially are among the five or ten worst forwards offensively in the entire NHL, and somehow we have both of them in our lineup.

    i really do think it’s that simple. You’re just not going to be a good offensive team playing only seven offensive forwards a game out of 12. And when you calculate the entire team, keeping in mind that Matt Greene and Robyn Regehr are the Colin Fraser’s of defense, and produce absolutely no offense every season, and remembering that Willie Mitchell, still not fully recovered from injury, is basically the same way this season, that leaves only three defenseman who can create any offense either.

    So in total, out of 18 skaters, you’re only dressing ten players capable of contributing offense every night (Doughty, Muzzin, and Voynov on defense plus the 7 forwards). And when you’re facing top opposition that dresses 16 or 17 offensive players a night, it’s going to be very, very hard to win a battle that is 10 against 16/17.

    So how do we beat the Blackhawks? On defense, Martinez has to be playing. No, not in Muzzin’s place, as many posters here have been requesting. Everyone’s correct that Muzzin is rough around the edges and can make bad giveaways, but overall his skating, puck handling, and blueline-best shot make him a valuable commodity for this team. Martinez should be playing instead of Matt Greene.

    On offense, Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser should never play another game in a Kings sweater. Sutter needs to pick two or three out of those five that he likes best, and everyone else must go. The obvious choice to stay is Dwight King, and after that Clifford and Nolan can also play most games, and alternate in a few.

    And in the place of Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser is where the identity of this team can be tweaked, where the team speed and the offensive capability of this team can be improved significantly, much more than you might think by just changing around 2 or 3 players (because that’s how little Lewis and Fraser were giving us, just historically low production), without changing the overall identity of this team which is that it’s tough to play against, hard on the forecheck, and responsible defensively.

    Who replaces Lewis and Fraser? Believe it or not, having Vey and Frattin in the lineup every night, playing with the right linemates, would actually make a difference. Even if they’re not elite players, they can still skate, handle the puck, and create offense. It’s a big change just by virtue of going from 10 offensively-capable players in the lineup to 12 (or 13) with Martinez.

    But if that’s not enough, you go to the trade market. The Kings are greatly positioned to make moves because they have two 2nd round picks next year, a 1st round pick, Trevor Lewis and Colin Fraser, and a ton of prospects. We’ve already seen, time and time again, what happens if you horde too many of your prospects instead of trading the 2nd tier ones while they’re at peak value to help your team. You just end up losing them for nothing anyway. Holloway, Loktionov, Moller, not to mention Brian Boyle, Hickey, Purcell, and Moulson. That is a very long, depressing list, a list that could have netted this team multiple top-six forwards at previous deadlines had Dean pulled the trigger when he should have.

    Well, Dea is in a similar position today. Vey, Pearson, Kozun, Forbort, Zykov, Shore, Weal, Andreoff, Ebert, Hyka, Fasching, Miller, Deslauriers, Prokhorkin… these are all promising prospects with value (maybe besides Kozun because of his age), but there is no way the Kings will ever have enough roster spots open for all of them to make the team. The Kings simply have way too many B prospects right now, more than they have room for. So the smart thing to do would be to either trade a few B prospects for A prospects, if you don’t want to mortgage the future at all, or, if you actually want to make a run at the Cup this year, pick your favorites out of this group, the ones you think will really develop into impact players for the Kings and actually make the team one day, and then trade some of the rest for upgrades to the actual team. Matt Moulson is available, and there’s a good chance he’ll re-sign. Thomas Vanek would be a coupe. Everyone is always afraid to shoot for the moon with these star players because they’re afraid of the cost, but the truth is that (assuming you can get him to re-sign, which is another topic entirely), these star players are so good that they’re almost always worth the cost. See Jeff Carter for proof. Vanek is another Carter, very similar players, and his combination of size, hockey sense, and elite skill would be a perfect fit the Kings, improving on their identity of size and forecheck while at the same time really improving the skill quotient of the team, just like Carter.

    Another option for a rental is old Jaromir Jagr. Big and skilled, perfect for the cycle identity of the Kings even if he wouldn’t help with the team’s speed much. Playing him with Anze Kopitar would create a dynamic duo that would be impossible to knock off the puck on the cycle. Jagr would also help the Kings power-play greatly.

    Or the darkhorse candidate, Evander Kane. I’ve pegged him as the next superstar in this game, and the Jets would be crazy to trade him. He is Mike Modano as a power forward. He’s going to be mentioned with Ovechkin and Stamkos pretty soon I think. The Kings have still never quite gotten their “Kovalchuk” for decades. They managed to win the Cup without one so the calls for that type of player quieted. But they still could use one, in my opinion. Evander Kane is that player. I believe our 1st round pick, both 2nd round picks, and Matt Frattin, for instance, along with a mid-tier prospect might get him. Would you have traded Jonathan Bernier and a 1st for Evander Kane? I sure would have. And with the cap going up next year, moves like this are feasible. (Making it fit this year is another story since Dean has unwisely kept 23 players with the NHL club all season, wasting cap space, but there are ways around that, too).

    But these are the big times. In truth there are tons of smaller names who are available for much less who would help the Kings. All Dean Lombardi has to do is make two trades similar to what the Blackhawks did to acquire Kris Versteeg, and the Kings are off and running. In truth it was a big missed opportunity not trading for Versteeg himself, but let’s hope Lombardi simply had his eyes on bigger fish. But if he can’t make the headlines on deadline day, a few moves like that Versteeg trade would put the Kings in position to beat the Blackhawks.

    But if anyone asks you why the Blackhawks keep beating the Kings, the simplest, most accurate answer is to simply tell them that the way the Kings are currently constructed, they are only playing most games with 10 players capable of offense out of 18 roster spots, while most elite teams in this league play with significantly more.


    • That IS a fabulous breakdown! You make a lot of sense Modcoop! I can’t disagree with anything you said. I even have to agree with you about swapping Martinez and Green. I have some issues, like you do, about Muzzin, but he does have upside.

      You should send this to the King’s head office!! :-)

      Let’s hope for better days ahead!!

      Go Kings!!

    • The “cheap” seats (those less than $200) have sold out, but the NHL has had trouble selling the most expensive, $250 seats. So, in a show of compassion (desperation), they reduced the prices to $200 and threw in a $50 gift card to when you buy 2 or more of these most expensive seats… Then, to placate the poor masses, they tossed KISS into the mix knowing they’d play for pennies if they allowed them to shamelessly promote their LA KISS arena football team a la their sit down with Patty last night on FSW and more geriatric future securing to come…

  17. Matt Frattin is Brian Willsie 2.0.

  18. I feel for Frattin. Great solution for a lw. We should trade for Gaborik and convert him to lw and fuck him up too.

  19. Another solid game by the boys, plus a few goals. Yeah, baby! Boston is getting handled on the West Coast! I love it!

    There’s many things I could talk about, but what sticks in my mind the most is how powerful that fucker Chara is. He was imposing his will on Regehr like he was a damn blow up doll! I would not want to play against that Yeti. Holy smokes.

    • I have to agree on all counts. I was pleased to see this solid effort. It seemed that everyone on the team was doing it. There was good hitting, good puck possession, the passing was better, and there were some Grade-A shots, some of which turned into goals. The Kings only made few mistakes. I don’t think they made one offensive zone penalty, and the defensive zone penalties were few.

      The Bruins played well, but they did make more mistakes, which is why the Kings won! As for Rask, those were quality shots. Any goalie could have given those up. We know he’s a great goalie.

      This is more like it. We shouldn’t expect to get four goals very often, but with quality shots, and less penalties, we should begin to see better results in the second half!

      Go Kings!

    • You noticed that too. In the corner on the PP i think. RR is probably the only guy who coulda handled Chara like he did. Chara’s got so much leverage.

      Frattin came to play. 1/2 the season and he’s finally coming around? I wouldn’t bet on it. If he plays consistently like he did for the next 5-10 games, he may actually turn out ok.

      How sick was that goal from J Dub? That’s a world class wrist shot.

  20. How exactly did Richardson sell his soul?


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