Kings Beat Canucks. Yeah I Wrote it, Asshole

I am angry. I’ve been angry for a few days. No, anger is not the same as the whining I am hearing from those who think the Kings need to trade the bottom six for a bunch of ninnies or others who are ready to give up on our captain and core players.  Anger is at the fact this team, as currently assembled, has all the skill, speed and strength necessary to win another Stanley Cup. Look at the team that won in 2012 and this one. What is the difference? Not a whole hell of a lot.

Our struggles have not been on the offensive of side of the game. Our game starts in our own zone. It starts with defensive coverage, keeping the front of the net clear, breakouts, speed through the neutral zone and then the forecheck.  Our forwards forecheck and backcheck as a group. That is how we create turnovers. We must start creating turnovers, which we have been nothing short of miserable at doing.


Why is this happening?

82 game schedule. The boys are in a funk. It’s just like life. You have your ups and downs. You try to maintain your ups as much as possible, keep yourself clicking at a moderate pace when you are not your best and eliminate the lows. Right now, we are hovering between the low to mid range. Skinny pedal to the right. Press.

Tonight, we will fuck Vancouver up and build momentum.

Play loose, play fast, play to hunt the puck, own it and kick the opposition’s teeth into the back of their skull.

Fuck the whining.

Let’s drop the puck.

Go Kings!

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  1. We’ll they better hurry, because thru the first 40 nothing has changed. And the lack of scoring should be a concern, since thru 42 games now they are averaging a little of 2 and 1/2 goals per game. So unless the goalie gives up 1 or less, there is no W.

  2. This game gives us hope! They’re certainly not a scoring machine, but they worked hard and got a win! The only thing I feel uneasy about is Muzzin’s decision making. I know. Sutter thinks he’s going to “mature” into the perfect line mate for Doughty, but will the Kings survive his maturing process?

  3. Took them a few periods to finally get one by Baba Louie.

    Seems like Jones is headed back to Manchester, however looking at the Monarchs, “LARRY” Deslauries might get a cup of coffee with the Kings sooner than later. Deslauries is only a goal and an assist behind Pearson in terms of the Monarchs left wings, but knowing Pearson and Toffoli have played well together probably more likely Pearson gets called up.

    Not sure if Greene being scratched was an issue with him being dinged up, or if Sutter wanted more mobile defense for tonight’s game.

    A few days off, and back at it!

  4. Three words Jeff Muthafucking Carter. How clutch was that shot? Still moving wrist shot in the corner…that was world class shit.

    Brownie stepping up finally. He was waaay better. Better reads, better puck handling, better skating better everything. Well at least what I saw in the 3rd.

    So good to get Quick back in. Scrivs and Jones played well. Those games they won for the squad should really stand out towards the end of the season. Basically free points.

    Just good to get the 2 in regulation.

  5. It’s halfway through the season and the team ranks in the bottom 10 in goals. That’s not some short funk. You can’t look at a team two years ago as proof the roster is good enough. There were differences back then. Willie Mitchell was playing like a #2 NHL defenseman and contributing offense as well as defense. Jarret Stoll still contributed offense back then. Dustin Brown was better then. Jordan Nolan was better then. Kyle Clifford and Trevor Lewis seemed to contribute more back then. And everyone was hot at the right time.

    By your logic, I could just say “what was the difference between last year’s team and the Cup team? Not a whole lot. I guess we were good enough last year too.” Except the Blackhawks ran us over in 5 games. That logic doesn’t work. The league is always evolving around us, and our own players are not constants, clearly. If everyone was as good now as they were two years ago, we wouldn’t be bottom 10 in goal scoring (at least before tonight’s game, haven’t checked the updated stats).

    • You are complaining because our team, as a whole, is not playing as well as they did when we won the Cup. Okay. So? That happens.

      That doesn’t mean you start gutting the team or trade core players or role players.

      Are you under the impression that only the highest level of production can be maintained?

      Did your San Jose Sharks maintain that?

      Did your Anaheim Ducks maintain that? Can any team?

      Instead of looking at the team and the game in a childish and myopic manner, look at it with the big picture.

      The LA Kings are built from the net, out, like a contender. Two seasons in a row, Cup and Conference Finals. Despite a poor season from big players like Brown and Richards, they are still in the playoff hunt.

      Their defense rose to the occasion when their #1 goalie went down and made a couple of backups look great even though the backups also played damn well. They rarely if ever take a night off and even when they are not winning, they are playing well enough to win. They are also a marked team because we are one of the best in the league.

      Would I love to see a pure goal scorer added? Sure but not at the cost of our core players or our future.

      And what were the Kings in offensive stats the year we won the Cup? Remember? Go back and check the regular season stats and have more faith in a team that has proven itself worthy.


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