I am angry. I’ve been angry for a few days. No, anger is not the same as the whining I am hearing from those who think the Kings need to trade the bottom six for a bunch of ninnies or others who are ready to give up on our captain and core players.  Anger is at the fact this team, as currently assembled, has all the skill, speed and strength necessary to win another Stanley Cup. Look at the team that won in 2012 and this one. What is the difference? Not a whole hell of a lot.

Our struggles have not been on the offensive of side of the game. Our game starts in our own zone. It starts with defensive coverage, keeping the front of the net clear, breakouts, speed through the neutral zone and then the forecheck.  Our forwards forecheck and backcheck as a group. That is how we create turnovers. We must start creating turnovers, which we have been nothing short of miserable at doing.


Why is this happening?

82 game schedule. The boys are in a funk. It’s just like life. You have your ups and downs. You try to maintain your ups as much as possible, keep yourself clicking at a moderate pace when you are not your best and eliminate the lows. Right now, we are hovering between the low to mid range. Skinny pedal to the right. Press.

Tonight, we will fuck Vancouver up and build momentum.

Play loose, play fast, play to hunt the puck, own it and kick the opposition’s teeth into the back of their skull.

Fuck the whining.

Let’s drop the puck.

Go Kings!