Kings vs. Wings. Black is the New Red

Let Our ice hold the blood of those who once commanded respect and fear.

Let their pain echo off Our walls.

Their time is only relevant to history now.

Today, the winged wheel is but a broken relic, tossed aside the room.

A symbol that greatness and perpetuity are neither friends nor allies.

Black Is The New Red.

Fresh off the dismantling of the East’s imitation of our brutal elegance,

a team once West, now also East comes to play.

They catch Us in a foul mood and unforgiving of trespassers.

Bring your best and We shall dismantle you piece by piece,

as history has done of your old and gray.

Bring your best and We will leave you with neither mercy nor grace.

I offer you no respect.

I never have.

I kick the wheels off your bandwagon and see it is not as full as it once was.

Life’s cruel joke.

If you missed the punch line, look upon your reflection.

It stares back.

Dear Hockey Gods, let our Kings reign over those who sin by their existence,

and have earned neither your love nor charity.

Leave the Red Wings in the shambles that mirror their City,

and exalt all that We are and they shall never be again.

Let Us take two and leave them wanting.

Go Kings.

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  1. Detroit’s power play % is the same as its unemployment rate


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