LA Kings Continue to Find New Ways to Lose. Drop One to Wings 3-1.

All of the hustle and hard work, all of the forecheck and backcheck, all of the shots on goal and doing the little things right do not mean a whole hell of a lot if you cannot bury the puck in the net.

Tonight we played better than Detroit because we are, I think we destroyed them in the face-off circle, we kept possession of the puck, sometimes at will, we had all of the quality chances we should ever need to put a team away and yet we end up with nothing to show for it.

Are we snake bitten? I don’t know. I don’t think so. We shoot high when we should shoot low. We are a foot here or a foot there away from the puck on rebounds, we have some of the shittiest luck I have seen us have and we keep losing precious points in the process.

On top of it all, we make hacks like Jimmy Howard, who is having an abysmal season, look good.

I am beyond angry. At some point you get angry enough where everything comes into focus and you realize that you don’t have the answers but you sure as hell hope the people paid a lot of money and who do this for a living do.

We deserved to win tonight. We were and are the better team. The fact those imps are walking out of our arena with their heads high as opposed to off disgusts me.

Jonathan Quick gave up a bad goal on that second one.

Jake Muzzin was a special kind of awful tonight. He will sit next game.

That was all I have to complain about. Other than that, we played some pretty good hockey.

Let’s figure out what we have to sacrifice to get the Hockey Gods to give us bounces.

Let’s figure this out soon.

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  1. We need to put the lines back together already!
    Maybe the Kings should practice shooting the puck into the net, instead around it!!
    Richards, Muzzin, Clifford you’re fucking horrible right now!!

    • Richards was the best King on the Ice last night. Hard to believe you watched the game without seeing it. He was 78% in the faceoffs, lead the team with 8 SOG0.,strong PK work and was active on the boards, physical, crashng the net, all over the place The 2nd line was the one that coughed up the GWG and the insurance goal and didn’t play very well. But by all means, don’t let facts get in the way of your rant.
      IT’s not MR’s fault he’s been suck babysitting a rookie on RW and a black hole on LW that changes every few games. At least somebody on that coaching staff told him to stop passing the puck to wingers won can’t score and shoot it himself. And that’s what he’ll have to continue to do as long as he’s stuck without wingers. And since Sutter won’t change the lines back to where you would have a better balance, he’s too stubborn to admit his idea was wrong, MR is alone on that line.
      And he’s not the only one not scoring but by all means, blame him alone, because he’s turned into the favorite whipping boy for some nearsighted fans.

      • I agree Richards did play ok last night but he ain’t no saint or savior of this squad as you may believe he is. Sutter even confirmed that he’s skating better, handling the puck better, etc. I was blasting Richards on Laki recently for showing up drunk to those awful games he had because that’s what he looked like to me. A guy getting paid bucoup bucks and playing like he just downed a bottle of jack.

        He’s one of the “leaders” on the team and he, along with the other “leaders” need to really get their shit together with a Huge emphasis on the PP. If they woulda scored another PP goal last night they probably woulda won. I dunno that Muzzin play was fucking horrendous. I’m pretty sure he pissed his pants on that play. The guy has no confidence. He looks nervous as hell when he has to play the puck.

        Richards hasn’t scored in what 20 games? There’s no excuse for that. You can blame his line mates but that’s a big cop out because he plays on the PP unit all the time. How many PPs has there been in those 20 games? Yeah a shit load and he’s on that thing all the time.

        So what’s really up with the guy? You seem to know him pretty well. Did he pull this shit in Philly?

      • 8 shots on goal and as many goals as I had. Nice analysis. I’ve forgotten more about hockey than you’ll ever know!! I know you like to argue with me but, at least know what the fuck you’re talking about!
        Richards needs to hit more and put the puck in the back of the net not get a lot of shots, are you fucking kidding me?

      • By the way Deirdre! Mike Richards is my second favorite King after Quick, so when you say whipping boy, it just proves you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!!

        • What does Richards being your 2nd favorite King have anything to do with anything?

          Using your thought process, you are saying that because Mike Richards is your 2nd favorite Kings player, you know more about Richards and the Kings along with hockey than Deirdre.

          I’m curious as to how long you have followed Mike Richards career. Did you start to follow him when he was a Phantom? Did you follow him when he was a Ranger? Did you follow him when he was a Flyer? When did you start to follow Mike Richards?

          I have seen you post a few trades which involved Clifford, Brown, Muffin and or Richards.

          Who would you get to replace a Brown or Richards? Who do you think the Kings could get for a Richards and or a Brown? Who do you think the Kings could get for a Muffin and or a Clifford? Remember you have to factor in their CAP hit when you are moving a player, to add a player on the active Kings roster. You also need to make sure the player you think the Kings could get is willing to be traded to the Kings because many players have no movement clauses in their contracts so unless you know for a fact that player(s) indicate Los Angeles is one of the teams the its sometimes not as simple as one might think.

          I see other people posting that Richards hasn’t scored in 20+ games, yet I look at the scoring leaders on the Kings team and I am pretty sure Richards is tied with Kopitar with assists which last time I checked does count as scoring, since he gets an assist which counts as a point.

          Centers as a rule are distributors who can also score, but for the most part they are facilitators

          • That’s a good comment, Neil. This is not an easy situation for the Kings. They do have a good core of players who are currently having some difficulties. Some adjustments can be made. And some help on left wing would go a long way to getting things on track. But making a trade is not an easy process. We can only hope that Dean Lombardi is working hard, every day, to find some help for the team.

            Richards is a solid, core member, of the team. Getting rid of him would only hurt the team. On his worst days, he contributes in every way to the team, even if he isn’t putting the puck in the net. I must say that he disappointed me when Muzzin jumped up on the play, several games ago, on the right side, and Richards didn’t move over and cover for him. I forget which team we were playing that day, but it cost us a goal. A quality veteran knows that if the D have the green light to move into the offensive zone for a possible scoring opportunity, they must be ready to slip in behind them and cover their area of the ice.

            Personally, I haven’t liked some of the things that Sutter has been doing with the lines, but he IS the Coach! When things are going bad, does it really hurt the team more by experimenting a little? BUT he needs to put players together who will complement each other. Richards and Toffoli aren’t working well together. Carter DOES work well with Richards. Why not juggle the right wingers a bit? Sutter may not want to put Toffoli on the right side of Kopitar, but he did it with King. Kopitar is a great puck distributor, and he is first rate defensively. Carter will still be scoring with Richards. Maybe a different right winger on the first line would keep the first line scoring! Then we would have two scoring lines.

            One thing that I just can’t see is why Sutter continues to play Muzzin at all, let alone place him with Doughty! I agree with another commenter who thought Regehr should be with Doughty. The Kings D-men should have one scorer and one stay at home guy. Of course, the power play and penalty kill are different. I’ve commented before that it takes a long time to be good at defense. That applies to every position on the ice. It isn’t Muzzin’s poor defensive skills as much as it IS his attitude on the ice. If he was an aggressive, positive thinker … and showed it, it would be much different. A positive attitude would lead to positive growth. But he is depressing to watch. I really wonder if he can make a quality defenseman in the NHL. Maybe his future will be in the minors.

          • I’m looking only at the goals column. But if you wanna get technical and include assists, that productiion has dropped off as well since his Flyers days. 2nd column Goals, 3rd column Assists. Last year he would be pretty close to what he normally produces in a full regular season if it wasn’t cut short.

            2006-2007 FLYERS 59 10 22 32 -12 52 1 4 3 130 7.7
            2007-2008 FLYERS 73 28 47 75 14 76 8 5 6 212 13.2
            2008-2009 FLYERS 79 30 50 80 22 63 8 7 4 238 12.6
            2009-2010 FLYERS 82 31 31 62 -2 79 13 1 3 237 13.1

            2011-2012 KINGS 74 18 26 44 3 71 3 4 1 171 10.5
            2012-2013 KINGS 48 12 20 32 -8 42 6 0 3 82 14.6
            2013-2014 KINGS 46 6 24 30 0 16 2 1 2 98 6.1

            From 07-11 Richards worst season was 23 goals in the regular season. 09-10 he scored 31 goals in all 82 games.

            His highest total as a King so far his first year here with 18 goals. His playoff production is what it is and I’m not concerned about that.

            My point is that he can put the puck in the net as well as make the dishes. He’s got 6 lousy goals in 46 games and being on the top PP unit. So he’s on pace for 12 goals for the regular season.

            What’s going on?

          • Facts, facts, facts! I like it! He definitely has the skill to get it done. He IS one of the team leaders. He isn’t supposed to be waiting for encouragement from others. He’s supposed to be one of the Encouragers/Motivators! He and Carter are both only 28! They should be pulling the team along with them; as should Kopitar. People should not need to motivate them! I don’t know much about Brown, but he IS their Captain. That’s his job to lead and motivate. Justin Williams and Jarret Stoll are both older. I wonder if they’re doing any mentoring? Look at Ryan Callahan, on the Rangers. He’s their Captain. He certainly leads by his actions! He’s an awesome player!

          • I have never mentioned Mike Richards in a trade and I have been watching NHL hockey regularly since 1982 and I ‘ve seen every Kings game televised since 1985! Plus I’ve played hockey and watched it on every level so, yea I know what the fuck I’m talking about!! Dustin Brown is no longer the leader of this team and Kyle Clifford is regressing unlike Dwight King. The Kings need to score more consistently and I know that they’re built for the playoffs, but they’ve got to score enough goals to get the points to make the playoffs. To make the playoffs in the Western Conference this year and for the foreseeable future the Kings will need about 92-95 points. The Blackhawks, Sharks and Ducks aren’t going to be caught the way we’ve been playing. The Avalanche, and Wild are going to qualify this year, so that leaves three spots for us to get in. If we qualify in 7th or 8th we could very well meet Chicago in the first round and history shows we can’t consistently score enough to beat them in a seven game series!!!
            I’m done arguing with Deirdre she’s got her panties in a bunch and that’s too bad!!

          • By the way Mike Richards was never a Ranger!

          • Being my second favorite player means: he has heart, he plays hard and is a leader on the team.
            Quick gives the Kings great goaltending and swagger or mojo.
            Richards gives them grit and hard work by example and he looks to help others score.
            Brown hasn’t been doing either on a regular basis this season and he’s not going to the net like he needs to.
            I’d give Kopitar the “C” and let Richards have an “A”, he’s earned it!

  2. Sorry, instead of around it!!

    • Jman69: You have just exposed how much you don’t know. Kitchener of the OHL the team Richards was Captain of in juniors. So along with you watching all the games of the Kings since 1985 but the NHL since 1982 based on what you have posted.

      I guess you only pay attention to the NHL, otherwise you would know that comparing Clifford with Dwight King is apples and oranges, they are entirely different players who were projected to play at a certain position when drafted by the Kings.

      Since you know so much you would also know that each player right now is being asked to do different things, which again shows how much you really don’t understand or know as much as you think you do.

      If you want to point out a player as regressing you might want to think about that word. Frolov regressed but that was because of the coach jerking him around. Regressing is what happened to Wayne Simmonds who looked very promising until the 2nd year he was up with the Kings. As with most players who play for a coach who likes a certain style of hockey, as soon as Simmonds was traded to Philly East well he started to look like the guy the Kings were projecting him to be.

      You talk about making the playoffs, and how that is looking like its not going to happen. Funny its just about 1/2 way through the season and you have already counted the Kings out of the playoffs, or have them finishing 7th or 8th in the Western Conference.

      The Sharks have never won anything, and the Kings who were the 8th seed the year they won the cup which was 2 seasons ago proved all you need to do is get in. The Ducks well talk to them about finishing 1st in the Western Conference and how playing Detroit last season in the 1st round worked out for them.

      Finally what Dustin Brown is doing is what a Captain should do, not bitch or complain about being asked to play on the 3rd line or in a different role which he is. Both Brown and Richards will be the 1st people to tell you they need to be better for the team and they are trying.

      But you know this already since you know so much more than myself or others who are involved in this thread.

      Oh before I forget, you still haven’t answered the question regarding who you think the Kings can get for Brown or Clifford or Muffin?

      And one more thing, I played hockey also, actually my family has been involved in hockey for years and years in Brampton Ontario and also with the Toronto Maple Leafs. My brother in law is the grandson of a Leafs legend and his parents were a billet family for the former Brampton Battalion of the OHL. There are 2 guys currently playing in the NHL that lived with my brother in laws parents when they played in the OHL for Brampton. Matt Duchene and Jay McClement.

      • I know what teams Richards has played for and he didn’t play for the Rangers (New York), I was going by the order stated: Phantoms, Rangers, Flyers and then the Kings.
        I don’t watch most kids that play hockey on the East Coast because I’m in California jackass!!
        When players are 17+ there isn’t much television here except of course the IIHF World Juniors!
        King and Clifford aren’t apples and oranges, if you knew jack shit you would at least know that!
        They are both power forwards, with size that are supposed to go to the front of the net and can drop the gloves when needed.
        Both have been given opportunities to play with the 1st or 2nd line and Clifford did excel at the beginning of last season but, has dropped off horribly this year!
        I never said the Kings are out of the playoffs, show me where?
        Of course I cheer for the Kings to the very end, asshole!!
        They have struggled for three straight seasons to score goals and that needs to change to be an elite perennial team that free agents want to come to.
        I did say if you would read it, they should trade Brown and Clifford for Evander Kane!!
        There you go know-it-all, shove that up your ass!!

  3. Agreed, Scribe. It’s frustrating to watch them lose when they’re the better team. I lost my head with Muzzin on that 3rd goal. He gets punked and instead of getting up and hustling back into the play, he sits there looking for the ref to make a call, pouts, gets up slowly…all the while the guy who bitch slapped him sets up the scoring play. Nice job, Muzzin…I’m getting sick of the kid. Trade him for a used puck bag.

    Kings are becoming the Kings of shooting it into their opponents shins and ankles. If Olympic selections were based on that stat alone, most of our guys would be the fucking elite picks for that shit.

  4. I really don’t have anything additional to add to what was said above. Scribe is right on. I saw a lot of good work last night, but they continue to shoot the puck at all of the wrong places. Just shooting the puck at the general area of the net is, for the most part, a bad idea. I understand that there are times when that’s all you’ve got, but you aren’t supposed to do that on every shot!

    As for Muzzin, he’s been very costly for the Kings. He’s definitely done a lot more damage than he has done good. Maybe he should be with another team, but if that can’t be done (who would want him?), just dump of him.

    Come on Kings! :-(

  5. I don’t have much else to add to what has already been discussed. I can kvetch after every loss or be filled with nachus anytime they win.

    I don’t see or feel why Muffin shouldn’t be the healthy scratch or 7th defenseman scratched.going forward. If there is nothing wrong with Matt Greene then its time for Muffin to sit in the press box. His offensive upside does not justify his defensive deficiencies. If Muffin were Paul Coffey they I can justify his being dressed on a nightly basis.

    If Sutter is really that smart, then there is no reason why Martinez should be the odd man out. A-Mart has almost returned to being the A-Mart of a few seasons ago.

    Jman69: I have a feeling Mike Richards was playing or has been playing injured. He has his moments, but looks like he had been playing scared or be a little freaked out. “Richie” looks like he is back to being close to the resilient Richie we have seen since his days in Philly.

    Clifford I am not sure what you are seeing, or were seeing from KFC. He has been pretty consistent the whole season. He isn’t dropping the mitts as frequently as he did a few years ago, but I think this was because he had his bell rung more than a few times, and the Kings asked him to keep his gloves on for his own health. Clifford hasn’t really been asked to score 20 goals per season, otherwise he would be playing on the 2nd line. Clifford is still a tough SOB who is going to finish off his checks, which when done in the 1st 2 periods really drains the objects of his checks. If needed Clifford could give the Kings 15 goals a season, but that would require him to be moved to either the 1st or 2nd line and right now that isn’t happening.

    So now what? They called up Pearson which I assume was to give the Kings another guy who can help add points if placed on the right situation. After only being able to score a goal last night against a Grand Rapids team with some old guys, I think the right time is now for Pearson to play on the 3rd line perhaps with Stoll and Toffoli.

    Brown is starting to look like Brown before his knee injury. Williams is trying his ass off to score, or at least get the main helper on any goals scored when he is on the ice.

    Carter is Carter he’ll get his, sometimes in one game, other times spread out over a few games but he will get his.

    Kopitar: I think Kopitar is playing great, my only issue with him, as it has always been, especially for Euro players is shoot the puck 1st, don’t try to wait for the perfect opportunity or think pass 1st, shot second.

    Special Teams: Powerplay needs to improve, its no secret, and the penalty kills needs to continue to be stingy and now allow goals to be scored while shorthanded.

    Defense needs to eliminate any mistakes in their own end and make the smart and safe play to get the puck out of their end. If the defense is going to join the rush, there better be a player to cover for them if they do decide to jump in.

    The centers really stepped their draws last night. Really helps to win draws regardless of which end they are being taken.

    Truth: Trevor Lewis is not a prolific goal scorer, he’s a defensive forward who also has pretty good wheels, so stop the repeating the obvious. We know he has hands like feet, and if you expect to get anything more out of him offensively, newsflash you are more than likely not going to ever see it.

    Colin Fraser: Same with Lewis not a goal scorer look above he is WYSIWYG.

    Jordan Nolan: WYSIWYG along with chipping in the occasional goal and a more than willing combatant who will not back down from anyone.

    Matt Frattin: As of right now, this guy is busting his nut to get a goal, and to remain in the lineup. The experiment did not work as hoped to move Frattin to LW, and the production just hasn’t been there, and not for the lack of trying, just sometimes the goal gods smile upon you, but the Frattin goal gods are in Toronto still.

    Reality check: Enough with the packaging up a Martinez and a Frattin or Fraser, or Lewis, or Muzzin and or Scrivens to get a decent return. None of these guys are going to have much value no matter how you try to justify it.

    The return on these guys would be later round picks which does’t help the Kings today, or some 3rd or 4th line offensive player, again would not help the Kings right now.

    I saw someone post Andrew Ladd. While Ladd is a good player, he has a modified no movement clause which unless you happen to know Los Angeles is one of the teams he might agree to being traded to is probably not likely. Evander Kane is another player I saw mentioned, and while I would love to see Kane here in Los Angeles, the amount of compensation the Jets would want is probably just too much unless Lombardi is ok with trading away some pretty good roster players or prospects.

    There are a bunch of other players who will become UFA’ after this season Vanek will be getting a decent pay raise and multi-year contract probably out of the Kings comfort level. Matt Moulson could be a steal even if he is offered 4+ million per year.

    Why the Islanders gave Buffalo what they did for Vanek is beyond me! Buffalo needs players that can play now, so while Buffalo’ own prospects are at various stages of development be it the CHL/NCAA/European leagues they need players now. In addition if the Islanders do decide to defer this years 1st round pick to next, that means the kids Connor McDavid or Sam Reinhart would be the consensus #1 for the 2015 entry draft

    Anyway I digressed, the Kings need to start to use the players they have, or use some players or picks to get a Top 6 LW who will score goals. No gambling on a player like Dustin Penner, but at some point, unless there is a significant improvement in goal scoring, even with this being a 3-2 league the Kings have to get to 3 first if they plan on getting back to winning another Stanley Cup.

  6. Top lines back to normal. Drop King to 2nd line LW. Move Nolan to the left. Voila!
    Brown Kopi Williams
    King Richards Carter
    Noly Stolly Toffoli
    Clifford Lewis Frattin
    Muzzin to 7th dman. Play Martinez with Doughty. Magic. My 2¢. Whatever.

    • I agree except, I think Toffoli should get a chance on the top line and put Brown with the third line instead. I think Fraser is a good as gone he doesn’t play regularly and has no affect on the games.

      • This arrangement would certainly be better than the lines that Sutter has been using. Although, I prefer Frazier over Lewis for the fourth line. Lewis has such bad hands. He can’t pass or shoot.

  7. Wings are the queens of subtle interference away from,the,puck and the refs are their bitches!
    NHL needs to eliminate this mob shit

  8. Sit Muzzin and put in Greene. After sitting out so many games, that’s one angry ginger

  9. Good blog.

    It’s not that complicated. This team is not built to be a great shooting team. When half your team is made up of defensive, gritty players who have never been productive offensive players in the NHL, and some not even in the minors junior, your team’s shooting percentage is going to suffer on the whole. Even if the top 6 forwards all shoot great, the overall shooting percentage of the team is going to be below average because Dean has built the bottom 6 of this team almost 100% around non-offensive players.

    Let’s just use the Wings as an example compared to the Kings. Dean has chosen to build a much bigger, more physical, grittier team than the Red Wings. That’s the plus-side of his choice. This is accomplished in large part by having King, Clifford, Lewis, Stoll, and Nolan all in the lineup at once.

    The downside? None of those guys are finishers. Neither is Colin Fraser. Robyn Regehr and Matt Greene, yes they’re defensive defenseman, but having among the worst shots in the league is having among the worst shots in the league. It doesn’t matter. They get a lot of opportunities when out there with Kopitar and they squander them. So the plus side for us is that we’re bigger and grittier, but you can’t expect at the same time to also be getting goals like Tatar scored for the Wings the other night from our bottom 6. You can’t have it both ways, at least not with the current players. If you draft really well or make the perfect free agent signings, maybe you can find a Tomas Tatar for your bottom 6 who is also big and gritty, but it’s not easy. In any case, Dean hasn’t found one yet.

    So this is always going to be a team, as long as it’s built this way where half the roster is made up of non-offensive players, that is not going to be a good finishing team. And more specifically, the little offense that guys like the group I mentioned do bring is in the cycle, winning board battles, protecting the puck along the boards. So when it comes to the Kings, you’re always going to see a team that grades a little bit better in the puck possession statistics than it does in the finishing statistics. And we’ve seen the opposite the last few seasons with teams like the Ducks or Penguins or even Maple Leafs who are built more on skill and speed and hands, and who don’t grind teams down and get lots of point shots and cycle the puck all night, but who dress three or four scoring lines with speed and get more breakaways, and have more shooters and less defensive forwards in the lineup who aren’t really there to create offense, like Colin Fraser and Trevor Lewis and to a lesser extent Clifford, Nolan, and King and Stoll.

    Quick has looked great since coming back, by the way. I love our chances again this year of winning the Cup if Dean can just add some more offense.


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