Angry Pussies Are Still Pussies. Kings Shutout Canucks 1-0.

Sometimes it takes failure to appreciate success. We failed on the powerplay over and over again, looked downright incompetent at times, were ready to give our first born for a goal and then Dustin Brown hammers one so deep into Vancouver’s psyche that the whores from BC all screamed to the Hockey Gods

“Why!? Why Him!!?? Why have you forsaken us!”

And the Hockey Gods answered

“I am who I am. Go tell all Canadians that I favor those from L.A., for their chicks are hotter, their weather is nicer and your ass is made for their long sticks…”

Have you ever seen a 7 minute power play? I cannot remember one.

Richards needs Carter. He is useless without him right now. Please coach, it’s like a baby without a tit. It’s breaking all of our hearts.

Greene is hurt. Probably his back.

Is it really that hard to set up a power play that focuses on cross seam one timers, the low release and doesn’t pull all of the eggs in the umbrella basket? Fire Davis Payne.

Road trip!

Scribe’s three stars:

3. Slava Voynov

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Dustin Brown

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  1. It’s time to shake things up.
    The win was nice but, we only scored one goal again!
    Get me Evander Kane sooner than later!!
    Quick, Kopitar, Carter, King, Doughty and Richards are the only untouchables here!!
    Goals need to go up!
    The Canucks were planted in front of the net every opportunity and damn sure every power play.
    Where were the Kings?
    Every line has a go to the net guy- King, Brown, Nolan and Clifford are those guys!!!
    Where the fuck are they!!
    Brown got his goal that way tonight, the power play works with screens and rebounded put backs, that’s it.
    Not that hard to figure out!!

    • Agreed, would love to have Kane. The guy has speed and size and not afraid the fight, plus he is a LW that can score 30 + goals, won’t be cheap to get him though.

      • Kane will cost us Voynov, a depth player and a pick

        • Bobby, who knew you could tell the future!

          This is what Kane will actually cost us: an offer better than anyone else makes. Period. And there’s no reason that offer has to include Voynov. There are some great offers that could be centered around Pearson, a 1st round pick, and other prospects or depth players, 2nd round picks, Jarret Stoll, whatever. It’s like many other teams are going to be offering up young #2-#3 defenseman for him either, so we may still be able to create the best offer without trading away Voynov, who is not someone we want to trade.

    • You he who thinks they know more about the game and players are now my target.

      Post dumb ass remarks, then you better be prepared to accept the dumb ass consequences.

      “The win was nice, but we only scored one goal again.” What number were you wearing last night, I don’t recall seeing anyone new playing for the Kings. “We?” no the Kings scored one goal last night.

      Vancouver scored 0 goals, the Kings scored 1 goal, which according to my math means the Kings win the game because they scored 1 more than Vancouver. Makes no difference if they scored 1 goal or 5 goals, Vancouver scored 0 so SCOREBOARD GENIUS!

      “Get me Evander Kane, sooner than later.” Well what are you going to offer Winnipeg to trade Kane to the Kings? You said “Quick, Kopitar, Carter, King, Doughty and Richards are the only untouchables here!! Please expand on who you think Winnipeg would want in a trade with the Kings.

      You excluded Toffoli/Pearson/Jones/Zykov/Weal/Gravel/Forbort/Mersch/Leslie/Ebert/Vey and a few others. Do you really think the Kings with an aging defensive core would part with a Gravel, Forbort, Miller, Ebert, Leslie right now? Do you think Winnipeg is interested in a bunch of prospects and maybe a few roster players in exchange for a Kane?

      “Goals need to go up! Thank you captain obvious, never even thought about it.

      The Canucks were planted in front of the net every opportunity and damn sure every power play.
      Where were the Kings?
      How many goals did Vancouver score last night? Its obvious the Kings were preventing Vancouver from scoring goals.

      Every line has a go to the net guy- King, Brown, Nolan and Clifford are those guys!!!
      Where the fuck are they!!

      1st Dwight King hasn’t consistently gone to the net, nor does he. I would love to see King go to the net more, but he just isn’t that kind of player for the Kings. You are bitching about a few games where you didn’t see King going to the front of the net? You are one a kind! You’re probably the type of person who regardless of winning is going to find something to piss and moan about because.

      2nd Brown has been going to the net lately much more frequently. The goal he scored was actually the result of him not going to the net, he was off to the side of the net luckily he stopped on the goal line and then was able to get the loose puck and put it in the net.

      3rd Nolan and Clifford were both playing on the 3rd and or 4th lines last night. A majority of their play is being physically imposing on the opposition, back checking and just making things miserable for the oppositions team.

      If you get offense from Nolan/Clifford/Lewis/Fraser consider that a bonus, but its not their #1 priority.

      You said “Brown got his goal that way tonight, the power play works with screens and rebounded put backs, that’s it.” Brown scored his goal even strength it was an out numbered attack.
      Kings need to improve on their cycle down low, play along the half walls, shooting the puck when they have an open look, or using a slap pass. The power play needs to stop being predictable, while being in constant motion, using back door plays. or tipping passes to open team mates. The power play also needs to generate more shots on net. Too often a shot on net is second guessed by the player with the puck which allows the opposition to get themselves into the passing lane or better defensive position.

      Olympic break will be here shortly, and this could either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how teams come back after the break. Once the Olympics are completed, this will be the time for all teams to make that push towards the playoffs and a cup run.

      • Modcop, when you harp on something that everyone does, saying “we” when referring to the team they root for, it just shows you’re desperately out to try to shit on someone but have no substance with which to do it. The team is bottom 10 in goal scoring, so all criticism is warranted. Until the team is top 5 in scoring, just shut up and accept the fact that the team needs help.

    • King? Dwight King is an untouchable over Voynov and Toffoli?

      • Fucktard: If you want to chime in, especially into a topic/thread that has been going back and forth for a few days, no problem, fire away!

        “King? Dwight King is an untouchable over Voynov and Toffoli?” Read the fucking discussion before you insert your fist into your mouth.

        Way to go genius, once again you are throwing in your superior hockey knowledge, except you have just made a fucking idiot of yourself once again.

        Jman69 wrote:

        January 14, 2014 • 12:12 am
        Get me Evander Kane sooner than later!!
        Quick, Kopitar, Carter, King, Doughty and Richards are the only untouchables here!!
        Goals need to go up!

        I didn’t post this dickhead, someone else did, hence the “quotes” because I did not post this.

        Go away! Seriously you add nothing to this group other than making a total and complete imbecile of yourself.

        Per your usual, when the Kings aren’t performing up to expectations, or lose a game, you magically appear from your little Trojan Ribbed Reservoir tip of a home. Really you are complete moron, and I mean this sincerely, so KUDOS to you for once again making a complete Hemorrhoid of yourself.

        As for my harping, I just save it for you, because of your verbal diarrhea and your completely delusional way of thinking you have all the answers.

        But please go ahead and throw in your dislike for Fraser and Regehr because they don’t score, or are too slow and ineffective.

        There are a few things in life I am sure of death, taxes, the Kings getting better and the fact you don’t know fuckall about anything you think you do. Crawl back into your reservoir tipped Trojan condom!

  2. I heard its a concussion. I don’t know how he got one but it sounds to me Sutter said ” Green the end if the bench needs warming….”

    “Fuck that I’ll go on IR!”

  3. The 7 minute PP…I’ve never seen anything like it. Pathetic? It was lower than pathetic. It was as productive as a guy with a vasectomy donating spunk.

    I haven’t felt this much frustration since TM failed to call a TO against the sharks. I’m convinced that Muzzin has some really nasty dirt on Sutter. There’s no other logical explanation as to why he’s still in the lineup.

  4. My sentiments…..exactly!

  5. Fuck the Casucks and their dirty bullshit. How about the slewfoot they pulled on Doughty? Fuck them, I thought Torts was supposed to change their style of hockey apparently not!

    Anyway, we can only blame our coaches so much for the shitty powerplay (some credit does need to go to the #1PK in the league, who went into this game knowing full well they were going to spend a lot of time shorthanded as that was their gameplan), most of the blame rests on the players and the front office. The players did not execute, the passing was lazy and an aggressive PK is always going to pounce on that, we need the players we have to perform better and another goal scorer with a LH shot obviously wouldn’t hurt (Moulson?).

  6. Great comments! Everything that you guys are saying is correct regarding the offensive deficiencies of the Kings. They were truly embarrassing last night.

    The Canucks are still a team with a culture of being nasty and dirty. They ARE playing stronger hockey, but that won’t change their character. A new coach hasn’t changed that. He has only insisted that they commit themselves to playing more aggressively, and do some shot blocking. Sadly, the only reason they didn’t have a minimum of two or three goals last night was our champion, Jonathan Quick!!!!

    This is going to continue. The Kings will continue to get a fair amount of B scoring opportunities, and get a few A opportunities from their handful of good offensive players. But without great goaltending our hopes for a quality playoff run would be lost.

    One comment about Brown … he is certainly working very hard right now. He also did something that has been very important for teams, if they’re going to score goals. He didn’t just do a “fly by” last night! I get so tired of seeing quality player taking the easy route and just continuing past the net! They do this because they don’t want to get hit! If you’re going to get second and third opportunities to score, you have to be in front of the goal line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Kings.

  7. god i hate Fraser

  8. Last nights game is what you get when you try to convert a primadonna, dirty, diving, pussy team into a bunch of shot blocking corner crunching grinders. Good luck with all that Torts. Reminded me of our first playoff series against them when our PP allowed them to push us around. Dont like that kind of game or team. Power play seems easy enough to fix. For whatever reason our guys just wanna stand next to each other, no one is quarterbacking it. I blame Doughty. You cant be an elite D man or even a complete one and suck balls on the power play. Richards, Stoll, Doughty, Voynov, Muffin. All need to snap the fuck out of it. The PP units i see succeeding have the players spread out to a point where you can pass or shoot through the box out. Need traffic in front. GKG\X/

    • That’s true about the Canucks, Hamburgular. And I like your perspective on the King’s powerplay. They should be reading this blog!! :-)

  9. So TT gets sent down to create a roster spot. Trade winds blowing? Maybe that’s why Browns been working so much harder he probably heard his name mentioned.

    Cap geek says we have about 1.7 mil. Who of any real significance to helping the squad score really available at that number? I can’t think of any.

  10. Power play is a HUGE issue. The nuckers can take penalties against the kings cause they can’t score. Sad that no matter what the nuckers do they are regressing. They are not a tough grinding team. torts is a stupid hot head. the old good fast nuckers are stuck in a bad transition. You got two sedin girls on the team and you want to play big. Good luck losers that have never won shit!

  11. Didn’t even know that Richards is the 2nd highest paid forward. Wow…12 goals regular season for almost $6 mil. Must be fucking nice.

    • I’m sorry you think 6 million for 12 goals which would or should equal 24 goals a season is expensive. What I guess you are missing is the fact that with Richards as their 2nd line center who can be a #1 center also, it takes a lot of pressure off of Kopitar, especially since that means teams have to focus on both centers.

      Richards and his leadership qualities are also something you can’t really put a price on.

      Funny, Dustin Penner got paid 3.5 a year for 6 goals, nothing else. Stoll who’s role has changed also makes roughly 3.5 per season.

      • I do think that almost $6 mil per season is high for his production level. Leadership? Every one of those vets or the core guys are “leaders” on the team. I mean how is Richards any different than Brown, Kopitar, Carter, Greene, etc? Do you go to their practices and change in the dressing rooms with them and see what goes down on a daily basis?

        “Richards and his leadership qualities are also something you can’t really put a price on.”

        Please enlighten me. I would like to know what you think his “leadership” qualities are that make him such a superior leader than the other guys on the team. What does he do on and off the ice you can’t really put a price on? Does Richards really bring it every single game?

        As for Stolly, I really like the guy. I mean he’s a solid faceoff guy with a wicked one time and wrist shot when he can connect. But do I count on the guy for production? Not really. He’s the kinda player that I look to contribute about 10-12 goals per regular season. If he can give the team that I’m happy with that. Why isn’t his “leadership” qualities taken into account? He’s been in the NHL for a while now and he’s won a cup before. So why shouldn’t he be paid close to what Richards is getting paid?

        You don’t understand that I’m riding Richards because he’s not performing not because of how much money he makes. Penner’s a great example. The Kings pay the guy like $4 mil a season and he’s dogshit. A lazy fucker who’s outta shape, can’t skate or play for shit. Rides pine all that shit. Were you really happy with the guy? I sure hope you weren’t. Look at him now. If he woulda played to his potential then no one would be saying shit about the guy.

        Richards “leadership” qualities may be good but if the team is two points outta 8th place, do those qualities really make a difference?

        Do I get on Kopi’s or Carter’s case? Don’t need to because those guys are getting it done.

        • Sadly, I do have to agree with you. I don’t see where Richards has been earning his high salary. So … he and Carter have a chemistry. Can’t he still be a professional without Carter? Apparently not.

  12. Don’t fuck with richards. Extremely valuable 2 way player who can also play the point. Huge playoff performer…


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