Matt Moulson to the Kings? No Thank You.

Matt Moulson.

C – skater.

C + defensively

C – physically

Great hands especially around the net.

“But the Kings need offense!”

Matt Moulson isn’t going to make Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams, Dustin Brown, Mike Richards, Slava Voynov, etc. score more goals. THAT is what the Kings need.

He isn’t going to fit the physical, forechecking style.

He isn’t Jeff Mother Sutting Carter despite some of the insane comparisons I have heard lately. Jeff Carter skates like the wind, is defensively responsible, scores goals and I love him!

I don’t want Matt Moulson…and Dean Lombardi does what I like. We’re buds. Fuck off.

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  1. What in the fuck? Squirrelly and Scribbles have been bitching for like a decade now how Dean gave Moulson away for nothing, and how he is a great scorer and a great player. Now…????? WTF???? Go ahead and get Moulson on the team. But it would be stupid not because he won’t contribute to the team, but simply for the fact the the weakness is on D. Heard that Kings were interested in Girardi from NY. Would be a good pickup if it’s for the right price. Dude, a guy who can skate and shut em down would do wonders for the O. BWAHAHAHA…Squirrelly and Scribbles don’t know shit and contradict themselves constantly. That’s what makes them great!

  2. David Perron would be a much better fit, if the Kings could swing it without giving up too much. Maybe for Scrivens and one of the kids in Manchester…

    • Brilliant! He slots right in. Shoots right, but Sutter can fix that. At 4.5 million I think he’s 3.8 annually. He’s doing just fine in a top 6 role on a team full of top 6 players. At 17G 17A I’d say he’s top 3 on the Kings. Plus he’s not a pussy. Plays 200′. Unfortunately he’ll prolly cost us Greener or Stoll. So………. Oh well. We’ll show em next year. Stupid cap. Stupid lockout. Stupid Bettman.

      • We’re not getting rid of Stoll. I think we could get him for Scrivens and Frattin plus a 2nd or 3rd round in 2024. Then we could do something like this:
        Brown-Kopi-Williams (brown is getting back to form so this line could be electric again)

        • Scrivens already sent to EDM. For a hi slot. 3rd. I love you DL!!!! I just wanna sit quietly in your office and take notes and listen. Something magical is about to happen.

          • So 2 2nd rounders and Frattin for Bernier basically. We got Regehr for 2 2nd rounders. Guys a fuckin genius!!!

          • Wow that kinda sucks. We could have gotten and actual impact player for Scrivy in a package IMO. But you’re probably right, DL is planning something larger here…

  3. I agree Moulson scores 30. so for the kings he scores 12. Not worth it unless he is cheap. No way that is happening.

  4. Mouson will not help. Pass.

  5. David Perron? Not a Top 6 LW and he isn’t what Dean Lombardi is looking for.

    Forget about Evander Kane, Winnipeg really isn’t shopping him right now and with a new coach Paul Maurice Kane might wind up staying, but if he is traded it isn’t to Los Angeles.

    Matt Moulson Top 6 LW (bubble), but Buffalo isn’t looking move a proven veteran LW. Defensive issues and the pieces that Buffalo would be looking for what amounts to a rental not worth trading for Moulson. Yes I have been hearing and reading about Moulson and the Kings, but Darren Dreger has shot this down for now.

    A few weeks ago, I mentioned a name which would probably be a decent fit, just other issues might be making this a questionable or difficult deal. Per Dreger the Kings are talking to the Flames about Mike Cammalleri. Cammalleri is a UFA after this season, and since Burke is now kind of acting as a GM and President of Hockey Operations and since 2 Sutters were either a coach of the GM of the Flames they are already familiar with Cammy he’s probably on the top of their list.

    Cammalleri still has to be cleared to play due to a concussion.

    So give this a few days and I think Cammy be coming back for a few months hopefully and another Stanley Cup.

    If you don’t believe me, go to

    • No way DL trades for this piece of shit, he traded him away at his best why would he bring him back when he sucks? Moulson is a WAY better pick up.

    • Cammy? No thanks. He’s good but definitely ain’t what he used to be.

  6. You mean this one?
    I doubt the Kings will trade for a player who just suffered a concussion.
    Perron is better than solid solid 2 way player that can score and has proven himself with the Blues. Also with the Oilers he’s not minus-200 like everybody else. He brings a balanced game that would allow our top players to score more while contributing decent offense himself. He would fit perfectly in the chemistry of the team as is, while elevating the Kings group production. He’s a net plus and that’s just what we need.

  7. I completely disagree! You know what is going to make Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams, Dustin Brown, Mike Richards, Slava Voynov, etc. score more goals? Themselves! What players can the Kings legitimately add that would have more of an impact than Moulson? When you look at both trade cost and cap hit, there is nobody who would help more. Moulson would cost a second rounder and maybe a third.

    Moulson Kopitar Williams
    Brown Richards Carter
    King Stoll Frattin
    Clifford Lewis Nolan

    Tell me that is not an improvement over our current state of affairs. Look, we all love Carts. Would I prefer a LH Carter to Moulson FUCK YEAH! I would also like to have another team trading that type of player and have him avaliable for a trade at a cost the Kings can afford, and Kate Upton naked in my bedroom. Since they seem to have about an equal chance of happening I selfishly am holding out more hope for the latter. Moulson isn’t Carter but he is the best left-handed LW option out there and he shortcomings are where the rest of the team is strongest and his strength is where the rest of the team is weakest.

    Moulson is not a player you build around, but he is a great complimentary piece and someone that can push the Kings to at least league average in goals scored.

    • I agree with your Moulson assessment completely. I would change the lines a little bit
      Moulson Kopitar Carter
      Brown Stoll Williams
      King Richards Toffoli
      Clifford Lewis Nolan (Frattin)
      That third line would be tough to match up against with the size, playmaking and scoring ability that it brings

  8. WOW.. The Professor just got traded!!!!!
    (dealing with too much right now to be up to speed.. so hope you guys have not already been talking about and I sound like a dummie.. but just had to say..Wow!

  9. To share the Universe with Bryzgalov. Kings get a 3rd rounder in return.

    Vey has been recalled from Manchester.

    MrConcisemice or is it really some guy who claims to be a ghost blogger for a person “Big Mouth Barry” anyway what’s the latest on you insider information now that Vey has been recalled, Jones has been recalled and now Scriven has been traded for a 3rd round pick?

    Who is this defenseman the Kings are now looking for seeing that Greene has a concussion?

    • They finally said Green has a concussion???
      was it from the fight.. Sutter was even more cryptic then usual with underlying
      concern ( if you really learn to listen and watch him sometimes you can get a bit extra)
      I thought something was off with his talk on Green..
      damnittohell.. that is not good for Greener.. 2 in the same season.. scary!!!

      • Far be it for me to tell someone when they should consider retirement, but kind of like George Parros maybe Greene should think about hanging up the skates.

        He has been hurt for a pretty significant amount of time be it due to trying to rehab 1st and then use surgery as a 2nd option when appropriate, but he has missed an awful lot of time the past 4 years because of issues, most of which required surgical correction.

        This is the reason why Lombardi signed Regehr for 2 years since Mitchell was a question coming into this season. Lombardi must have also known Greene might not be 100% which is why he signed Schultz also as a plan B.

        Kings have some decisions to make, but they can’t keep using Muzzin and Doughty as a pairing, they really need to get a stay at home defenseman. Even breaking up Doughty and Muzzin still leaves Muzzin exposed.

        • yes you are correct concerning Green.. somehow the years have gone by and I really did not think about age.. I am one who loves the influx of new players but at the same time do not do well letting go..but this is a constantly evolving game.. I need to change with the time..
          With each injury/trade/ fee agent really makes you see how amazing it is to get that
          ultimate prize.. LORD STANLEY
          And I am not a fan of the DD and Muzz pairing ..never have been.. DD while brilliant is too unpredictable at times and it cost us greatly.. he may be on ice when goals are scored but I see him too often on ice for bad D play and resulting goals against as well.

        • The tough part about it is that he probably knows that his career is just about over. I really think he’s got a heart of gold and he gives everything he’s got every shift but his everything may be just a step behind now. Full on warrior.

  10. Of course you don’t want Moulson, Bobby. You thought Frattin was the second coming of Brown.

    If I could magically take two players on the block this deadline, it would be Girardi and Moulson, in that order.

  11. I called the Scrivens trade about three weeks ago and now Brown and Clifford will be gone in the next two weeks to either Winnipeg or Buffalo!
    Hopefully we get Kane from Winnipeg, if not hopefully we get Foligno and/or Moulson from Buffalo.
    Go Kings!!!

  12. Kane-Kopitar-Carter

  13. You guys are all getting me excited with anticipation! I’m hoping for a wonderful and magical trade to happen!! :-) I hope it turns out well! I believe that there are many more fans, other than we who blog on Surly & Scribe, who feel the same way. I bet Dean Lombardi has had an earful over the last several weeks. I don’t know if he has ever checked out the LA Kings blogs, but if he has in recent days, he has known that EVERYONE wants him to make a trade for a quality Left Wing!!

    Go Kings!

  14. Do we really need to break up our nucleus for one lw? Surly there is a lw low cost rental out there who actually plays lw as his natural position. King and Clifford are our only lw on the roster. Brown is a left, Frattin is a left. Brown on 1st line, king on 3rd, Clifford on 4th. All we need is a 2nd line lw. Whitney?


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