The Professor Ben Scrivens is Traded. We Are at Defcon 3

What is Dean Lombardi doing? Dumping salary? What was Scrivens getting paid, after Toronto’s contribution? $12.00 per season?

Is this a stupid move? Does it accomplish anything?

Open a roster spot? No. Jones is coming up.

Save a lot of money? No.

A good backup goalie is gone.

A good backup goalie that a Canadian team was paying for is gone.

A good backup goalie that we had no reason to trade is gone.

I am sure there is a perfectly logical reason for this trade…I just can’t figure out what it is. We weren’t exactly in desperate need of a third round pick.

I need a beer.

This sucks.

I am getting a beer.

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  1. The only thing that makes sense is that Scrivens’ going to the Oilers is only a piece of a multi-team trade that is now in process. If this isn’t the case, it would mean that Lombardi has lost his mind.

  2. CHEERS…I don’t get it either.. have to wait to see what shakes out..

  3. Sometimes i think you probably make a trade because you can. He wasnt going to be a long term commitment anyway. We got fair market rate for him. Anyone thinks otherwise probably thinks we got screwed on the Bernier trade too. Dude played less than 60 nhl games. Jones is a better goalie. Get ready for him to be the hot new trade topic. If Greene goes on ltir, we suddenly have like 5 million before the deadline. Maybe its a way to do something pretty meaningless that scares a hattrick out of Brown, or Williams. Witchcraft you say??? Dunno. Cant wait to see. I know DL is up to something. Pretty sure Kane Moulson and Cammeleri aint it.

  4. Bigger than Kane?

  5. Pretty sure Cammy is the target here. For Greene + Frazer. Not saying they should or shouldn’t; just saying what the end game is.

    Scrivs was essentially a year long rental at most — and you knew that in July.

    For JB we got:

    + 2nd Rounder (’14 or ’15 at TOR’s choice)
    + $438K of Frattin’s salary
    + $62K of Scriven’s
    + 3rd Rounder (’14) that will essentially be the last pick of the 2nd round.

    That’s a pretty damn good score. Especially since Bernier still hasn’t definitively displaced Reimer and Jones was always the path forward.

    [BTW, TOR paid 1/2 of Frattin’s salary. Scrivens was $62K out of $550K so a bit more than 10%. We kept the majority of Nonis’ foolish cash generosity.]

    It’s a pretty good guess the Greene has played his last shift as a King. Sutter is done with him.

    And, for fuck’s sake!, Lombardi built us a Cup winner that was, is, and will be a contender. He gets a substantial benefit of the doubt before I turn on him…

    Have your beer and just fuckin’ chillax, Dude.

    • Nobody is turning on him. The trade simply makes no sense.

      • Sure it does. DLs an evil genius. Scrivens may not be worth shit come the deadline or summer. A 3rd round pick off the top is as good as gold, and will either be repackaged and combined with other picks or turn into a solid pick. I hope Greener is ok. It looked like Bieksa’s knee caught him when he threw him like that.

    • Agreed, great return for Scrivens (Bernier).

      My only question is, how are we going to use Jones? Is Sutter going to use him more than 6 games till years end. I don’t want this poor kid to rot at the end of the bench. What purpose does that serve? Or is Jones projected to be a lifelong backup? Seems to me, he has the skill to be a potential # 1. Am I over rating him?

      I dislike the thought of Greene being on his last leg with the Kings. I hate to see guys like him go out that way. He deserves better.

      Please, please, please, no Cammalleri! It has nothing to do with his skill, I just hate that Mother Sutters face. I want to Indian burn that chump every time I see his ugly mug.

      Quacks are killing it! Just thumped Vancouver…I’m ok with that. My daughter and I will be behind enemy lines on the 23rd. Lets hope we hand them their first home regulation lose. Who else will be attending?

      Don’t really have much to say, just wanted to join the convo!

      • That was my biggest concern. Jones not playing. Sutter rides the number 1 goalie. How does it help Jones to not play? Scrivens was content being number 2. Because that is what he was and is.

        I do see the asset exchange now but I am still not sold on this.

        • Condensed schedule with the Olympics, so I see the backup getting more starts with Sutter, especially if Quick starts throughout the Olympics. Plus, Quick hasn’t been bulletproof. Back surgery and severe groin injury, in less than two years time. I see Sutter going with Jones on back to backs, if he is smart.

    • Cammaleri works for me if Calgary keeps half his salary. Picks though. No roster players for a rental. Torontos 2nd and Oilers 3rd. He could help the PP. Calgary very likely our trade partner coming up. Burke always wants what we got.

      • No denying his scoring ability..skill..but he is Locker Room Cancer..and one thing that makes the Kings work is their Locker room bond. We hear that all the time. I agree we could use something to get us going offensively. .understatement. .but will have to trust in management to do their job. They know what is lacking. One thing I do disagree with is the players saying it is on them. Coaches are paid to coach and guide players. Our PP is stagnant again..players not moving around..When I can see the same PP moves over and over again you know opposition is seeing same on video scouting reports. ..uugghh.

  6. The anticipation is killing me! Can’t relax

  7. He is a UFA at the end of the year. An Oiler 3rd is like a low 2nd round pick. I think that’s a pretty good return on a player like Scrivens, who’s stock wasn’t going to get any higher.
    Jones looks like the real deal and Berube did pretty well in Manch while Jones was up with the Kings last time, so he appears ready to take on starter status there.
    What did you prefer to do with Scrivens and Jones and Berube? The Kings weren’t going to resign Scrivens and who would give more than the Oilers did?

  8. Skebo5150 and hamburgar know their shit

  9. I agree its a solid deal. One implication of this deal, however, is that we aren’t getting Kane (at least this season). I can’t imagine a deal from the Jets perspective that doesn’t include Jones. In my view, his upside is higher than any of the White Line kids. He is far better than Scrivens, and it is clear that the Kings value him very highly (recall Jim Fox talking about Scrivens before the Vegas games and how Martin Jones is/was the second best goalie in the organization behind Quick). After dealing Scrivens we aren’t in a position to deal Jones unless we get a good goalie back. So if this deal prevents obtaining Kane, its a disappointment since Kane is the guy who best fits our style and addresses our needs.

    That said, unless he is a cancer, or is insisting he gets moved, its not clear to me why Winnepeg would deal Kane now anyway. They have him locked up at a great number (that looks even better under the new cap projections) for a long term and if a rebuild takes 3 years they would still have him around when they they are back contending. And he would be in his prime.

    • Who the hell says we are getting Kane? I’ve been seeing several of you pining for him, but haven’t read anything insinuating that is a possibility. I mean, anything is possible, but this team can’t afford Evander Kane without dropping a big boy like Brown.

      • Calgary makes the most sense. They still have 2 buyouts left. Burke wants to be bigger, and play black and blue hockey. We got plenty of that for him. Burke pines for Fraser and Clifford and Nolan. Don’t think he wants or needs Frattin. If we can get a buyout deal on a half price 6 million dollar player, regardless of who, I give that deal my blessing. Wasn’t that long ago Cammy led the playoffs in points for Montreal. If we get another cup I’d even give my blessing to a deal for a couple years ala Double Penner.

      • Kane talk is pure fan speculation and wishful thinking. He supposedly has some maturity issues, and a certain fan who likes to post here and has his own blog thinks he isn’t that great (averaging 31goals over 82 games the last three seasons combined “isn’t really overwhelming”) and “He’s most assuredly NOT a Lombardi type player.” (despite the fact that his hits per game would be second for forwards behind on Brown on the Kings).

        I think the biggest obstacle in getting Kane is not the cap cost if traded today he would count $2.4M agains the Kings cap which they cannot fit without moving a decent contract (roughly $3M). However if they wait until the deadline to make the trade he would cost roughly $1.1M against the cap and if no subsequent moves are made the Kings would have $2.3M to fit him into. Therefore the Kings could afford beginning of Feb. at the earliest.

        The biggest obstacle is instead the trade cost, what kind of package could the Kings realistically put together that is not counterproductive? Any talent in the NHL of value is obviously off the table for this reason, as is Toffoli (since he should be taking Williams’ minutes in the top 6 after ’14-’15). A first, Edmonton’s third, Zykov, Fasching, & Prokhorkin? Or do Vey & Pearson get involved if they want talent closer to the NHL? Regardless the price tag talent-wise would be huge but what he could bring production-wise would hopefully be even larger.

  10. The whole Kane thing was posted by Jman69 who has continued to post that Kane will be a King before the trade deadline. It doesn’t matter if you explain it to him from a practical point of view or economic point of view he just won’t stop.

    Jman69 is also claiming Moulson is coming to the Kings if the Kane deal never materializes. He has even gone so far as saying Buffalo wants Jordan Nolan because Ted is his father. He has also included getting rid of Dustin Brown and Clifford because they don’t score. He’s also stated Folgino is also part of the Moulson deal for, so essentially Brown and Clifford to BUF for Moulson and Folgino or Brown and Clifford to WIN for Kane.

    Once again our friend MrConcisemice has surfaced per usual when the Kings struggle to score goals even if they win the game, or lose adding his delusional rants about. His latest is a trade package which includes Pearson a future Kings 1st round pick and a few other prospects for either Kane or Byfuglien.

    Some of this stuff is comic especially when they are including a Frattin and a Fraser believing these 2 plus a throw in can or will land the Kings a legit superstar.

    Oh, Jman69 thinks Richards just sucks and should be traded because he;s Jman69 2nd favorite Kings player.

    Not much else to report, just a lot of redundant postings about players that the Kings can’t afford, nor really need to go after right now.

    • Boy oh boy! I’ll try not to say anything stupid, Modcoop! :-) I don’t like to guess about what’s going to happen with the Kings. I’m sure that Dean Lombardi’s options are somewhat limited. He probably has some type of chart on his wall (like a criminal investigator would have) to track his potential moves. And he has all of his potential trading contacts on speed dial! It will be interesting to see what he’ll do. Maybe he won’t do anything at all! We’ll just have to see what might happen between now and the trade deadline.

      • I am just trying to give the Cliff Note version of the question Yakoub asked as to the pathology of the Kane rumor.

        Its all good fun for me, I just love some of the logic utilized and how some people’s minds work, then they try to explain or justify how they came across their thinking regarding who the Kings are interested in, or at least who they think the Kings are interested in.

        I don’t think much will be done in the next few weeks, not unless something really goes wrong with the Kings.

        Right now its a holding pattern with the defense with Greene and what they might plan on doing to fill that specific position.

        I get a big kick out of some of posts, especially when the proposal includes a player(s) with a no movement clause, or the simple fact a few million dollars will have to be cleared to fit a specific player into the CAP restrictions for a move to be made.

        I’ve had a blast for the 1st time in about a month, being a smart ass. It breaks up my day with my wife about to have a 2nd surgery for an infection they can’t figure out where or why it is occurring. She already gave up her appendix, now they are talking about her gall bladder, so my comic relief comes from being obnoxious and pushing peoples buttons when I am not giving her infusion therapy.

        I think the end result is we all want the Kings to do well, just sometimes we get some people visiting who seem to have unreal expectations or evaluations on what a player is actually worth.

        • I wish you well with your wife’s health. Yes, keep your chin up!

          I’ve enjoyed your comments!

          Take care!

          Go Kings!

        • I appreciated the cliff notes; because not only were they amusing, but factual. A lot of crazy and poorly thought-out ideas get tossed around, but like you said it is all in good fun. I am sorry to hear about your wife’s health and wish her a speedy and full recovery.

        • Sorry to hear about your wife, modcoop. That’s a tough pill to swallow. My best to you and your wife.

        • Mod, wishing your wife a smooth and quick diagnosis and recovery.

  11. My humble opinion is that Scrivens was traded because he was clashing with Sutter. How.else can you explain him riding the bench with the gaudy numbers he was putting up?

  12. Scrivens was pure and simple a product of the system and when Quick went down, that system was running on all cylinders. If I had to choose between Martin Jones and Ben Scrivens in net, it’s a very easy choice. Jones is the better goalie.

    Scrivens is a likable guy but he was a spaz between the pipes. He made me very, very nervous every time he was in there.

    Lets watch his save % in Edmonton. It’s got nowhere to go but down.

  13. Eklund has reported the Kings are one of the teams after Kane. It has been reported elsewhere too (though I no longer recall specifics).

    Again, it was unlikely before, and even less likely now.

    • Eklund is a pathological storyteller. When you make up 100 rumors a day one is bound to stick once in a while.

  14. I honestly can’t see the Kings getting a Moulson or a Kane. If they’re going to make a trade, it’s to shore up the scoring in the bottom six. Let’s face it, the bottom six is not scoring enough. It’s not their job to score all the time, but they need to chip in and they’re not doing it this year. Here are the latest stats:

    Stoll – 6 goals
    Nolan – 5 goals
    Frattin – 2 goals
    Clifford – 3 goals
    Lewis – 2 goals (both last night)
    Fraser – 0 goals

    Hell, our D (not including Doughty) has 12 goals. If you include Doughty, there’s almost the same number of goals. That’s sad that the D can keep up with the bottom six forwards for scoring, especially when three of them are shutdown, stay-at-home D not known for scoring. There’s just not enough offense from the lower half of our lineup. I saw a stat recently that showed that the top two lines plus Doughty had scored all the goals over a stretch of about 10 games or so. That’s just unacceptable.

    Comparitively, the Chicago bottom six type players have scored nearly 40 goals as near as I can figure. Not totally knowledgeable about who’s on what line, but I’m looking at guys not named Kane, Sharp, Toews, Hossa, Saad, and Shaw. That’s twice the goals from the muckers and grinders in Chicago.

    So, like I said, if Lombardi is going to make a trade, it’ll be for depth, not a top six. We’ve got enough toughness to lose a guy like Nolan/Clifford/Fraser plus a prospect (or draft pick) to bring in a guy who can chip in a few goals playing with Stoll.

    • Actually the Blackhawks bottom 6 has 22% of their goal total whereas the Kings bottom 6 has 24.5%. Adding a top 6 forward would push King into a bottom 6 role, and someone like Fraser or Frattin strictly to the bench thus replacing a 0/2 goal scorer with a top 6 forward. Also, King would become that “guy who can chip in a few goals playing with Stoll” meanwhile the Kings would have 6 top 6 forwards for the first time since…

      • Really? I’m surprised the percentages are like that. I doubt the Kings consider King as a bottom six winger. They seem to leave him in the top six no matter what he does.

        The other consideration is the cap consequence of adding someone like Kane. They’ll need to clear enough space too.

        • I think King has been getting top 6 minutes more out of necessity than anything else, yes he has played well but the team would be much better with him on the third line due to more talent on the second. He played primarily on the third line the other night to balance out the attack more, and is 7th among forward in ATOI.

          In regards to the cap hit from Kane, the Kings have some money coming of the books next year and the cap is projected to raise by $7M, therefore the only real concern for fitting the hit is this year. Thanks to prorating this is not as much of an obstacle as it may seem

          If traded today he would count $2.4M against the Kings cap which they cannot fit without moving a decent contract (roughly $3M). However if they wait until the deadline to make the trade he would cost roughly $1.1M against the cap and if no subsequent moves are made the Kings would have $2.3M to fit him into. Therefore the Kings could afford beginning of Feb. at the earliest.

          The biggest obstacle is instead the trade cost, what kind of package could the Kings realistically put together that is not counterproductive? Any talent in the NHL of value is obviously off the table for this reason, as is Toffoli (since he should be taking Williams’ minutes in the top 6 after ’14-’15). A first, Edmonton’s third, Zykov, Fasching, & Prokhorkin? Or do Vey & Pearson get involved if they want talent closer to the NHL? Regardless the price tag talent-wise would be huge but what he could bring production-wise would hopefully be even larger.

    • Seems to me that we have long lacked in much scoring from the bottom Six.. it is the norm..
      I feel for Stollie as he can do better when he has more talent to work with.. same as what we
      have been seeing with Richards.. I am a believer in line chemistry and system or no system
      different guys constanly being juggled is not in the best interest of the team.. jmo


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