The Anaheim Ducks Are Unstoppable

How about those Anaheim Ducks!

9-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks.

They remain undefeated in regulation at home.

They have won 8 in a row.

They are scoring like Mike Richards and Jeff Carter is a room full of naked, horny hockey bunnies.

Is there any stopping them? Are they going to steamroll the rest of the NHL during the regular season? Will they go on a historic playoff run?

It sure looks that way.

The rest of the league should just step aside and hand them the Stanley Cup.

Clearly, their goaltending will hold up, the defense will remain stellar, Getzlaf and Perry will remain healthy and Bruce Boudreau will show the world he is not a one-trick, regular season pony.

Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks for their ongoing run which clearly has no end in sight.




This post brought to you by Surly & Scribe’s Mother of All Jinxes Department of Correction

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  1. Let the Sux run away with the Presidents trophy.

    Most of the time the regular season doesn’t equate to a deep playoff run, or a Stanley Cup final appearance or a Stanley Cup.

    I keep hearing how great the Sux goaltending is, and that they are so deep at that position, they are loaded at that position with guys who could be #1 goaltenders if they were on a different team.

    Hiller is an average goaltender at best, Faust had a good 1st NHL season last season and now they are talking about Gibson, and Andersen.

    Anaheim did so well with Detroit last season didn’t they? Sure Anaheim were a #2 in the Western Conference, and Detroit barely made the playoffs, and got some help which put them as the #7 seed.

    Regular season for show, playoffs for dough.

  2. I see what you did there Scribe………

  3. I’ve taken a vow of celibacy until these fuckers lose.

    Christ… lose already…I’m swellin’ up over here.

  4. I’m a Kings fan, no thumbs up for a Ducks story!
    Go Kings!!!

  5. fuck this article

  6. All you Lewis haters can suck his Sutter, for at least one night! Haha! He’s going to donk you in the head with his hat trick.

  7. Hamburgulars three stars 1. Trevor Lewis 2. Jonathan Quick 3. Colin Fraser. Suck it Mrverbosemouth.

  8. Well … Lewis always DOES work hard, even if his results are usually underwhelming. Tonight, his hard work paid off.

    On the whole, I think everyone played a good game. Even Muzzin, except for his foolish hit to the head. That’ll cost him a couple of games.

    I really loved Robyn Regehr’s and Willie Mitchell’s effort tonight!

    Quick knows he got crossed up on that penalty shot. At least it didn’t cost the Kings. It only cost Quick a shutout.

    Go Kings!

  9. Well done.

  10. Yeah!! Chicago finally killed ’em!


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