Dan O’Halloren, Rob Martell, Don Henderson and Mike Cvik Are a Special Kind of Stupid

Let’s be clear about what NHL refs Dan O’Halloren and Rob Martell and NHL linesmen Don Henderson and Mike Cvik failed to do and the level of colossal ignorance they showed, individually and collectively.

The puck is deflected. They did not see where it went.

What is supposed to happen when the referee loses sight of the puck? When they don’t know where it is? Sit there and wait until they find it? No. You blow the fucking whistle. That is Dan O’Halloren and Rob Martell’s job.

The puck is deflected and the puck goes up in the air.

I saw it go up. The LA Kings players saw it go up. Drew Doughty was pointing up the ENTIRE time. One of the refs has to watch the net. The other three officials?  What are they watching? Not the puck. Not the shot. Not the play. What are THREE separate on-ice officials watching?

Speaking of the ref who was supposed to be watching the net. Was he? If so, how the fuck did he not see the puck COMING DOWN and hitting Quick in the back AT THAT ANGLE, before it trickles in? 

Do not tell me they should have a replay rule for this. If even ONE of four of these morons is doing their job, this doesn’t happen.

John F. Kennedy was not killed by a magic bullet.

There is no such thing as a magic puck.

A puck does not disappear and then reappear in the goal.

I don’t want to read about their apology. There is only one thing that will make me feel better. Dan O’Halloren, Rob Martell, Don Henderson, Mike Cvik…head or gut mother fuckers.

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  1. Don’t want to think about Right Now..
    No matter what NHL says it will not give us the 2 points that BELONG to us.
    Refs Suck..Refs are Blind..no Truer words.
    I ask can the Refs be fined?
    How bout 2 game suspension. .wo pay.
    Moronic Assheads.

    • P.S. Dan O’Hateoron has always been my most hated NHL ref..

    • Rob Martel is the worst referee in the NHL. He is from Winnipeg and He has been bad since he reffed pee wee. I live in the peg and am flabbergasted that this retard ever made it to this level. He is an arrogant prick who thinks he is above all! Lots of asses kissed by his daddy to get him where he is…worst referee in the NHL and embarrassment to Manitoba!

    • Should have seen Martel and his boys fuck up in his home town tonught! These guys are asleep at the switch. Missed calls and blindness. Martel was at the helm with his bullshit! Fucked up a good game with bad calls or non calls.
      He is not a “homer” he is just HOMER (like Simpson…duh!)

  2. I have never been so upset about something being called blatantly wrong in an ice hockey game!!! There is absolutely no reason at all that the call should have held up! When those officials gathered together to check their stories, one of them should have spoken up and said that their reputations would be ruined if they let that goal stand! This is the worst day in my very long time of watching many ice hockey games from my son’s games to College hockey, Junior hockey, Olympic hockey, and NHL hockey!!

    Since this decision was most certainly precedent setting, the League should come out with another precedent. They should publicly reject this decision and and reverse the results to a LA Kings win. It’s the only thing that would make things better!!! We can’t shoot them or hang them!! Maybe they could be fired!!!

    Go Kings!!!!!!!!

  3. Time did nothing. .the longer I think about the idiotic call the more pissed I get.
    I looked at the rules last night..not my thing to dissect the nuances..that is for a lawyer..Bobby.
    Explained in exact terms for the common fan..what we already know..refs lose sight of puck..whistle..
    Delay in whistle thinking other refs still seeing..and they all played monkey see monkey do..nothing.
    Points too precious, in our division especially, to say “oh well”.
    Sour taste ..didsapointment in overseers of NHL.

    • I absolutely agree with you, Hockeyjockey, and Bobby. The rules DO allow for the refs to seek a review of the play. Also, your point about blowing the whistle when the refs “lose sight of the puck” is also valid. There’s NO reason at all for allowing that goal to stand!

      I wish that there was a better way to argue this beyond going into a closet and screaming until your lungs hurt!!! I wonder if the NHL is getting complaints from those who care?


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