Ducks Beat Kings 3-0 in Stadium Series. Nobody Panic…Okay, Fuck It, PANIC!

Jeff Carter can’t score! Jeff Carter can’t score! This shit is contagious! He’s caught the bug! The Dustin Brown I am professional hockey player but can’t tuck the puck short side and instead shoot it back into the goalie’s pads, the Anze Kopitar move what move fuck the move just shoot it crest high, the Justin Williams…the Justin Williams…the Justin Williams ellipses, the Mike Richards high and wide, the shit why is there an empty space here at left wing, this is serious, run for the mother fucking hills!

Okay look, this is partly because Dean Lombardi has not drafted and developed a top 6 forward in his near 7 years as a GM.

This is partly because Dustin Brown does this. He looks like a third line turd with a small offensive upside during the regular season.

This is partly because Anze Kopitar likes to go on cold, cold streaks.

We are an offensively incompetent team that is playing average defense. We have one finisher on this team. That’s it.

Do you know what happens when we play average defense?

We don’t just lose. We never have a chance to win.

We’ve seen this before. This is 2011-2012 all over again. We are starving for goals.

I just have 3 requests:

1. I don’t want to see Jake Muzzin play another game for the L.A. Kings. I want him gone.

2. I want a left-handed shot on D. Someone who can find the net.

3. I want Dustin Brown benched to think about things for a while.

For those of you who attended this abortion, I would like to know your experience.

Was KISS as comically idiotic as they looked on TV?

Did the Five for Fighting Guy annoy the shit out of you as much as his face and voice did me?

Did you punch a Ducks fan?

I heard they ran out of beer in the first period. True?

Could you actually see the game?

Was it worth it?

Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes, it rains on the righteous. You dry off, firm your scowl and start breaking faces on the way back to the win column.

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  1. Found these two comments; “They ran out of Coors Light at the Coors Light Stadium Series. Loge vendors still waiting for more. Lower level ran out briefly in 1st.”, “Ultimately a good time was had by all, well until the beer ran out mid-way through the second period.”

    Apparently KISS wasn’t the only thing that curtailed inebriation.

  2. I haven’t posted in a looooong time, not when we won the cup, not when we lost to Chicago the next year….not even when we lost that bullshit game to the Redwings with the “there’s 4 officials on the ice and we lost sight of the goddamn puck so fuck it we won’t blow the whistle goal”. But now I just can’t take this pathetic effort on the ice. I swear this team has no balls, no heart, no confidence….no pride. Put down your purse and finish a check, sick of it already! We’re talking wild card now.
    Fuck it, put Kiss in there on the first line. They are old as fuck but I’m sure they can still score. Fuck you ducks I’ll see you in March.

  3. I watched it from home; and I got what I expected … nothing. It’s like a broken record. It’s not just that they throw a lot of pucks at the net without looking (giving them high shot counts), but when they do have a good look, they make the goalie look good! And of course, defensively they REALLY HAVE been average.

    I hated what Kopitar did on his penalty shot! He had a good sized 5-hole to shoot at and he missed! So much for his sharp-shooting skills.

    I don’t know how much more of this I can take! Maybe I should stop watching the Kings games until I see their record begin to change for the better! If it ever does!!

    My other favorite team has always been the Rangers. I’m originally from NY state. I’ll watch them play the Devils tomorrow. I hope they win!

  4. This actually the first time that I can truly say that I am embarrassed to be a Kings fan. No heart. Just totally pathetic. Good luck getting put into another of these stadium games in the future.

  5. Yup, yup, I think im seeing the 2011-2012 kings all over again, we are just a pathetic team right now, none of our lines are clicking and the D and Quick have been avg. at best. I would like to see us get a LW but is one player going to be a difference maker. Seemed to me the team took this event as a big party and were not focused at the task at hand smash mouth type hockey, I think we really miss a healthy matt greene.

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  6. I haven’t posted on here in a while and the two Ducks fans behind me really got under my skin towards the end but I have to say that this will go down as one of the most memorable sporting events I’ll ever attend. The stuff before the game was stupid. KISS was old and forgettable. I really enjoyed Five for Fighting. I had a great view of the action from my seats. Luckily, my date brought binoculars so we switched off on whistles between wide lens (no binoculars) and focused view (binoculars). Considering I got my amazing $200 tickets for $30 a pop, it was an awesome game. I would have given anything to hear that stadium go off when the Kings scored. The breakdown had to be near 80-20 Kings fans to Ducks fans and I’m pissed we never got to unleash the crowd’s potential.

    As far as what this team needs, I think it means a top-6 needs to ship out. We can’t have 9 players in our ‘top 6’ NOT scoring to need a shakeup there.
    If I had things my way: Cammalleri for the rest of the season (only as a rental), and a big free agent signing in the off-season (Vanek).
    Also, we need a hard one-timer in our D. There’s plenty of guys around the league that can fill that hole so I’m not worried that Deano will find someone.

  7. I was at the game. After the second goal the kings crowd went silent.

    I was excited to see Kiss perform after hearing my dad talk about their live concerts. They rolled up to the stage on golf carts. Not quite the grand entrance I was expecting. The dodger stadium speakers were horrible. The music wasn’t loud so it didn’t really pump the crowd up and they were so far away from anyone. The pyro was cool but it felt like a very sterile setting for a concert.

    Five for fighting actually sounded good but they play soft music not suitable for a hockey game. The ducks jerseys on the other band members was a little off putting too. The game was going poorly before the 3rd period anyway so I don’t think anyone paid much attention to them.

    I didn’t punch a ducks fan but damn I wanted to at least talk shit to some. They weren’t even rude because they felt bad for us. They had nothing to boo at so we couldn’t even shit talk back and forth at all.

    They ran out of coors light after the second period! It’s the fucking coors light stadium series! How do you run out do the sponsored product! I don’t know if they completely ran out of all beer but after that beating I wouldn’t blame them for running out of alcohol.

    I was sitting close to right field near the Kiss stage. I watched the entire game on the big screens. There was no point in watching the rink because you just can’t see anything especially against the boards. It appeared that most people we’re watching the screens.

    I thought it was a cool experience to see a hockey game on a baseball field. It was really hard to enjoy since our boys played so poorly but I would do it again. I want to hear the cheers of a full baseball stadium as the kings score. I hope I’ll get to experience that some day. Go Kings Go!

  8. I really enjoyed the experience, the game not so much. The sweaters looked sick! The boys looked really flat out there. The dump and chase style is getting really old, and I feel this is hurting our skill players by forcing them to play such a boring grind it out style.. especially Toffoli.

  9. I’ll make this short. I don’t want to hear shit about our bottom six any more. Our TOP six suck ass!

    I would like Kopitar to actually dominate a game and pretend to be a top line center. I’m not talking about scoring a goal and chipping in a assist, but actually being one of the best players on the ice. I’ll go for dominating a period, forget about the entire game.

    I would like to see Richards do anything, really! What happened to physically dominate Richards? You know the guy the use to hit people, or fight guys, or the guy that produced “the shift”, because I haven’t seen shit from this guy in quite a while.

    I would like Brown to play and act like a top 9 forward. That fool wouldn’t earn time on my third line at the moment…It’s embarrassing, Brown!

    I would like to see Fraser, Nolan and Clifford on the power play, because they certainly couldn’t do any worse. At least they would attack the net, that I’m certain of.

    I would like to see our defense, not just Muzzin get the puck past the first line player. Shit, I don’t care if it hits the net or the glass, just get the damn puck past the immediate defender. Do you all think we can at least do that? You’re driving me nuts with your jacked up shots into the shin pads of every player on the opposing team. FUCK!! how hard is it?

    Our defense may not be as dominate as before, but we only give up 2 goals a game on average. How can anyone put the blame on our D or Quick. I don’t care how shaky Muzzin is, our D plays just fine. Our skill players need to nut up and get the job done. Period! I can’t believe how pissed I am right now. I need to sleep this off. Hopefully I’ll have my normal happy-go-lucky attitude when I wake up.

  10. I keep wanting to say “In Dean We Trust”, however that is starting to get more and more difficult to justify.

    Spare me the Lombardi drafting, or trading hooplah! Yeah it won the Kings a cup great but what have you done for me lately is all I really care about right now.

    @Kingnation13: Stop drinking the “our defense is fine” Kool Aid because its not fine. The only reason the numbers look good are due to the guys who are the last line of defense saving the rest of the guys in front of him out.

    I hope Martinez is ok, but at the same time I hope he isn’t just because I don’t want DL to trade him, favoring Muffin instead.

    Dean call Craig MacT and make a deal for Anton Belov. He doesn’t make much and although his NHL numbers are not that great, his KHL numbers look fine, plus he is a left handed shot. 6ft 3in probably weighs closer to 200 lbs. His plus/minus are only where they are because Edmonton doesn’t have defense. Dean might have been able to trade Scrivens for Belov but that didn’t happen.

    Either you find a left handed shot defenseman who can play decent minutes and isn’t a liability, or risk this team continue to have to rely on Drew Doughty and Voynov for additional offense. Voynov has gone missing also not sure how much longer he can sit there and wait for these guys to break out of their collective slump.

    Make up your mind on Toffoli! This back and forth crap is redundant because even when he is called back he’s not playing, or is playing on the 3rd or 4th line. Before you started to play the reassignment crap with Toffoli he was scoring goals, or getting assists, but at least he was producing for the most part.

    Brown needs to have a one on one, but he also needs to be put back on the 1st line, or at least put that 1st line back together. Trevor Lewis can’t score and never will. I don’t know what happened to Dwight King but he has been moved down the pecking order when he was having his best season of his career.

    Kopitar needs a talking to. He has lost that competitive edge and he needs to get selfish and start taking the puck to the net, and not look to pass every time he has a good scoring chance.

    Richards, Carter, Williams are trying, but things are only really happening when they do for Carter.

    You hired Sutter to finish a job your previous other hire couldn’t do, and now it appears Sutter is also hitting that coaching wall. The line combinations keep changing, and what worked for the Kings when Sutter got here was familiarity, keeping the same lines together and rolling them out. When did you give him the green light to start playing Terry Murray roulette with your offensive lines?

    Look to Manchester for bring up some players or go out and get some before its too late. I know there are a lot of young players in Manchester many of which are not ready, however you need to do something to change the current makeup of this team because a player I can understand having a slump, but almost the whole team slumping is the same exact thing that Terry Murray had happen on his watch.

    You gave a bunch of players some decent cap friendly, mid term deals based on their previous season success or over the course of a few seasons, regardless it almost seems as soon as you lock someone up for a few years, they get complacent, even comfortable.

    This team might be trying too hard, or might not be trying enough, but the nice approach is no longer the way you should be handling this group of professionals.

    Its time for some closed door meetings, players only, riot act whatever it is, get it done, stop waiting for things to hopefully turn around. The standings are too close right now to be hoping things start to turn around after the olympic break.

    You have a few days to work the phones to get something done before the freeze until the olympics are over, and you better pray none of the Kings get injured because if you lose a Carter or a Doughty, a Quick or a Kopitar, even a Brown or Voynov you will have a huge shit sandwich you will have to eat.

    Reactive? Maybe! Proactive, still waiting to see this happen.

    This shit ends now! I am tired of giving you the benefit of the doubt! You want to show everyone what a great GM you are, then prove it once again by making something happen even if it means having to replace your other good friend behind the bench currently.

  11. Lombardi should be at a crossroads right now, and should have a very tough decision to make. He has to figure out one of two things 1) he believes he has the right coaching strategy in place with Sutter and co, and the players just aren’t doing their part or 2) he feels he has the right line up on paper and its the coaches that are failing them or are being tuned out. Either way this means he needs to stop fucking around and make a god damn change already. Either fire the coach, or trade some of our underachievers starting with the captain. JUST DO SOMETHING!

    • It’s not Sutter. We are getting plenty of looks and chances. We can’t bury the puck. One player on this team has top end finishing skills. We have ONE FUCKING SNIPER.

      • Toffoli also has top-end finishing skills, and he’s playing in the AHL right now. And who decided that? Sutter. So you can’t complain about the team’s lack of finishing skills without also indicting Sutter.

        But I agree the roster makeup is a big problem too. Brown has an above average shot, but it seems like except for those few stretches where he’s not at all banged up and in his absolute best shape, he just doesn’t have the strength and speed and skill necessary to create many chances where he can actually use it.

        Kopitar actually has a wicked hard snap shot when he actually uses it, but his stick is way too long so he barely ever gets to use it. The longer your stick, the farther away from your body the puck needs to be for you to shoot in. Translation: the more space you need to shoot it. You don’t just need to be in the slot yourself with the puck, you need another yard of space out to your side. And in the NHL with defender’s sticks poke-checking everywhere, that extra space you need is the difference between getting your shot off clean, or getting it deflected. There’s a reason players like Kopitar aren’t putting up goals despite being immensely talented, and it’s because they have sticks built for extending their reach and increasing their puck protecting along the walls, but at the expense of quick dangles in open ice and being able to get off a quick, concise wrist shot.

        What I don’t understand is, we have a 6’5 defenseman in the AHL with excellent skating ability in Derek Forbort. Why hasn’t he at least been given a game or two in the NHL just to see? If nothing else it’s good experience for him, a taste of the NHL to keep him motivated.

        And then there’s the single player who impressed me most in the preseason out of the Kings young guns. It wasn’t Toffoli, it wasn’t Vey, it wasn’t Forbort. He looked like Voynov only bigger and faster. But just as poised and smart. He would bring the offense.

        I know for a fact that we don’t have an offensive savior in the minors (outside of Toffoli) because we’ve tried almost everyone. Well, outside of Weal, Kitsyn, and Andreoff. But we’ve tried a lot of them. So we know that most likely, we’re going to have to upgrade the offense from outside.

        But on defense, we don’t know that. We haven’t even tried our internal options yet. And I don’t get that at all. If the defense truly does need an upgrade, then why not try what we have first, if just for a couple games? Most people didn’t expect Voynov would be able to come in and replace Jack Johnson, and he did that and more. Sometimes we underestimate these young players. Experience and decision making will be the question marks with Forbort, but we know for a fact he’d be the best combination of size and skill on our defense besides Drew Doughty because he has that level of physical talent, and that has a ton of value in the NHL, same as it does in the AHL. So why not give it a try? We know experience and in-zone-play will be the question mark with Colin Miller, but he’s a real offensive talent and seems to have the poise that Voynov has that translates to both offense and defense. I would take that trade off at least for a couple games to see how it goes. But that’s just me.

        • The guy who impressed me most was Colin Miller. I forgot to add his name in there.

          • I don’t think its just Sutter that is making the decision on Toffoli. Lombardi is at practices and at games, so it is a discussion between Sutter and Lombardi and might include Rob Blake, but I don’t think Sutter alone makes the decision to send Toffoli back, or bring him up.

            I don’t know if you were at development camp or training camp, but Jordan Weal looked better than almost everyone there, along with Zykov. Here is the problem however Weal is a center, and the Kings have lots of centers, so unless you play Weal on the left side as a wing, there is no room for him with this team. If Weal could play LW, I think he could be someone who could help add more weapons to the Kings offense, but obviously Lombardi doesn’t feel he needs Weal even with him leading Manchester in points.

            Your argument regarding the length of the stick is partially true. A shorter stick makes it easier for players to stick handle, but the strength of a shot, especially a wrist shot is part physical strength with the forearm and wrist and the whip in the stick. A firmer stick is better suited for slap shots, while a stick with more flex generates more whip which translates into more speed in a wrist or snap shot.

            There are a bunch of reasons why the Kings are not scoring goals, but lets not blame it on the equipment, rather blame it on not paying the price to get to the better scoring areas, hesitation in taking the shot when they have it, over passing, lack of screens in front of the oppositions goalie, no real cycle below the goal line, poor play on the half board. There are a few of the many reasons why the Kings are not scoring.

            You wrote ” Experience and decision making will be the question marks with Forbort, but we know for a fact he’d be the best combination of size and skill on our defense besides Drew Doughty because he has that level of physical talent, and that has a ton of value in the NHL, same as it does in the AHL. So why not give it a try? We know experience and in-zone-play will be the question mark with Colin Miller, but he’s a real offensive talent and seems to have the poise that Voynov has that translates to both offense and defense. I would take that trade off at least for a couple games to see how it goes. But that’s just me.”

            Where do you live? Are you located on the east coast, someone who goes to Monarchs games? Where do you get Forbort being the best combination of size and skill and physical talent besides Drew Doughty? Forbort isn’t on the same planet when it comes to skating, offensive skill even defensive skill as Doughty.

            Colin Miller is not an offensive talent, he might have put up some numbers in junior, but that is junior. Miller would be more of a complimentary defenseman, but not a Voynov or a Doughty. Miller is probably closer to a Martinez if there was to be any comparison to be made.

            Kevin Gravel has probably more offensive upside than Forbort, and should be making his pro debut once the hockey season is over for St. Cloud State.

            If Forbort was even remotely close to being called up, they would have done it already. He is a left shot stay at home defenseman but he’s not ready to play significant minutes on this team. He probably could play along side a Drew Doughty but he needs more time in Manchester to develop.

            You have to remember Forbort was projected to have more offensive upside to go along with his size, but never developed this at North Dakota. He is seen as a “project” so the more time he plays in the AHL the better it will be for him. Also you have to remember in college the season is what 1/2 of an NHL season, and they mainly play their games on the weekend so its also a physical adjustment that players coming from college need to get used to also.

            Forbort in prospect development camp and in pre-season camp wasn’t all that impressive. He had a lot of areas which needed improvement, including adding some snarl and nasty to his game. He also didn’t use his size to his advantage the way you would expect a guy his size would know how to do.

            Andrew Bodnarchuk isn’t that tall, but he is a left shot defenseman that has put up some offensive numbers along with being a +/- 29. He however has been a career minor league player and not having seen him play at all, not sure if they might want to call him up at some point, but he is a left shot defenseman.

            “Larry” Deslauries might be someone that they can call up to have a few games with the Kings. He has been working on his conversion to a LW, but he is a left shot former defenseman who is being converted to a LW so even if he didn’t work out as a LW, he can always be used to drop back as a left shot defenseman. I have heard he needs work defensively but again he is another option the Kings can give a look at.

            If you are thinking Brent Burns did it, well not really, because Brent Burns was a wing before being drafted by Minnesota and it was Lemaire who switched him to defense when he was asked to,

            Colin MIller was decent at rookie camp and also to begin training camp, but I don’t think he has really stood out or shown he is ready to make the transition to the NHL level. He needs a few more years in the AHL to develop before he gets called up.

            Oh, you are correct the Kings don’t have that savior in the minors but Hudson Fasching is probably the Kings next big thing.

            There is a contributor to his group who watches the Monarchs and gives updates on the players. Maybe he can shed some information on what he is seeing with Forbort/Miller/Bodnarchuk/Weal and the other players with Manchester.

            FYI Kitsyn is now with the ECHL Ontario Reign.

  12. Hockey is stupid. I quit.

  13. A top 6 LW and a warriorish stay at home D would help, but the real reason this team has been failing, going back to last year is because they are still playing murray’s system. Sutter (when he came on board) said he only tweaked it to allow for a more aggressive fore-check. It didn’t work the and for the most part, it hasn’t worked. They get by on Quick’s goaltending and good D on most nights. Eeeking out 2-1 wins won’t cut it over 82 in this NHL and not against the teams they will face in the playoffs.
    Until DL wakes up and smells the coffee and realizes that , looking around the league at other elite teams with better more effective systems, and replaces both Sutter and Davis (what exactly is he doing to earn a salary?) payne, nothing will change. The new LW will be sucked into the same vacuum the team is in now. The TM/DS suffocating, stifling style of hockey is sucking the life out of the team. You can see it on just bout every shift, it doesn’t work.

    This system is the equivalent of having a plastic bag over your head, the more you try to breathe, the less air there is. You watch this team and it’s been going on far too long. Really, I think they just don’t like this system. And I don’t think Sutter knows how to fix it. This one is one DL to look in the mirror and realize that a change is needed. A new coach, a new system, something that will give the players the offensive inner animal to go out and kill.

    Right now, Sutter has lost the room and it shows.

  14. Was I totally wasted last night or did the kings look absolutely pathetic?

    • Everyone has, over recent days, discussed the numerous deficiencies of the Kings. And there are many. I won’t rehash them. This team looks like many teams that become listless and unresponsive. Something drastic does need to be done. What kind of changes will happen is anyone’s guess. This team cannot remain as it is. It needs a shake up. I don’t like Sutter, but I don’t think he is the only problem. The team itself is wallowing in incompetence and a lack of will. If this continues, and I don’t see a trade for one forward, or even another defenseman, will be enough. Several moves need to happen. At this point in time, I don’t even see them making the wild card. They’ll continue with their half-hearted effort and miss the playoffs. Everyone will be talking about the rapid disintegration of the Kings.

  15. I live in San Jose and left with 10m left to go to my own game. All of my teammates are Sharks fans and my goalie put it perfectly. The Sharks are built for the regular season and the Kings are built for the playoffs. I believe that if the season were shorter (say 48 games or so), this team would be a great regular season team as well. They have passionate players who rise to the challenge, but in the middle of a long season, they tend to take an extended nap. This years rising to the challenge was Quick getting hurt. When that happened, they played great hockey right up until the moment that Quick looked sure to return. I expect that the same will happen this year for the final 20 games. They’ll play well enough to ensure a tough first round matchup vs. the Sharks. Hopefully, over the next 8 games or so, they won’t lose sight if the Sharks because home ice really seems to mean something between the two teams.

    Let’s not fret and do something stupid between now and the playoffs. When this team is dominant, and we’ve seen it over and over again the last three years, they are pretty much unbeatable. Only team we need to figure out is the Blackhawks.

    • That’s positive thinking. But we must remember that this team has struggled all along, except for nights where they got a few lucky bounces, which can happen with any team. Look at my favorite eastern team, the Rangers, they had some lucky bounces to beat the Devils, today, by such a wide margin. They don’t have the same problems that the Kings have. I’m just saying that any team can get two or three lucky goals on a given day.

      The Kings have a serious problem. Hoping for things to get better isn’t going to help the team at all. The same problems existed in the year of the Cup. But when they squeaked into the playoffs, everyone on the team suddenly began to score goals. Why? I don’t have the faintest idea. Maybe it was Karma! But that team was playing its usual stellar defensive game; Quick was unstoppable; and every line was scoring! Every piece fell into place at the right time. Sutter only presided over a team that was destined to win that year.

      This year, we can see that last year’s team has returned, but with a defense that is not functioning properly. Those games that we won with Jones and Scrivens were because of stellar play by those goalies. Any goalie can get hot, and they were both hot. Now, with Quick, we see, although he is still a fabulous goalie, he IS human. And with the lack of defensive help, he is letting in a few goals. Add to that the FACT that only Carter can score goals with any regularity, this team is in deep trouble.

    • This team lost every game in San Jose last year, including three in the playoffs, and if they keep sucking the rest of the regular season, they’re going to have to play four in San Jose this year in the playoffs, not just three. And SJ is miles better this year than they were last year. Just wait until they get Couture, Hertl, and Raffi Torres back. They are a serious threat to us and Dean needs to make some major additions if we’re going to beat them again, especially if they have home ice advantage.

  16. It’s starting to feel a little like this:

    I was the first commenter on that thread. The game that I flew down for felt like last nights game. There was just no way that the Kings were going to win on Bernie Nichols night and they didn’t. Two day later Murray was fired.

    • I hadn’t read that post. Thanks for posting the link to it. Yes. This team has had the same problem for quite some time now. And bringing in more grinders who can’t score isn’t going to get it done. Having players who enjoy playing strong hockey is a good thing, but they also need to score some goals. Some more than others, but every player needs to contribute at least a few goals. A team full of guys who don’t score isn’t going to win you many games. And as with the current group, if you get tired of playing strong hockey, all you do is take up space and collect a big pay check.

  17. Dumb! You want to bench a guy because he’s not scoring? That’s idiotic. If he wasn’t giving effort or working hard that would be another story. Simply not scoring for a player who is a proven commodity in the league is no reason to throw him under the bus. He has played average defense but he’s much better that anybody you can replace him with.

    Second, Dean has developed top six forwards. They are just not on the team anymore. Wayne Simmonds? Schenn? Moulson? Purcell? Toffoli, Vey, Pearson, are waiting in the wings. Yes, Dean drafts for character first and foremost, but I like that and he has brought the Stanley Cup to LA, so what are you bitching about? He has traded draft picks to get guys in their prime Carter, Ricards, Penner, and so on into the lineup. What about King? He has played well. You a very confused individual who wouldn’t last a week as coach or GM. Bench yourself and this amateur blog you have here.

    • You posted the same thing a few weeks back. While I am more than willing to give the guys paid to do this job plenty of credit, it doesn’t mean they are not immune to be questioned.

      What would you do if you were the GM of this team right now, as it is built, with the players, prospects and coaches to get them out of this downward spiral?

      I don’t think putting a player in the press box is going to do anything to jump start their season, but at the same time when it is a young player, this is a good learning opportunity. There are only a handful of these players with the team right now Muzzin I would put at the top of the list.

      I don’t think Muzzin belongs paired with Doughty. Do you think the Kings should continue to keep Muzzin paired with Doughty?

      You mention King and I have to say why all of a sudden has he been dropped to the 3rd line or being moved up and down, when things seemed to be working well with Carter and Richards?

      If this is Sutter trying to spread his thin resources around, that hasn’t worked, nor do I think it will work right now.

      Toffoli/Vey/Pearson have not been developed into Top 6, and I don’t plan on that happening this season. At the same time, why bother bringing Toffoli up only to have him scratched or placed on the 3rd or 4th line when its clear he would probably be a better fit on the 3rd line at the lowest.

      Vey and Pearson haven’t really had much NHL game experience to even start to plug them into the Top 6, but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t keep Vey around to play that 4th line center position if he has much more offensive upside than Fraser. Yes I know Vey is on the smaller size, not as physical as Fraser, fine Andreoff can play both center or wing.

      Pearson is the odd man out unfortunately, but in terms of his slot on this team he’s not looked at or thought of being a Top 6 LW right now.

      What do think needs to happen, or what do you think should happen? Do you just put these guys out and hope they can work their way through what really seems to be a roster wide slump?

      Scoring is a problem, if the Kings were that team that scored 3 goals, I don’t think many of us would have a problem with that, but the Kings are not even the team scoring the 2 goals and in a league that is per Darryl Sutter a 3-2 league the Kings are having issues.

      I understand what you are saying, I would just like to hear what you think should happen if anything.

      • I like the way you think Modcoop (I’m capitalizing your name, because a person’s name, or handle should be capitalized). There really are some very serious concerns. Moving people from line to line isn’t getting it done … Sutter! I think this year, for all practical purposes, is finished. I think the Kings need to bring in some new blood and slowly tweak the system. This will enable them to hit the ice running next season. Why drag out what is inevitable?! I can’t see some magical trade changing this team, in the short term. It doesn’t have to be a complete rebuild, but some adjustments certainly DO need to be made. And some players will need to be moved to get this done.

        As for the young men from Manchester. I feel very good about them. Yes, they do need some seasoning, but they will most likely be, I believe, assets to the organization.

      • My belief is that the defense is shitty and that is the major problem. The top teams are stacked on D and that opens up more offense. There not tough enough back there either. Say what you want about Greene, but on the PK he was phenomenal. I don’t like what Regehr has done this year. He’s a big, lumbering guy. The type of guy who’s careers always slow down when they lose a step. Mitchell is good, but I don’t see that same dominance that he had a couple of seasons ago. I miss Scuderi a ton. Doughty can be better I think. Can he be like my man Duncan Keith? No chance in he’ll. As far as Muzzin goes, I’m not ready to give up on him. He does several things well. And if he can improve in some bad habits than he can be solid. I like his grittiness too.

        Dean needs to go out there and find a couple of defenseman. One should be a good skater who can make the outlet pass and trustworthy to shut down the top line of the other team. They will not succedd against the power of the Blackhawks or Ducks without it. That’s mostly why they are successful against a team like the Blues who play a similar style and don’t have the Kane/Getzlaff type guys who can murder slow defenseman. It won’t come cheap but if they are not willing to give up on the season then that is what they must do. I will use Paul Martin or Andrei Markov as the example there.

        The other guy is the guy who replaces Greene. Gritty and good on the PK. In the Tim Gle

        • Gleason mold but still able to carry his weight around.

          I think a bottom six forward would be good. I don’t hate Fraser and I don’t see why he is a bad guy who only plays 7 or 8 minutes a game. I think Carcillo did some good things and some bad things. I haven’t been happy with Clifford either. If they trade him I wouldn’t exactly be too upset. He plays like an AHL player. If they can get someone to play alongside Stoll, that would be ideal. Maybe like Marchand but less drama.

          That’s about it.

        • I’m with you about the D being shitty, but completely disagree about Regehr. He has been rock solid and bright spot on our D consistently.

    • Verwustung, if you can’t score in the NHL and you play the forward position, then you are NOT a proven commodity. The job of forwards is to score. This team’s achilles heel is its offense, and yet you want us to keep all the players who aren’t scoring. You sound like an idiot. How is a team supposed to improve its offense, and clearly this team needs to improve its offense, without, you know, improving its offense? I’m struggling to even explain this to you because it’s so basic that it should be beyond explanation. It’s like trying to explain why “10” = “10.” Because there are ten of them. That’s why ten is ten. The only way to score more goals is to score more goals, so the players who aren’t scoring any at all should be the first ones replaced.

      • Thank you for replying to that Euro-wannabee’s nonsense, concisemouse. And btw, you deliver a much more effective message when you keep it short and nasty. Nothing pretentious about being a dick.

        vogelmort, with the best GAA in the league, clearly D isn’t out biggest priority. Could it be better? Of course, just like your perception. When we’re not scoring, it’s no surprise that we’re only making it appear that every other team around is putting 3 Bobby Orrs and 3 Nik Lidstroms on the ice against us. With a limited amount of resources and cap space, any move needs to be dedicated to improving scoring, plain and simple. But ffs, start giving TT some decent time on the top 3 lines, starting tonight. Turn things around before throwing money in the air and getting rid of prospects. The coaching staff needs to get on top of things.

  18. Also forget to say I told you so. That 10 game winning streak you were soooooo fucking happy about; where did it go? Up ur fucking ass, that’s where. Hail to Fenrir the Verwustung Krieger. (I don’t know German but I try nonetheless).

  19. I wasn’t there but watched on TV. The volley ball was embarrassing. Somebody else said there were people doing yoga on the field. Yeah we get it, its LA. No need to festoon the scene with all of the stereotypical symbolism associated with SoCal. As far as the game, I can’t put my finger on the lack of goals other that that they seem to be shooting the puck from too far out or right into the pads even at close range. Lots of shots but very low percentage ones. Reminiscent of the “shot mentality” Murray era. Seems to me the way to have success in this league these days is to transition the puck up ice as fast as possible and with as many guys as can join the attack and crash the net if necessary. The Hawks do this to to perfection and the Ducks are playing the same way. We are not sneaking up on anybody anymore. Teams have figured out how to beat our suffocating system, they beat us with speed and we are being put back on our heels in the D zone and not able to slow the rushes. We need to tweak the system. I have a feeling Brown or a few other the other guys could get moved if this keeps up.

  20. Haven’t read the other comments, but here’s my account: In the reserve section, they ran out of all beer by the second intermission except for $13 Dos Equis tall cans, which they didn’t tell you til you got to the front of the line that they were all warm, and one guy even claimed “hot”. I finally found a cold one at another vendor about 30 seconds before they stopped serving, and regretted not sneaking in my usual bottle of Beam as I needed something stiffer to cry into… The setup itself was fantastic, although I couldn’t figure if the NHL is as clueless as they seem, or if they just “Califoriaized” the game to poke fun at the East’s perception of us. The pregame “festivities” had an hour+ line to get in, so fuck that – everyone inside looked as confused as those in line anyway. My friend bought a whole roast duck in Chinatown which he and other LAK fans took bites out of for irresistible photo ops (best part of the night). Having Gretzky, Scully and Miller was awesome. KISS was KISS – I had thought they were just there to plug that arena football team, but apparently the NHL shelled out 750K for the show.

    All said and done, the one thing I’ll mention about the game itself is the the lack of any effort to break the shutout in the last 35 seconds or so. I was thinking to myself “how are they gonna bend over and take what (as far as I know) is the first outdoor game shutout in NHL history!? I was only pissed at the team then; confounded the rest of the game.

  21. Would have been great if Tyler played & had a hat trick! Needed his energy. Amazed he was benched.

  22. $35 to park, a hike to the pre-game festivities, a 45-60 minute line to GET INTO the pre-game festivities, a 45 minute line to get a beer, and an average of 30 minute lines at each of the other sponsored booths.

    In my section, beer was sold out, other than Tecate, by the middle of the second. $13.25 per beer for this crap. They had some Dos Equis but they were room temp.

    From my seats, there was only about a foot of the ice surface visible. I, along with most of the people in my section, watched the majority of the game on the stadium TV’s.

    Absolute cluster-fuck leaving the stadium. It took us 1 1/2 hours just to get out of the parking lot. Fuck Dodger Stadium.

    I suspect I will be watching the next one from the best seat in the house….my living room.

    • Sorry man, but that just seems like poor planning on your part. I paid $10 for parking, had a great view of the game from the Field Reserve section, and knew better than to waist money on merchandise for a game we could potentially lose and instantly want to forget…

  23. I couldn’t agree more that Muzzin needs to go and stay gone. Hockey weekly had an article on him three weeks ago and as I read their take on his skills and defensive prowess I had to laugh and just realized they’ve obviously never seen him play. He’s takes such timely penalties you would think he’s actually trying to aid the opponents……or a bookie.
    It’s obvious that DL needs to make a change. It’s even more obvious that if Sutter can’t find a way to communicate his message to his players then he probably needs go. I can’t understand why he waited so long into their slide to out of 3rd overall to start tinkering with the line combos. It would seem obvious that if your lines aren’t scoring then maybe they need to try some new pairings.
    I’ve heard a lot of folks in this thread referencing the 2011/2012 season similarities. That season they hired Sutter about a month prior to this date in the season and they picked up Carter. I have to believe that DL is working on something….I just hope it’s in time.

  24. Despite the outcome, this was one of the most memorable sporting events I’ll ever attend. Kiss was good, but the Dodger Stadium speakers weren’t that great. Five for Fighting was decent, though maybe not the “pump up” music needed for a hockey game. I had a great view from Reserves 5. There seemed to be more Kings than Sucks fans, but the Kings fans were fairly quiet. The Anaheim fans were annoying as usual.

    I have been so frustrated with Muzzin. I know people will talk about his youth, and “give him time”, blah, blah, blah. Enough already. Send him down until he can clean up his game a bit more and play with more discipline.

    P.S. The stadium could have used some noise from S & S…


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