Kings vs Ducks Stadium Series Preview. Ice Ice Baby.

So the L.A. Kings vs. The Fuckers Off The 57 outdoor game is today. Finally.

This game has been the talk of the hockey world – on-line, social media, radio, television, everywhere except…here.

It’s game day and here is our first real mention of it. Why? Because it’s not exciting to enter an iconic event, with the world watching, when we are playing like dipshits. Because it’s not “fun” to anticipate:

1. Jake Muzzin’s next minor penalty, followed by more incompetence on the defensive side of the puck;

2. Dustin Brown’s invisibility act;

3. Our power play;

4. Our offense;

5. Losing.

The L.A. Kings are sucking the confidence out of us. There is no swagger. Our dicks are firmly in our pants and nobody is looking down with envy.  The stars aren’t shining. The role players aren’t rolling. Even Jonathan Quick (pbuh) looks fallible.

So what must happen?


And this…

It’s not just our offense that starts with these two. It’s our engine. They are the 6.2 Liter V8 that pumps 570 horsepower through the team’s veins.

This is Dustin Brown’s team.

Anze Kopitar remains the L.A. Kings’ pulse.

They ignite.

They have earned the right to wear the letter. Without these two in the 2012 playoffs, the L.A. Kings don’t win the Stanley Cup. Without these two, it doesn’t work.

Don’t talk to me about the experience.

Talk to me about what matters.

About all that matters at Dodger Stadium.

An L.A. Kings Victory.

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  1. Do you think brown is lacking confidence? He knows he needs to do more offensively, defensively and most importantly physically but he just can’t find the confidence to do it? Maybe he’s doesn’t want to be called a dirty player anymore. Personally I think it’s bullshit. In order for the kings to be dominate they have to all be the physically bordering nasty side that intimadates the opponents and wears them out so when the third period comes the other team just wants to get the fuck out of there. We play maybe one physical period then go limp it seems like since we’ve been struggling. This needs to change and what better night to start then tonight against these fucks. I believe offense starts with defense from what I see we struggle getting the puck out of out zone fast and sharp like we use to and teams know this and hound us especially on the pp. I’m all for a trade whatever I’d rather get a defensive that is smart and knows how to exit the zone like scuderi would. I dot think we absolutely need a trade we have enough talent on this team we just need to have that want and desire to spark the fire under our ass and get that confidence back and that I’m going to hit you into submission mentality. Go king. Fuck the ducks.

  2. The NHL is not a place where an athlete can play “just good enough.” It’s a sport of speed and strength. Without that special love in your heart for pushing the envelope, and trying to reach your next level, you can’t succeed. An excellent example for this kind of work ethic is Martin St. Louis, of Tampa Bay. He’s small, but he trains hard, and is constantly trying to out work everyone on the team.

    Kopitar has always needed pushing, but when he has it in his mind to do well, he can obviously reach that special level of quality and achievement. He can be awesome! I believe he needs, as do his teammates, that special kind of push that he used to get from Brown.

    Brown has been the spark plug for the Kings. That’s why he has worn the C. Why he hasn’t been working at his previous level of strength and quality play is anyone’s guess. But he IS playing like he’s afraid of something.

    Without the spark that Brown is able to ignite in the Kings they are listless. The Kings have only been putting in their time and collecting their pay checks. The Kings are a team of grinders. They can achieve, which includes some goal scoring, only if the bust their asses. Dean Lombardi has built a team that needs to play hard to succeed. If every one of the Kings isn’t pushing his limits, at every game, they can’t succeed. And they haven’t succeeded. Pushing the limits means working harder than the opponent’s defensemen, when they’re in front of the net, so they can be the one who bangs the puck into the net. Pushing the limits means punishing play in the corners. Pushing the limits means that the defense will crush opponents who threaten their goalie. Pushing the limits means rink awareness at all times. Pushing the limits means that forwards must be ready to cover for their D-men when they see the opportunity to jump into the offensive zone and create a scoring opportunity!

    If Brown can no longer be the spark plug for this team, we need a new captain who will do it.

  3. As I said I SO WANT A VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I play the Trade off game constantly in my mind..I will give up this or that for a Victory :/
    PLEASE Hockey Gods listen..what do You want..willing to sacrifice…
    Bring back the Team we know exists.
    Muzzie..for the love..NO stupid last 5 min of game penalties. .wonder what that stat is..uugghh..
    DD get it attention..don’t zone out Please!
    Mitchie..have a good game..not a opps f’d up game.
    Play with Your Hearts Kings.

  4. Kind of off topic, but why don’t we see this move from Kopi in the SO anymore?

    • That was when he was feeling confident. He’s a quiet sort. When he’s feeling his oats, he becomes a better player. He’s not a naturally aggressive man.

  5. Used to be that Quick gave the team it’s swagger, when he was in the net and I think he’ll to do it again!
    His fuck it, I’ll win this this game 1-0 if I have to attitude will start tonight.
    I’m looking for a huge game from Jeff Carter and Dwight King today!!
    Go Kings!

    • Jeff Carter and Dwight King always give 100%. That’s why King has improved so much. But they do it quietly. We need someone to spark the team. Doughty doesn’t do it. And none of the others on the Kings are doing it. Brown used to help his team (as Captain), but now we don’t have someone like Ryan Callahan, of the Rangers.

  6. I’m not talking about it because I can’t go.

    As opposed to Bobby, who’s not talking about it because he doesn’t want to go.

    It’s a lame day at S&S, fitting for the lame team we’ve been watching the last 2 weeks.

    I am confident we will win this game tonight.


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