Top 10 Surly and Scribe Predictions For the Stadium Series

10. Jeff Carter will still be able to pick out the best looking slut in the crowd.

9. There will be a fight in the first 5 minutes. There will be a fight in the final 5 minutes.

8. Jake Muzzin will up the ante and take two stupid penalties.

7. An Anaheim Ducks fan will get his ass kicked. He will have deserved it. If we lose, several will.

6. As an OC soccer mom takes firm hold of a Dodger Dog, her husband will feel inadequate.

5. Corey Perry will be even uglier under the stars.

4. Thousands of people will whine about the sight lines after the game.

3. Vin Scully will steal the show.

2. Kiss will suck.

1. I will get laid.

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  1. I just want to say that as long as the Kings continue to pussy foot around I could care less about their comments on LA Kings Insider. They need to shut up and prove that they are worthy.

    I hope, in this highly publicized game, that they will have been thinking about their poor play, and they’ll come out on fire. If they can play with attitude, they may have a chance to beat the Ducks, and to make this game the first game of their turn around run to the playoffs.

    Go Kings

  2. I went last perspective. .
    Ended up paying g.parking as the buses from Union station take too long for my patiencedand did not start running til 5:00. Good choice as friends who did take did not arrive til 6:15. $20 but was one of the first cars out at end of game.
    Pre game venue..we are a consumerism society..need the material items vs visual memory. I got away cheap..shirt..that makes about number 40 :/
    Program..disappointed. .mostly ads..Poor print spitted paper..A very cool picture of NewYears Outdoorgame though.
    I will say we really have one of if not the most beautiful Stadiums anywhere. That is a Visual.
    I had one of the best seats ..Lodge area.
    It would have been fun to wander arounfmd on the field but there us only so much I can afford…pre game highlight watching the Boys warm up just below me..playing with soccer and doing their funny streatches. .Kopi with some ballet type moves.. ( should have vidioed..forgot). DD..he is just amusing.
    RR..good soccer player..
    Watching Bobby Miller with Vinny Scully..very cool.
    The ambiance really nice..Gifted by not having any suck fans in front or behind. ..some in next section. .who as you can imagine got louder as game went on. was pretty good..not a fav of mine but of couse know all the songs..they are better in costume..if you saw of TV couple weeks ago. they are old!
    Five for Fighting preformednon stage right in front of me. Good!
    The game..I have nothing to say..but we are a energy team. Most of game in suck’s end..out shot them by a wide margin..but weak creativity..nothing..
    Cliffy only guy that seemed to have a bit of a spark. the flu that won’t go away..
    And National attention on this game..we did not represent. My head will be low for a while.


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