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  1. Losing is trendy. It’s the new winning.

  2. I’m starting to think that my buddy who comes over for BBQ and the kings game is bad luck.

  3. Ugh! Fuck It! Is it me but it seems to me like us fans are more concerned about the downward spiral rollercoaster were on than the players and coaches? WTF were is the desperation from the players, the coaches what are they doing? Its like were watching a rerun every game nothing ever changes!

  4. These guys are fried. It’s like sutter said its not a lack of effort. I think they don’t have that little extra in the tank it takes to win in this league. Most of the teams are pretty equal so that lack of extra spark due to this bs schedule is fucking them. Fuck the NHL scheduling crew.

  5. Stupid, worthless, no good goddamn freeloadin son of a bitch, retarded big mouth, know it all, asshole jerk…….John Bender was talking about this team.

  6. What the fuck is going on???
    Here’s a word for you: Entropy. Defined by a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system or leading to a gradual decline into disorder.
    What the fuck am I talking about? Unavailability of conversion. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, while a static body tends to stay static.
    In other words this team needs a fucking kick in the ass, a jolt to the neurons, a relief from it’s pathetic complacency!!!!
    We have the talent. Somehow, motivation is lacking.
    End of rant.

  7. Well. Just. Fuck.

    If Sutter thinks the team is fatigued just over halfway through the season, then certainly a fire needs to be lit under some asses. Sutter’s.

  8. I propose hockey should be moved to a golf scoring system.
    The Kings have scored 2 goals in the last 4 games, and with a golf system, they’d be the nuts.

    Either way…I currently see golf in their future…mostly in April/May.

    • Everything negative that we have discussed in recent weeks continues with this team. I don’t have the foggiest idea how they managed to give a respectable effort against the Sharks … even though they still only got one goal. That game was an anomaly. Last night’s game was back to business as usual. I know they felt bad when Quick gave up a bad goal. Then, Nolan was penalized for a bad hit and then the Coyotes scored, but you can’t give up. It’s sad that they know they’re a 0 to 2 team, and they were going to lose the game. The only way the Kings have a chance of winning is if they can keep their opponent to 2 goals or less. And that is not an easy thing to do every game.

  9. I’ve become resigned to the fact that this is just part of being a Kings fan. All these ups and downs, inconsistent play, scoring droughts, and streaky player performances are so emotionally draining. I understand that losing streaks and poor play are part of every season, but it seems like I’m watching the Kings of 3 or 4+ years ago. These guys were playing great up until Christmas. Once they came back from Christmas break, everything fell apart. Now, I just hope they’re able to make the playoffs. The Olympics can’t start soon enough. USA! USA! USA!

  10. What fucking good is puck possession and 30 shots on goal if nobody can finish? Gene Simmons old spandex covered nut sack was the most offensive thing I’ve seen at a Kings game in the last ohhhhhhhh, 15 games!!!! Get it together Deano! Do something. Anything. I know we aren’t in Oilers territory yet, but some kind of hint that this isn’t what you had in mind when you built this Stanley cup team. Keeping the core of the team is one thing. Blackhawks let what like 10 players go after they won in 2010? We need new blood on this team. Blood I’m afraid that ain’t comin up from Manchester yet. Chicago won again with Handzus. I like Zus, don’t get me wrong, but I was pretty sure we kept the better player. You’ve done it before buddy. Time to let your old friend go. His head is clearly in a different space than when he took the job. Find someone who throws chairs and equipment around. Someone whose face gets beat red even when they aren’t yelling. Not Tortorella. But like Tortorella. Someone who will free up the offense, but not at the expense of defense. I’m no fool. Defense won it all for us, but with an application of puck movement and offense we haven’t seen for a while. Between Davis Payne, John Stevens and Darryl??? Someone needs to throw something damnit!!!

    • I once liked Tortorella. I’ve always been a Rangers fan, but I was glad to see the coaching swap. I’ve always hated the Canucks. Alain Vigneault deserved better, so it was a good thing that sanity went to NY and insanity went to Vancouver!

      Darryl Sutter needs to go (maybe even Dean Lombardi). I can’t stand Sutter. He wasn’t the reason for the Kings winning the Stanley Cup. He just presided over that run. I said it before, the reason the Kings won was that (for some unknown reason) every one of the Kings players participated in every aspect of the game. Everyone was scoring. Everyone was hitting. Everyone was playing good defense. And Quick was playing like a man possessed. They were all good throughout that run. It takes a complete team to win the Cup. The Kings, somehow (only God knows) managed to put it ALL together for that run. They were not to be denied!

      This year, they’re playing, for the most part, like they are more interesting in playing golf than hockey.

      Something needs to be done. And the only thing feasible is to get an injection of new blood. And it needs to be some experienced blood. The team doesn’t need old players, but more players in their late twenties, who have become quality players. The kids from Manchester can gradually be worked into the team, but they aren’t going to be what this team needs now.

      How is this going to happen? That’s why General Managers get paid such hefty salaries!

      • I like DL just fine, I think the players do too. Sutter gets credit for coaching us to the cup whether you like the man or his style he was part of that 100% effort you mentioned. I loved a lot of his choices as coach. I loved that they stayed in a hotel downtown for home games, I’ve always liked the way he practices what he preaches. If the team likes him, and wants to continue to play for him… They better start to perform. Cause that’s what happens in the NHL when whole teams stop scoring, coaches get fired. Deans fired this guy before. Otherwise we are talking about a major shake of core personnel. Strictly for the fact that core pieces are the only tradeable assets the Kings have currently. I’m not sure that’s what this team needs. If Sutter is still gonna be DLs guy, he better pull some magical shit off to help this team, because our winning culture is in serious question.

      • You know…when Sutter first got here I was nervous as he was similar to Murray (from what I knew about him) which meant a suffocating system…putting Top 6 guys in Grinder/Checking roles and hoping to win every game 2-1/1-0. Daryl said we’re in a “3-2” league…well fuck, they can’t even get to the 2 lately.

        Richards has had time on the bottom 6.
        Toffoli…time on bottom 6
        Etc. Etc.

        I’m nervous that Toffoli will be the next Purcell, Moulson…

        I should look it up, but I wonder how our Bottom 6 scoring compares to the rest of the league’s Bottom 6. I imagine we’re not that great.

        We should be proud that our D is one of the tops in the league, but something needs to be done about our scoring system: whether that be a new coach, or trade(s).

        PP is bullshit, too. Feels like Kompon never left.

        • Good points. I don’t want the Kings to lose their young talent through trades. I like the potential of those young players. But who, other than the skilled core players, could be traded? This team has far too many no-talent grinders. At the same time, I’m concerned with the way Sutter is using the skilled young men from Manchester. None of those guys are powerful grinder types. Actually, that is what the Kings need more of, but Sutter doesn’t want to pair the skilled players together. He has a few times, but he won’t allow sufficient time for them to gel. He’ll put guys that are strictly grinders on a line with a guy that has skills. What happens then? Nothing! There’s no chemistry! Then, the team continues to get it’s usual 0 to 2 goals. And more times than not, they get 0 goals.

          • Ya…I don’t even know who could be traded. What I want is scoreres built/developed through the draft then given an actual shot in the lineup. Toffoli has gotten PP time and time in the Top 6, but Sutter has also durdled him around in the bottom, putting him in a suit to watch, or being sent back down. To me, the skillset is there, he just needs time and consistency to find his balance. Let him stay in the Top 6, let him stay on the PP unit, regardless if he goes through a scoring drought (which all of our forwards do anyways…). I think more faith and more time needs to be given to a player like Toffoli. I think if Sutter puts his confidence in him, and actually gives him night-after-night chances to play in the Top 6 (w/ Williams, or Kopi, or Carter….not w/ Lewis/King/Clifford…) then he’ll find it. Even at this stage, if Toffoli played 82 games in the Top 6 w/ PP time…he’d score 25+. Don’t you think we need that right now?! I sure as hell do. But no, he has off nights and since he’s “new” and young, he gets tooled around and sent down.

            The kid is ready for this chance, let him fuckin’ have it.

          • How could the Kings do worse, offensively, using more of their youth on lines with skilled players? Look at how King has developed working with Kopitar and Carter!

  11. Why did it take so long for you to create a forum to vent on this page! gah!! Hahaha!

    In all seriousness though, Sutter’s comments when being interviewed were always “cute” when the team was winning, but now that they are losing, it just sounds like a deflection technique of an asshole. Especially that latest comment when asked if the team would be more energetic at home. What a dick move to say,

    “Why would that make any difference? What are they, machines? I mean, why? We played two games in 36 hours, so why would they. I mean, why do you all of a sudden get energy because you’re at home?”

    Look I get it, you’re under pressure to do your job, just like everyone else, but there is no need to be a punk about it. It was a question that needed to be asked since apparently it’s illegal in the NHL to ask, or answer why the team sucks right now. Whatever. The fact that nothing happens, no lines change, no players get benched, etc. is what is really pissing me off..

  12. The Kings have an identity crisis; are they a team of grinders? They’re playing like they are and that style isn’t clicking right now. Plus our top prospects such as 73, Pearson and Vey really don’t fit that grinder style. Neither does Kopitar, Richards, Williams or Carter. When you have Trevor Lewis and King and the top line you have a problem.. My two cents

    • Your two cents are both correct!

    • Team of grinders? TEAM OF GRINDERS?????? How the fuck can any team be a team of grinders? You mean a physical team who plays a defensive style? Yeah, that’s the Kings. Team of grinders is an expansion team who has limited selections. You cannot win without guys like Williams and Kopitar making plays.

      Please tell me what grinders you would want instead of Willie, Anze, Carter and such? I’d really like to know,

      • What IS a Grinder?! Maybe I’m incorrect, but I’ve been under the impression that a Grinder had no real offensive skill. They were there to beat up the opposition. Ideally, you would want a talented, skilled player to also be strong and have an unstoppable drive to win. But not all skilled players have those abilities/talents. Then, you get less skilled players to rough up the other side. Hopefully, while they’re doing that, they can also play a solid defensive game. This is what the Kings have too many of. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on Kopitar, Richards and Carter to score goals. If they dry up, the team dries up. I know that Stoll, Williams and Brown have offered some secondary scoring for the team, but they’re not getting it done this season. The rest are “Grinders.” Putting talented young players on a line with Grinders won’t get it done. If Sutter needs to keep most of the Grinders, he should put the skilled players together and the Grinders together. How can Sutter accomplish this? He could do it if Stoll, Williams and Brown were playing well. Then, the Kings would have two good scoring lines and two Grinder lines. I don’t know what the Kings could do with JS, JW and DB if they brought up “The Kid Line,” from Manchester. Could he trade them?

        Let’s not forget the defense. They aren’t scoring either, but they are, generally, doing a solid job defensively. They do have extra pressure on them right now, because they cannot allow two goals. If they do … the Kings will lose.

        I don’t like Sutter, but I wouldn’t want to be in his place right now. Dean Lombardi built this team. Now, Sutter needs to find a way to make it work.

        Just wondering … if Sutter will stay with Muzzin, game after game, in the hope that he will gradually become an all-star defenseman, why can’t he give the same kind of help to the young forwards from Manchester?

        • Alexander Frolov was a grinder, Kyle Okposo, Ryan O’Reilly, Wayne Simmonds,Patrick Hornqvist, Eric Nystom, Brad Marchand are would what I consider to be a “grinder:”

          Not the fastest but not afraid to go to the corners, dig out pucks make moves towards the net. Keeping the opposition for getting to the puck, taking it from the corner to the front of the net with no hesitation. Willing to pay a price to help their team score goals or be relentless.

          Ryan Smyth is a grinder. Not exactly pretty but isn’t afraid to get himself in corners dig pucks, cycle the puck and make plays if not scoring goals at all.

          Clifford could be a grinder but when he is on that 4th line just like Nolan kind of makes them just a physically checking and punishing line but not looked to for scoring goals.

          • OK, then what do you call all of the guys who work hard, punish the opposition, make good defensive plays, but don’t score goals? Dead weight?

          • I would classify those guys as power forwards, not grinders. Still, they could not succeed without finesse players who can attract defenses towards them and carry and move the puck well.

            Alexander Frolov? I’m not sure he is similar to the other players you mentioned.

          • Grinder (ice hockey)
            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
            In ice hockey, a grinder is a player better known for his hard work and checking than his scoring.[1][2] A grinder is often a player who has limited offensive skills, but is valuable to a hockey team due to physical forechecking skills especially along the boards; for “grinding along the boards”.[3] The grinder is not in the spotlight as would be the offensively skilled scoring stars, but they are often fan favorites due to their work effort in games.[4] Thus the grinder is often the player who, by their willingness to endure the physical abuse of going into the corners to dig out the puck, often sets up the goals for the team’s offensive stars. It is common belief in hockey that a good team needs a balance of scoring stars and grinders.[5]
            Hockey player warms up prior to a game as he intensely looks at the camera

            Dave Bolland, at the time playing for the Chicago Blackhawks, was named “Best Grinder” by the Hockey News in 2012.
            While grinder often refers to a player of lesser offensive skills, this is not always the case. NHL Hall of Fame inductee Bobby Clarke of the 1970s and 80s Philadelphia Flyers was considered a grinder, but was also a reliable goal-scorer.[3] While a “grinder” plays a physical style of hockey they are distinguished from an “enforcer”, whose role is more physical intimidation and engaging in fights which are not within the rules of hockey. A “grinder” refers specifically to a style of defensive hockey which is within the rules of the game.[6] Sometimed grinder is used in combination with “mucker” to describe a player as a “mucker and a grinder”,[7] although it is used as emphasis. In this context, mucker is largely synonymous with grinder.[1]
            Indicative of the importance of the grinder is that Bobby Clarke and Mike Eruzione, both grinder-style players, played major roles in their respective country’s victories over the offensively skilled Soviet Union national team. Bobby Clarke was a significant factor in Team Canada’s victory in the 1972 Super Series as was Mike Eruzione as Captain for United States’ Olympic team in the 1980 Miracle on Ice victory.[8] Clarke received the Selke Trophy as best defensive forward late in his playing career.
            In 2012, the Hockey News named Dave Bolland of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks as “Best Grinder”.[9]

          • That’s exactly right! So … what do you call a bunch of Kings who don’t hit, don’t make good passes, are unable to properly receive a pass that’s right on their stick, and don’t score goals?

          • Spot on thanks for helping me explain what I meant.. I know there’s a quote from Sutter in which he said the reason 74 and 22 are on the top line is to “help” Kopitar dig the pucks out of the corners when they dump it in.. I feel this style of offense doesn’t fit with the skills of our talented players..

  13. Good job Scrib! Best blog in a while.

    Why should I vent? I feel fine. There is still plenty of season. The Kings are going to be in the playoffs. New life will be injected into the team. And I’m going to meet up with that hot girl that works at the deli. All is good.

    • The Kings are in 6th place (66 points) with 27 games to play and 6 points ahead of 9th place Phoenix Fuckyotes (60 points) who have two games in hand and just kicked our asses with their back-up goalie!
      Yea, all is fucking great in the world!
      Bye the way, Minnesota is in 7th place, just 2 points behind us and has an easier schedule to play!
      8th place Vancouver has a game in hand, just 3 points back and Dallas in 10th with two games in hand and 10 points behind us!
      I see us ending up in 9th!
      I said it here a few weeks ago, the Kings will need between 92-95 points to get in.
      I wasn’t wrong! We need to get 26-29 points in 27 games to do that!
      Look at our record the last 15 games (5-8-2)!
      2 games still to play with Phoenix, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Washington each.
      Do you think we can outscore those teams the way we’ve been playing?
      We’re fucked!!!

  14. Verwustung, I would agree that a strong forward who can score, like Ryan Callahan of the Rangers, are power forwards. They work hard, are willing to do anything to get into scoring position, and then they can finish. Those players are special. Those are the “Power Forwards” that every team wants. On the other hand, Daniel Carcillo falls into the “Grinder” category. He can score an occasional goal, but that’s not his primary ability.

    As I’m speaking about Carcillo, he just scored in Yankee Stadium!! :-)

  15. SCRIVENS! 59 saves AND a shut out against the Sharks? Did I hear right that he broke a record?!

  16. I wonder what will happen with high-scoring Pittsburgh tonight. You know that they’ll score at least a few goals. I wonder if the Kings will manage to get any? What will the score be? With good goaltending, it could still be Penguins 3 and Kings 1. What’s your guess?

    • Let me check my magic 8 ball………..
      “Reply hazy try again”
      This thing must be endorsed by the NHL
      League officials

  17. I think tonight the drought ends in Los Angeles. Drink up the mojo boys. 9-1 is my prediction. Hattricks from Brown, Richards and Carter. 9 assists for Kopitar, all on the power play. BAM!!!

  18. Wow, three straight back-up goalies starting against our team. We need to make these suckers pay.

  19. Great shift by the Kings! Mitchell, punch Malkin in the nose!

  20. That’s what happens when you shoot the darn puck, Kopitar! Do it again, son! Great shot!

  21. I’ve been watching hockey for a very long time, and I’ve never seen a penalty called on two men at the same time, AND on the same player!

    I wondered if both men would come out of the box if they scored. I found out otherwise.

  22. I was just thinking … It’s logical that two penalties called at the same time, whether or not it was on one opposing player or two separate opposing players, are still two separate penalties. So, I guess, only one player would come out of the box when a goal was scored. BUT why wouldn’t the time run down on both penalties at the same time? In this case, they then didn’t begin to run down the two minutes for the second player until the first player was out of the penalty box. If someone knows that rule, I would like to read it.

  23. Persister, how many more whiffs has Richards had tonight? It’s out of hand.

    • I’m not sure. I’m so discouraged that my concentration is off. Williams had a break and shot the puck right into the goalie’s glove. He didn’t need to move the glove. You can tell when a team has lost its confidence. The just fling the puck at the net and hope for the best.

      This is just too much. This has turn from slump to despair. The wheels have fallen off. The train has left the tracks!

  24. 3 goals in five games (all by Kopitar)!
    What’s the upside of today’s game?
    We didn’t get shut out.
    Anyone that still doesn’t think this team is in trouble, is just fucking kidding themselves!
    Brown needs to go!


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