Tommy Wingels Is A Bogus Name

Seriously, who let this guy into the NHL with a goofy name like that? He needs the moniker version of shaving your head to go into the military. Everytime an announcer says “Tommy Wingels” I have to say “Vladmir Tsyplakov” in my head three times fast to balance it out.

This game was emblematic of so much. A solid win, but the kind you want to have as the odd win here and there when you just aren’t getting the bounces. Unfortunately, getting a single pass deflected to a breaking Kopitar and only three or four shots going off iron was our pitiful version of getting lucky. We can’t settle a puck or a pass in front of the net under pressure any better than a pimple-faced teenager can fondle a pair of breasts without squeezing too hard and getting a yelp and a slap. Actually, I don’t know why I laid that at the feet of teenage boys, I still have that problem. I guess my point is the Kings are eager little beavers. We look like someone gave us bad directions to bumblefuck.

I’m happy we won, but that lasted about 15 seconds. Give me another 2 consecutive wins and we’ll talk about positivity.

Every once in a while we can outplay a team, get the better scoring opportunities and somehow Jonathan Quick is the one who steals the show. He is awesome. The fact that I can say he stole a game where we outplayed the opponent is not awesome.

Anze Kopitar is awesome.

Though he didn’t score on the play, watching him dump a Shark (Desjardins, I think?) to the ice in front of Stallock and then turn and fire a wrister from the slot was beautiful. He continues to out hustle everyone. I wish he was my friend.

I think I subconsciously tuned Muzzin out. Didn’t notice him at all. Selective perception, I suppose.

When the Sharks name Joe Pavelski as Captain, they can start to be considered a real threat to win the Stanley Cup in my book.

I finished watching the game 10 minutes ago. What happened? I forget. On to Phoenix.

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  1. Anze can handle the puck better than anyone on the Kings. But when he missed the empty net I couldn’t believe it, that’s their recent shooting woes shown through right there. They almost lost another one!

  2. Yup, offense STILL struggling with all those clanging posts… But it was good for them to show some SOLID defense and Quick kicking some ass to earn that shutout. Feels like they know they HAVE to try to win 1-0 or 2-1 these days. What’s up with Richards being wide ass open and not being able to handle what looked like a nice pass? Damn, dude………… GKG!

    • I’ve seen Richards do that quite a few times recently. I commented on that issue before. He has made some nice passes to his teammates, but he hasn’t been able to consistently receive nice passes or finish.

  3. Mention last nights game and get a free kids meal at Wingels.

  4. I thought Matt Greene played a monster of a game. Crushed a couple of those pricks.

  5. Greene was good . Clifford was noticeable too as was Nolan. Good game for them structurally. No blatant fuck ups by anyone. I’m talking you Muzzin. Thank god for quick. Still got to play better tonight.

  6. I get so tired of reading Sutter’s comments. He ALWAYS says that this is the way the Kings play, and it is the way the Kings will continue to play. He thinks he has a good system. And he doesn’t see any changes being made in the future. He acknowledges that this is a 3 to 2 league while, at the same time, he says that he likes his 0 to 2 team’s style of play. He’s either a fool, or he is, knowingly, using double-speak to cover up his coaching inadequacies!

    The system that is being used in the offensive zone IS NOT working. Only an incredible effort by Kopitar and the fact that Kearns failed to lift the puck over Quick’s glove and into an empty net permitted the Kings to squeak out a win! Kearns’ failed attempt doesn’t mean that Quick’s save was anything less than awesome, but it still should have been a goal.

    As for hitting metal … a miss is a miss. “Close only counts in horse shoes!”

    • Agreed. His (Sutter’s) ability to adjust and to find something that works for his type of players is being tested. Hell, if Phil Jackson’s philosophy & tactics were questioned with the Lakers, I think it’s fair to question Sutter and his staff right now…. No matter how special 2012 was…….. GKG!

  7. I’ve got another trade scenario that could help with scoring:
    Trade Trevor Lewis and Kyle Clifford to Florida for Tomas Fleischman and Brad Boyes.
    Get Florida to eat part of Fleischman’s salary for this season and then you’ll have cap space for next year.
    Boyes is only signed through this year, so it gives us the option to re-sign if he does well the rest of this year and gives us a second line LW in Fleischman.

    New lines:
    King, Kopitar, Carter
    Fleischman, Richards, Williams
    Boyes, Stoll, Toffoli
    Nolan, Fraser, Brown

    Go KIngs!

    • Or:
      King, Kopitar, Carter
      Fleischman, Richards, Boyes
      Williams, Stoll, Brown
      Nolan, Fraser, Toffoli

    • HA! You all come up with the most silly and ridiculous trades ever. What the fuck do the Panthers want with Lewis and Clifford. They are already well under the cap and want prospects, not career 4th liners. Please, no more of these ridiculous proposals. You are only embarrassing yourself.

  8. Or:
    King, Kopitar, Carter
    Fleischman, Richards, Boyes
    Williams, Stoll, Toffoli
    Nolan, Fraser, Brown

  9. We need to fucking score!!!!
    1 goal in three games, isn’t that bad?


    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      Heard the game on the radio and it was painful. You could tell in Daryl Evans voice the frustrations of this teams slump.

  11. I suffered through the game until the third goal was scored, and then I changed the channel.


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