Dean Lombardi said 2-3 seasons ago when the Detroit Red Wings struggle, they go 4 and 4 in 8 games not 0 and whatever the hell we were at that time…

He spoke of this in the context of how elite teams battle through slumps versus those that have not earned the label.

He spoke of it in terms of leadership, experience and the ability to will yourself to victory and overcome adversity.

By those standards, our Stanley Cup does not runneth over.

Last night we played one of the alleged elites of the NHL. They toyed with us. We were an 18 year old fan-girl backstage, at a Justin Bieber concert. Fucked…and sore.

The leadership is a white washed tomb. There is no spirit to our teen and it smells of incompetence. If this was American Idol, we would be the screaming, fat fuck who is indignant at the unanimous rejections.

O’ Captain, Fuck Captain, what the fuck Captain?

We were supposed to be past this type of decline.

Is there discontent among the casts with character? Is the island wet? Do fingers point and who is left, right and middle? Has Sutter’s beer gone too bitter to face?

So much to ponder with the playoffs yonder.