Often in my life I’ve wondered about tipping points. Even gradual changes have that one moment where suddenly everything is different.

These moments often go unnoticed. We will notice that our hair is below our shoulders but not the moment where the hair first hits our shoulders. You’ll know when a friend becomes a drug addict but not the moment when he became an addict. In the hopes that all things ebb & flow, you’ll notice that the Kings are playing worse but do we truly know when we became a team that sucks.

I have a valid case for that threshold being crossed the day my section’s usher was fired.

Does it matter when these moments occur? An end result does not care what small force propelled it’s inevitability past the point of no return. We only know that “Go Kings Go” has become “No Kings, NO.”

This is no slump, this is a tailspin.

I find myself thinking back to earlier in the season when the Kings were playing well. Perhaps it is misdirected anger that would have been better put to purpose removing a Penguins fan’s head from his shoulders, but this skid feels more like the bottom of a hill gradually rolled down than it does a cliff unexpectedly fallen off.

The team wants to talk about a brutal schedule. All I hear are excuses. The team that was built to withstand adversity admittedly folds under time zone pressure.

I have one question for you. Brown or Sutter?

I don’t believe I need to elaborate.

Brown or Sutter?

The pendulum is swinging. It moves back and forth, fluidity, despite it’s futility, is a constant. Accidents are an exception, not a rule. Coincidence is a playful guise of hockey gods. Whether the tipping point was reached last week, tonight, or is still to come, a truth will unfold.

What does your truth tell you? Brown or Sutter?

Change occurs when the pain of the current state outweighs the pain of instituting a change.

This is painful.

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  1. Brown. I hate saying it. But its true. I can handle him not scoring. But hes not hotting either. He’s taking stupid penalties that cost us. Its not that hes not leading. The problem is hes not leading in the right way.

    • Damnit *hitting

    • Less than 15 seconds after Kopitar scored, Brown went into a corner and embellished a fall to try and draw a call. In that moment I knew we would lose.

      20 seconds later he and Stoll took minor penalties and the Pens scored the game winning game and an insurance goal.

      • Yep. Hes not the captain from the cup run or even before. He most likely needs to go. Carter and Richards MUST be reunited. Vey, Toffoli, and Pearson need to be put together on the 3rd line and Stoll moved down to center a 4th line. Im willing to wait til the Olympics end but im losing patience

        • I want to see Toffoli given a legit chance in the top six to see what he can do, and I agree that Carter needs to be with Richards, not because it’s not working with Kopi, but more that Richards is given shitty linemates like Lewis and Frattin. Trade Brown for a legit top line LW to play with Kopi and Toffoli then put Williams on the third line with Stoll and King. Then lets see what a Vey, Pearson and Nolan line can do. Keep Frattin and Lewis as depth players and trade Clifford Fraser and whatever else that needs to be thrown in to get a good D man to play with Doughty. I know I know its not all going to happen but I still would like to see it.

  2. What really gets me is that not one player on the team steps up and says “ENOUGH!… I’m going to detach someone’s head from their shoulders!” Kinda like I did at the Stadium Series game. No one is taking runs, no one is fighting in hopes it will get things going. We got shelled in our own barn (Dodger Stadium) and I wanted to crush anyone in a ducks jersey within a 5 ft radius. It honestly seemed like that loss hurt me more than any of the Kings. Nevermind. ..Doughty called someone on the Ducks a 4th liner (see NHL Revealed on NBCSports Network). Ouch…..that hurt about as bad as my last bj. Now this gong show of a game? At 4-1 with over half the game left you’d think Clifford or Nolan would attempt to fight someone? Hey Mr. I lead by example Brown, any interest in dropping the gloves to send a message to your team that losing 4-1 in your own building is not acceptable? Guess not…. To make a long story short….SELL THE FARM!

    • You remember when Capt. Jonathon Toews fought Joe Thornton last year because he had enough of the way the Hawks were playing at the time. The same Hawks that had bulldozed through their competition last year. Thornton is twice his size. Toews wasn’t going to allow HIS team to take nights off. He wasn’t going to let any other team in the League get the best of HIS Blackhawks team. There is not one player on this Kings team stepping up and taking charge. Not one player that is showing any fucking balls, to show everybody, teammates, fans, opponents, that he is going to charge up the fucking hill and take it. There is no fight in this team right now. There is no heart in this team right now. Until someone does something that shows some major emotion, until someone shows that he has had ENOUGH of this “frustration” as the players call it, we all will continue to see this lifeless display of pathetic hockey. Start the 4th line tomorrow afternoon and drop the fucking gloves! Show everybody that this bullshit is over! Toughen the fuck up and have the rest of the League fear you again!!

      T-Magz…. I’m with you Bud!!

      • Augs…..Although you can’t see me right now…I am standing and clapping with a dear falling from my cheek! Well said my friend. I guess Toews doing what HE does day in day it what they call the “X – Factor”. I thought Richie and Brownie had that “X – Factor” but after this last month’s of hockey it blatantly obvious….It’s gone.

  3. BROWN!! All the commercials,his charities, his 4-5 kids, and PR he does makes him a great franchise role model player off the ice but we need him to be a warrior and leader on the ice, which flat out is not happening! Im pissed! Do they really believe they can play this bad and not expect heads to roll? What were going to squeek into the 8th seed a flip a switch and repeat again, thats just not going to happen!

    The main problem with the Kings in our lack of consistent scoring from our supposed stars and no secondary scoring what so ever, its seems only Kopitar and Carter are the only guys on the team that score, we will never win many games if this trend continues, as teams will soon shut down kopi and carts.

    Make the call Dean!

    • Susan, you’re absolutely spot on. No Secondary Scoring Whatsoever. I’ve been going on about that for ages. Not just this month. So, the only issue I have with your post is the ‘make the call Dean’. He’s the one I feel that’s put the team in this position in the first place by either drafting or trading for one forward after another that may be very nice along the boards, but with no offensive upside it seems. Yes, King has shown improvement, but you don’t need six Cliffords on one team….. guys who have a nice gritty aspect to their play along the boards but seem to be good for 6-7 goals a year….

      And given the stats from Frattin, Lewis, Fraser, Nolan (at least he’s filling his role) and neither Stoll nor Brown bringing much to the table offensively, nor Richards for a long time now….that’s right there seven forwards. That’s more than half of the forwards. Brown is captain, and Richards has a great history. But with no real trade chips hanging around, what call is he supposed to make? Another first round pick? I don’t think so.

      IMO he needs to seriously reevaluate the types of forwards with limited offensive upside that he’s drafting with the exception evidently of Vey and Toffoli. That’s two players in seven years, and even they at this point aren’t integrated as regulars.

      Dean would do well to be more ‘flexible’ in his philosophy. With time imo that might start to make a difference. But the skill set of this forward group other than Carter Kopitar and Williams (not seeing it from Brown or Richards this year) is in need of an upgrade…. and you’re probably not gonna get that thru a trade at this point.

  4. Wow. Something gonna happen soon. Too soon. Wait till the deadline.

  5. SUTTER! The Kings won’t score more goals or play better without Brown On the team. The problem is the system the head coach employs. One of the candidates should be Peter L..

  6. We know the system works or it used to. Time to get some new players and start the run again!
    Thanks Brownie and bye!
    Fuck Sochi!
    Go Kings!!

  7. I hope that while playing for their various countries, these guys will remember why they play hockey!
    It’s for that logo on their chests and the fire in their bellies and the desire in their hearts!
    USA and Go Kings!!!!!!

  8. Kopi ties the game:
    “Hey there we go! Boys are going to fight tonight!”
    Get up to take a piss and get a snack. Sit down and it’s 3-1 Pitt.
    “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… almost had me Kings. Touché.”

  9. Sutter. The team is even starting to sound like him in interviews. Trevor Lewis is this teams best shutdown forward. No business on a second line. Unless he is all on fire and finding the net like a top 6 player. There was a player out of position on every line last night. 3/4 of the way through the season the only line that has consistently played together is King Kopi Carter. That’s not even a line that belongs together. We need chemistry for goals. Lose Sutter ala TM. Reunite the 2012 lines, plug Frattin or Toffoli in LW, then trade both of them for a scoring LW. Sutter is the answer to your question right now, Brown maybe in the off season. I wanted to throw my Brown jersey in the trash last night. If we miss the playoffs I’m gonna wear it as a diaper for a week and send it to his house. Fucksake!

  10. Lombardi. He isn’t going to fire Sutter, and he won’t trade Brown. This is San Jose all over again.

    • He’s fired Sutter before. In San Jose. DL has drafted good players, just players that his coaches can’t get through to. Get a coach who knows how to cheat a little, gain some offense. Have more than one suit in the closet. All three of our coaches are robots.

  11. Is this what it feels like to be an Edmonton Oilers fan? To know that your team has incredible skill, but, not the will or proper leadership to translate that skill into wins. This sucks ass!

  12. During Patrick Oneal’s bench interview with Carts it seemed to me that Carts just isn’t buying into the system 100%. After all this time, maybe some of these guys are starting to tune Sutter out. At least that’s what I got from what Carts was saying. He looked lifeless. Maybe it’s fatigue. Sutter talked about a crazy January schedule. He sounded like he’s regurgitating the same thing but he’s got no conviction in his words.

    If the team can’t respond after the Olympics, pretty much kiss the playoffs adios this season.

    • There’s little reason to expect the Olympics to offer any respite to the Kings or alleviation of weariness. Our top players, the ones underperforming, are all going to the Olympics with the exception of Williams and Richards. If anything, Brown, Kopi, Carter and Doughty will just come back more exhausted unless they don’t even make the medal rounds. That may happen for Kopi, but the others are likely going to play a lot of hockey half way around the world.

      All this talk about the schedule killing the Kings may be true, but it’s bullshit to lay all these losses at the feet of the schedule. The Kings have always had a rough schedule as a west coast team. True, this year it is a bit worse because of the Olympic break compounded by playing every team on the road at least once.

      However, the company line is “they are tired” and “they are built for the playoffs”. Those two statements are incompatible.

      • Respite maybe not an injection of much needed confidence possibly. To play and represent ones own country is a special one. If these guys can catch fire after the Olympics it could be a historic run yet. If they don’t the seasons probably over and even if they do make it in getting past the first round don’t think so.

      • Amen Surly, no worse of a schedule then the league leading Ducks (fucking just puked in mouth).

    • Man, I took Carters interview totally different. I translated it as fuck these Penguins, they’re not shit. We’re playing like crap and we need to pull our heads out of our ass. To me he looked pissed and irritated (total opposite of Kopitar or Brown) and wasn’t going to make excuses. Lifeless was not what I translated from the interview at all. But what the hell do I know!? Haha!

  13. Trade both. There are a lot of good things to say about Sutter but there have always been cons to go along with them. He was a huge part of bringing Regehr in– who doesn’t upset me lately, but still not a great signing. He plays favorites and it hurts the team (Martinez, and recently Toffoli) while players who aren’t playing well get a free pass. He is reluctant to give young players a shot, with the exception of King and Nolan, who fit his M.O. His line combinations are often baffling. I’ll never understand why he chose to play Brown and Williams (both injured) on the same line in the 2013 playoffs. After this horrible stretch of no offense and a 4-1 loss, Sutter still says the offense isn’t a problem (check his post-game interview).

    Brown is the same way. He did some amazing things, especially in our Cup run. When he’s playing his game, I’m very happy with him. He hasn’t been playing his game for a long time. Not the same intimidating force on the ice and he is seriously struggling with the puck– possession looks to be a problem for him, and he has a really hard time gaining the zone. He didn’t get one tape to tape pass last night. I’m also a big fan of his character. After lifting the cup, the first thing he said was, “where’s Bob [Miller]?” but, unfortunately, he’s not leading the team by example right now.

    When you have such a large sample size to point to, showing these two the door is worth considering.

    Say what you want about puck luck, corsi, pdo, etc., it takes skill to play this game and skill to score goals. That skill is absent from this team right now. For those fans of statistics, those statistics will also tell you how incredibly unlikely it is for an entire team to slump at the same time. There’s a problem with this team and it has nothing to do with tough breaks or bad luck.

    Not that I know everything (or, really, anything) about hockey but I’d like to see a trade for a 1st line left winger and a 1st pairing shutdown d-man who has puck-moving skills. In their prime, not over the hill.

    I would also experiment with these lines:


    Sorry for the rant…

    • Lines
      1st- Richards, Kopitar, Williams
      2nd- King, Carter, Stoll
      3rd- Vey, Toffoli, Nolan (Manchester United!)
      4th- Brown, Lewis, Clifford

      Doughty, Regehr
      Voynov, Greene
      Muzzin, Mitchell

      Option #1- Trade Brown, Clifford, Frattin, Fraser and Martinez!
      Option #2- Fire Davis Payne and bring back Mark Hardy!
      Option #3- Fire Darrel Sutter and hire Tony Granato, Wayne Gretzky and Mark Hardy!
      Option #4- Do #1-3!!

      Go Kings Fans!!!

  14. I liked Jon Rosen’s comments on LA Kings Insider. He generally walks a fine line in his editorial comments, because he needs to be this way. After all, he does work for the Kings. However, one can read between the lines. The Kings do need a shake up. How much of a shake up is yet to be determined, BUT it certainly does need to happen. The Kings have a lot of nice, well intentioned guys who can’t get the job done. Look at what happened with Penner. He is a fun guy, and he makes good pancakes, But he didn’t get it done. As for the coach, I can’t stand the guy. I hope he goes.

    • It is at the point where you have to make a substantial trade just for the sake of it. Sure you can ride this out and hope it turns around on its own, but if it doesn’t, Lombardi looks like an asshole for not doing anything before it’s too late. That’s how GMs lose their jobs. I’m certainly not so disgustingly upset with anyone on the team that I wouldn’t welcome them back in the long run, but unfortunately SOMETHING has to be done, and a minor deal doesn’t really qualify as enough of something. Someone has to pay the price. Williams, Brown, Richards, Stoll. These are your top candidates as “message sending” trades. In fact, Carter, Kopi, Quick and Doughty are the only players I wouldn’t consider moving in the right deal at this point.

      • Yup, Surly, that’s about right. The only ones on the team that are TRULY locked in keepers are Carter, Kopitar, Doughty and Quick. The Kings do need a good back up goalie, especially since Quick plays such a physically demanding style. But even Jones is expendable, if he could bring some significant talent to the Kings.

  15. Williams-Kopi-Brown

  16. The unknown is Browns knee injury both in terms of his performance and his trade ability. He could be traded and fail the new teams medical test.

  17. A captain can be a rah rah guy, a demanding, in your face type, or even a quiet, lead by example guy. What doesn’t work well is a guy who has a black cloud over his head for an entire year. Because that’s the example he’s setting, and it’s rubbing off on his teammates. It’s not a lack of confidence, they know they’re skilled players. It’s an acceptance that if you’re too injured or tired to play like yourself, you just have to go out there and suck, because … and here’s my one criticism of Sutter… All these guys shouldn’t be running on empty at the same time. If you’re going to concede that the schedule is too tough for these guys, then it’s time to start resting guys like Richards, Williams, and Mitchell (for fuck’s sake), in some kind of rotation because if they don’t start contributing pretty damn soon, you’ll be dealing with a burned out Kopitar, Carter, and Doughty.

    • Seriously. Mitchell needs to sit for a rest and Brown and Richards need to sit as a message. But the closest Sutter has ever given us was giving Brown like one 4th line shift a month ago.

      • Yeah, a Brown/Richards/Williams line sounds like a recipe for getting shut out again, when it once would’ve been a recipe for a hard nosed, all heart performance. There’s just a malaise leaning towards negativity that doesn’t bode well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Kings win is after the Olympics.

  18. I hear that Ryan Callahan is prepared to leave the Rangers to get the same money that Brown got in his new contract. I agree that Callahan deserves to be among the highest paid forwards in the league. So, if Callahan wants a change of scenery, maybe we could work out a trade! Maybe Brown needs a change of venue too!

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing but, Callahan gets hurt quite a bit.
      Brown is from NY state so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.
      I like Moulson short term or Vanek or Evander Kane long-term instead.

      • Brown IS part of the problem. Reverend isn’t an asshole for thinking that. As for who would be a nice player to trade for, it depends on a number of issues. Does that player want to go to LA? Is he free to come to LA? Can LA afford that player? Will LA have to trade their entire team away to get that player? I guess the Kings could bring up a bunch of players from Manchester to fill out the team roster, if they end up with too few players! :-)

  19. But I’m the asshole for assuming it’s a Brown issue.

  20. I just heard, on the Rangers vs. Islander game, that the Kings have been looking at Mike Cammalleri. I know that some of you think it would be good for him to come back to LA, but I’ve also heard that he has personality issues.

  21. I think that’s why they moved Cams originally.
    He’s got a lot of talent and I bet considering what he’s been through in Calgary, he would appreciate LA now.
    He reminds me a lot of Bernie Nicholls, the same reason he was moved from LA.
    He’s a great guy but a little to cocky for some people.
    I loved talking to Bernie and Cams was a good guy too.
    I think for a year or two this would work.
    Best case, we get Moulson and Cammalleri too!

    Could you imagine:
    Carter, Kopitar, Cammalleri
    Moulson, Richards, King
    Williams, Stoll, Toffoli
    Nolan, Fraser, Clifford

    I’m assuming we’d move Brown, Frattin, Martinez and/or some AHL talent and picks to get these trades done.

    • We can’t expect that the Kings would get a group of top line players, but your lineup would certainly be a nice step in the right direction!

      • I agree we can’t expect but, obviously both players have LA ties and are UFA’s so the teams they’ll be leaving would want to get something as opposed to nothing.
        Brown and Frattin for Moulson.
        Lewis and Martinez for Cammalleri.
        Those seem more than fair.
        Or maybe Fraser instead of Lewis would be better and move Lewis to 4th line center with Clifford and Nolan.

    • Wh the fuck is Fraser on this lineup?

      • I was discussing whether you guys think Lewis or Fraser is more valuable for what they are making.
        It’s probably Fraser but, Lewis is younger so.

  22. TSN is talking about Sam Gagner and his 4.8 million per year and 2 years left coming to LA.
    They’re concerned about the cap hit but, I don’t know why?
    The Kings have half season cap space and the cap is going up next year so WTF?
    Unload Martinez, Frattin and Fraser for him.

    • You have to remember that DL is a economic numbers guy. He sees each player as an individual asset and he doesn’t like giving up more “assets” than he is receiving. If he is going to bring in a top six guy before the cap expands this summer, a big contract has to go.

  23. Just do the deal(s) and let’s play some good hockey!
    This makes my beer taste bad!
    I’ve got bitter beer face, like all the time!
    Worse than RC did!!

  24. i definately think MEGZ and AUGS hit it on the head….bring on the 4th line and go Hartley on the Flyers!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Brown or Sutter…..why not both? While they’re at it can they also send Muzzin someplace where he’s less likely to turn the puck over leading to an opposing player making an ESPN Top-10 breakaway. Neither Sutter or Brown are leading. One isn’t leading as a coach while the other isn’t leading by example. On paper the Kings are too good to be floundering so pathetically for so long.


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