Often in my life I’ve wondered about tipping points. Even gradual changes have that one moment where suddenly everything is different.

These moments often go unnoticed. We will notice that our hair is below our shoulders but not the moment where the hair first hits our shoulders. You’ll know when a friend becomes a drug addict but not the moment when he became an addict. In the hopes that all things ebb & flow, you’ll notice that the Kings are playing worse but do we truly know when we became a team that sucks.

I have a valid case for that threshold being crossed the day my section’s usher was fired.

Does it matter when these moments occur? An end result does not care what small force propelled it’s inevitability past the point of no return. We only know that “Go Kings Go” has become “No Kings, NO.”

This is no slump, this is a tailspin.

I find myself thinking back to earlier in the season when the Kings were playing well. Perhaps it is misdirected anger that would have been better put to purpose removing a Penguins fan’s head from his shoulders, but this skid feels more like the bottom of a hill gradually rolled down than it does a cliff unexpectedly fallen off.

The team wants to talk about a brutal schedule. All I hear are excuses. The team that was built to withstand adversity admittedly folds under time zone pressure.

I have one question for you. Brown or Sutter?

I don’t believe I need to elaborate.

Brown or Sutter?

The pendulum is swinging. It moves back and forth, fluidity, despite it’s futility, is a constant. Accidents are an exception, not a rule. Coincidence is a playful guise of hockey gods. Whether the tipping point was reached last week, tonight, or is still to come, a truth will unfold.

What does your truth tell you? Brown or Sutter?

Change occurs when the pain of the current state outweighs the pain of instituting a change.

This is painful.