Surly Will Become an Anaheim Ducks Fan…

And I will pledge allegiance to the Sharks

Darryl Sutter will infuse Shakespeare’s sonnets in his post game interviews

Patrick O’Neal will project a hockey acumen that leaves us speechless

Jeff Carter will switch to a love of cock

Deirdre will grow tired of Mike Richard’s game

Alex Curry will join my wife and I in a ménage a trois

Barack Obama will admit he was a fucking idiot for thinking the Affordable Care Act would work

Luc Robitaille will turn out to be a monster who eats puppies

Dean Lombardi will trade for Mike Cammalleri

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  1. That’s an interesting, and imaginative way of making your point!!! :-)

  2. Dean Lombardi will trade for Mike Cammalleri

    Haha exactly.

  3. On June 20th, 1998 Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter acquires Mike Cammalleri from the Los Angeles Kings for the #17 pick in the draft and the #51 pick in the draft – Just Sayin’

  4. Don’t be silly, Obama would never admit to that, even if he knows it’s true.

  5. That far fetched?

  6. You forgot the Kings will go 4-16 into the Olympic break.

      • That statistic, 4 and 16, combined with the offensive problems that the Kings have had for the last couple of years, is why I’ve been saying that this isn’t JUST A SLUMP. This is a very real deficiency that the Kings have. The personnel on this team haven’t been getting it done for a long time. This IS NOT a problem with one or two players. Some very serious moves need to be made.

        Like I said before, I don’t really understand why, or how, every player on the Kings managed to put everything together for that incredible Cup run, because they had problems during that season as well. They just squeaked into the playoffs. Talk about the underdog coming from behind to win it all! It was incredible! It REALLY shouldn’t have happened. It REALLY was a Cinderella story!

        What does that mean? It means that the Kings aren’t built like Chicago, where they have the potential to win the Cup again and again. The Kings somehow put everything together, and were working perfectly, together, to win the Cup that year. The only way they could make a serious run at the Cup again would be if they made the necessary changes to the team, which would make them a complete team. Right now … they are most certainly NOT a complete team. In reality, they probably will not make the playoffs this year. IF they make some good trades they could get into the playoffs again, but how far could they go? How many key players could they add to the team?

        I AM a Kings fan. I won’t jump ship. BUT some very serious changes need to be made immediately. Dean Lombardi MUST face the fact that the Kings are in serious trouble, which the current personnel are not capable of fixing. It is certainly a shame that so many players haven’t been contributing, but hoping that things will suddenly become better won’t change this very serious problem. It’s been going on for far too long.

        Let’s hope that Dean Lombardi is worth the large salary that he is receiving.

        • I understand and feel your frustration and agree that a move needs to be made. But disagree on the Kings missing the playoffs, I can’t se that happening. The best thing for the players not going to Sochi is a 3 week break. I have no doubt DL has been and will continue to work the phones, it’s just a matter of not overpaying for that player ,esp someone like Vanek who would be a rental. Moulson has some mysterious injury that will keep him out of the line up until the break is over , does that get a discount in a trade?
          Since the teams get paid on the 15th, I don’t see a move happening for the Kings until after the break since it hasn’t happened already and there are only a few games left. GM’s know the Kings are desperate for a scorer and I’m sure aren’t making it easy for Dl, who from all accounts has been working the phones for weeks.
          I think Cammeleri is what they end up with and I sure hope it’s not Ott, who is one of the few players in the NHL I despise and root actively against.
          Hockey is an odd business. As a hockey fan who watches 2 to 3 games a night, and a HUGE fan of Ryan Callahan, I never thought the Rangers would trade him but he’s is being actively shopped and form what I’ve heard and read, St Louis is making a strong push for him. That’s a team that fits his style. But the Rangers wlll him, you can’t replace what he brings, but it’s a first and foremost a business and they won’t pay what he is asking (6 mill over 7 years) and he won’t budge. So his Rangers days are numbered.
          I don’t like the Kings lines today, and hope that Sutter changes that because as they stand, I can’t see it working. But having watched every Flyers game, they are weak in their own end, giving up A LOT of scoring changes because tghey can’t (and that includes most of the forwards) clear the puck out of their own end. it’s the reason they have given up close to 4 goals a game this year a nd at least 3 goals in 11 of their last 12.
          The Kings biggest fail and reason for their scoring woes is the PP. And that is on Payne. it doesn’t work. Changing the layer son unit 1 and 2 won’t work because they do the same thing, which doesn’t include motion, movement or fluidity. And they also lose the faceoff and almost 20 seconds of time just aobut every PP.
          I think the Kings can win today, 3-1 or therein.

          • Deirdre, you made some good points. I’ve always been a Ranger fan, since spending my youth in upstate NY. So, I don’t want to see Ryan Callahan leaving that team. It would be nice if he could come to LA, as long as he feels the need to leave NY, but I won’t hold my breath that Lombardi will get him. He’s a fabulous all around forward. He’ll certainly help any team.

            I hope Lombardi will be successful in obtaining several players who can be long term assets to the team. But I understand that the other teams in the NHL are our opponents. And it’s not in their interest to help us. Any possible trade of players would have to benefit them.

          • They need to simplify the PP like I say all the time.
            Screen in front (always), one guy in each faceoff circle, two guys on the point (preferably-Doughty and Richards) and shoot the damn puck.
            Scoring on the power play, even if it’s ugly, would give the Kings so much needed confidence.
            I think Payne is worst than Kompon (yes, I just fucking said it)!!
            Go Kings, score 3 today woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • The Kings currently take very low percentage shots. Very few from the slot. The reason there is so much “traffic” in front of the net, is because the Kings most reliably score goals on rebounds. Teams are not having nearly as much difficulty defending the style anymore. If you cover the man and dont chase the puck its actually always been pretty easy. I compare it to the full court press in basketball. It can help a less talented team play and actually beat a more talented team. Until the skill team starts to press as well. At that point the game is truly in the players hands. The Kings are not a 200′ team. Thats bullshit. They are a 100′ team. One trick fuckin pony. They are an underskilled team playing an outdated system.

  7. Sorry- worse (not worst) my bad.

  8. FUCK! Enough is enough!
    Send Muzzin down and trade someone already!!!!

  9. Same old shit…same shitty play, same shitty results. Now the same shitty post game answers. Save your breath Brown, I don’t wanna hear it Sutter…… What this team is doing is insane.
    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

  10. I guess toffoli can play lw. Only positive from today.

  11. This team is the exact spitting image of the Terry Murray team and its fucking scary. SoG were like 35-13 and not one single fucking goal! Remember “shot mentality”? There’s no looking for cross seam passes for one timers it’s just the same, mindless bullshit that they had been doing with TM.

    I don’t think DL is gonna fire Sutter so it’s gotta be a trade. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brown get traded.

  12. Brown is not the problem. He will come around

    • 1 point on the road this season for the Captain, he doesn’t fucking hit on a regular basis and he can’t fight worth a shit!
      Yes, he’s the fucking problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. He got the praise when they won the cup, he should get the blame when it’s going the way it is!
    He’s got a guaranteed contract and his family will be taken care of,
    Let someone else pay him money he isn’t earning!
    It’s time for a change, you can’t pay the 4th line RW 6+ million per season!


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