Kings Fucked? A Poll…

There once was a team of Kings.

They did all kinds of cool things.

They banded together, like they had never and got themselves some rings.

This team that I once knew.

Is now playing like poo.

They can’t score a goal, are falling in a hole, wadda you say we do a poll?


Not done yet…

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  1. Matt Moulson and Cammalleri or Evander Kane.

  2. Steve Ott

  3. There once was a very sad fan
    Whose head was always in hand,
    His team couldn’t score
    Now the sport is a bore
    Sutter’s offense it turns out is quite bland.

  4. I hate saying this, because I really do, but the way Justin Williams has been playing as of late (Is he playing?) I think he would be the trade bait for a really good player. He has a super low cap which makes it seem foolish to trade him, and when he is on, he is on…but he isn’t. Toffoli is chomping at the bit, and then we have Carter. I’d much rather have a scoring LW than Williams at this point. But I’d rather not trade him, you know… hell, I don’t even know why I bother. I have no freaking clue what would make this team better other than some other action than what is currently happening.

  5. While DL is busy working the phones Sutter needs to make an adjustment on offense even if that means exposing the D a little more. At this point they gotta gamble a little and do more to try and get the puck in the net.

    I don’t know what happened to the forecheck but that used to be a big reason why the D was so good. They were really able to stop breakouts but now it’s almost gone.

    They’ve got nothing to lose at this point because doing the same thing is turning into the leagues biggest joke.

  6. cheap cast off has beens given another shot
    next year free agents!

  7. Per Rosen

    Richards last 25 games 1 goal, 8 assists, -9 rating
    Brown last 10 games ZERO points, -6 rating

    Richards makes $5.75 MILLION per season
    Brown makes $3.175 Million and is set to make $5.875 Million next season and beyond

    When can I try out for the team????

  8. Another game … another shutout for the opposing goalie!

    The Kings were trying to keep their heads above water, but they couldn’t play the perfect defensive game that they hope for every game. Two terrible defensive mistakes cost the Kings two goals. Did the Kings get any quality scoring opportunities? Yes, they got a few, but they couldn’t finish … again.

  9. Ah fuck it….bring on the Hawks

  10. Send Dustin Brown home to NY for LW Thomas Vaneck and a second round pick.. He will resign once we make a third WC final in a row.

    • We would be trading Brown, 2nd pick and a prospect at least for Vanek!
      He was a first round pick and the Islanders want a lot in return.

      • Dustin Brown may be sucking this year, but he is a Stanley Cup winning captain and he would be madly coveted by the Islanders and is signed long term. Vanek is a talented winger who is not signed and has led exactly zero teams nowhere. If you traded Brown for Vanek, the Islanders are adding the pick and prospect, regardless of how meaningless Brown’s effectiveness has been this season.

        • Yeah but Cap’n still needs to step up. If he’s slumping on the ice, so be it. It happens. Great captains have to be able to motivate the team from time to time (and damn, by no means does the coaching staff get a pass on that either) and I’m not so sure that’s happening right now. Guy needs to call a war conference. Or just take the top 6 with him to hit up some strippers with Justin and his boys, whatever it takes to reach that higher state, and then get back to business. Quiet leadership is no leadership when you’re in a slump like this.

  11. I’m just repeating the same old thing I’ve said way too many times. Going back over the last four years, the Kings have had problems scoring goals. Sure, they’ve had little (very) short stretches where they’ve scored, but in general it’s been an issue.

    Just my point of view, but I don’t think a trade, or a this or a that will help anything. It might give em a jolt for a while but it goes deeper. It’s a root issue, not (strictly) a personnel issue.
    Dean Lombardi is the top of the chain (after the ownership). He has a philosophy and his mentor Lou Lamoriello told him, ‘stick to your guns no matter what people say, if you think it’s the right thing’ – something to that effect.

    Dean was the first ever Kings GM to come in with patience, and a clear point of view. That is Brilliant. Thats why we got our first Cup. However, as I see it, Dean is also not the most supple of characters. Great coaches make adjustments if and when necessary. Great management sees the big picture, which goes beyond their preferred philosophy. They can tweak and adjust as needed. Dean seems to love a particular type of forward. True not everyone is so fortunate to draft Milan Lucic in the second round, Brad Marchand in the same draft in the third round. But based on what we’re seeing so far, Clifford isn’t developing, Lewis doesn’t have an offensive touch, and there are too many players that lack both speed and skill.

    To me it would seem possible to create some sort of hybrid that would enable a bit more offensive creativity without totally sacrificing the Ethan Moreau, Trent Hunter, Kyle Clifford, Jordan Nolan, Trevor Lewis type of player that he’s so attracted to. They Are difficult to play against the boards but clearly so much of the teams offense is coming from that area of the ice. Henceforth, loads of shots for, and not many goals coming from said shots.

    This works if you can score 3 goals a game in a 3-2 league and keep the offense as it’s been. Clearly that isn’t working though.

    Moral of the story….. so long as the ‘structure’, or philosophy remains rigid, they’ll remain a very good defensive team, (and I Never said to abandon that aspect of what is important to Lombardi) but they’re gonna be living on a very very slim margin of error, and that’s just too difficult to maintain game after game, season after season.

    For Me: Don’t trade, Don’t change the system (for the moment) or anything else.
    If they miss the playoffs, so be it. That would hopefully oblige Mr. Lombardi to take a very real assessment of how the team is designed in an era in which at least a modicum of speed and skill – and flexibility to change the type of game you play if necessary (which is what Detroit could do for year after year), rather than counting on a system that has to be played to perfection in order to work and that has almost no room for anything less than perfect execution.

    • Well said Drew. it’s what I see when I watch them and have seen over the 3 years. This is Murray’;s restrictive Defensive system. it’s not only physically challenging to put that hard driving, grinding effort forth every shift, it’s mentally challenging as well. Even in the beg. of the year, thru Quick’s injury, the team wasn’t racking up a lot of goals. When Quick went down , the team in front really pushed hard in an effort to be that much better for Scrivens and Jones. Add the taxing schedule from end of Dec thru next week, you have ateam that is worn out. On NHL Tonight this morning , the analyst who was discussing the Kings issues said it well, he said they are so concentrated on staying in the defensive system, playing too North and South that they don’t do enough East and West to be creative and allow some goals. He said they need to loosen up on the north and South game and give themselves some room to score.
      And as much as I think they need an upgrade at LW, and it will help, as long as they are in Murray/Sutter stifling D system, they are never going to a skating , scoring team. The are a 3-2 team And even getting that LW, if they keep the system as is, you can expect this will happen next year, because it’s not a system that you can maintain for 82 games, too hard, too taxing. The system has to cha nge.
      And why does Payne have a job? What has he added to the O of PP since his arrival? They need somebody for the Offensive coaching job that can breathe fresh air into the system. That I would think is something DL has to do this summer.

      Best thing for this team is the Olympic break. For the non Olympians, esp. Take 2 weeks off and do not think about hockey at all. Go on vacation to a tropical isle, go home to visit the family, play Mister mOM , but don’t think about the game. But on the 20th, get back to LA and put in a solid week of daily practices, Come back renewed in spirit and reinvigorated. The new LW hopefully comes over and DS puts him on the 2nd line with MR and TT. With DK, AK and JC on the first line, that top 6 if left alone, should be rested and ready for the final 6 weeks.
      I don’t think they have the ammo to get the high profile LW, GM’s knowing the Kings are desperate for scoring will make the price too high. I think it will be Cammy. I hope I’m wrong but I can’t see DL overpaying esp for rental (Vanek, who will sign in Miinny) Moulson might be worth it, because I think he would like to sign in LA. Ladd will cost way too much and I’m not sure given how well that team has responded to their new coach if he’ll be on the block anyway.
      I am hopeful that the 3 week rest and new blood will put the wind back in their sails. But DL has to see that DS need to alter the system or this malaise that has affected them for years will continue to do so

      • As usual, I’ve enjoyed reading all of the comments. There are a lot of thoughtful individuals on this blog who truly care about the Kings.

        There’s not much left to say. I don’t know if DL understands what’s wrong. He’s stuck on his system, which is why DS is the coach. I think everyone on this blog understands that it is the system that’s wrong. That and the fact that most of the players on the team are grinders. There isn’t much skill on the team. Some teams are too offensive minded, and they can’t play a decent defensive game. Some teams are too defensive minded, and they can’t play a decent offensive game.

        I mentioned, previously, that the Kings were fortunate (lucky) to have the grinders on the team (who usually don’t score) do some scoring during their championship run for the Cup. If all of them hadn’t been chipping in on the scoring as well as working extremely hard to maintain their defensive side of the game, they wouldn’t have done what they did. A strong defense combined with some timely scoring and outstanding goaltending WILL win you a championship. But that isn’t something you can expect to have as a normal occurrence for a defensive team, which has a lot of grinders who normally don’t score.

        If you don’t have that special kind of player who can play strong defense AND who can score timely goals you won’t have the results that DL and DS want to achieve.

        Here’s hoping for some kind of change that will get this train back on the tracks.

        • Persister, that’s Such a great post you have here. I’ve done workshops (personal work) and you’d hear persons I respect say things like ‘some people think too much, some not enough… some people work too hard, some not enough…. etc etc. You get the idea.
          And it’s exactly that that you point out. It’s perfect. Exactly. Some teams too offensive minded, some too defensive minded.

          That’s it really. Great point by Deirdre and it’s something I’ve thought about often as well…. that the team that probably travels more miles than any other team in the NHL also plays the most physically demanding system in the NHL. I personally don’t think it’s a good mix.

          As I said elsewhere (copying another blogger I read elsewhere) perhaps some sort of hybrid would work well. But if they expect to continue banging and getting the ‘timely’ goal and winning 2-1 for years to come, it’s not gonna work. I simply don’t see teams winning like that anymore on a regular basis.

          One last thing: I live in ny and was listening on the radio to the Kings-Rangers (beginning of the season). They interviewed Marcel Dionne and he said that the Kings rely too much on Quick. Someone decided in response when I wrote that another time, the shots against blah blah blah etc comparing Quick to the other goalies to show that that was wrong. But as we’ve seen when the Kings have 35 shots for, they can be of a nature as to not trouble a goalie all that much, while 18-22 shots, many of which are high percentage can be incredibly demanding on a goalie.

          • Thank you Drew. I’m not as hockey smart as some, by I do have the experience that come from watching many hockey games since I was a teenager. The game has changed a lot over the years. The players do train harder, because the game is much more difficult … and faster. I remember when the NJ Devils first used their strong defensive system, which stymied other teams and brought NJ success. After the other teams learned ways to defeat their strong defensive system, NJ lost more games. A similar situation exists with LA, except that NJ, at that time, also had players who could play offense. The Kings are lacking in that area … on a consistent basis.

            As for the number of shots on goal, that’s meaningless. Those who think it’s good don’t understand the game. Having 25 quality chances is awesome. Having 45 poor quality shots is meaningless. The goalies are too good now. If you don’t have the skill to control the puck and get off a quality shot, you shouldn’t be a top six forward. As we discussed before, the Kings are built for strong work along the boards and getting poor quality shots at the net. Then, they hope to tap in a rebound. This isn’t working as well nowadays with teams clearing out the front of the net better and moving the loose puck rapidly up the ice in the attempt to catch one, or both, of the opposing defensemen in too deep. This creates high quality shots at the other end of the ice.

            The game has changed. The Kings need to change along with it.

      • I have been shaking my head at Davis Payne among other things as well…
        no Cammi..
        MC= Cancer

  12. Sorry – Typo…. Meant to say if you can score 3 goals a game and basically maintain the Defense the way it’s been.

    • And one more thing…. where I say ‘a modicum of speed and skill’ is needed, I’m not inferring that the Kings don’t have any of those elements. They do. But the speed is in the legs of Frattin, Lewis, maybe Nolan….. guys who aren’t scoring. Yes, Carter has wheels. And Kopi, Carter and Doughty have amazing skill sets. But the drop off after another player or two beyond them is precipitous.

  13. ok how about David Perron or Kreider coming to the kings

  14. Another question:

    What is the team doing about our prospective UFA’s?
    Greene, Mitchell, Lewis, Fraser and Schultz.
    King and Frattin are RFA’s.

    Right now after this season we have four regular defenders locked up:
    Doughty, Voynov , Regehr and Martinez
    Muzzin, Frattin, Clifford and Fraser suck!
    What are we doing about that and solidifying the bottom six forwards?

  15. Who knows….it could be locker room drama. Perhaps the team is upset we traded Scrivens. Since his trade, we are 2-8. Prior to his trade (going back 1 month), we were 12-8.

  16. There once was a captain named Brown
    Always known for knocking guys down
    He was the King on the ice
    Damn it was nice.
    Be nice if he’d come back around.

    Is this thing on?

  17. @Persister…. to your second post….. Yes. It’s that simple……… and of course it’s not, otherwise everyone would do it. But one needs the capacity to adapt and change. Things do not stay the same in life. And they most certainly don’t stay the same in sports.

    • Those who see the handwriting on the wall … and have the flexibility to adapt … will have a higher probability of success! :-)

  18. The Kings have always been my team,
    In 2012 they realized my life-long dream,
    Now they can’t remember how to score,
    and it looks like DL must rent a LW whore,
    I want to say that the color of poop is dustin Brown and matt Greene,
    Would it be possible to land Alexander Steen?
    Or maybe it’s Sutter,
    Or the PP coach…what’s his name….the PAYNEful mother fucker,

    Ok I’m done. FUCK I’M PISSED.

  19. If Andrew Ladd is available, then he’ll yeah! Get him! Dude is a power forward with serious skill. Still need a trustworthy Dman who can skate and smart with the puck. A defensive Dman 1st and foremost though.

  20. I just heard that Jagr is available too, he would work for this season and next.
    Can you imagine Jagr, Kopitar, Carter?

    • That would be a plus. He’s still an elite player, even though he’s slowed down quite a bit. BUT he would be like a “rental.” He wouldn’t be a long term asset to the team.

  21. The system is not broken. The players are. I continue to hope it’s just a really, really banged up team.

  22. Moulson and Jagr would be nice on the first two lines though!

    Jagr, Kopitar, Carter
    Moulson, Richards, King
    Williams, Stoll, Toffoli
    Clifford, Fraser, Nolan

    I think that would be a pretty good offense!!

    • That would definitely be a positive change for the offense. At least a couple moves will also need to be made on the defensive side of the puck.

  23. Idk man. We all have valued points on what has gone wrong the last month. Fuck it bring on the Olympic break already. Shit they could be first overall then come back from the break and suck. Or vice versa. I think the rest will do them all good. Still I agree with surly a #1 damn man is first priority. Package Muzzin a prospect and a pick for an actual lw and our top six is good. Also if top titty can play lw…
    Traded for lw insert here-stoll-Williams
    Brown back to rw where he belongs. All we neen is one left. This goes back to toffoli. If he can be lw. He’s looked good with kopitar and carts. If sutter takes him off that line then I will start to listen to the sutter bashing.

    • Toffoli is still trying to get his feet wet as a right winger in the NHL. First things first. And he shoots right. He does have a lot of raw talent, and I think he has good instincts.

      With the way Brown has played this season, he won’t work with King and Richards. I think King has come a long way. I like the progress he’s shown. He’s done a good job on the front line with Kopitar and Carter. Richards makes good, intelligent passes to his line mates, but he can’t receive a pass … and he hasn’t been able to hit the net with a shot.

      Lewis has been discussed a lot. He can’t shoot. Even his puck handling is suspect. He can skate, and he’s good defensively. This means he’s an adequate second-tier Center.

      Clifford and Nolan are good fourth line grinders. He’s a Center. And I don’t recall if I’ve ever seeing him at Center. He shoots left. Maybe he would be good on left wing. Is he being used in the best position?

      • I think Lewis is a center. He is usually on the right though. Sometimes crazy ‘ole Daryl has put him on the left.

        • Yes, he’s a natural Center. He shoots right, so it’s OK, as long as he’s able, for him to play on the right side. A Center needs to have really good hands. That’s something that Lewis has proved time and time again that he doesn’t have.

  24. We’ll fuck. We need a 4th line center too then. Fraser isn’t gonna cut it

  25. Obviously, Jamie Kompon was a fucking genius.

  26. Yeah. We all were bashing him but now that he is gone. We’ll he isn’t the problem now is he.

  27. On the LW issue….from TSN this morning, Vanek reportedly turned down an offer close to 7 yrs/50 mill from the Isles and will most likely be dealt prior to Mar 5

    I love Vanek, and if there were a way to guarantee he would sign in LA, I think DL might bite. But that gray area of the rumor of him wanted to sign in Minny is too much of a risk.
    Helluva player tho…

    • Deiridre, you know how much I always like and agree with your posts. That said, you’ve probably seen him play a lot more than I have. But some of the punters’ comments below that thread don’t make it sound very pretty. Even beyond his desire to go to Minny, they say he doesn’t do the ‘little things’. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but there are a number of people commenting that on tsn.

      • And I still go back to the bottom line. On Insider, a particular blogger disputed my claim that DL could have done better in terms of drafting saying that he’s actually done fine. I guess it depends on one’s pov.

        As I have stated over and over, there just has to be a tweak in the philosophy.
        Here is one example: If we look at four draft picks….Teubert, Hickey, Lewis and Clifford. That is three first round picks and one second rd pick. As I see it, I don’t think that quite cuts it. I ask myself how would NJ or Detroit or Boston have done with those picks. I can’t imagine that they would have ended up with two forwards who’s total goal output together for a season would be so low.

        Teubert hasn’t even managed to get into the lineup of an admittedly weak Edmonton defense.
        I mention these as I think that first round picks and seconds are really important.
        I just started to put in some comparisons relative to other teams and thought that that’s not fair to DL, but the point is, that No One or No Team gets it right all the time. That’s obvious. But I think it’s about limiting the number of errors as much as possible.

        • The point of that was that other than Hickey (a smaller skilled player) the others fit Dean’s philosophy to a T. What happens if it expands a bit to look towards a few more players who are in a slightly different mould so to speak?

  28. Great blog, there are some hockey intelligent fans here, I love it. What is so great is, if you say this player or that player sucks, the whole blog isn’t leaping down your throat and wanting to fight. As Arnold said “I’ll be back”.


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