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  1. Jagr is one of the greats, but he plays right wing. Do we really need another right winger? Who would we have to lose for a rental player who will absolutely hate playing for Sutter? I’m just curious how this would work if it were to happen

  2. We need a fucking left boys! Also fuck the ducks. Is the douche wearing his quack jersey at a Super Bowl party or something?

  3. go get kadri….
    jagr has been bad in his last 2 playoff appearances, 82 games plus olympics and playoffs is too much to ask of a senior citizen

    • Kadri is not available. Kulemin is

    • This your mind on drugs!

      Kadri is a center who doesn’t play any defense and makes horrible decisions.

      Toronto is probably going to do something with him at some point, from what I am hearing from my brother in law. It is also rumored that Reimer is going to be dealt to most likely Winnipeg.

      Kulemin is being shopped especially by Don Cherry because his offense has gone south and even though he is good defensively he sometimes bails out of getting hit it he can see it coming.

      Kulemin is a UFA after this season, he’s a LW, 6ft 1in 225 so he is not easy to knock off the puck. I am not sure what he would cost in terms of what Toronto is looking for which most likely defense or a pick, but if he were to play on a line with Richards and Carter he might just be able to get that goal production turned around.

      If he can return to the Kulemin of 2010/2011 it might not be a bad addition depending on the price. He’s still only 27 going on 28 and if he does put up some good numbers, maybe he signs in the off season and on the cheap in the 3 million per range.

      • negative. Kulemin is Jonathon Cheechoo all over again. he has 24 goals in his last 3 seasons. He does nothing to help team speed. He does not play Kings style hockey.

        I suggested Kadri because I see a left handed player with tons of skill. The guy has great hands and would be shifted to LW. He also finishes his checks and I think playing on this team he would mature as a hockey player.

        At any rate its a mute point because we know Dean Lombardi will go get a defenseman to play with doughty.

        Kulemin would be lucky to get a brad boyes type 1.5 million contract.

        If you think Kulemin helps this team your crazy maybe we should bring up larry deslauries too right?

  4. Im fairly certain we have tried every line combination this year besides the ones that have actually worked in the cup run. At least not for too long. When Sutter started tooling around with the lines to find scoring at least we were still winning. If we are gonna go back to basics, lets go back to the lines that had some chemistry at a championship level. Penner, unfortunately will be replaced by Tyler Toffoli who may or may not be able to convert to left wing. If he cant then clearly we need to package him for a scoring left wing. We had our chances to get Jagr. As inspirational as he may be. Hes a RW. Andrew Ladd I like cause hes got skill and cups. We have been trying to fill that fuckin hole for like ever. It would stupid to get any right winger or center at this point. If i may:
    Brown Kopitar williams
    Ladd Richards Carter
    King Stoll Lewis
    Cliiford Fraser Nolan
    Doughty Mitchell
    Voynov Regehr
    Martinez Greene
    I dont think Ladd costs us Toffoli and Muzzin they just arent good enough yet for 20 minutes at the NHL level. Right the ship. Make the move before the break so the players dont have to stress about it. Some break to look forward to if youre a Kings player right now? My 2¢. Whatever.

    • Ladd has a no movement clause for starters and he’s the captain of the Jets.

      The Jets have played their way into the wildcard mix, and a big reason is because of what they are getting from Ladd.

      The no movement, the fact he’s their captain and the uncertainty of them making the playoffs right now, chances are he’s not going to be moved regardless.

  5. R u drunk?

  6. But toffoli goes nowhere. Those who forget the past r doomed to repeat it. How many times have we given up on a toffoli type young player?

    • I’m afraid dealing Kozun will bite us in the ass later. Dealing Toffoli or Pearson would be awful franchise moves.

  7. No on Jagr. If we’re going to give up assets, I want someone who will be around for a few years who isn’t collecting Social Security.

  8. Darren Dreger mentioned some interesting names possibly being available. Erat and Ruutu. Also mentioned Malone, who we know DL has coveted before. Also Ray Whitney, who we almost signed two years ago.

  9. sigh.. hope you made to the home and not to the clink…sigh..
    usually this restlessness..low grade depression hits in the Dog days of July/August. .when it has been too long with no Hockey..not right in the heart of the season..this just tears me up..as in both pulls me into pieces and swells my eyes with sorrow..it is hard not to be angry right now..points after precious points slipping away..dealing with A.holes at work enjoying our woes..the haters that I cannot say F off to as I still need my job…sigh..
    This is the Winter of our Discontent.

  10. Malone? Fuck me sideways. I’m done if that happens. Whitney is a cheap stop gap that can pay off.

  11. Jagr? No thanks with a capital N. THE Kings don’t need another RW, esp one has shown in the past 2 years to be not a factor in the playoffs. Also, he’s said that he will resign with the Devils, and why would you overpay for a RW that is a rental and isn’t what the kings need? And the Devils are only 2 points out of a wildcard spot, why would they trade their leading scorer???

    There are LW’s available and non rentals. DL will shop there (or for a vet D) not for Jagr.

    ON one of the TSN radio podcasts yesterday, in a trade discussion (and side note they mentioned that the pre Olympic trade deadline is Friday at 3 pm and there will be activity and players moving. ) the Kings (of course) came up and Moulson was still the guy they ‘have heard’ in in the lead to come to LA because he would most likely not be a rental (citing the family ties to Quick’s wife and moulsons) and Cammeleri was the other name they felt would a viable option. They more or less said other options (LAdd, Vanek, Gaborik, among others ) would be far too costly in terms of what would go the other way and that DL (they felt) would not trade TT who would be the player wanted by the teams for those other options.

    OT- How about how the Jets (8-2) since Maurice took over? They noted that he ‘cut the offensive chains’ off the players and have given them freedom and the goals and wins have come as a result , because they are not playing like they have weights on their back anymore. A part of me really wishes DS had a change of heart and at least slightly adapted the Kings suffocating D system.

    And whatever LW does arrive here, most likely won’t be the same as the guy the fans saw on TV with his former team as he too will have to adhere to Sutters strict North ad South system. His goal production will drop off in time, after the initial “ive been traded and need to make a good first impression’ games are done.

    I don’t have much confidence tonight vs Hawks, esp if Sutter keeps the first line top heavy. TT-AK-JC on one line equals another loss for the Kings, too top heavy and too easy for the Hawks to use their best shutdown guys against. In the meantime, their 2nd and 3rd lines will create time and space because they are more balanced . I don’t understand how Sutter can’t see how ineffective that is. If he insists on keeping JC with AK (which IMO has not worked) at least put TT with MR. I would prefer TT with AK and JC with MR, but Sutter won’t do that.
    His stubborn streak is costing this team.

  12. On the LW issue….from TSN this morning, Vanek reportedly turned down an offer close to 7 yrs/50 mill from the Isles and will most likely be dealt prior to Mar 5

    I love Vanek, and if there were a way to guarantee he would sign in LA, I think DL might bite. But that gray area of the rumor of him wanted to sign in Minny is too much of a risk.
    Helluva player tho…

    • 7 years 50 million, no thanks, not with his track record!

      • He’s 30 and I don’t see too many teams offering him north of 50 Mill for that long. one of the reporters ‘close to the situation’ said it was 8 years and ‘quite generous’. I can’t help thinking Vanek wants to sign in MInny or he’s thinking he’ll get more $$ fielding offers this summer.
        I’m not sure what team will give up a lot of assets for a rental …

  13. After tonight’s loss to a very strong and balanced Blackhawk team, the Kings will have only 5 wins out of their last 21 games. Yes, something most certainly needs to be done. Hopefully, we will see part of the change before the Olympic break.

  14. Deirdre, I left a comment on the last thread about the tsn article. But here’s the thing I wanna bring up.
    Two years ago, the Kings were obliged to deal for Carter (and now that I think about it the year before that it was Penner). I’m talking dealing out of necessity. Then last year it was Regehr.
    The good teams may be dealing, but imo not out of necessity. Who has Chicago traded for? Boston (yeah I know they tried to get Iginla). Pittsburgh went absolutely crazy last year and at the time I thought ‘wow, what a bad idea…. it’s gonna screw up their chemistry’ as they had been playing well before that.

    On the other hand, DL has been doing it every year to buoy up the Kings to be able to get em into the playoffs (essentially). They’ve qualified always in the last week. That means giving up a lot of futures. I’d for one prefer to let em either get in or not with what they have on the team now, and if they don’t make it in, then you use a reasonably high pick to get a good forward who will be able to help the team in the future at some point.

    I just don’t see that Dean has much left to deal. Again, it’s So different to when we dealt JJ because VV was ready to come in…. and the 1st that went along with the deal.

    He simply can’t afford to keep dealing off first rounders to keep getting em in to the playoffs (as a 7th or 8th seed). News Flash: Kopi is gonna get older. MR is already showing signs in his play of age based on the huge goal droughts he’s had in the last few seasons. JW…. how many years does he have left playing at that level? Sooner or later you’ve gotta replace these guys, otherwise it’s gonna go from being a young team to being an old(ish) team real quick.

    • I understand your point and agree about how much the cost is for the teams future potential. But the thing is DL has a core group of a certain age for a reason, he didn’t put this team together, including the trades of the last 3 years, for a couple Cup runs. And he would be foolish not to improve that core with a player of the same experience (26–30) who would fit in. The team is weak on LW and that needs to be addressed or this team won’t go deep. And I think he won’t gamble a lot of his future away unless it’s for a player who can fill that need , fit into the current core and remain there . For example. Pearson is a LW and so is Zykov. So if Pearson is one of the players that goes the other way for a LW, they aren’t losing anything because they have Zykov growing in the farm system. . And whose to say the LW isn’t one we haven’t talked about yet (a lesser light)
      There are also some rumors he’s looking for vet D .
      And I agree in time those core players will be replaced but that time is not now, the window hasn’t closed yet. And he won’t give up a 1st round pick.

      I still think a large part of this teams’ current woes are due to Sutter’s stifling system which is taxing in a full season and his inability to keep lines together. Top loading that first line (which he did again in practice today) means that the Kings chances of winning tonight and/or scoring remains minimal. It makes them far to easy to defend against, esp vs Hawks who are deep and have the players to do that. TT is an RW, how about playing him there? Leave him with Kopi and move Carter to the 2nd line and you above 2 lines with threats to score instead of 1. That forces the Hawks (or other teams ) to choose. Sutter is far too stubborn to admit his decision in Dec to move Carter wasn’t the right one. Since then, the scoring had dipped.

      I think the reason DL hasn’t pulled the trigger (and the Mayor said DL had 2 deals working and 1 fell thru due to the asking price) is because he’s being very careful about what prospect or picks to sacrifice. But he needs to add to the current core and give them a chance to remain a contender for the next few years.

      • See Deirdre. I really like tooing and froing with you because you have a real knowledge. It’s so nice.
        I see that you do mention that iyo he won’t trade away another first. I have to say I really hope you’re right on that one. For me that would be a real blow. That would be tough to take. There are very few players around for whom I’d trade a first. It would have to be a seriously seriously good player. And there aren’t many of those around who would be available anyway.

  15. It will certainly be an interesting time in L.A.! Sutter and Lombardi don’t want to change their method of operation, but something drastic does need to be done. They certainly don’t want to, and really don’t need to begin a total rebuilding of this team, but continuing in the manner that they have up to this point in time is not a good long term plan.

    Are they willing to change their methods to create more offense on this team? I don’t know. Just changing faces and keeping the same methods won’t help at all.

    • Agree 100%. And watching other elite teams have success with less rigid systems is frustrating. But DL is as stubborn as DS and I think perhaps too close a friend. A part of me really hopes he can that this system needs tweaking or any LW brought in, will fall into the same meat grinder.

      • I agree about the rigid system, the elite teams can really play physically or tear you to shreds with laser passing and scoring (see Pittsburgh vs LA last game).
        Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Anaheim and San Jose on a regular basis and Vancouver, Detroit and Phoenix also have their moments.
        The Kings on the other hand, grind out just about every win with ultra conservative, pain staking, often boring and ineffective predictability.
        I’ll tell you, it’s going to make me turn gray or bald or both if they keep it up.
        Darrel and the coaches should be more flexible depending on the circumstances of that particular game/opponent.
        When there’s a need for goals, open it up and get all five players going to the net pinching the puck along the boards and getting a lot of shots.
        When the team is ahead, or say in the second game of a back to back on the road then play a little tighter and get all five players working in unison on defense and expect to win a lower scoring game.
        The problem is, we play every fucking team the same way and they’re not!!
        Just my thoughts.
        I’m afraid tonight will be another 4-1 or 3-0 beat down by the Blackhawks.
        I obviously hope to be wrong, Go Kings!!

        • You turning gray and bald and I’m about to turn to cheap liquor to cure the pain (Mad dog anyone)
          and agree on the Hawks tonight, unless the Kings can capitalize on a mistake and pot a lucky goal, making it 3-1 instead of 3-0.

        • Good summation..we a seem to be seeing the same problem..hope/wish the inner circle will let outsider analysis seep in and give them pause.
          Too often same old ideas are tossed around by same group and norhing new emerges :/

      • Sorry Deirdre…. that last line confused me. ‘A part of me really hopes he can that this system needs teaching or any LW….’ ?
        Well, maybe I get it.

        And Persister…. totally (as you know) agree as you and I have been saying the same thing.

  16. Funny, I seem to remember him being a free agent last offseason… Hmmmm. Unbelievable how all these GMs keep their jobs. The fact is on the low curve of NHL GMs, Dean is a good one. That’s how dumb these people are. Put anyone known for their intellect and creativity into a GM position instead of just guys known for being former hockey players or having connections, and they would win the Cup almost every year against these idiots.

    Jagr would be nice though. Wouldn’t exactly make the team faster though but he’s still a very good offensive hockey player. Not sure he’s enough by himself though. I’d say the Kings either need a Vanek or Kane if they’re just going to bring in one player, or if it’s going to be Jagr then they also need to add someone like Grabner on top to improve the team speed.

  17. For what it’s worth:
    The Mayor John Hoven ‏@mayorNHL · 40m
    @johnnygraves666 Look at the #Oilers and #Isles (not Vanek). #LAKings exploring a few deals there, per multiple @MayorsManor sources.

    Isles- Grabner? He’s a RW…not much else there unless I for a D (A Mac)
    Oilers Hemsky and Gagne are the 2 names that have been in rumors, neither is a LW but Gagne has played wing. Maybe DL is looking to upgrade without giving up too much.

    • Update from

      Elliott Freidman on the FAN 590 today says Kings and Oilers talking on Sam Gagner and that the Oilers woulud eat part of Gagner’s salary and that is a key part ot the deal. He mentions the Oilers looking for a ‘big winger’ (Nolan, King or Clifford) as part of the return .

      • Interesting thoughts, but I would hate to see King go to another team. He’s done everything, and more, to prove himself a capable winger for the Kings.

        • It might not be King, the Mayor hinted (from his sources) that it’ll be Clifford. I can’t see DL dealing the only consistant LW the team has had all year and not getting an LW back. Leaves an even bigger hole.

      • I Like Gange..always have..energy guy..honest..
        to give up Knig..no..not on his improvement. .I believe he will continue same route..I LOVE Cliffy…No!
        Nolan..of the three..but shoot I don’t like losing any of our boys..
        exception..sorry but Muzzie..take him

        • We don’t want to forget the reason why we need a good trade. The Kings have too many grinders … not to mention offense minded forwards who don’t score. This adds up to almost no scoring.

          King is strong AND he has good hands. He’s also shown us that he has a good hockey mind. He probably won’t ever grow into star player, but he will most certainly be an asset to the Kings … if he can be on a line with good puck handlers.

          • I always liked Clifford, but – while I’m not convinced (I’m not a hockey man after all), I am seriously wondering if the fact they brought Clifford up so early stifled his development. After all, I believe his first year was his best.

      • Give em Nolan!

  18. All we need is one piece offensively. We do not need to make drastic changes.

    As Drew has been saying for quite some time now, we need a scoring LW with speed. You want to open things up, speed is the key.

    Kopitar, Willliams, Richards, King..Four of our top six are well below average in the speed department. Look how much space Carter creates with his speed, alone.

    I don’t know who’s available to to fill that roll through trade but I would consider TT as a starting point if the return player filled both areas of need.

    • Great point about Carter. It’s really obvious (at least it is to me) when watching the Kings what Carter’s speed does. Add to that that he has that inherent sense of where to be in the offensive zone and thats what makes him a great goal scorer that can also recover and get back on defense as well.

      And very true what you say about the others. Because of the way Kopi plays, I almost think that the speed issue is quite secondary for him. But Richards, Williams, King….. agreed. They’re super smart and competitive. But not fast.

  19. I’m afraid if we give King away, he’ll be Wayne Simmonds 2.0!!
    I’d much rather deal Clifford or Nolan.

    • If King is traded (and as indicated above by Deirdre I think highly unlikely he’d be traded as he’s been their best LW by far) I would be very disappointed as he’s shown so much more potential this year than he did last year. When we see growth happening, gotta give it time and support to develop.
      And as for TT, if he went to an offensively oriented team with talented support, eventually he’d develop into a thirty goal scorer. So that would be an even worse idea.

    • So true! I wasn’t happy when the Kings got rid of Simmonds!

      • Ah, you opened a can of worms here. Interesting.
        Two various pov’s….. and of course, what’s done is done.
        A friend of mine when the trade was made said ‘you’ve gotta make that trade to get MR.’
        When he threw that check on Burrows in the first rd the year they won the cup, my friend was so right.
        Then at the time of the trade, someone else thought it was a poor move in that having Simmer helped to engender more interest in the team from the African American community. That too made sense.

        But of course it hurts to see Richards not be able to handle a perfect pass right in the slot from whoever it was last week. I mean, one of those rare perfect set-ups. And go almost thirty games with one goal? Are you kidding me? A former regular twenty goal scorer. It’s not like he’s thirty-seven. He’s twenty-seven I believe. Just doesn’t make sense.

        So yeah, it hurts. We won a cup….. but seeing Simmonds develop like that hurts. But of course if he were still here we might be talking about Simmer having his greatest season ever going over the 16 goal mark…. :-)

        • Drew … Richards has certainly made a lot of gaffs this season. He used to have sure hands. Now, it’s like he’s too busy thinking about personal issues. He’s supposed to be one of the leaders on this team. I’ve lost count of all of the mistakes he’s made. I’ve been saying that he’s still making good passes, but he can’t collect a passed puck. As for hitting the net, he looks like Lewis. We all know that it’s pure luck when Lewis makes a good shot on goal.

          I can’t imagine that this will continue. He’s too good for this kind of play to continue.

          • Brown and Richards, two BIG pieces missing in action!

            But let me be the bearer of great news. Both will have a big game and the Kings win 4-2. That’s right, baby, I said it! Kings win scoring 4 goals

          • Hahaha! We can still shut them out for 2 1/2 periods, right?

            I haven’t seen the Kings this lost in a long, long time.

            Our skill players on the PP is unexplainable! What the heck is happening?

  20. This rumor bothers me. The points in the article seem fan based and hard to believe. Trades with the Oilers do have a certain sense of victory to them, but they have nothing we want that they would even remotely begin to deal. Gagner maybe a top six given the chance, he may switch to left. All possibilities. At this career defining juncture does this sound even a little like a Lombardi move? I like the guy, but he’s hardly Jeff Carter riding in on his white horse….. with his shirt off…. Right Dierdre? If it’s gonna work it’s gonna have to be a left handed shot left wing. If Lombardi deals for a defenseman and we continue to lose 1-0 it’s his ass. We can’t afford to do both. Hump or death? GKG \X/ you fuckers. Losing is not an option.

  21. ‘ but he’s hardly Jeff Carter riding in on his white horse….. with his shirt off…. ‘

    Wasn’t that blog piece genius by Bobby!! Absolute inspiration.
    And if you didn’t see it then you’ll have to ask the moderators.

  22. Alright! Here we go!

  23. Brown came to play today.

    Richards, if you’re going to drink before each game – I personally can care less – at least practice under the same circumstances so you can tell if you’re trying to corral the puck on the right or the left. That might help!

    I like the energy, though! Keep it up, boys!

    Yes, yes, yes! Kopitar!!!!!!

  24. Well, the difference in this game is our posts/crossbar deflect out and theirs deflect in. Son-of-a-gun, we’re going through a rough stretch. It’s — that close!

  25. Those first two goals by Chicago were both caused by King mistakes. If you spot Chicago two goals they’ll run away with the game.

    • Agreed! But even after those first two goals, we were able to tie the game 2-to-2. After that we hit 3 or 4 posts without any fortune and then they followed by burying their only post shot…Just tough luck!

      I liked the overall game.

  26. They just need to recall what it’s like to play 60 minutes of hockey. We’ve got got a good group of talented guys. They’re just going through a very LA thing that is similar to writers block: moments of success followed by an unruly phase of dysfunction that manifests itself through lack of focus on the details that are important to achieving the goal. It doesn’t mean they don’t get it in flashes, like they did tonight. It just means they need to step away from the typewriter for a bit and regain focus and achieve it in a sustainable way like they have in the past.
    Thank god, or whatever, for the Olympic break.
    Also a trade for a scoring forward might help.

  27. Update on Gagner…from Eklund today:

    ..”.On Gagner…

    I am told the Oilers have a VERY strong offer that would return the EXACT kind of d-man the team needs moving forward…however the deal would require the Oilers to eat some of that contract…something they so far have been reluctant to do…”

    Okay..so if it is the Kings, it doesn’t appear to be Clifford. Unless DL (as has been reported) Is seeking a vet D man and Clifford or another forward is going that route. I’m don’t know enough about the Oilers ‘needs’ to know what EXACT is or who it would be. The only thing I remember reading about them was in a longer article by a Canadian paper around xmas , some kind of end of the year what teams need write up and they said the Oilers need a tough veteran D to play tough minutes. But that was the writer (his opinon) thinking aloud.

    • Its not going to be Gagner the Kings go after. He’s never broke 20 goals in his career and even though he can play on the wing he’s a center.

      Edmonton does need defense and Eklund is a hack who always has rumors that are pure speculation even if they are followed by “A source within organization”, its usually BS.

      • The gagne rumors are not just Eklund. He is late to that party. This has come from more than one reliable source.

      • This stuff makes me crazy…thnx..

      • I know Eklund is late to the rumor party. I also am aware many more reliable or credible media guys have also put out the same rumor.

        Gagner again hasn’t broke 20 goals in a season, and while I don’t expect the Kings to make some sort of deal for him, I just hope Lombardi doesn’t decide to get yet another center or unmotivated player for the sake of doing something.

        Penner part deux isn’t something the Kings need to go through again even if Penner scored a few big goals for the Kings.

        The UFA market for the areas of need coming up isn’t much if anything and if the 3 biggest names Moulson/Vanek/Jussi Jokinen are the top names, not sure the Kings will be looking to try and sign one or any of these guys.

        Even if the Kings tendered a competitive offer, who is to say they want to come to the Kings? Isn’t this one of the biggest failures of Lombardi? He has yet to sign a big name UFA those 3 are also all 30 yrs old.

        Drop the LW and the next names are C or RW, you are then looking at Paul Stastny one of the biggest names of guy under 30. Toronto signed Raymond and he’s turned out to be a bargain. Not sure if Nonis is going to attempt to get him extended, if not maybe he is a LW the Kings can get on the cheap.

        I think Lombardi is just going to wait on this one and after the break then maybe he makes a move. I just pray nothing happens to Kopitar, Carter, Voynov, Doughty, Quick. Brown looks like he woke up but can’t buy a break at the moment.

  28. What’s going on with the Staples Center clock? I think it’s time to fix that clock! This time, it burned us!

  29. Dreger: Girardi has yet to come to terms with the Rangers so he might be in play since he’s a UFA.

    Now call me an optimist but Girardi would be a pretty good fit here with the Kings and its something the Kings are in need of especially considering Mitchell and Greene are both UFA’s. I am not sure if DL is going to get Mitchell to stay for another year, or if Mitchell wants or intends to play another season.

    With the health of Greene being an issue, it might be wise for the Kings to after a Girardi regardless. I know a left handed shooting defenseman is needed, however Girardi has been putting up some decent assists over the past 6 seasons.


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