We have heard about Sam Gagner, as if we need another center / right wing.

Clifford’s name is being thrown around.

I don’t want to see Jordan Nolan go. He has a higher ceiling.

Then there is the question of whether someone in our current top 6 would go in a trade for a defenseman. Who?

We have lots of right wings and I don’t think we are trading Carter or our captain. Do the math if it adds up. It better be one hell of a defenseman but if someone in our top 6 goes, we are probably getting two pieces back. Who is ready to give up on a left wing that has high offensive potential but not delivering yet?

We do need a stay at home defenseman. Muzzin is redundant and despite his mother’s love for him, I don’t see the defensive acumen in him. And the fact he has a great shot is not enough. But no, I don’t think he will be traded. I get the sense Sutter and Lombardi see potential in him.

Lombardi also saw great potential in Thomas Hickey to take him 4th overall.

I am on a short lunch so talk among yourselves.