Blasphemous Rumors, LA Kings edition

We have heard about Sam Gagner, as if we need another center / right wing.

Clifford’s name is being thrown around.

I don’t want to see Jordan Nolan go. He has a higher ceiling.

Then there is the question of whether someone in our current top 6 would go in a trade for a defenseman. Who?

We have lots of right wings and I don’t think we are trading Carter or our captain. Do the math if it adds up. It better be one hell of a defenseman but if someone in our top 6 goes, we are probably getting two pieces back. Who is ready to give up on a left wing that has high offensive potential but not delivering yet?

We do need a stay at home defenseman. Muzzin is redundant and despite his mother’s love for him, I don’t see the defensive acumen in him. And the fact he has a great shot is not enough. But no, I don’t think he will be traded. I get the sense Sutter and Lombardi see potential in him.

Lombardi also saw great potential in Thomas Hickey to take him 4th overall.

I am on a short lunch so talk among yourselves.

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  1. Cant see both Stoll and Gagner on this team at the same time, there is just no fit for a 5m a year 3rd line center, when we already paying stoll 3m for the job. Ideal trade from my point of view (involving gagner) stoll + mid round pick for Gagner + salary space. Overall, I’d rather see kings go after Grabner, or do nothing and wait to sign moulson this summer. I would also avoid the vanek sweep stakes, since he will cost too much and chances are wont resign in LA.

  2. Do we really need our Own Personal Jesus? I mean, we already have Raccoon Jesus.

    • Let me add that I think that Dean has a sense of humor so it’s always possible he pulls the trigger for somebody in the Loktionov/Holloway/Moeller category. And when he does, I expect to find him laughing.

  3. We only need Stoll for face-offs.
    If we get someone that has more offense and can get it done in the circles, good riddance!
    The only two centers we need to keep are Kopitar and Richards.
    Why not try Muzzin as a forward, stop laughing Bobby, I’m for serious (as Zoolander would say)!
    By the way he’s a left-handed shot or a possible left-wing, wink, wink, nudge, nudge and all that sort of rubbish!

    • Stoll is also good for shooting high…in the days when he used to shoot.

      Muzzin is not sharp enough to play forward, he’d forgot which net to shoot at.

      • I know that comment is a bit of a stretch, but Muzzin really has lacked “hockey sense.” He’s young, but that really isn’t a good excuse for all of the times he’s had his head up his ass.

  4. I try and mot get rapped up in this stuff. I will say, though, that since DL took over, not one rumored trade with names attached has gone through. Well, maybe Carter. I know we as fans wanted Carter but was his name thrown around as coming to LA before it actually happened? I can’t remember now.

  5. Bobby I’ve been saying what you’ve been saying elsewhere. I mention Lombardi and have to be careful in doing so as it doesn’t go over well with everyone. And it’s not even that I don’t like Lombardi. I think he’s done great things, but like yourself have issues with ‘aspects’ of his approach is all.

    So, I couldn’t agree more. What the heck do we need with another right wing/center? And as of this moment I simply don’t see that the Kings have enough elements that they can afford to trade away, neither from the current roster, the ahl roster (certainly not the Vey line), nor draft picks as he’s traded away a substantial number of firsts and seconds over the last three years. No more of those please.

  6. Toffoli shows he can play with the big boys. If Brown, Richards, Williams, Stoll, King step up there game like they should be doing I don’t know if we need to trade for Gagner. He only has 6 goals this season. He hasn’t broken 20 goals per season yet.

    The last guy with a similar name we had was a dud. I don’t think he’ll be much better than Pearson.

    Have Pearson Vey Lewie form a line and just let them go at it no holds barred. Have coach tell them “Your job is to put this thing in the net. Got it?”

    Stolly can drop down a line with Cliffy and Nolan.

    • Actually, I like your idea. But I doubt that Sutter will do that. He’d rather ride this all the way to the end … when we miss the playoffs. He’ll just say that it was a difficult schedule. And he has a great team that will play better next season.

  7. I’m not clear on what benefit comes from trading away a starting LW, when you already are short in that area. It only makes sense if the LW you get is top caliber, first line material and the LW your losing should be a glorified AHLer.
    I was glad to see Muzzin in the bottom pairing, which is where he should be, but it was clear that Mitchell was logging too many minutes as the game went on. We really need a bonofide top pairing, stay at home LD that can hang with DD on minutes. I don’t see one coming cheap though, but it’s really our #1 need.

    On a side note, I wonder if Richards will receive the wake up call while he is _watching_ the Olympics. Brown and Voynov also need the wake-up calls. We’ll see how the are when they come back. Maybe Voynov gets a recharge with some home cookin’. He’s been meh out there for awhile and Brown has obviously not done much all year.

    • Doughty said that he plays the same with every partner. That’s crap. His play is much better when he has a good left handed stay-at-home partner for the left side.

  8. According to Sutter we are playing fine.

  9. Bobby.. We need a mini “blockbuster”. I wrote before to send Brown home to Ithica NY. BROWN and MUZZIN for (lw) VANEK and (d) ANDREW MacDONALD. Answers scoring left wing and stay at home defenceman. And please tell the farm hand to PLAY Tiffoli the rest of the season as a top 6. Yes there is risk with a rental, but would we really miss the DB we have become acustomed to seeing the last year and a half.
    Top two lines:
    Vanek Kopitar Williams
    Carter Richards Tiffoli

    • Who the fuck is Tiffoli? Does he play left wing?

      • He’s an Italian exchange player we picked up from Venice over the weekend!

        • Turned out the dude from Venice was just a roller skater. They also had trouble with the NHL — seems they wouldn’t let them sew “The Dude” on his jersey. When he learned he’d have to play under the name Lebowski he just went back to the beack to smoke a spliff.

    • I can understand why some people would want Vanek to come to LA. BUT we can’t deny the fact that he wants to go to Minnesota. He would most CERTAINLY be a “rental.” The Kings should not obtain any rental. I’ve always liked Vanek, but unless he would be agreeable to signing with the Kings, he should not be here. The Kings should get someone who will stay with the Kings for awhile.

  10. And I don’t think Lombardi should give away the farm to get Gagner. I think he could be an asset to the team, but he should not be at the top of the trade list. The Kings could use a very good left handed winger and a very good stay-at-home left handed defenseman.

    If these men aren’t going to enhance the team, why do it?

    • Gagne and Cammalleri are a waste of time.. the Kings do not need another 5-11, 5-9 INJURY prone rental that will not perform (see Cliff Ronning amongst others). Moulson would be an option but only if Tavares came with him, lol.

  11. I think that rumor was a Lombardi scheme to scare a hattrick out of Brown.

  12. Some of the trade rumors are scary. I can’t imagine Lombardi trading away Pearson, Vey or Toffoli. They must look at the next few years ahead, not just for the immediate future.

    • “Some of the trade rumors are scary. I can’t imagine Lombardi trading away Pearson, Vey or Toffoli. They must look at the next few years ahead, not just for the immediate future.”

      I remember when we are all saying that about Brayden Schenn…

  13. What about trading Williams? I’m sure he’ll bring a nice return.. Toffoli can fill his spot on rw…

    • This is possible but it would make me puke. Top 3 fav current King

      • You seriously cannot trade Williams. When he’s on he has the most hustle out of anyone on that team by such a huge mile it’s ridiculous. Even when he’s in mediocre Williams mode, I think getting rid of him would seriously fuck up the team dynamic. Easily one of my favorite players.

        • Yeah. Williams slides down to the third line as Toffoli develops (unless of course Toffoli can get comfortable on the left side, in which case I think, eventually, when brown/richards snap out of their funk, we will see Brown-Kopi-Williams and Toffoli-Richards-Carter). But no you can’t move Williams. He’s too great at the big moments. He’ll never have the huge numbers but the dude is the definition of clutch. If we trade him, who will score our Game 7 OT winners?

  14. The fact he has 4 pts since Christmas should really make you puke.

    • Dustin Brown has 1 fucking point all season on the road!
      He’s only making 3.175 million ( I wish I could!!) this season compared to Williams’ 3.65 million but, it’s going to be 5.875 million for Brownie next year.
      Are we willing to take the chance for 5 or 6 more years that he’s under contract, that this won’t happen again? I’m not!!!
      Williams is 14/15 for 29 points with 162 shots on goal in 58 games.
      Brown is 10/6 for 16 points with 142 shots on goal in 57 games.
      Please don’t tell me that our “Captain” should be playing 3rd or 4th line and have these shitty stats and doesn’t hit on a regular basis or win any fights when he needs to!!!!

  15. Oilers want Muzzin. I don’t think I have a problem with this. Perhaps some sort of three way deal is on the horizon with Gagner. Girardi? Don’t know. Strongly doubt DL is doing nothing. I wanna see some good hockey tonight. Need a tiny light at the end of this Olympic tunnel. GKG \X/ Perhaps you could lead lead us in another prayer to the hockey gods father Scribe?

  16. The write up of Slava Voynov, in the New York Times, reminds me of how he is only 24 years of age. His play is generally very, very good. He’s young, and he’s still growing into his position. Unlike Muzzin, he does have good hockey sense. And he will only get better. Muzzin doesn’t get it. If anyone goes in a trade, it should be him.

  17. This is the definition of a “rumor” but Eklund says the Kings are talking big for one of the Oilers top young players, and I don’t think he’s talking about Gagner. Imagine getting Eberle for Toffoli, Muzzin, prospect and/or a pick.

    I think I would go for that. Eberle is a stud and the type of player the Kings haven’t had in a really long time.

    • I can understand your feelings. However, he IS a right handed shooter. He plays right wing. If we could get him as part of a trade that also brought us a good left handed winger, it certainly would be nice. But I think that Lombardi needs to focus on a left handed winger and a good stay-at-home defenseman to pair up with Doughty first.

    • I’ve heard Everle or Hall… Would bust a nut if we got either

  18. What’s the scoop on Andrew MacDonald, of the Islanders? Is he a stay at home defenseman, or is he someone who wants to jump up on the play? He might be a good trade for the Kings.

    • He is the Islanders best stay at home Dman and there TOI and blocked shot leader the past two seasons. He currently only makes 550,000 on a rookie contract and is 27 (same age when scuds broke in the league). He averages 23+ minutes per night.

      Not directed at you persister, but why the fuck are there so many Dustin Brown haters. I sat through watching 20 years of crap hockey and then dustin farts rainbows, cranks sedins and bulldozes his way to a cup and a western conference finals in back to back years and you idiots call him out for going through slumps and talk about trading him. I want to see #23 hanging in the rafters one day next to #11 #8 and #32. Thats about equal to all the top end talent weve had in the previous 40 years and its on the same squad.

      Your never as bad as you think you are when your losing, or as good as you think you are when you are winning. I trust Deano will get us the Dman and winger we need to compete. I like MacDonald, he would be a welcome addition to this team.

      • I tend to agree with you about Brown. It IS only one bad season. Who knows what kind of personal problems he might have. As for the other problems on the team, they still exist. And they have been a part of this team all along.

      • I agree with the Brown comments, he IS the Captain, he IS the first man who raised that cup in a Kings sweater, he IS the heart and soul of this team. In no way am I happy with his play this season but, this man has balls, is a warrior and has a fuck load of pride. We all love this team, live and die with em……they will find their game and all with be right in the world again. GKG

      • Oh then for the love of God it would be a tremendous sin to get down on dear captain Brown. The guy’s playing 4th line minutes. Toffoli is playing more minutes than him.

        Trade rumors? Weren’t those initially started by Lombardi? What ever it was they worked! It wasn’t until those “rumors” that he finally got his ass in gear.

        If you wanna bury your head in the sand and overlook Brown because he wears the C on his jersey that’s fine by me. I hold him to a higher standard because he wears that letter. Playing 4th line minutes, being held scoreless in how many games, can’t stick handle for shit, constantly catches an edge and falls over. I mean I cringe when he enters the zone with the puck because A) he’s gonna fall or B) he’s gonna turn the puck over with a stupid no look pass or C) he’s gonna cough the puck up because someone barely touches him and he falls over.

        And for hitting people that’s his game. But doesn’t really do much of that anymore. Does there need to be another rumor mill going for him to step up his game? He’s the goddam captain of the team!

        • I totally understand your feelings about Brown. Part of me wants to give him a break because of his history. On the other hand, however, this isn’t just a short slump for him. And … look at his paycheck!

          None of us has any idea what will happen in the days ahead. I just hope that something good happens for this team. The problems with this team have been going on for much too long.

        • I didnt say he cant be criticized for poor play. Im talking sky is falling, we should trade brown talk. First off if your going to trade somebody you sell high. If Edmonton were to deal Perron theyd get a helluva lot more for him now than the Blues got for him this summer.

          I dont give a shit if we dont win the pacific division ever. I care about playing in important games in april and may. For all the talk about what brown doesnt do he absolutely changes everything. Dustin Brown is not an Alternate captain on team USA for no reason. Even during a shitty season management thought enough of him to give him an effing letter. So I dont think I am burying my head in the sand at all.

          Please Toffoli has played more minutes than Brown twice ever. Dont try to act like its consistent. He is still top 10 in hits every year. People want Brown to be something he is not. Dustin should score 20-25 goals and get 50-60 points while leading the team in hits.

          He doesnt hit anymore? see NHL hits leaders then talk.

          • It worked wonders for him in 2012. So he needs trade rumors to get himself going?

            What a piss poor excuse for the captain of the squad to get him in gear. Imo the writings on the wall with Brown. Are you seriously ok with him making nearly $6 mill a season for the next four or five seasons and this is the kinda shit he pulls more consistently now?

            Brown used to be a true power forward. Key word is used to. Now he’s gone dark and no telling if he’s coming back any time soon.

            Rosen did a piece of before and after the Olympics and if history repeats itself Brown is going to be the same or drop off some more. Who knows maybe the US team will win gold, he comes back and he’s back in action.

            At this point he’s not a whole lot better than Frat boy which is a scary thought.

        • If you want to be factually correct he didnt start playing well until Tim Lieweke told him he wasnt going anywhere before the Chicago game, he then recorded a hat trick and played the best hockey of his career and raised the cup. He played awfull during the rumors, so when restating your assessment, get your facts straight.

          Here is my assessment of Brown and Richards. Neither guy is a consistent 55+ point player, nor will they be. They do not possess the hands or speed of Patrick Kane, Jonathon Toews, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Logan Couture or Patrick Marleau. They are good players with one key skill that cannot be taught coached or learned. The bigger the game, the better they play.

          The reason Brown is flying to Sochi and Bobby Ryan is sitting at home is because he has a reputation as a big game player. He can change a game with one hit, one shift. You can bitch about his contract, you can complain that he doesnt score enough. What will you say when were back in the Conference Finals this season coming in as the 3 seed in the Pacific.

          You do realize he is the most successfull captain in the history of the Franchise right? People want instant gratification, immediate dominant results. Fact is this team is built for the playoffs in low scoring tight checking high intensity games. I would rather have the makeup of our roster as it stands then be the Ducks right now. How many Presidents trophies does Bruce Boudreau have 3? Hes never coached a team out of the 2nd round of the playoffs.

          Whining about DB mid season is just dumb. While I respect your opinion, I dont give it any validity until Dustin disapears in the playoffs like Kopi last year. If and IF we lose in the first round or miss the playoffs, then I may consider in your dustin hating mindset. but probably not.

          • I’m trying to understand how bringing Richards and Boudreau into the mix is supporting your cause for Brown’s slide as a player. I’ve never thought of Brown to be on a similar skill level as the players you mentioned and I’m not sure where you’re getting that I did.

            I could really give a damn about the president’s trophy. Although it’s “cool” to have it don’t mean shit if you get knocked out and don’t end up near a chance to raise the cup.

            Instant results is for the bandwaggoner who doesn’t understand the game. Outright domination of each and every game in the NHL is silly. There’s no such thing in this league although the Kings came pretty close to it during the cup run.

            I’ve been watching Brown for years now and I think he’s on his way down as a player. That’s what concerns me. That’s it plain and simple. There’s no hating. I’m just calling it as I see it. I posted his career stats. Columns are games played, goals, assists, etc.

            I really do hope Brown does well for the US and can turn his game around and then bring it back home to LA. Only time will tell. But it sure will be interesting how he does perform in Sochi and beyond.

            2003-2004 KINGS 31 1 4 5 0 16 0 0 0 40 2.5
            2003-2004 UNITED STATES-WC-A 9 1 3 4 4
            2004-2005 MANCHESTER MONARCHS-AHL 79 29 45 74 7 96 12 0 6
            2005-2006 KINGS 79 14 14 28 -10 80 6 0 2 159 8.8
            2005-2006 UNITED STATES-WC-A 7 5 2 7 10
            2006-2007 KINGS 81 17 29 46 -21 54 13 0 1 195 8.7
            2007-2008 KINGS 78 33 27 60 -13 55 12 2 4 219 15.1
            2007-2008 UNITED STATES-WC-A 7 5 4 9 22
            2008-2009 KINGS 80 24 29 53 -15 64 7 0 6 292 8.2
            2008-2009 UNITED STATES-WC-A 9 3 5 8 8
            2009-2010 KINGS 82 24 32 56 -6 41 7 0 3 248 9.7
            2009-2010 UNITED STATES-OLYMPICS 6 0 0 0 0
            2010-2011 KINGS 82 28 29 57 17 67 7 0 2 228 12.3
            2011-2012 KINGS 82 22 32 54 18 53 9 1 6 214 10.3
            2012-2013 KINGS 46 18 11 29 6 22 8 0 1 142 12.7
            2012-2013 ZSC LIONS ZURICH-SWISS 16 8 5 13 26
            2013-2014 KINGS 57 10 6 16 1 54 1 0 1 142 7.0

          • I don’t want instant gratification!
            I want oral gratification damn it!!
            Nuff said.
            That doesn’t change the fact our Captain is at best, a 4th line RW now and next year and for several after that, he’s got this franchise on the hook for almost 6 million per season.
            That’s a lot of cheddar for no game!!
            Don’t pay him for what he’s already done, pay him for what he’s doing now or cut him loose and get what you can!

      • Guaranteed you move Brown and he will go off next season and make us regret it. Besides, have you noticed how the entire team slumps when Brown slumps? been that way the entire time he’s had the C. Which you could say is a bad thing, with him always being so streaky, but I say it proves he has the attention of the room. It proves that for better or worse, he is the heartbeat of the team. You don’t ever know how a team will react to a heart transplant. You want someone else to wear the C because you want consistency. But theres more then one direction to go to achieve consistency. During a heart transplant, there is a good possibility that the patient just flatlines.

  19. Wins are the medicine for the bi polar Kings fan. We are all off our meds. Is Sutter hating still frowned upon? I hate his stupid face! Jake Muzzin will quickly become my favorite player if we get Perron for him though. I need a win so bad. I feel like we will never win or score with regularity again. Hopefully the team is just constipated with goals and wins, and tonight we will just explode all over the ice at Staples. Just a hot, gushing torrent of goals where everybody gets in on the action. Oh god I hope it gets messy. GKG \X/

  20. There’s a game tonight?!?!? You must be off your meds!!!!

  21. What’s the odds DL makes a move before 12 pm Pacific time? I have 5 bucks it’s not till after the Olympic break.

    • I really don’t have a good understanding of why the Kings would be better off waiting until after the Olympic break to make a trade. Some of those players may not be available after the break. Is it something to do with the salary cap? I thought that wouldn’t change until after the end of the season. I know that the Kings really aren’t in a good position right now, because all of the other GMs know that the Kings haven’t been scoring. So … it’s a seller’s market for the trade prospects that the Kings would be interested in.

      “The NHL’s Olympic break begins after the final buzzer sounds Saturday night and continues until 2 p.m. on Feb. 19.”

      • Well salaries still count during the break, so it’s a financial saving to wait if you’re accruing more salary in a transaction. If you have someone play 23 games for the team and you pick him up on March 4 as opposed to now, you avoid 9 or 10% of his contract. Of course you’re still paying whoever is ultimately headed out of town during that period, so the difference is going to be watered down somewhat.

        • I guess it depends on whether or not the guy you trade for has a healthy contract. That could end up being quite a bit of money.

  22. You got it, Persister, it’s a sellers market. You’ll pay a ransom at this particular point in time. Is it worth the price?

    Deadline for trades is tonight 12 pm Pacific time.

    And if DL does pull off a trade before the deadline, will it be a defensemen or forward? What’s the verdict?

    • My bad, the deadline is Friday, 3pm Eastern time.

      • I heard someone say it was Friday afternoon. I’m sure you’re correct. We’ll just have to see what Lombardi does.

    • I think the most important trade would be for a left winger, but Lombardi will go for the best deal he can get … whether it’s a forward or a D-man.

      It would be awesome if he could work out a deal that included both.

  23. Looks like Big red dog is a goner. Hopefully Marty stays

    • Are you talking about Clifford? I red that they tried Big Red Dog on him, but it didn’t stick. They’ve been using the Colonel, because of his initials: KFC. I guess Marty means Martinez.

      Either one of these guys could be traded. I think they both have bright futures. It’s too bad, like so many of the Kings, they are struggling this year.

  24. If it’s Clifford and a pick for Gagner, outside of the cap-hit that’s a no brainer. Gagner isn’t great but he played really well last season anyway, he’s still relatively young, and he’s fast and good with the puck. Big upgrade over Jarret Stoll, helps the speed and skill quotient of the team, and all it costs you is Clifford and a pick… I’d do it. I’d rather we get someone else especially if Clifford has value to other teams around the league the same way he seems to for the Oilers, which surprised me. But in a bubble it’s an upgrade.

    I don’t know what you’re talking about trading a top six forward for a defenseman. This is a Cup contending team. That means unless you’re trading for a superstar, you never trade anyone in your top 6 forwards or top 4 defense. Not to mention this team can’t score, so why would you ever trade a forward for another defenseman? When you can’t score you should be trading defenseman for forwards, not vice versa.

  25. Quick handled the shot on the first goal too casually. He never uses that style on a shot from the point. That shouldn’t have been a goal.

  26. The Jackets are just really damn good. They remind me of our Cup season a lot. They just haven’t been healthy all year but when they are they are loaded. And they lack superstars. But depth wise they are as good as any team in the NHL in my opinion.

    On defense, they have Tyutin, Nikitin, both huge and can skate. Jack Johnson, huge, can skate. Ryan Murray a future star puck-mover. James Wisniewski one of the best puck-movers in the NHL, best one-timer on the power-play in the NHL probably.

    That’s five defenseman who contribute both offense and defense, who can skate, and most of them are huge to top of it off.

    At forward, Anisimov is one of the most underrated players in the NHL. Huge, skates, hands, learned defense, a two-way force. Dubinsky also big with some offensive ability. Ryan Johansen is going to be a star soon, tons of size and skill. And that’s just at center. Cam Atkinson, Marian Gaborik, Nick Foligno very underrated dangler and forward overall, so is Matt Calvert really fast with a two-way game and hands, like their Toffoli but farther along in my opinion and skates better (Toffoli’s shot is better), Nathan Horton big skilled awesome winger, RJ Umberger another big power forward who can skate and has hands, Mark Letestu solid depth player with hands… just a ton of weapons. Even Derek Mckenzie and Blake Comeau are some of the more talented 4th liners in the NHL.

    So this is a very good team. And right now we aren’t.

  27. Now, in the 2nd … that, absolutely, should NOT have been a charging penalty on Brown! That was a terrible call!

  28. Would you all be mad at me if I told you I’m watching the Olympics over our boys. I couldn’t take it 3 minutes in so I’m watching girls/women jump snowboards…might I say, they’re pretty awesome.

  29. They need someone who can pass the fucking puck or accept a fucking pass. I get so pissed off watching these fucking games and all the other teams are passing and/or accepting passes on the rush and when the Kings try it it just looks like they’re playing with their dicks. The pass is either too far in front or they’re not led enough to keep up the little bit of momentum they’ve been able to generate.


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