Jake Muzzin Did a Thing! Regehr Did Too! Kings Win!!

I screamed! I danced! I put the old dog outside because he kept farting!

We scored! Two goals! And the other team didn’t score three!

Brown hit someone! He hit the fucker hard! And I didn’t care it was a penalty! Because it shouldn’t have been!

Mike Richards! Showed up! 20 minutes is better than 2!

Kopitar! Is Slovenian! Our best player is Slovenian!

We won! We won! We won? Yes!

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  1. brown Kopitar Williams
    Toff Richie Carts
    Frat tin lewis cliff
    King vs toll nolan


  3. Does anyone know what our sellout streak is? Are we at 100 games yet?

  4. The boys all over robin was sweet

  5. An All American goalie named Quick
    Wasnt the best at handling the stick
    but when it came ro stopping rubber
    he shined like no other
    I heard one time he stopped one with his dick.

  6. A victory before the Olympic break is a good thing. Maybe it will spark something in their hearts. This was not a well played game, but they did get two points. This will keep them in third place in the Pacific … for three more weeks.

    Fortunately, Quick only let in the one BAD goal. So, the Kings only needed to get two.

    Fortunately, Muzzin’s mishandling of Kopitar’s pass went into the net.

    Fortunately, Regehr found the right time to get a goal. And it WAS a beautiful shot!

    We’ll soon see (this morning) if Lombardi will swing a trade before the Olympic break. He probably won’t, but I’m sure he’ll work out something before the final trade deadline.

    Here’s hoping that he’ll do well in any trade (or trades) that he makes.

  7. I keep going back to what Aug said a few threads back, about Brown or Richards leading by example. We all know Deano accumulates former captains, asst. captains,…..maybe we have too many chiefs and not enough indians. Maybe no one is leading because they know no one will follow.

    I usually avoid posting when things are this bad because I don’t like emotion to get the better part of me. However, I’m pretty liquored up now, so I don’t care. Yes, liquored up at 8:00am. I’m not fooled by last night’s win. They were lucky. This team needs something. The breakouts have sucked. There is no 5 man unit to speak of leaving the d-zone. I would like to see a d-man adept at the first pass added to the team. When this team won the Cup, they were putting on a defensive zone breakout clinic. Zero puck support now. The gap is too wide. A left wing wouldn’t hurt, either. Deano has some (mostly minor) adjustments to make. Maybe winning the Cup was the worst thing that could’ve happened to Deano and DS. They’ve become entrenched in their philosophy, and appear unwiiling to adjust (scorers on bottom six). They are at a crossroads. They have the chance to win for years to come, or become dinosaurs.

    • Well said. We’ll just have to wait and see if Lombardi is successful in bringing in some fresh blood.

    • 8am??? Why the late start?
      (Good post tho)

    • I agree with what you say. Maybe more so for DL. The thing that I think he fails to bring into play is that, the three key pieces in the Cup win (and I take nothing away from him for complementing them with other elements, otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a cup win) were Quick, Brown, and Kopi.
      I would have been very surprised to see him draft someone like Kopi as I can’t imagine him ever going to draft a player from a ‘non-hockey’ country like Slovenia.

      I do wonder where exactly we would have got our No. 1 center. I still haven’t seen him lean towards that type of player, and it’s been pretty well proven over the years, that you don’t win a Cup without a No. 1 center.

      I’ll double check myself and play devil’s advocate by saying, well who can say just what he would have done. I mean, was it not Dean who traded for Joe Thornton while with San Jose? So, maybe he would have done something. I’m rambling a bit, but the point is that I agree that the Cup could have engendered a sense of the team being a bit better than they are.

      • Drew … your last sentence says it all. The TEAM got lucky for its Cup run. It seemed like EVERYONE on the team got hot at the same time. If someone wasn’t, I don’t remember who. The point is … many players who normally don’t produce DID produce during the playoffs. You put that together with Quick being hot as well and you have an unstoppable force. The team WASN’T AND ISN’T that good. They were playing over their heads. I’m a Kings supporter, and I want only the best for my favorite team, BUT they need to add some fresh blood to this team. They may not need to do a total rebuild, but some new … SKILLED … blood, offensively and defensively, will go a long way toward making this a team that can fight for the Cup again!!

        • I want you all to keep one thing in mind, you are absolutely correct in saying the stars alined and we played above our talent level during the Cup run, but I might add, the stars are unaligned at the moment and what can go wrong has gone wrong. but that’s not our talent level either. We are indeed in the middle of those two scenarios…much more similar to last years run to the Cup. We are good, but could be a little better with a piece here and a piece there.

          A truly skilled LW with speed and a piece to pair with Doughty should do the trick. Of course we need Slava to play to his potential and Willie needs to be a little (sometimes a lot) better if we have any chance at all this playoff year.

          I really do believe this team is built for the big games and most the players take it to the next level when needed. I must admit though, Brown and Richards play have me concerned. I personally give Brown a pass for all the good he’s done for our team through all the lean years. Loyalty means a LOT to me, so he has a few get-out-of-jail-free cards as far as I’m concerned. Richards on the other hand does not have such loyalties from me. Is it me or does he look like he aged ten years (his play, not his face) from last year to present? His physicality, speed, strength on skates, scoring or just his presence, really, are almost completely absent. What the hell happened to him? He has to be hurt, right? That’s the only thing I can think of. Hopefully this Olympic break will give him time to heal/rest or fix whatever the heck is wrong with him and get ready for a final push.

          Btw, nice win against Columbus. Must confess I didn’t watch much of the game, but a win is a win, baby!

          You all should see how FAST the ladies US olympic team is! Holy smokes, we could use some of those young ladies wheels!

          • Oh, and Fraser had been put on waivers.

          • You ARE correct again. However, the entire team has been playing less than their potential this year. The grinders aren’t grinding and the D-men aren’t playing consistently in front of Quick. Yes, the team needs players that can at least play at a level that is half way between the terrible level they have been playing at and the excellent level of play that the reached for the Cup run. Can they do it? Who do you blame? You can’t fire everyone. Will the additions of a strong left wing and a strong left defenseman do the trick? Would a new Coach, or a modification of his methods help? Richard’s play has been despicable. He should be a leader. Brown’s play has been weak. He IS their Captain. Kopitar is a sometimes scorer. He is highly skilled, but his offensive abilities are often left untapped. Go down the roster. The rest of the team are all either occasional scorers or non-scorers.

            Even Quick, this season, has shown that he’s human. He’s lacked focus at times. Look at that first goal that Columbus got on him. He treated it casually. He didn’t use his normal style, which is his butterfly. He used the technique that he uses to cover the post. He never uses that technique when he’s setting up at the top of the crease for a shot from the point. And he was scored through his five-hole because of that. Fortunately, they were able to get a rare two goals to get the win.

  8. Much needed win. Went into the Olympic break on a positive. Hopefully playing with different players for a while will spark some offensive creativity between our players headed to Sochi. Good luck boys!
    USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

  9. Dean! Don’t trade Toffoli or King. I fucking mean it!!

  10. Trade freeze in full effect.

  11. Omark on waivers, go get him!

  12. Toffoli, Kopitar, Carter
    King, Richards, Williams
    Omark, Stoll, Brown
    Clifford, Lewis, Nolan

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t recognize the name. Who is he?

      • He was drafted in the 4th round (#97) by Edmonton I believe 7 years ago (2007) and was traded on December 20th, 2013 to Buffalo for a 6th rounder. He has been a huge disappointment so far but, his salary is 600,000 and he has decent size and skills to give a shot 5’10”, 187 lbs. he’s been buried on the bench.
        He only has 79 career NHL games with 8 goals and 24 assists.
        His plus minus scares the shit out of me but, it’s Edmonton a -27 rating but, to be fair -16 of that was in 2011-2012 season.
        At this point it’s Frattin or Omark.
        Omark looks to have more skill, Frattin is another right now.
        Frattin was taken two players after Omark (#99) in the 2007 draft and has played in 122 NHL games with 17 goals and 17 assists and a -5 rating.
        Omark is being waived, Frattin is buried in the 4th line and was part of the Bernier trade, so how good of a player is he really?

    • I see who Omark is. He would be a bargain. Is he a good left wing?

    • It looks like he could be good for the Kings. He has the skills, and the Kings need more left wingers.

  13. I just finished reading the Columbus view on “The LA Kings Insider.” Now, I no longer have any good feelings for the Jackets.

    Brown didn’t charge. (he was coasting/gliding toward the Jacket)
    Brown didn’t leave his feet. (he only braced himself for the contact)
    Brown hit was to the chest. (The Jacket dropped down just as Brown hit him, and he still didn’t make strong contact with his head. He went over top of the falling Jacket.)
    Brown’s hit was legitimate. (Brown was skating north/south, and the Jacket did touch the puck an instant before the hit.)

    This is what we want to see from Brown. Actually, this is what hockey is all about. If you remove solid hits, to the chest or sides of the body, from hockey, you might as well get rid of the NHL. When an opponent drops down to avoid a hit, and the hit ends up a little high, it’s the receiving player’s own fault!

    Brown should not have received a penalty!

  14. Yeah Hockey Gods woke up….FINALLY!!!

  15. So I guess no trades until after the Olympics? Or is tomorrow the deadline?

  16. So…if Fraser clears waivers he goes to Manchester? If so does he still count against the cap? And the new 4th line center is? Also thanks for helping bring the cup to LA Colin. He is a class act and I will ever forget the first goal of the cup finals when he got the ball rolling with his goal against the one of the greatest goalies of all time.

    • Colin Fraser has been, I believe, a good human being. It’s my understanding that he’s a likable guy. However, some adjustments DO need to be made. Look at Penner. Everyone likes him, but he wasn’t playing well, except for a couple of key goals during the Cup run. Fraser always works hard, but that still isn’t getting it done. Lewis always works hard, but he has terrible hands. You can’t play the Center position and not be a good all around player.

  17. Fraser waived. Hmmmmm. According to Rosen this gives us 3.8 in cap space. I would love it if Andy MacDonald and a LW come from the Isles some how. Even if it means rolling the dice on Vanek. Grabner doesnt excite me as much. Give those two a taste of LA. Being from Long Island originally myself i can tell you its a pretty easy sale. Ill take him to Oktoberfest myself. Make it happen DL. I smell blood in LI. Time to pounce right after the break.

    • Hamburgular … (How did you come up with hamburgular? I’ve been curious!

      Yes, I think it’s pretty obvious. Something has already been agreed upon. After the Olympic break, we’ll see what the trade, or trades, will be.

      I don’t like the idea of a “rental.” If a trade has been worked out with the Islanders, it doesn’t mean that Vanek is involved in the trade, although I have always liked Vanek. We know that he wants to go to Minnesota.

      Here’s hoping that Lombardi IS getting a high-scoring, left handed, left winger AND a top-six left-handed left winger for the Kings!

      • Ill trade. You first Persister.

        • Sorry for the mistake above – I meant a left winger and a left defenseman.

          As for my Persister handle, I’ve had many problems in my lifetime. And I’ve always continued to persist. I never give up. So, I think Persister works.

          • I dont like cheese

          • OK. So, you don’t mean burglar, unless you misspelled it. The word hamburg – er is kind of in your name. Or you could be talking about burgers made in Hamburg, Germany, only without cheese. Oh well!

  18. Cheese good. Kings bad.


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