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  1. :(
    I did Not want to like the guy when we first aquired him..drama of health..wearing#24..BUT
    it only took watchibg how hard he tried every game..how he sticks up for teammates. .how every practice he is so happy just to be on the ice..He won me over.
    I try not to judge/compare skill sets amoung players. As long as they are trying, giving 100%.
    mixed feelings here…I HATE salery cap etc..

    • “I try not to judge/compare skill sets amoung players.”

      Surly, Scribe, you guys just made it big time! Dean Lombardi finally commented on your blog!

      Or could that be Sutts?

  2. If Clifford gets you Gagner, and Scrivens gets you a sweet 3rd round pick….. Shouldnt Fraser get you Ryan Smyth back or something? I mean it is the Oilers. Cmon Deano! Wheres the magic!?

  3. I’m not sure if I’m ready to see Andy get his face pounded in during the nhl playoff push against other 4th liners. Maybe he gets a shot next year. Hope a trade will come.

  4. Why not do a sign and trade with the Rangers and swap Brown for Callahan & draft pick, give him 6 years at 5 million per season?
    The Kings should claim Omark off waivers and give him a chance on the 3rd line with Williams and Stoll.

    Callahan, Kopitar, Carter
    King, Richards, Toffoli
    Williams, Stoll, Omark
    Clifford, Lewis, Nolan

    • Callahan wants about 6.5 million per year. And he wants a long contract. The Rangers aren’t going to give that to him. I believe that’s more than Brown’s contract. It would be nice to see a trade worked out that would swap the two. I like Callahan a lot.

      • What he wants and deserves are two different things, to say he deserves 5 million per season for 6 years is also a stretch but, that’s what I said.
        Sign him for 7 to 8 years at 4 to 4.5 million per season then.

        • I’m sure that Lombardi would love to have him, as would every other GM. We’ll just have to see if Callahan is willing to negotiate with the Kings.

          • I live in NY and Callahan is a true heart and soul player with a real nice skill set. Like him a lot and I can’t imagine how the Rangers would expect to move forward without him personally.
            They didn’t want to give a new contract to Derek Stepan either, but they did.

  5. OT: IF you haven’t seen, Jon Rosen is covering the Monarch’s during the break. This will be heaven for me considering I get very limited information regarding out future studs. Should be some cool reading!

    I am also a Fraser supporter and wish him nothing but the best. If this is the end, thank you kindly for your effort and dedication to our team. I have much respect for you, son!

  6. Glad Fraser cleared. He’ll come in handy.

    When Brown renegotiates he’ll most likely have a larger hit then Callahan (who would be a good fit in LA).

    If Brown stands out in the Olympics that is the time to strike a deal; before eastern GMs realize that Brown could be their ticket to the unemployment line. Heck for the right player I’d throw in Stoll (and Frattin).

    After that move to settle Muzzin-Martinez. Send Jake back to kindergarten or Buffalo.

    In any case Gagner is a waste. Why consider this guy, is he magic or something? Why even take up server space?

    Vanek? (a bit old but a few good years left) I think Stoll would love Buffalo…not too far from home and filled with women who would faint in his presence while Brown could spend his time terrorizing the Jets and Leafs.

    • Well…that wasn’t one of my better comments…make that “filled with Brooklyn housewives who could care less”….

    • Sorry, when Brown ‘renegotiates’? He already signed a new contract last offseason I believe it was. Too late for that.

    • Brown has a new 8-year contract extension for $5.875 million per year. Callahan wants $6.5 million for at least … I think … 6 years.


      • Ryan Callahan wants that contract, he doesn’t fucking deserve it.
        Look at his career numbers.
        Callahan is averaging- 18/17 for 35 points per season, including this year and
        asking for Kopitar like money.
        Kopitar is averaging- 24/42 for 66 points per season, including this year.
        He’s crazy, for that kind of money I’d rather have Thomas Vanek.
        Vanek is 27/27 for 54 points per season including this year and he’s bigger (6′ 2″, 205 lbs.) and a natural left wing!!
        Callahan is 5′ 11″, 190 lbs. and plays right wing.
        No fucking contest!!!

        • I agree with you about Vanek. He’s a quality player. I’ve enjoyed watching his work for years. However, if he doesn’t want to stay in LA, I don’t want to see him come here as a rental.

  7. Jeff Carter is making 5.2 million per season and has better numbers than Ryan Callahan 25/20 for 45 points average per year.
    Carter is also 6′ 4″ and 200 lbs.
    Callahan deserves about 4.5 to 5 million per season, that’s it!
    I wouldn’t go over five years on the contract unless I had to either.

    • I agree with you about Callahan. I like him, but not that much. It would be wonderful to see him swapped with Brown. I think he’s better than Brown.

  8. finally

  9. I would trade for Ott.. he would be one the best additions to the bottom six. Is it even possible? Probably not.. but it doesn’t hurt to dream jaja :]

  10. Jman, start making some calls dog.sounds like you know your around the personnel issues of the league. Bypass Dean and get this done on your own. Seems easy enough

  11. So does this mean Kyle Clifford is the new Coli Fraser?

    • Kyle Clifford is a left wing. Colin Fraser is a Center. Are you thinking about their rough stuff? If so, Clifford certainly is a grinder. The Kings, however, need some more skill at getting the puck to the net.

      • Clifford is a 4th liner until he shows otherwise, best case for him I think is 3rd line in the future.
        Maybe 2nd team power play, he would be hitting his head on the ceiling!
        I still think it would great for him to play with some better skilled players like Stoll, Vey or Pearson just spit balling here.
        Nolan, Fraser and Lewis aren’t exactly offensive juggernauts!

        • Nolan scores more goals, 5 this season, than most guys playing similar minutes.

          This is why fraser gets waived, he could still play for the Kings because he cleared waivers and save the Kings over 500k in cap space for a potential trade later. If Dean keeps him in manchester, i think Lewis will center the 4th line. He was 4C before we aquired Fraser.

          It sucks to say because I love Clifford but I think we brought him up too soon and he would improve with a fresh start on a new team like Grabovski, Turris, Perron….. Darryl Sydor, Alexie Zhitnik, Philippe Boucher, Matt Moulson, Robert Lang(haha)…. I dont know if Steve Heinze, Dmitry Kristich, Jozef Stumple, Glen Murray or Byron Dafoe count as Bruins or Kings.

          Deano’s last big trades have all included players on multi-year contracts, not rentals. Unless you count Freddy Modin and Jeff Halpern at the deadline as big trades.If and when the Kings make a move, It will probably be for somebody signed beyond this season.

      • I meant will Kyle Clifford be the new player the team needs to get rid of.

        • Oh. I understand. Like Jman69 said, above, I think that Clifford, Nolan and Lewis are the next players who should be moved. If they can’t be moved, the should only be used for the 4th line.

          • Nolan and Lewis are keepers.

          • A Center needs to have good hands. They must also play a two hundred foot game, be solid defensively, and be a good passer/receiver/shooter. And it helps to have speed on top of those other necessary skills.

            Lewis does have speed. He also has very good defensive skills, especially on the PK. But offensively, because of his poor hands, he hurts the team. So, when he Centers a line, his wingers get absolutely no help from him. The two wingers end up, if they aren’t good defensively, just skating up and down the wings. The only way they can help the team is to hit, hit, hit. If they don’t hit, and try to keep the puck in their opposing team’s zone as much as possible (thus preventing scoring chances for the opposing team) they aren’t helping the team at all. This is what has been happening with the Kings. The players have been doing a good job defensively, for the most part, but they either don’t have offensive skills, or they have LOST their abilities to, somehow, pass the puck accurately, receive a nice puck properly, and shoot the puck at a small target (five-hole, six-hole, 7-hole, etc.).

            Nolan isn’t a highly skilled player, yet, but he does have potential. At this time, he’s still a good fourth line winger. He’s supposed to be a Center, but he’s not good enough to be a Center in the NHL. He’s a good grinder.

            There is absolutely no doubt in the minds of those who follow the NHL that this team needs some new players who can handle the puck and put that puck behind the net-minder.

            We must all hope that Lombardi has some kind of trade, or trades, working that will enhance the scoring abilities of the Kings.

          • Very accurate description of Louie and his line..I keep thinking ‘can’t he improve his shot.. isn’t this a skill that practice can improve?’..
            but perhaps this is as far as his skill set can go..such a shame..he has great speed..attitude..energy..sees the plays well..but the stick- puck movement is horrible :(

  12. Canada’s 4th line is Benn-Tavares-Bergeron. Talk about a sick abundance of talent!

    Our boy, Carter is on the first line with Crosby and Kunitz. Sorry, Carter, you are the enemy for approximately two weeks. I wish you a solid tournament minus the game(s) against us/US!

    Oh, and if you haven’t seen the women’s US team, I strongly suggest you watch a game. You will be extremely impressed. A must watch. I’ve watched both US games and one Canadian game and I’m here to tell you, we have an outstanding chance of beating Canada. It shall be a great game!

    • 4th line my ass..That is Crazy…This is going to be some battle..Excited to watch…Hope All our KINGS play solid..just do not score vs. USA!!!
      I made a comment last game how it is uncanny our ex Kings seem to score against us..guess they have that extra incentive.
      GO USA!!!

      • I can’t wait either, Hockeyjockey! I love the entire competition element of the Olympics, but the Hockey tournament is by far my favorite event. Should be exciting.

        I am a bit disappointed Brown and Backes won’t be on the same line. I must admit I like a little carnage with my hockey. :)

  13. It’s just unbelievable that we wasted cap space on a player like this all season who we never needed, and who now isn’t even going to be on the final roster. So we’ve wasted cap space on someone who isn’t going to be on the roster for the playoffs. I don’t want to repeat it a third time, but if anyone doesn’t understand what I’m saying, that means we wasted cap space on nothing. The player isn’t on the team, we didn’t get anything for him in a trade or anything, and yet the cap space we used on him for half the year still counts against us. That’s terrible cap management. I said from before the season started that Fraser wasn’t good enough to play in the NHL anymore, and now Dean finally realized it half a season after I did, and after wasting around 400k in cap space.

  14. It’s early a.m. and I am quite hazy from the night before (USA-USA!), so I can’t quite remember if Fraser is subject to reentry waivers. Anyone?
    Oh, and Kopitar is a beast. Let’s hope he gets some recognition.


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