2014 Winter Olympics – From Poutine to Putin

With the announcement this morning that Jonathan Quick will start the first game for the U.S. Team at Sochi against Slovakia, my excitement for Olympic hockey has reached a fever pitch. Ryan Miller was phenomenal in Vancouver, going on a run I won’t be forgetting, but these are Quick’s Olympics now.

I love the Olympics, winter or summer. I’m a sucker for them, instantly hypnotized by anything to do with the five rings. Add hockey into the mix and I’m happier than a sadist on dog patrol in Russia. I get so hooked that two Olympics ago, during the games in Torino, I was just starting a semester in college and I skipped so many classes to stay home and watch the games that they dropped me from the roll and I had to take an extra semester to graduate.

Having the last games in Vancouver was spoiling, with games on at reasonable times. With Sochi as far away from us as they are from clean running water, we are looking at mostly 4:30am games and some 9am games locally, neither of which are conducive to my continued employment. I like to believe that I will be wise and record them to watch when I get home, but I see several sleepless nights in my immediate future.

So, Kings fans, how do you watch the Olympics. Do you watch for Kings pride or country pride? I’m all about the USA team bringing home a gold. I wish Doughty, Carter, Voynov and Kopi the best, so long as “the best” includes a large dose of disappointment and their coming home jealous of Quick and Brown’s hardware. A friend of mine who is a Ducks’ fan and an American is rooting for the USA team last, because there are no is only one Duck player on the roster and his name isn’t Selanne. Shameful, though not surprising behavior from a Ducks fan.

I will say though, the one jersey I plan to buy is a Slovenia Kopitar jersey. I don’t really want a USA jersey because outside of the good natured competitive fun of the Olympics, nationalism is ridiculous.

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  1. Well said/written! When you find a place to buy Kopitar’s Slovenia jersey, please let me know. I’ve been looking, but have been unable to locate them.

  2. The best way to watch is to avoid NBC. Being in SoCal that’s a little rough, doable. CBCs coverage of the Olympics makes me want to fly to NY and kick NBC’s CEO in the nuts.
    Access http://olympics.cbc.ca/ using a service like unblock-us.com. I also use unblock-us to watch local Kings games via NHL Gamecenter. I haven’t paid for cable TV for 2 years now, which gives me plenty of cash for beer.
    I can’t say that I really root for anybody other than the US, but I like to see Kings players do well for other nations, as long as the US still wins.

  3. How will I watch the Olympics when a Kings goalie is starting for USA?
    On my couch, with my doctor next to me, as he’ll have to monitor blood flow as all of it will be coursing through my olympic-sized boner.

  4. Isn’t Fowler playing for the US?

  5. I’m rooting for the USA & Russa.. I hope Canada doesn’t medal. :p
    Has anyone had good poutine in LA? I know Redondo Cafe has it but I haven’t made the trip down there

  6. Irrational nationalism, like all things extreme is ridiculous, rooting for your country is not. Go Stars And Stripes!

    • I know that this isn’t the place to get political, but I will say that though our government is rapidly becoming a totalitarian police state, we can still cheer for what our people are doing in the Olympic games. We love the American people, the Kings players, and their American spirit. I hope the U.S. players will do well!

      • Totalitarian police state? Lol. Reminds me of this http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hLoqhvZ1SZI

        Also, a guy at Ralph’s who directly equated the plastic bag law here to living in communist Russia.

        • I have always loved the game of ice hockey, but it’s not the most important thing in my life. I stay informed on important issues that will affect my life in America. The power brokers in Washington D.C. have created a powerful civilian army to protect their rule over the people … the DHS. And they have been turning local police departments into extensions of the DHS while they ignore the Constitution. These actions tend to bother me.

          I apologize for mentioning anything about our government on this hockey blog. I’ll keep my comments to hockey in the future. Hockey is much more fun to talk about.

          • Hey, personally I don’t mind you guys talking about whatever you want. Bobby may feel differently, I’m not sure. Feel free to say something political.

            I can’t disagree that there are things going on in the country to be concerned about, the term totalitarian police state is just such a gross exaggeration that to compare this to a country that actually enforces a police state, denigrates the awful circumstances of the people in those countries.

        • Ok..this I relate to..please forgive my rant/bitch..venting here.
          Mail today..letter from city.. from development services department. To property owner/ tenant/ occupant
          Subject:Temporary Decorative lighting at above address..
          yes I am a lagger..Xmas lights still up..too much shit going on..it IS Hockey season and now Olympics..
          My lights have NOT been on since Jan 3rd or 4th..I have some Dangling snowflakes..so this is how my city is wasting my hard earned and then taken taxpayer dollars..
          JHC…why don’t they fix all the pot holes and cracked sidewalks so a person can go exercise and not risk a broken ankle..or try replacing the strret lights that are burnt out at a 50% clip..freakin pathetic..I swear Orson Welles would be proud ..1984 alive and kicking.
          done..time for sleep pre 4:00
          GO USA!!!

        • I takes a lot of researching to understand what is really going on, politically, in this world. Most people are too busy or just don’t want to put the necessary time into learning the truth. If America had more people who paid attention to what our government is doing, we would have a better and safer nation to live in.

          I’m thankful that you guys have this blog. I had a website, but I let it go. It’s sometimes a thankless job, and it’s difficult to make a buck from it. I know you two have to spend a lot of your free time on it. And I want to thank both of you for your work. It helps me to think about the joys of hockey and not spend too much time on my political research.

          Go Surly & Scribe!!!

  7. Talk about run and gun hockey that olympic ice is huge. About 15 ft wider than NHL surface.

    USA for the Gold baby!!!

  8. What kind of asshole/fool has any friends that cheer for the Ducks? Better to have no friends than Ducks fans.

    • I have one too..my lot in life..but he gets PLENTY of shit from me..last year had a Hockey party at my house..Kings were playing the sucks..he actually wore his damn jersey ..he was there before me(work) or he would not have gotten in door. .exorism after he left. crap sucks won game..every time they scored he got kicked in the shin by my loyal boots..next day he said he had big bruise on shin :-D
      GO USA

    • If you’ve ever been to The Pond, or as it’s now called the Honda Center, you’ll know that Duck fans are ignorant about hockey. I hated going there to see the Kings play. And I haven’t gone there for some time now.

  9. I just can’t wait to see some SCORING by the team I’m rooting for! Will be waking up at 4:30 for the game and if US loses by scoring only 1 goal I am going to go ape cock.

  10. I am SO EXCITED as well! I spent my days off clearing space (all King stuff of course) on my DVR so I can record..I will wake up early and watch pre work..I am lucky I start late.
    Today my nails became USA Blue. .
    The Kopi Slovenia Jersey is a Great Idea..not really disloyal as they do not have much of a chance.
    I read the International play rules so as to not be cussing (well not too much) at the TV if the refs make calls . The Offside rule seems odd to me. ANY shot on goal during a delayed offside will result in a stoppage of play.
    Very Happy and PROUD for Quickie to get the Start.
    GO USA!!!

  11. There was a Poutine truck in West Los Angeles about 5 months ago, but its gone now. A friend I used to work with is from New Hampshire but his last name is Cloutier so you can imagine the Francophone stench that comes from his sweat glands was so appy but now the truck is gone.

    I’ll watch the game when it airs at 4:30 AM just because I’ll be up anyway. As for who I am routing for well that is pretty obvious its los Estados Unidos, but I will keep the volume down because NBC has fucked this up again letting Screetch call the games. I’m sorry but Doc gets very annoying, even more than Magwire who will blow a load telling us all these useless tidbits of information only some Chinese or Korean guy would need to know if he were a contestant on Jeopardy.

    I think my brother in law even mentioned he is hated even more in Canada and that he is so creepy with his knowledge of very insignificant factoids, many players just ignore him like Patrick O’Neil.

    Speaking of Patty O, anyone notice the Kings playing like shit, also happened to start when Julie Stewart-Binks got bumped off the Kings Pre-Game and Post Game shows? I’m not sure if she is doing some other show(s) but I prefer her to Patty O, just because she actually knows her hockey.

    I remember seeing her at the Prospects scrimmages with the Ducks. She was kicking it old school, with a beer in hand sitting and watching the young Squires beat up the water fowl. The highlight of that game was Sabourin beating the crap out of Hovart. The look of horror on Hovart’ mother face when Sabourin went jackhammer on his dome was priceless


    Slovenia has their jerseys on the Slovenian National Olympic Hockey Team site:


    You can wait for the knock offs to be put up on e-bay, or you can order one from the Slovenia site. Just hit the translate to english button. You might want to send the people at the site an e-mail to find out if they are going to be selling the jerseys anywhere or if they plan on auctioning them off at some point. Many times they auction some off of them off via Meigray or other memorabilia sites.

    Sammys Army is here to stay, Sammy’s Army is on their way, And I would rather be anywhere else but here today!

  12. Four years ago in Vancouver I was introduced (by television) to Suter who has become one of my favorite hockey players to date. So far after two periods, I’ve been introduced to Carlson and I’m really liking what I see.

    My goodness can our d-core skate. I know it’s only been 40 minutes of hockey, but it’s been a pleasure to watch so far.

    I have a new favorite player to hate…Tatar! He always has a good game against the Kings and he’s doing the same today! He’s a nice little player.

    • no fooling with Tatar!..total standout..What a Great AM to start my work week..Quickie our Boy solid..one goal should NOT have counted. .bind bat could see that Offside..Brownie finding back of Net..Yay!!!
      GO USA!!!

      • Yeah, that offside seemed obvious, didn’t it? I’m just glad it didn’t determine the game. Sure was a great start…Can you imagine the grin under Quicks mask with that many digits for the home team for a change. Let’s keep it moving!

    • It was Carlson who scored the OT goal against Martin Jones in the 2009 World Junior Championship Finals which the US beat the heavily favored Canadian World Junior team.

      Then again Canada is always the favorite.

      • Thanks for the video, Mod! This kid is solid. I looked up his draft class and he was part of Drew’s awesome draft year. I know hindsight is 20/20 but he would have been a much better pick than Teubert! Could you imagine Doughty, Carlson, Voynov. Haha! Probably not enough cap space for all three, though.

  13. It’s official. International refs suck as bad as NHL refs. Tatar was so offsides on that goal Hossa stopped and waited for the whistle. Either way hell of a statement game. USA!!! Congratulations to Slovenia also. Had the Russians on their heels there a bit. Anyone else think the Russians crack under the pressure and don’t medal?

  14. I rarely sleep and I’m self employed so watching the games in Sochi have been pretty easy for me. I would love to see Team USA win gold but I’m perfectly content Canada if win it. I like, as rosters go, Team Canada just a little more than I like Team USA’s roster. I just want to see competitive games. I was stoked to watch Slovenia lose to Russia by a smaller margin than what Team USA did to Slovakia this morning. I have deep pride in my country but I also give huge props to the talented athletes good enough to make their perspective teams and compete.

    I thought I was going to want Kopitar’s Slovenia jersey…and then I saw it. I don’t know that I would ever wear it and it would not blend with the colors, Kings’ memorabilia, and Kings’ jerseys in shadow boxes in my mancave. All in all, I really don’t like any of the tournament jersey’s.

    Most off all, I want to see all 5 Kings we loaned to the Olympics return safe, healthy, and ready to win some games and climb up in the standings.

  15. I have seen Slovenia Olympic Jerseys now being sold on E-bay for 89.00. The seller appears to be in Slovenia and ships to the US.


  16. Doc has become Kurt Goudey. He referred to Joe Pavelski as Drew Doughty at least 3 times.

    Seriously its time for this guy to go. He can do Eastern Conference games for all I care, but calling Joe Pavelski Drew Doughty repeatedly reminds me of Kurt Goudey when he didn’t even know which teams were playing when he was doing play by play while he was alive.

  17. Doughty draws praise blah blah blah. Leads all Canadian players in ice time. I knew this would happen. He is clearly the best player at his position in the world. The reason he doesn’t appear to be so is obviously Sutter. TMs doppelgänger. No players will ever reach there offensive potential under his system. Why do I feel like when the Olympics are over it’s back to work , vacations over. The freedom was nice while it lasted. Go get Babcock DL. No more shots from the fucking perimeter!!!! No wonder I’ve been having so much fun watching the damn Olympics!!! It’s real hockey. Anybody remember Doughtys patented spin move? I love that shit!!! How much you wanna bet Sutter and TM told him to knock the “cute” shit off. Hopefully DL is watching these games and missing the offense too. Doughty should try to go coast to coast at least twice a game. It’ll pay off half of the time, and make the opposition think he will do it the other half. My 2¢. Whatever.

  18. First of all look at his supporting cast. Secondly the ice is 15 feet wider. He has all kinds of room out there.

  19. Carts with a hattie. Canada is bulldozing Austria

  20. Oh, yeah, baby, I’m getting my wish. Brown, Backes and Callahan will be manning a shutdown line against Russia tomorrow morning. I really hope it’s against Malkin, Ovechkin and Semim. Oh, man, I can’t wait…carnage on ice from both sides.

    Atta boy, Carter. Three goals with only 7 minutes of ice time. Wow!

    • Carter certainly was impressive during the time that he was on the ice … both offensively AND defensively!!

    • And he made good use of those 8 minutes, 3 goals, a big part of Getzlaf’s goal (no point), good PK and was a PLUS 5.

      Looks like Crosby was holding him back!!!

      Shame about Zetterburg, I had the Swedes in the gold medal game but they are injury bitten.
      (Had The Swedess, Canada and Russia as the medal winners)
      Looking forward to seeing USA Russia tomorrow.

    • East Coast bias..take that and shove it up your pie holes!!!
      GO USA!!!

  21. I think Carts prefers the black uniform for some reason…

  22. Kopitar on the point? Interesting. Also is he gonna fucking play all 60 minutes?

  23. So all we need are guys to get Carter the puck in front of the net, genius (?) !!!!!

  24. Alright, who’s with me fine Saturday morning?

    I’m watching the game with my friend, Mr. Anxiety! Haha Didn’t think I’d be this nervous.

    • I taped and woke up to start watching 6:30..no voice for work..Nervous with a Capitol N!!!!
      Great game..skill on disay..is ot ok to be gratful for
      1) fowler (small f)
      2) palevski (small p)
      3) kesler small k) faceoff monster
      4) tj Oshie ( he deserves a Capitol letter)
      and to damnthat stinkin Kolvacheck to hell
      OMG what a game!
      GO USA!!!

  25. Holy shitballs !!! Full on shiteater right now. USA!!! Awesome game!

  26. Weak call on Brownie that led to the tying goal

  27. Fucking voynov

    • Really disappointed by that if it is true. Trade that overpriced little traitor if it is. Get Carlson or Shattenkirk. Someone to compliment Doughty. Right handed d men are overrated. Didn’t hear the US bitch about the shit calls or lack of them in the 1st period. Russian players take interference to a new level. Let Voynov go back to the KHL if he doesn’t like his teammates or the way they play. Maybe that’s why he sucks this year. We could use the cap space, and life is too short to be unhappy. Fuck you Slava. Poor sport.

      • What did I miss??? I might have been screaming at TV..and did not hear..don’t bash him too much..you know all the pressure on the Russies..and he still is so Young..
        GO USA!!!

    • I can’t believe he said that. That’s pretty fucked up since Quick didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t see Voynov in the handshake line with either Quick or Brown so it be intersting how that went down. The way Oshie and Tarasenko met in the line was true respect.

      Hard fought win. Oshie is a shoot out beast.

    • I get the frustration felt by Voynov and I’ve been in competitive situations where I would have thrown my mother under the bus (not literally, but close) to win, but I really wish he wouldn’t have said that to the media.

      I don’t care what anyone says, this will create a certain amount of distrust and irritation from all members of our team, not just Quick. Ratting out a teammate in public is unacceptable in any form. I would love to be present when everyone meets up again to see how this plays out.

      We really got outplayed, but my goodness what a great game. I had two different anxiety attacks during play. I’m just now coming down from my adrenaline rush. Didn’t even need coffee this morning. Haha!

      Oshies antics were just spectacular! One of the greatest clutch feats I’ve ever seen on any level.

      Callahan is a feisty little fellow isn’t he? I loved his game!

      I wonder if Dustin is going to throw Kopitar under the Brown bus tomorrow?

      • I think we’re taking it out of context.. I don’t think he meant to say it the way we’re interpreting it.

        • I hope you’re are correct and it’s very possible, but what worries me is there’s too many similar comments from multiple Russians to be a “context” thing.

          He knows Quick well, as his teammate with the Los Angeles Kings. Too well, maybe, because he said after the game that Quick may have dislodged the net on purpose.
          “I can tell you myself, because I am his teammate and I play with him. It is in his style to do something like that. Yes,” he said. “The question is why wasn’t it noticed? That’s the question to the referees.”

          Russia coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov said in his postgame press conference that the referees should have seen Quick knock the goal off the morning, and that he did it on purpose. “I do believe there was a mistake,” he said.

          I can’t find the quote at this moment, but Ovechkin has a similar statement of Quick knocking the net off on purpose.

          Are all these statements taken out of context?

          Also, John Hoven swears by Chesnokov and basically says there would be nothing lost in translation. He believes adamantly what Chesnokov reported was what was spoken by Voynov.

          Of course I don’t know for sure but it doesn’t look good.

          • S&S we need a damn edit button. No I don’t wish to proof read, I’d rather have an edit button. :) Sorry for my third grade grammar.

          • No way. Can’t let you correct your shit. No fun then

          • Here’s Ovechkin’s quote, “Nobody touched the net,” Alex Ovechkin said, per the Chicago Sun-Times. “The goalie touched the net and pulled it out. But the referee didn’t give him two minutes.”

          • Every single goalie in the world pushes off the post to move laterally. It’s the Referee’s job to make sure it’s anchored. If it does come out, from pushing off … not lifting it off, it’s just part of the game. There can be no goal if the net isn’t in place.

            I doubt that Voynov insinuated that Quick did it deliberately. Everyone knows Quick pushes off hard. If the pins give way on his push offs, the authorities had better get more rigid pins. By the way, everyone knows that net anchor pins are somewhat pliable to reduce injuries. Look at what happened to Stamkos! That injury was caused with the current agreed upon amount of pin flexibility.

            Russia sucks!

          • Prefect Explanation..
            GO USA!!!

          • Thanks Hockeyjockey. I tried to keep it clear and to the point. There really isn’t any way that anyone should blame Jonathan Quick … unless their an asshole that doesn’t know when to shut up! :-)

          • Just finished watching the shootout again…What a day..nothing could take the smile off my face..still smiling..will go to sleep with the smile on my face..
            What a Sport..like no other..blessed to feel the passion I do for Hockey..
            ♡♡♡ USA
            ♡♡♡ Quicker
            GO USA!!!

          • Me too! I watched the entire third period, OT, and shootout again. Awesome!!!!

          • Highlights showed the Pub in Pittsburgh filled to brim at crack of dawn with everyone going nuts when USA won in the shootout. That would be Fun!.. but .uugghh.. work.
            I am making highlight DVD starting with the Slovakia Game.
            GO USA!!!

          • Sorry! “…unless they’re and asshole…”

  28. “Take it easy, francis!” Things sometimes get lost in translation. Maybe Slava was throwing Quick a compliment by saying that”s his style – meaning to make tough saves when it counts and to push off of the goal post for his slide across crease. It was the refs job to make sure the goals were set.

    • The only way for Voynov to get outta this is that his interpreter fucked up and meant to say that Quick’s style sometimes leads to the net getting dislodged. Otherwise he’s calling Quick a cheat and that’s some fucked up shit.

  29. ok..got it..I rewound and played 3 times this am after it occurred as I KNEW it was Not a high stick. .dumb color guys..and the play previous Quick was sliding to make a save and knocked the net..if he had done so on purpose it would Really have been off mooring..I bet the propaganda police said Russie players this is what you ALL say…bah. humbug..
    GO USA!!!

  30. Having had more than enough time to process the info and my feelings I’m still totally pissed. It is early enough in the competition we should be hearing more on this later. If we do play them again, be really nice if Brown hit VV really hard. Not hard enough to fuck up his trade value mind you. Then remove the cancer from the locker room before the deadline. This has nothing to do with being Russian. It has to do with being a good sport and a good teammate. Voynov will fetch us just what we need. Peter Harrold can do what he’s done this year. If I remember correctly, DL had some doubts about him. Pull the trigger! My 2¢. Suck it Voynov!

  31. Unfortunately I’m leaning in the direction that you just stated.

  32. For anybody that got up (I did) to watch the US Slovenia hockey game, Kopi missed a good deal of the 2nd period and all of the 3rd. From TSN post game Lebrun reporting Kopi going to the hospital for blood tests, father is unsure if he plays Tues.

  33. Okay. I’m feeling a little better. Russia beat Slovakia in a shootout, 1-0. The team Slovenia beat 3-1, and the US beat 7-1. Have fun with your world beating hockey team there Slava. Maybe if the Russians had some solid defenders they’d be playing better. Go back and watch some Konstantinov video or something. That guy was a beast. God I hated him, I totally respected him though. Slava not so much.
    Gold – USA
    Silver – Canada
    Bronze- Finland
    My 2¢. You saw it on S and S first.

  34. Canada and the US can’t play each other for gold because they will most likely meet in the semis.

  35. Okay, I just read this, “I don’t know what’s going on,” said Doughty, who has four goals in three Olympic games after scoring just eight times in 59 NHL games this season. “I don’t score like this in L.A. at all. A lot of it is just my teammates. They’re doing a great job getting me the puck.”

    Do you think Drew is being passive aggressive, or does he really not realize he is an offensive defense man?!

    • or is he more Clever 5hen any of us give him credit for and he is subtly saying Mother Sutter’s system is stifling the team :-/
      I will guarentee LA coaches etc are taking note..
      GO USA

      • I like Doughty. And I feel that you are indeed correct. Doughty is saying a politically incorrect thing in a politically correct manner. I think the only individuals who think Darryl Sutter’s system is fabulous is Sutter himself and Dean Lombardi. We can only hope that Lombardi is beginning to see the error of his ways.

        I think that everyone agrees that playing strong defense is critical to having a good team, but you don’t hold back on offense because you want a defense that is so tight that they’re unable to properly move the puck into the offensive zone and score goals.

        There has to be a balance in everything, including hockey!

        • Before I even got to the end of your response I was saying
          ” everything in balance”… : )
          I Love DD..he is age appropriate..people forget how young these guys are..not everyone matures at the same rate..he is a player who Loves being on the Ice and just playing… .and he is slowing growing up..but we don’t want to stifle that pure joy of the game.
          GO USA!!!

          • It’s time for DD to settle in as a powerful force on the Kings. Sutter needs to stop suppressing DD’s offensive prowess. We can only hope that DL will get DD a strong left handed stay-at-home defenseman who will enable DD to do his thing offensively.


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