With the announcement this morning that Jonathan Quick will start the first game for the U.S. Team at Sochi against Slovakia, my excitement for Olympic hockey has reached a fever pitch. Ryan Miller was phenomenal in Vancouver, going on a run I won’t be forgetting, but these are Quick’s Olympics now.

I love the Olympics, winter or summer. I’m a sucker for them, instantly hypnotized by anything to do with the five rings. Add hockey into the mix and I’m happier than a sadist on dog patrol in Russia. I get so hooked that two Olympics ago, during the games in Torino, I was just starting a semester in college and I skipped so many classes to stay home and watch the games that they dropped me from the roll and I had to take an extra semester to graduate.

Having the last games in Vancouver was spoiling, with games on at reasonable times. With Sochi as far away from us as they are from clean running water, we are looking at mostly 4:30am games and some 9am games locally, neither of which are conducive to my continued employment. I like to believe that I will be wise and record them to watch when I get home, but I see several sleepless nights in my immediate future.

So, Kings fans, how do you watch the Olympics. Do you watch for Kings pride or country pride? I’m all about the USA team bringing home a gold. I wish Doughty, Carter, Voynov and Kopi the best, so long as “the best” includes a large dose of disappointment and their coming home jealous of Quick and Brown’s hardware. A friend of mine who is a Ducks’ fan and an American is rooting for the USA team last, because there are no is only one Duck player on the roster and his name isn’t Selanne. Shameful, though not surprising behavior from a Ducks fan.

I will say though, the one jersey I plan to buy is a Slovenia Kopitar jersey. I don’t really want a USA jersey because outside of the good natured competitive fun of the Olympics, nationalism is ridiculous.