Am I The Only One?

That kind of wanted Slovenia to upset Team USA today?

That thinks Finnish players have the dumbest names?

Who doesn’t care that their teammates and wants Dustin Brown to plaster Ryan Kesler?

That wants to see that Kovalchuk change-up shootout goal again and again and again?

Who is most excited to watch the Czech vs Slovakia bloodbath?

That secretly wants Doughty and Carter to sit in protest after the Olympics until Sutter let’s them play like Babcock does?

Who is loving seeing Sandis Ozilins play again?

Who thinks the Luge and Skeleton would be more interesting if part of the course ran through center ice?

Who suddenly understands why St Louis fans tried to elect TJ Oshie as mayor

That cheered after every Kessel goal, but then quickly muttered “Fuck that ugly jerk”?

Who thinks Radulov legitimately looks like a bad human being?

Who hasn’t gotten a single thing done in the last 5 days, isn’t sleeping and most closely resembles an extra on “The Walking Dead” between games?

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  1. You made some good points Surly! :-)

    I would like to add that Sutter is probably not watching Olympic hockey. He wouldn’t want to mess up his mental block on how to coach hockey.

    I love the fact that enemies can find common ground when they play together on an Olympic team.

    I don’t think Carter and Doughty really need to say too much. Their play speaks volumes!

    Radulov DOES look a lot like a Russian mafia hitman!

  2. I have deep Hatred of all things Canuck (except B.Richardson)..but Kessler is focused on Hockey right now. .USA Hockey..80% faceoffs..he gets a pass..
    TJOchie doing what we already knew he was capable of. .more a delima for me with Backes. Kessel..I was so jealous when Toronto got him from Boston…I saw his skill..Boston seems to have No patience with youngsters that need some guidence. T.Seguin anyone..I am a bit relieved Dallas no longer in our Division..they will be a contender about Nikita Klyukin. .rookie playing on Olympic host team..he caught my eye at the Draft…did I say Rookie!
    I am exhausted..7:30 pm..what?…one more day of work before my weekend..have managed to balance my $$ so far..fingers crossed.
    GO USA!!!

    • Wow no one caught and corrected or slammed :) me here!
      Watching taped Russua-Norway game. Dawned on me..I wrote WRONG name..not Nikita Klyukin..RIP he was in the Lokomotiv Plane Disaster.
      I was talking about Dallas Star rookie
      Valeri Nichushkin. Got my Russiam names confused trying to spell correectly..:/

      Did you see Slovenia advanced. .Kopi first goal of game.Congrats to them!
      GO USA!!!

  3. Why would you want Slovenia to upset the US?

    • Maybe cause Miller was in net? Not sure. I’m easily confused though. I have come to realize these games are as important to me as Kings games, maybe a bit more. Who knew? I was emotional after our win over Russia. I almost threw up during the shootout. I hope Kopis okay. I bet the Russians slipped him a tainted Pierogi or something. Bastards. USA USA USA USA!!!

    • Because it’s Kopi and I’m a sucker for an underdog.

      Every Olympics you hear about the Miracle on Ice. Well, there won’t ever be another Miracle on Ice for the USA, because now we are all big pro’s, thorough bred steroid infused superstars. But Slovenia? They are like that 1980 USA team. Bunch of nobodies except for Kopi, just happy to be there. Any game they win is endlessly more exciting to them than any game other than the gold medal game is to the USA. I wanted the USA to win. I want USA to take the whole damn thing. But watching Slovenia win would have been awesome as well. Hopefully they can knock out Austria.

  4. All I can say is with the exception of Voynov, those other guys who play for the Kings seemed to have rediscovered that twine in the back of the net.

    That begs the question regardless of the players they are playing with on their respective national teams: Why?

    Is this something that Sutter is doing or not doing with the Kings roster?

    Is this something to do with the system the Kings play?

    Is there some sort of mutiny inside the Kings locker room which has some players not really giving 100%?

    I just find it interesting that Doughty/Carter/Brown/Kopitar have magically found their scoring mojo once again. Sure I know they are playing with some of the “best” players in the world, but I sure hope I am just reading too much into this and once these Olympics are over and the US rubs both Canada and Russia’ nose on their gold medals, their scoring streaks aren’t left on some ski jumping platform in Turkmenistan.

    Before I end this, I was happy to see somebody included a trade potential which could bring Jagr to the Kings for someone or something else. I know the article says Toffoli but even Lou isn’t that naive to think the Kings would give Toffoli up for a 42yr old rental. Regardless Jagr can play LW/RW and he could help boost the scoring issues we have been watching these past few months.

    For a reasonable price, Jagr is much better than a shitty Gagner, a Vanek who is never going to re-sign with the Kings just because he’ll be asking for a shitload of money for a minimum of what 6 years? Same goes for Moulson no reason to give away a bunch of assets for a player who most likely will end up in Ottawa anyway.

    The other addition the Kings might want to look at is Girardi. Replace Muzzin with Girardi and watch Doughty elevate his game to where it could be if he didn’t have to try to guess what Muzzin will do with the puck this time?


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