That kind of wanted Slovenia to upset Team USA today?

That thinks Finnish players have the dumbest names?

Who doesn’t care that their teammates and wants Dustin Brown to plaster Ryan Kesler?

That wants to see that Kovalchuk change-up shootout goal again and again and again?

Who is most excited to watch the Czech vs Slovakia bloodbath?

That secretly wants Doughty and Carter to sit in protest after the Olympics until Sutter let’s them play like Babcock does?

Who is loving seeing Sandis Ozilins play again?

Who thinks the Luge and Skeleton would be more interesting if part of the course ran through center ice?

Who suddenly understands why St Louis fans tried to elect TJ Oshie as mayor

That cheered after every Kessel goal, but then quickly muttered “Fuck that ugly jerk”?

Who thinks Radulov legitimately looks like a bad human being?

Who hasn’t gotten a single thing done in the last 5 days, isn’t sleeping and most closely resembles an extra on “The Walking Dead” between games?