Doughty. Drewwww Doughty

Drew is on fire. Surrounded by crazy talent, teams cannot key on him, his skill-set shines and be becomes a weapon of mass production.

Jeff Carter scores goals. Lots and lots of goals.

Jonathan Quick didn’t play today but man, did he show the world what an elite goalie can do against Russia’s fire power.

Slava Voynov created some controversy with his dumb (but taken out of context?) comment about Quickie’s penchant to knock the net off the mooring…stupid comment because it’s pretty much bullshit. Quick doesn’t do it anymore than any other goalie, it isn’t intentional when it happens and, if it happens, it’s usually part of the post to post style of his.

Kopitar got sick. Oh Nose! Or is it Nohs? Fuck I don’t know but Anze was HOOOAAAHH, oh sorry, I think I have this HOOOOAAAHHHH, man, I think that was my lunch, HOOOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Lunch and dinner…

Dustin Brown. Meh.


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  1. Bobby, I could say something about Doughty not being surrounded by decent depth talent on the Kings, but I’ve done it too many times. But, of course I shared the exact same thought as that watching the game.
    How freakin good that guy is (which btw I’m still very able to see no matter who he’s playing with), but it makes you wonder just how much he could shine if he were surrounded with a bit more support.

    I have to say that as a No. 1 pairing, Muzzin doesn’t quite enable a guy like Doughty to shine. Especially if the forwards on the ice are any of the bottom six.
    There, I said it. OK Drew….. do you feel better now? ……………………… no…… not really.

    Anyway Bobby, I like your spirit…..

    • Doughty is playing with Vlasic, a huge defensive specialist and smart puck, mobile, physical puck mover. I’ve always been a big fan of the pickle and think he is one of the more underrated defensemen out there. He’s a lot like Scuderi. Even on the world stage he is playing very well but under the radar. He opens up Doughty to do a lot, have a lot of freedom. Basically Vlasic is doing for Doughty what Mitchell and Scuderi used to do for Doughty, but Doughty has to now do for Muzzin. That’s why that pairing drives me crazy. Muzzin would be a great mobile guy to have on a third pairing, but he isn’t half the player Drew is but Drew has to sit back while Muzzin takes all the runs up the ice.

    • I agree that Doughty definitely needs a better d partner, in saying that I don’t mind Muzzin and see what he could become ONE day, but right now Muzzin should be a third pairing D. However to find a good first pairing D is not easy and we will have to trade something of value to find it (hello Dustin Brown). You also have to consider the different styles of play that Babcock and Sutter implement, who knows what Carter and Doughty and the rest could do with a more offensive coach at the helm, but I suspect we are seeing what could be.

  2. My 2nd comment for the evening……

    ‘Dustin Brown. Meh.’

  3. I think he just gets up for the big stage. He also responds to people taking cheapshots at him. He’s like a sleeping giant, who just coasts through most of the regular season games. And when is say coast, that’s still a pretty good level if play for DD.
    I don’t buy the ‘surrounded by talent’ or ‘stuff led by Sutter’ theories. It’s DD that limits himself. When he gives 100% every shift, he dominates

  4. Wow. 4-0 Slovenia over Austria. Kopi on his way to the quarters.

  5. Drew has been absolutely amazing! I think the larger sheet of ice really bodes well for players like Doughty and Carter who can both skate and handle the puck. A smaller rink helps the likes of Brown because he is one of the most awkward and ugly skaters I’ve ever seen. That being said, he actually looks pretty solid. As for Kopitar? What can be said. He does all things well and now that they’ve advanced to the quarters I sincerely hope he helps earn Slovenia their first medal in this first Olympic Hockey outing. It’s completely apparent that these players have game… I think is safe to say their kryptonite is Sutter.

  6. The idea that having a defensive partner like Vlasic is allowing Doughty to shine, where an offensive partner like Muzzin holds him back, is ridiculous. Doughty has been paired plenty with defensive partners like Regehr and Scuderi over the last two seasons and there hasn’t been any difference. In fact I think Doughty has played better with Muzzin than with Regehr, and Doughty’s comments in the preseason indicate he prefers playing with Muzzin as well.

    The reason Doughty is playing better for Team Canada are fourfold:

    1. The bigger ice in Sochi. For skilled players, especially players who like to rush the puck up the ice and stickhandle through the defense, the bigger ice makes all the difference. Just a huge, huge difference in the amount of space you have to actually make plays.

    2. The power-play in LA is awful. Part of that is on Doughty, he hasn’t been a great PP quarterback for the Kings, but when you have such a stacked unit on team Canada, they are getting him the puck much more and getting way more zone time for him to work with.

    3. The system in LA is very conservative and defensive. Team Canada’s system is the opposite, so it’s natural Kings players would produce more for Canada. It has nothing to do with Vlasic.

    4. Luck and sample size. The offensive explosion you’re talking about from Doughty amounts to three goals. One of them was a floater from the right point that was a lucky goal. Another was a softy under the right pad of a screened goalie. Doughty has taken similar shots for the Kings tens of times this season but usually those don’t go in. He just had luck on his size that time.

    So really it’s only that nice backhand goal that we should be talking about with Doughty, and while that was a very nice goal, it’s just one goal, and it happened on the big ice where there is more room to make moves like that, and on the power-play playing with better players on the power-play than he has to play with in LA, and playing for a power-play unit that is coached by much better power-play coaches than the Kings have.

    • Sorry I meant 4 goals. I forgot the short side goal on Rask, but that was also a softie, and also on the powerplay.

      Not everyone realizes, when you see players who put up 100 point seasons, usually about 35-40 of those are powerplay points. Or if you think of when Nick Lidstrom was putting up 50-55 point seasons from the blueline, usually about half of those were powerplay points. So if you took away most of those powerplay points, if you only gave him 10 instead of 25+, that’s the difference between having 50+ points or having 35. That’s the difference between having what’s considered a good year, or underperforming.

      And that’s the problem with the Kings. Statistically a lot of these guys are going to look like they’re underachieving relative to the rest of the league that they’re compared against because the rest of the league is padding their stats with powerplay production, and the Kings aren’t. It’s the hard to score at even strength in this league, and if you’re not getting points on the powerplay, it’s going to be hard for you to put up good offensive numbers overall.

      Now, Doughty has been part of the powerplay problem in LA at times, but his performance for Canada on the powerplay is hinting again that the problems with LA’s powerplay run a lot deeper.

  7. Haha! Just read, the Russians are protesting the game in front of the US Embassy in Moscow. Really, folks?

    Also, Fathead already has Oshie in full size. That didn’t take long. lol!

    • Lol. Only 20 or so people. They do wanna melt the ref and make soap out of him though. There must not be a lot of soap in Russia.

      • Soap? Is that some kind of genocidal reference? Poor taste on this one Hamburglar, though I usually enjoy your comments.

        • Not in poor taste at all, he’s relaying what was written.

          Dozens of Russian fans gathered Monday at the Moscow State Agroengineering University, some brandishing hockey sticks, to protest a disallowed goal scored by the Russian team in Saturday’s Olympic hockey match against the United States in Sochi, a decision that they felt cost them the game against their Cold War rivals.

          A crowd of mainly students erected a large banner in front of the building reading, “Turn the referee into soap!”, a common Russian chant at sporting events, implying the referee is fit only to have his bones and body fat boiled down for soap.

  8. Are they really protesting at the us embassy? What a buch of dipshits. ‘Cause the USA created that stupid rule and were the ref’s. Especially with the best hockey yet to come. They ended up on an easy bracket. No canada or USA. Go Finland!

  9. Oh boy! Russia on the ropes. :0 20 mins to score 2 and tie. Bababababababababababa

  10. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. Taking the day off work to watch hockey. USA USA USA USA USA

    • Wow, just saw Teemu and company did a number on Russia! The ugly side of competition is rearing it’s head…they’re already pointing fingers at each other. It’s pathetic! First step of being a winner is taking accountability.

      We’re looking good, aren’t we! How’s Canada looking?

  12. Canada and the US against each other in the semis! Man Latvia put a scare in us. It was kind of like the Sweden-Slovenia game but Sweden managed to break it open in the third while Canada couldn’t. Well coached Ted Nolan!

  13. Today is a perfect day. I would have to get food poisoning, or kicked in the balls to wipe the small off my face. Like total Hockey heaven since 4:30 this morning. I was relieved and disappointed at the same time after the CAN LAT game. I can’t remember mixing those two emotions ever before, but the end result is all smiles. Latvias goalie should get a few calls in the couple weeks. Plus, the Russians can cry about the disallowed goal all they want, they are 5th. That’s what they earned too. Just goes to show you 5 Ovechkins doesn’t exactly equal 20 goals. They thought it was an All Star game I think….. Anyways…….. USA USA USA USA USA !!!!!!! Time for a nap.

    • I had a good hockey day as well, watching all the games. And never underestimate a team coached by Nolan, most any player who has had him as a coach, loved playing for him. Latvia played their hearts out today. On Gudlevskis, who was outstanding, he’s the property of the Tampa Bay Lightning, so unless an NHL team is going to offer Stevie Y something he can’t turn down, there won’t be any calls coming in a few weeks or otherwise.

      And Russia’s coach deserves some blame for using a goalie rotating system. Bob should have started. Three soft goals by Varmalov. And Ovie will never be a leader, not wit hthe Caps or in the Olympics. He’s too selfish and once again, was invisible when his team (and country) needed him.
      Really intrigued by the Swedes Finns game, should be a good one.

      • The Finns are fast and use the big ice better than any team really so far, they are patient and playing a strong team game. I can’t tell one line from the next. I think they can take Sweden too.


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