Drew is on fire. Surrounded by crazy talent, teams cannot key on him, his skill-set shines and be becomes a weapon of mass production.

Jeff Carter scores goals. Lots and lots of goals.

Jonathan Quick didn’t play today but man, did he show the world what an elite goalie can do against Russia’s fire power.

Slava Voynov created some controversy with his dumb (but taken out of context?) comment about Quickie’s penchant to knock the net off the mooring…stupid comment because it’s pretty much bullshit. Quick doesn’t do it anymore than any other goalie, it isn’t intentional when it happens and, if it happens, it’s usually part of the post to post style of his.

Kopitar got sick. Oh Nose! Or is it Nohs? Fuck I don’t know but Anze was HOOOAAAHH, oh sorry, I think I have this HOOOOAAAHHHH, man, I think that was my lunch, HOOOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Lunch and dinner…

Dustin Brown. Meh.