USA Versus Canada for the “Fuck You”, “No, Fuck You!” Right to Play for Gold

Before the Olympics started, a friend asked my opinion of who would finish 1, 2 and 3.

I asked him “am I answering with my head or heart?”

“Both” he said.

Head, I gave him Sweden for Gold, Canada for Silver and USA the Bronze. He was shocked I didn’t pick Russia. I told him I don’t pick any team that relies on Ovechkin and Kovalchuk to win.

Heart, I gave him USA for Gold, Sweden for Silver and Canada for Bronze.

He said I was insane. He said Canada wins it all. I told him that was the easy choice and the pussy choice…but it was hard to argue too much when you look at that ridiculously talented team on paper. Is there a weakness in there? Keep reading.

Here we are. USA v. Canada, not for the Gold Medal but for the right to play for the Gold Medal. It is also for the bragging rights of two nations, one who owned hockey and the other who took it from them. Canadians are sweet enough to make my teeth hurt but don’t think for a second they are not quietly pissed off that the great majority of NHL teams are below their borders…we might as well take Tim Hortons next. Why haven’t we now that I think about it? 

I digress…

What do I think now? I think Sweden plays the USA for the Gold and, if Jonathan Quick can be the superstar I know he is, USA wins Gold. It rides on Quick. Fortunately, he knows exactly what that feels like right? He is the reason we won the Cup and went the WCF last season. Now, he just has to play two stellar games to win it for his Country…

Shit, did that give you goosebumps?

Jonathan Quick has primarily in his glove, blocker and pads a Gold Medal for the United States of America.

Our Quickie…

Why not Canada? Because goaltending will fail them. “What! Fuck off, eh! Luongo has already shown he can do it!” I watched the last Winter Olympics and in my often not humble opinion, Rubber Toe was meh. His team bailed his ass out. If Luongo is even the starter, the older and not better goalie will not be good enough. If it’s Price, better but not good enough.

I suppose what I am saying is USA! USA! USA!

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  1. Hmmm my comment didnt post. Was just saying great article but we played in the WCF final last year not SCF. I was talking to a canadian friend of mine today about this game and he was all “We gave crosby and carter and doughty and getzlaf.” My response was 3 words, “We Have Quick”. My friends response……”Point taken”.

  2. Gave=have…stupid auto correct

  3. One game. Latvia can almost win one game against these guys.

  4. Fuck you! Canada wins. Why defence. with a “C”. Puck moving, slap shot scoring, hard hitting defence. That being said I just got my green card two weeks ago so I wouldn’t be totally bummed if my country of residence pulls it off as well. Either way it’ll be a great fucking game. Lots of emotion.
    As far as Tim Hortons is concerned, I think they have franchises in Minnesota if I’m not mistaken, so there you go. I could be wrong though…

  5. There was meant to be a question mark after the “why?”

  6. USA USA USA!!!
    If I have been able to talk Good things about Backes/Kesler/Paveski/etc. we can Win this. Know USA has jelled as a T.E.A.M and can do this. Also think Bylsma has done A+ coaching job.
    GO USA!!!

  7. My summary: If Canada wins, you will be able to credit Drew Doughty. If USA wins, you will be able to credit Jonathan Quick. Whoever of those two has the better game, ironically, will probably deliver their team the victory.

  8. The US Women’s Team losing to Canada may add more fire to our boys, but I think what happened four years ago and winning the Gold is enough motivation. Taping the damn thing and then avoiding the population all day at work AND at the gym will be brutal, but I wanna see Canada get their asses beat “live”! And NO %$#&*@! shootouts PLEEEASE!!!!!! haha

    • Help Anyone??
      After today’s nightmare..watched woman’s..horror. . to when they could not save the Win and Gold. Had to leave for work..spent 30 frantic minutes trying to find Radio Station in do not have or want XM although when I did have the Hockey channel was great.
      So need to download something onto my Galaxy 4 ..for
      tomorrow. .please..

      • I have nbc live extra on my iPhone. I’m sure it works for Samsung too. I may have gotten the link at LAKI, not sure. It’s free, you just have to sign up. I just find it to be more like radio, cause you can’t see shit on the little screen.

        • Thanks much..I saw that in the google store..just wanted to make sure it is what I need..only want the audio. .as will be driving :)
          hopefully game will be done with W to USA!!!
          GO USA!!!

  9. Heartbreak for our girls. Keep your heads high, ladies, you did us proud! Golf clap to you all!

  10. The 1st period just ended and I will now accurately predict the winner: NHL Fans! That first period was terrific. No matter who ends up moving on to the gold medal round, I’m certain that Hockey Fans will be pleased with an exciting game.

    • Agreed John, what a game so far. These are by far the best two teams in this tourney. This should be the gold medal game.

    • The ‘game’ was great..we never see non stop play these days..the one pass from goal crease to blue line..ohohoh..
      the outcome..broke my heart. .Quick couldn’t have given any more..The D let us down..cannucks were too fast..too much time in our end..etc..I went to work with a headache/stomach ache and puffy eyes..not pretty..I do Love this Game!!!
      We play tomorrow for Bronze..I had totally Bobby says…meh
      GO USA :’-(

  11. I enjoyed the first period, but the remainder of the game not so much. Quick, as usual, kept U.S.A. in the game, but Canada controlled the game. The Canadians were so workmanlike that the game became somewhat boring. You could see that if Bylsma didn’t shake things up, U.S.A. would be lucky if they got more than one goal. As it turned out, they couldn’t get too many quality scoring chances. Price is a solid goaltender, but the U.S. didn’t put very much pressure on him. They didn’t have much puck possession time. This was a far cry from U.S.A.s previous high scoring games where they controlled the play much of the time. Again, without Quick, the Canadians would have embarrassed U.S.A. this morning. The Canadian team looks really good. So, I think they’ll take Sweden without any problem at all.

  12. Way to dictate the pace Canada! Great game by Quickie!

  13. It is official Johnathan Quick is so FUCKING GOOD that when he is in net his own team never scores!

  14. Couldn’t watch the game, have DVR at home. I guess I’ll watch it to see Quick save the day a few times. Thebonlybeaybthatvstings less is if Carter or Drew get the goal. Which…. Didn’t happen. We’ll have to wait for the Dustin Brown hat trick til when he comes home. GKG \X/

  15. Canada controlled the play for a good portion of play, but we were in this game. We held the sickest amount of talent to a single goal. Matter of fact the only goal was produced by a perfectly executed play. We lost to a PERFECT play. How can you be upset about that. Our boys played great.

    For team Canada to not invite Benn to the preliminary team is incredible. How can the greatest hockey country of talent and knowledge bypass this kid.

    Hoven is bragging on himself that he’s talked about Benn all year and that Benn has come into his own…No, Benn was coming into his own 2-3 years ago. This kid has always been a stud. I absolutely love this kid. I just didn’t want that fuck to do it against us!

    I’m proud of the boys! I’ve never played for my country, but I’ve played for my state and I can tell you these losses are hard to digest. Pride in your roots/state/country is very powerful and personal. I just want the boys/girls to know that they represented us well and I appreciate their efforts and dedication. Another golf clap!

    • Good game. USA just didn’t generate enough sustained pressure. But Canada’s defense is what I always thought would win them this game. Their forward core be damned, ours is playing fantastic, but their D just outclassed ours.

      Quick was outstanding.

      We get to win a bronze. They may lose a silver.

      • Totally agree. Canada’s defensive pairing are sick! I would love to see LA get a stay at home D-man like Vlasic.
        For Quick this must have felt really familiar….

      • Kind of thinking that a blowout for the gold and bronze games would show the world what the real gold/silver game was. My 2¢. Suck it Sweden!

    • yes Hoven has NO bragging rights…I was gagaing Been his rookie season. .guys with his talent jump right out of the TV at you..

  16. I’m actually pretty disappointed with the ‘pro-Canada’ sentiment expressed by too many Americans. Last time I checked, this country has beaten us in meaningful Olympic Games three straight Olympics… Not to mention the women’s side. FUCK Canada! It’s like rooting for the fucking Yankees.

    I’m sick of losing to them and the Canadian arrogance that is expressed from nearly every Canuck. The enemy of my enemy is my friend… Go Sweden!

    • Dude shut the fuck up. I’m Canadian and I’ll root for my country but there’s certainly no arrogance there. I’d also be rooting for the US had we lost the game and I’ll be rooting for the US tomorrow. Comparing a national team that’s not getting paid to play to the fucking Yankees reeks of immature sour grapes. Grow up.
      On a side note, I love how Quickie keeps wearing his Kings mask and pads! Nice nod to the Kings!

      • On that note you are certainly allowed to root for whomever you want.
        Peace in the mid-west.

      • Nice nod to Quickie..He gave it his All. too bad he did not get the support he deserved.

        • I agree. It was classy of the announcers to comment on how well Quick played today … and against Canada. He was outstanding during all of the games. He can certainly hold his head up high. The rest of the team, however, SHOULD feel embarrassed that they played so poorly offensively AND defensively. I don’t know what else can be said. Each and every player on the team, excluding Quick, will have to live the rest of their lives knowing that they played poorly … and with no heart.

          They got too cocky with their strong wins against lesser teams. So, when they needed to play the big boys, the couldn’t dig down deep and find the fight that they needed.

          Regarding the U.S.A. women’s team, they DID play hard, and with heart. It was a shame that they made the mistake of trying to protect their two goal lead instead of playing with the same balanced effort of the first 2-1/2 periods of that game. It never fails … when you try to protect a lead, and spend your time defending your zone, you usually give up goals. But they can certainly hold their heads up high. They DID give their best effort.

          Now, back to the second half of the NHL season. I hope we’ll soon get some good news from the LA Kings management team.

          Go KIngs!

    • The only way this CA guy is going to root only for Team USA in Olympic Hockey will be for the NHL to get out of the Olympics. The current format (at least for Canada and USA) is basically a really extensive All-Star game. I love my country and want them to win gold in every event but because of this format it’s pretty easy for me to be happy with Doughty and Carter winning gold. Deep down I wanted Slovenia to take it all.

    • It must really piss you off that your favorite team is FULL of Canadians. Grow the fuck up.

      • To Dave and Canadian King, what exactly does me wanting Canada to lose after they beat us have anything to do with me needing to “grow the fuck up”? Maybe you should grow the fuck up for personally attacking me for my opinion?
        And the Canadian arrogance I speak of is all over sites like TSN. Since the players were invited to camps, most Canadians can’t shout loud enough about how great you are. How it’s “your game”… How teams shouldn’t even be in the southern states. I’ve been a hockey fan for 30+ years now and have enjoyed watching Canadian teams and players. Kirk McClean, Felix Potvin, Patrick Roy and so many others. I’m just sick of losing to Canada. I want that respect for the US like the 96 World Cup.
        Canadian King: it must reeeaally piss you off that the US has more medals than Canada at the Winter Olympics!! I mean, winter sports are your national pride and we’re better. Let’s not mention how weak you are in the summer games. If the US actually threw our top athletes and resources at hockey, you’d never be able to compete. So, a simple thank you is all that’s necessary.

  17. I’ve personally witnessed Kane miss two penalty shots, a shootout attempt and a breakaway against Russia where he had so much time and space it easily could be categorized as a penalty shot. What the heck, son? Our team needs you to bury one of those, please! We’re in big trouble if our skill guys can’t do their job. Come on gentlemen, you can do this!

  18. I didn’t see that coming. We straight up folded. We had no juice left in body or mind. Ouch!

    Congrats to Teemu! What a class act…a true role model.

    I don’t think Brown touched the ice after the first period. Wow, is he struggling.

    Back to Kings hockey! Back to our winning ways!


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