United States Hockey Cannot Finnish. Not a Drop of Piss To Show For It.

Jonathan Quick must have felt right at home. In fact, I wonder how many times he checked around to make sure he wasn’t back at Staples Center.

A talented group of forwards that couldn’t finish.

Stupid and untimely penalties by smart players.

From Quick per this dude:

“It shouldn’t be too hard. We’re professionals. We play back-to-backs all year long. There’s no reason we show up and not piss a drop.”

In fact, if the L.A. King defense stood in place of those cats on the U.S. team, at least the score would have been more respectable.

“I should have been in there,” Jake Muzzin may think. Is he really that far off? I would have rather had Willie Mitchell down low and Drew Doughty…now that I think about it, Willie and Drew are Canadian. So is Muzzin. Well, there you have it. The American team needed more Canadians. There is your answer and I am not even paid to do this.

There will be those that put this game on Quick. That would be pretty dumb. Those were some of the highest percentage shots you can have in hockey outside of staring at an empty net from 5 feet out.

Some will put this on Dan Bylsma. I am in that camp, sort of. Did the D have the green light? Because it sure didn’t seem like it. The Americans played a very conservative game and were relying on shots from the point…it was eerie how much it looked like the L.A. Kings offense pre-Sutter, post-Cup.

Dustin Brown should be embarrassed by his performance. That is not hyperbole.

Dustin Brown: 0 G, 0 A, 0 Pts, 0 SOG, -2 rating, 4:48 TOI

He sucked in the game against Canada and this one too.

Oh and Teemu Selanne getting the bronze…fuck Teemu Selanne.

Now, it’s all about our boys Drew Doughty and Jeff Carter. That is my focus. That is where all my love is directed. I want to see them wear the Gold again and those banana colored fucks to leave Sochi without a sliver of the big prize.

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  1. I wish I could say this was a heartbreaker, but heartbreak is what happens when you first fall in love. There was nothing to love in today’s effort, or lack thereof. It’s a damn shame is what it is. If feel bad for Quickie. He was good, if not great throughout the tournament and displayed a ton of heart. Brown needs his head examined.

  2. Quick was excellent all tourney, and I can’t wait to see what he will do the rest of the season with a big chip on his shoulder. As for Brown, he has been a joke all year long it it was more of the same for the US, Personally I hope DL trades him in the off-season for a top pairing D man for Doughty or a legit top six LW. Its too bad though as I thought the US played great (until today) and looked much better than the Swedes or the Fins. Anyways heres hoping for Carter, Doughty and the crew to bring home the gold, and the rest of the kings to bring home the silver (Stanley that is).

  3. I’m not sure we can fetch a too pairing D or top 6 forward for Brown at this point. I’m thinking more likely a compliance buyout. That sure is disappointing. Hopefully Dean doesn’t copy Calgary and let the aging stars stay long past their primes until the window is closed.

  4. Yeah, me too re: Brown. I remember reading (or hearing) Lou Lamoriello say the worst thing was winning the Cup. Obviously he was being somewhat tongue in cheek or sarcastic, but it was explained that the reference was directed towards the idea of ‘post Cup’ contracts. Because he certainly was on to something there.

    Brown has been ——– I can’t really even find the words. Not hitting. Well, ok? Maybe that’s just an aberration, but then for heaven’s sake, manage the fricken puck!! How many poor turnovers did he have in the last three games? That’s not leadership of any magnitude.

    Now Lombardi really has some serious work to do. He has two guys on long and expensive contracts. Richards who I know he wouldn’t want to let go of under any circumstances, but who has had during his two regular seasons with the Kings massive goal droughts. And he used to be a dead cert for a minimum of twenty. With Philly from 2007 on: 28-30-32-23. Last year in shortened season 12…. so more or less on a 20 goal pace, and then again this year offensive problems again.

    I know Deirdre loves him and all the little things he does, but as someone else pointed out, he isn’t on a ‘little’ contract.

    Good luck to DL. I wouldn’t want to have to be making his decisions. That’s for sure.

    • Richards is still playing hard, winning face-offs and most importantly getting points! Brown should’ve been traded in 2012 and we still should’ve, could’ve and would’ve won the cup and not have to watch his bullshit for the last two years! He’s done!!

  5. Let’s be real. American Canadian European Russian the US hasn’t won gold since 1980. We can talk all we want about this and that but that’s all it is. Talk. Money talks and bullshit walks. Going down 5-0 to me says “we don’t give a fuck anymore it was gold or nothing”.

    As far as Canadians talking shit well they have that right. They beat us. We could not put one puck in the net in 60 minutes of hockey. They fucking beat us last time. So until we beat them we ain’t got shit.

  6. This is all Bylsma’s fault. What a piece of crap not putting out Oshie for those penalty shots. That’s why the guy is there and had already proved himself a hero. Not like Kane is a bad choice, but before he touched the puck I knew he wasn’t going to score, because he shouldn’t have been out there and when you make decisions that shouldn’t be, the results are negative.

  7. As for Doughty and Carts I wish them well. Not to say Canada doesn’t deserve gold but in a way I’m hoping that they get silver so when those two get back to LA they can take their frustrations and heartbreak out in a long winning streak for LA. :)

    Same for Brown Mr. Assistant Captain that did jack shit.

    • You know what the scary thing is? Brown doesn’t seem to realize he’s been atrocious. He wasn’t happy to be benched? Dude, you’ve been less than bad lately, son. You need to find your game, Cap! It’s been missing for a quite awhile now.

  8. Why did no one pin Bylsma down and pull his face of, per Scooby Doo protocol and reveal that it was Sutter all along?!?!?!?

  9. Well said Bobby, I was thinking the same fucking thing. Here’s my question, where was the leadership of team USA? Who was hitting, who was breaking their stick in frustration, who dropped some “F” bombs? I didn’t see anyone give a shit for Team USA except TJ Oshie and that’s pathetic!!
    Quick looked tired in the Bronze Medal Game but, the rest of the team didn’t even show up!! At least Quickie fucking tried and this was proof again that Dustin Brown is done as fucking “Captain” and as a leader!! Get what you can for him Dean, what a disappointment as a person!!!!!!!!!


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