Congratulations to Team Canada on the Gold Medal.

So proud of our Drew Doughty and Jeff Carter.

They didn’t just participate. They competed, excelled and were a critical part of Canada’s success.

I think I heard Drew Doughty led the team with goals. If so, wow. What a superstar. But we all know that.

Jeff Carter played in every situation and Mike Babcock’s trust in Cartsy to put him on the powerplay, penalty kill, serious ice time 5 on 5 and in all critical situations when a two-way center was needed…a two way center that scores a lot of goals.

The United States’ loss was tough to take. But seeing the smiles on those Canadian faces, especially our own, eased it for me.

I am ready for the NHL season to start again.

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  1. No mo FOMOH… life can resume to it’s somewhat normal state.

  2. Congrats to Doughty, Carts and Team Canada. You guys earned it.

  3. DD and JC earned those medals and worked hard every shift, putting it on the line. Having watched a lot of Olympic hockey last week, all of the US, Canada , Sweden , Russia and Finn games, Doughty was the best player I saw, he just dominated. He played a level an elite level that was scary. And a part of me curses Sutter and his stupid , severe North and South system. I would love to see DD play in a less suffocating system that puts all of his talents on display.

    I can’t wait for Wens for the puck to drop on the last 23 and have a good feeling. I think the 3 weeks off was just what the non Olympians needed to rest, refocus. And that LW that is coming for the 2nd line will help to balance things out. King-Kopi-TT on line 1 , and New Winger-Richards and Carter on line 2 is a good top 6.

    Love the trade deadline coming and this year should be active. I’ve been listening to various NHL podcasts ove rthe last 10 days or so without hockey and expect some trades to happen this week, I think Cally leaving NY will be one of the first. From what was speculated the leading contender is another East Coast team and it will be a 1 for 1 trade for another forward.
    I also think the Pens will be4 looking for a D, you can’t bank on LeTang coming back from a stroke in 6 weeks. And the Bruins might look to add a D to replace Seidenberg . And where will Vanek and Mouilson end up?
    Should be an interesting 10 days until the deadline.

    • Did LeTang have a Transient Eschemic Attack (TIA)? That is a very small stroke. A TIA shouldn’t cause any long term harm, but it would depend on what area of the brain was affected. There ARE areas of everyone’s brains that are not used. If his mini stroke … TIA … happened in a part of his brain that holds a lot of his memory, that would be a problem, especially if that part of his brain holds his hockey knowledge. And if he had a regular stroke, he would probably have at least some paralysis on one side of his body. That would then lead to a long recovery period.

      I had several TIAs in my past, until I corrected my lifestyle and diet.

      • Oh, and wrt Doughty…. yeah, there were two things, one of which you pointed out. He’s on a very short leash in LA, and that’s a very big pity if you ask me. Add in the fact that his partner is Muzzin, plus a certain amount of the time he’s on the ice with 3rd line players who can’t take much advantage of what skills Doughty offers, so……. bit of a shame really.

        Time flies and it would be a drag if they can’t take advantage of these great years where he’s moving into his prime and probably the best all-round defenseman in the NHL.

        • So true Drew! Doughty is like Weber in that he can control the flow of a game. He should be allowed to play HIS game. He’s not a Weber, or for that matter, he’s not like one of the very few elite defensemen that have played the game, like Bobby Orr. But he could possibly establish his name as one of the best defensemen that ever played … IF … he were permitted to play to his full potential.

      • I didn’t hear or read anyone identify it as a TIA, but they did say the stroke was due to a hole in his heart that they found after diagnosing him and affected the blood flow to his brian. He’s had it since birth. He’s being treated with medicine and I think they’ll reevaluate after 6 weeks. He was diagnosed on the road and I’m sure the Pens will have the best docs evaluate him on what is the best thing for him going forward.

    • Hi Deirdre. I don’t know about theLW that is coming for the 2nd line. I have absolutely no idea how Lombardi could pull that off. The only conceivable way I can imagine would be to trade another first round pick. I don’t like using the ‘i’ word, so I’ll intimate it. If he trades a first round pick…… again….. then he’s ‘not very smart’ as people think he is.

      But I’d like to think that he Is smart…. so he won’t do that. Last year was already bad enough giving up two 2nd’s for RR, and with the no. of picks dwindling…. if this team is gonna keep moving forward in the future, then he’d be Very intelligent to hold on to that pick and get either another serious dman (my 2nd choice personally) or a skilled forward who has something of a touch around the net (my 1st choice).
      But I’m not the GM, so it’s DL’s move to make.

      And if he is considering trading Brown, I can’t imaging what he’d expect to get for him given the seaon he’s been having plus his tendency to turn the puck over a number of times in the Olympics.
      It’s true they need that LW, but that may have to wait until next season at this point, unless he takes another shot in the dark and looks for a less attractive alternative that’s less expensive and hopes that it’s someone who can do more than what Frattin’s done.

      • I dont’ think he’ll give up a 1st round pick or that the player he’ll get will be a 2nd line LW but rather a LW to play on the 2nd line. That could be 2 different things. And I know he is student of the game and all, but how can he not see (esp after watching the Olympics and how much freer JC and DD looked in Babcock’s system) that the Murray/Sutter system is a large part of what ails the offense on this team. I keep thinking that even if they get a good upgrade for the LW on 2nd line, he’ll end up being sucked into the DS system and get zombified like the others. It such a severe north and south system it causes the forwards to sacrifice a good part of their offense for defense. There’s no reason they couldn’t tweat it to allow for some creativity and space.
        There’s also a chance that he decides he would rather have a D, I keep reading that he’s sniffing around for a D.
        I don’t think the LW will be the Moulson/Vanek pedigree but I think he’ll get somebody for that side, it’s weak, and glaring.

        • Deirdre, there are two things that went thru my mind the last two days (in some small way a response to your comments). 1) When DL said he wanted to build from the back on out, I personally have zero problem with that. It is a specific point of view and seems quite sane. But somehow the ‘build from the net on out’ has become let’s be a very conservative defensive team. And that isn’t the same thing.

          I believe that’s why a lot of us have issues with it. As an aside, I find it curious that while he can be very creative in terms of moving around at the draft with trades of picks and all, his team seems to have a total lack of creativity. And that links with your points about the Olympics. To see how extraordinary and talented Kopi, Carter and Doughty were. Well, whose out on the PP? At least those three guys. And it looks like shit (I can say that word here). There is so little creativity and imagination it’s astounding.

          My second point isn’t really a point per se. But watching how limited the US team was in the last two games, I thought Patrick Kane in spite of the two PS’s and the clean breakaway was held very much in check. And I couldn’t help but think, for everyone on the Kings that thinks a player like that would make the difference, that actually I wouldn’t be surprised to see him look more or less like that on the Kings. Not quite the same when you’re playing with the likes of Toews, Sharp, Hossa, and Keith on a power play……. and those guys don’t shy away from moving their bodies and moving the puck east to west.

          • Whoops, screwed up the last paragraph (tired)….
            I meant to say, for all the fans that think that a player like that, going to the Kings would make a huge difference, that I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see Kane look much like he did in the last two games of the Olympics being on the Kings. Maybe not….. but it wouldn’t be a total surprise.

        • This is the same Sutter that coached the Kings to the Cup right? And could Doughty’s freedom be from the fact he was surrounded by elite D talent and forwards which give him the freedom to activate as he wishes? As opposed to being paired with D stalwarts like…Muzzin?

          • Yep, that was my point in any case. And I suppose the subtext was….. why is he paired with a D stalwart like Muzzin? Back to my old old old story. DL …… evidently unless he is drafting in the top 10, with the exception of Voynov and Toffoli, seems to like guys who are tough to play against. Very nice, but people like Doughty and Kopi just might profit more in the long run by playing with guys who also have a high skill set.

          • Aint that the truth!!! How many times have we seen Doughty’s D-pairing doing something stupid, and Doughty hanging back to cover for him?! And how many times have we seen the forwards, except for Carter and Kopitar (I’ve seen Richards failing to drop back and cover), not covering for a D-man who moves into the offensive zone?!

          • Answer:
            Too Many!!!!
            ( why this female must get hair colored more often then in past ;-)
            I am behind but told ESPN had a 10 min clip calling
            Kane out on his poor performance for USA. It is nice once and awhile to be validated for what you observe.
            Also told Quick actually called out players for no compete in Finn game..that’s a first! But good for him..he was the MVP to me.
            Now I put the Olympics behind me.
            Let me preface this with I am NOT being critical of Quick.
            An observation. Anyone else notice Quick at times does not react as well to shots from the blue line?
            He is lights out up close. I said jokingly is he nearsighted?

          • I’ve watched a lot of hockey over the years. And I’ve always loved watching goalies! Mike Richter was my favorite, but there were half a dozens goalies that I loved to watch. It seems that every goalie has had occasional problems with a long shot. I remember watching my son, when he was a goalie, I would think that he blew it on a shot, but when I reviewed the recording of a game with him (I always recorded his games), it seemed that my son would always say: “I told you dad!” It seems that I never saw the little things that my son always saw. Sometimes the puck would be tipped, or it hit someone, or some other crazy thing that changed the direction of the shot.

            In the NHL, there are many hard shooters, and the game is much faster now. I’m sure that some of those long shots are fluttering, or curving. Even an NHL goalie will have difficulty with those long shots. When a shot is in close, they can get a good bead on it. Of course, some guys have tremendously strong and accurate wrist shots. It’s hard to react to one of those shots!

          • That all makes sense. I was just talking to my Chiro who plays Hockey and who’s 2 sons also being a goaltender. He said same plus said even when he is on ice in front of net as a D some of those shots come so fast you can lose sight of where the puck is as it comes at you.
            Like I said, I am Not saying anything negative about Quickie.

          • I’ve had defensive stalwarts on my left side before, they can be embarrassing. It’s better to have them removed if you have the time and money.

  4. I’m also very excited to hear what we do coming up on the next couple of weeks. Need scoring. Hopefully the time gives Mitchell and Greene the rest they clearly needed. Mitchell and Doughty may be good for one more run. If we can add some offense we can be a threat again.

  5. Very Glad our boys did well..Carter getting recognition as the exceptional Player we know he is..DD..of course..
    Canada winning. .eh..I am still a disgruntled American.
    Kings need to get back on track and lift my spirits.

  6. Canada certainly deserves credit for their outstanding play. Congratulations to all of the Team Canada players and coaches.

    The U.S. was unable to get past the solid defensive play of their Defensemen and Centers. If it weren’t for Quick, Canada would have gotten at least three goals, like in today’s game against Sweden. Canada’s forwards were really strong, and their defense also contributed, especially Doughty and Weber.

    Now, back to NHL hockey! I hope we will all be pleased with a good trade, or trades, that Kings management will soon do for the team.

    Go Kings!!

  7. Hearing Mike Richards for Ryan Callahan rumors.

    • Wishful thinking Rumor started by a NY blogger, not a legit source and hell will freeze over first. DL is not that stupid. CAllahan is being shopped because he won’t back down from his contract demands of 7 years at 6.75.
      And NY sports talk reporting this morning that Calliy will be traded for Martin St Louis.

      • Deirdre, back to our ‘conversation’ above re: DL’s decision making process. Everywhere (the places I’ve looked at least) there are comments about Cammalleri, Moulson, Vanek, Evander Kane (yeah, sure on that one… no problem). Well every single one of those would entail a first round pick. Plus most of them are rentals.

        Where do these guys come up with this stuff. If there is anything in it, then my worst fears of DL dealing another first would be true. And I’m not gonna comment further as I prefer to keep my karma in the best order possible.

        • And I’ll add to that that while DS is a fine coach, and I don’t personally have a problem with him, it’s the teams Philosophy that has them in this shape. Brad Richardson has 8 goals in 58 games. If he even gets 3 more in the last 25 games….. beyond doable that would be 11. He never came close to that with the Kings as I recall.

          I can’t think of a single forward who left the Kings who didn’t score more with their new teams.
          So to think you can bring in another forward and he’s gonna solve their offensive problems is wishful thinking.

  8. Doughty, Voynov and Muzzin have more points than our “Captain”, fucking does!!!!! Why???

  9. Open Letter to Dustin Brown:

    Hi Dustin, you suck and make too many commercials!
    Start earning your paycheck for a change!
    I suffer from #FOMTCS
    Fear Of My Teams Captain Sucking!!!
    Unfortunately it’s no longer a fear, it has happened!
    You SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Signed: Used to be your biggest fan!

  10. Make Kopitar the “Captain”, he showed real leadership in Sochi and has since he’s been with the Kings.
    He’s earned it people!!

    • I haven’t said it before, but I think Kopitar REALLY SHOULD be the captain of the team. He has his offensive ups and downs (I wish he had more ups), but he is a tremendous two-way player. He always works hard. And he always makes a positive difference in games.

  11. Been working all day, just had a couple of drinks, and now I’m about to say some crazy, not so crazy shit. Here it goes: trade Brown for Callahan. Straight up trade, no picks. Promote Kopitar to Captain. Trade for Matt Moulson: Give up a first rounder in 2016 and Derek Forbort. Give Slava his walking papers for Dan Girardi and a 3rd rounder. After that sit back and watch us be a contender, and likely a straight-up Cup winner, for years to come!

    • It would seem the Rangers is our best trading partner according to this armchair GM.

      • Maybe I need a couple of drinks!! I actually like what you said. I’m sure that others will disagree, especially with giving up a first rounder, but I know the Kings need some changes. And I don’t want moves just for the sake of moves. I hope you’re right! :-) If that COULD be done, it would certainly help the Kings!!!

    • So a team that needs a LW will trade a LW for a RW, then a draft pick & top prospect for a LW. Both of whom are pending UFAs? Also, in need of a LH dman trades a RH dman for a RH dman that is a pending UFA. There is barely a net benefit this season, and how does trading two cornerstone pieces from a Cup winner and a #1 pick and former #1 pick for 3 UFAs help longterm?

      This is why as a basic rule of thumb: If you feel the need to qualify a statement with “had a couple of drinks” then it is best to just say nothing at all.

      • It was late last night, so I have that for an excuse. I’ve always been a Rangers fan. I like Callahan and Girardi, however, I wasn’t thinking about them being right handers who play on the right side. You are of course correct. The Kings need left handers to play on the left side. They should not deviate from that plan. Those two are very good players, BUT they aren’t what the Kings need.

  12. How about Martin Erat from the Capitals for a 4th round pick? He’s struggled the last couple of years but, he’s a LW and has decent size 6′ and 196 lbs. He has scored in the past and is under contract through next season. See if Washington would eat half of his salary and put him on the 2nd line with Richards and King!

    • His value hasn’t dropped that much. Just last season he was traded for the 11th overall pick from the previous draft! Also, why would you put him on a line with the only other decent LH winger?

      • Erat may shoot left, but he’s a right winger. The Kings need a left winger who shoots left. Yes, there are a few good right handers out there that the Kings could get who would be good for the team, but the Kings management must prioritize. And that means a skilled, scoring, left handed, left winger and a skilled, stay-at-home, left handed left side defenseman who would be a good partner for Doughty. These two positions need to be first on their priority list.

        • On the PP though, you want whomever sets up left side to be a right hander and right side to be left hander to allow for one timer. Doesn’t have to be a winger though

          • That’s a good point. The Kings certainly do need a forward that will help them on their PP. Just trading for a player with a different jersey isn’t going to change anything. If they can’t find a significant upgrade in quality, they shouldn’t make a trade.

            I have to agree with what others have stated. It seems that the consensus is that DS needs to adjust his system, somewhat, to enable the good offensive players to play better offensively. He needs to untie their hands and let them play … but not at the expense of giving up goals. I’m not an expert on how they set up their system, but there CAN be too much of an emphasis on defense, which will then stifle offensive play.

            Actually, thinking defensively can cost you goals and put too much pressure on the goalie. Keeping the puck in the opposing team’s end is the way to do it. And that’s done with puck possession. The Kings have been dumping and chasing too much. Then, they turn it over when they pass the puck around the perimeter. It’s the same thing on the PP. They keep the puck to the outside, and can’t seem to get pucks through to the net. Then, what happens? The puck is moved by the opposition up the ice and into the King’s end.

            I think the thing that has driven me to insanity is the poor quality of their shots. Who cares about 50 poor shots on goal?!

          • I would like to see them move their feet!
            The PP where they stand still is maddening..I could get out on ice and do that. I noticed it with USA during last two games and they were impotent on PP.
            Players always talk about the dirty greasy goals. Moving round and round will create that opportunity.
            And stop the constant puck dumping. It is 50/50 who will get esp if we are on the rush..having to wait for puck to cross line while opposition’s D is already back.
            This seems so obvious and basic to me.
            We have decent puck handlers..should be able to skate and pass..I know when your team is not winning you can grip the stick too tight which can effect your puck handling.
            I am saying nothing new..


          • Tough to do when the other team has 4 defending at the blue line upon entry

          • Slava has a wicked one timer. One of the best on the team. Accurate too. Not sure why we never see it. Maybe we’ll hear more on Slavagate when he comes back. Everyone else is pretty good at shooting it wide. Never see many wraparound goals either. Again not sure. I think it goes hand in hand with not scoring goals period though. If I’m GM we need a different system. One that doesn’t rely so heavily on fresh legs, and tailors the offense and defense to the players strengths. My 2¢. I also don’t wanna fire another coach that’s my friend. I wait til the summer and finish the contract, and make it a mutual thing. Always liked Trotz as a coach. Oh ya…… And Dustin Brown meh!

        • I understand his value hasn’t dropped because of his recent poor performance but, he’s publicly asked to be traded and that does lower the value sometimes depending on the underlying reason for asking for the trade. Philosophy, chemistry, personal, personnel, he’s a dick, etc. Worse they can say is no and best case they counteroffer and we get some skill that can play on any of the top three lines.

  13. What are the chances of us losing/trading or re-signing Willie Mitchell and Matt Greene before the deadline?

  14. Let’s get Pancakes back!

  15. New Lines from practice:

    I’m thinking DL wants to see if incorporating new blood and spreading the youth around will create some chemistry and scoring. If the Kings can turn it around and the lines perform well, it will make his decision to trade for a D easier. I think he really wants a top 4 D and

    I like the lines. Carter and Richards are better together than they are apart and I think Williams is better with Kopi, he’s had years there and the ease of that benefits both. Good top 6. I really like the 4 line, lots of speed size and energy. I think Nolan has played well all year and I think Vey will work well there.

    • We’ll just have to see. One thing for certain, I don’t like Lewis as a Center. It just doesn’t work with his poor hands. Maybe he can contribute on the wing.

    • I like the potential of these lines. I’m just almost certain that if it takes two games for them to click it’s back to raffle tumbler for line combos again. If this is why Fraser was waived I’m a little worried we aren’t gonna do anything. Definitely some scary UFA propositions out there. I don’t see DL doing anything substantial. It sucked to get left out of the first round last year. Every player practically from the first round is playing and having an impact on their team in the NHL. I’d love to see an impactful trade. One that sends Brown to the likes of Buffalo for Moulson and a sweet 1st round pick. Moulson I say stays for obvious reasons. Plus the pick would be like a 1st overall. That player may wind up in the top 6. My 2¢. Whatever.

      • We all hope the DL is a genius, and that he will do several fabulous deals during the next few days!!!

        • Either that or DS is a genius and will stop this dump and chase, poor shot selection bullshit that I thought we had escaped after firing Murray.

    • How about getting Backlund from Calgary and then change the lines to:

  16. Good to see Canada win gold. I would rather it went to the Americans but the Americans dug their own hole and lost fair and square. Back to Kings hockey!

  17. Totally agree. Carter with Richards Williams with kopi. Vey better keep his head up on the fourth line though. I like the combination of the quicker young players distributed evenly amongst the vets. On a side note most of our vets are still In their 20’s!

  18. No AMarts makes me sad. We will witness CO esp that Duchene kid skate circles around Greene.

  19. Trade deadline less than a week away, I am trying to procrastinate stuff at work. Let’s get our crazy trade ideas out there! The name I just started hearing is Christian Ehrhoff. Thoughts?

    • My guess is any player on Buffalo slides right into the rumor mill cause it’s Buffalo, but I’ll bite. He eats a lot of minutes. Most likely falls into the East coast defense is different may take him a while to adapt category. Not an impactful player……. who the fuck is Christian Erhoff? I think he makes like 4 million a year. Not to old. I don’t know. Alec Martinez has won a Stanley Cup right?! At 1,000,000 a year I say to get that guy and…….. Oh wait. Maybe if we just fire Terry Murray again.

  20. speaking of trades, this from Bobby Mac…

    >Mckenzie “my understanding is that St.Louis asked for a trade, still wants a trade and is willing to only go to the Rangers”

    5:11 PM – 26 Feb 2014 <<

    Guess MSL was really pissed off at Stevie Y and is putting the screws on him. A bit surprised because with the TBL in a firm playoff spot , that is one cold thing to do to your fans and teammates. kind of surprised. Doesn't bode well if he doesn't get traded if he's asking for out and then has to stay..

  21. Thank you for your analysis on TT..I appreciate when you
    do this with players etc.
    I get too anxious during a game lately..confidence I see as clearly as I should for a whole 3 hours.
    I was actually complaining about TT losing the puck when in fact you explained why.
    I still want to see better passing between the lines and more sustained pressure and gap control.
    Really happy the Boys dug down and kept fighting for the W.


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