Rocky Mountain Sigh of Relief. Drought Over in LA.

Down 4-2, dying.

Tied, screaming.

Martin Jones save on Gabriel Landeskog, died.

I don’t know what to do with this game. My love of Slovenia and everything Slovenian went to another level. If possible, Jeff Carter became that much sexier in the most heterosexual way possible. Seeing Mike Richards to Carter for a goal brought back fond memories. Robyn Regehr scored again. Freaky.

Martin Jones. Yeah, he was great which is interesting considering he gave up 4. But his defense helped him at some key times, especially during the last 5 minutes when the Kings collapsed and made the front of the net their teenage daughter’s virginity under threat of penetration by asshole boys.

We really have to stop taking stupid penalties.

I don’t have deep analysis on this one. I am just kind of…relieved.

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  1. Drought over? Or is this just another gusher of a storm that will temporarily quench our thirst? Time will tell.

    Excellent win.

  2. Brown to Stoll……now THATS sexy
    Good win…..I’m happy for tonight

  3. I hated the holding call on Carter that gave Colorado a PP and goal!!

    I loved the way the Kings played!!

    Kopitar was awesome!!

    Jones made some strong saves, and the goals that got past him were strong shots. I loved that reaction save that hit his blocker thumb! Awesome!

    I liked the lines!!!

    Now that Toffoli’s playing on the left wing, I want him to use his backhand when he’s in close to the net and being pressured by a D-man. He needs to stop trying to take the puck on his forehand when he has a D-man inside of him. He has good hands, and a good backhand. He needs to understand that he’s only going to lose control of the puck if he moves it to the inside!!!

  4. Doughty, Voynov and Greene were all soft in front of the net and gave up three of the four goals not putting their sticks on the opponents. I want Mitchell and Regehr to keep hammering people and would love to see Nolan continue to run people into the boards. If Dwight King could get in a fight again that would be nice to see too! The power play looked kinda sort of better at times but, the penalty kill looked horrible again! The most important thing, the Kings didn’t give up down 4-2 and tied up the game before the end of the second and stunned the Avalanche in the third!
    Fucking A, Go Kings!!!

    • Jman got it right. + They could have given up down by 2. – They were soft in front of the net.
      One thing he didn’t say though, is that seeing the Kings PP and seeing the Avs for me was kinda disheartening. The Kings weakness on the PK was one thing, but the Avs movement was amazing.
      Granted they’ve had three or four high picks and used them all on forwards, and the skill level is high, but they made it look so easy.

      Even on the last pp….. the way they kept the puck in the zone for minutes at a time, even after the pp time was up (not sure if Giguerre was already pulled), but that was pretty impressive.
      The Kings need to tighten up quite a bit in their own end. And Jones made some huge saves.

      • Roy DID pull Giguerre early. That WAS a long and very strong push for a goal. Jones needed to stand on his head during that six on four power play. I get more impressed with Jones every time I watch him play.

    • Shame on the two of you. You’re both die-hards and knowable Kings fans…when was the last time you witnessed our team give up? This team doesn’t do such things. It’s one of the positives of DS style of coaching.

      Drew, I glad you brought up the PP, because that bothered me too. Everyone always bring up DS’s style of play and there’s much validity to the argument, but I rarely hear about the fault of the players. Last nights PP shows the faults of the Kings not being able to make a tape to tape pass, and when they did the receiver had difficulties corralling the puck. My goodness, during the first PP the Kings failed to gain the zone and control the puck. They had zero set-up time. That is not X’s and O’s, that is execution and it has happened quite a bit this year.

      All the penalties is not X’s and O’s, it’s execution.

      As you mentioned Jman, Doughty, Voynov, Greene and I’ll add Mitchell fell prey to weak play last night at different times and it cost us in goals. How many failed clearing attempts were made last night by Greene. That is not X’s and O’s, that’s execution.

      I am thoroughly convinced after watching last nights game, defense is what we need to tackle first ahead of the all elusive LW. I’ve been on the fence regarding this matter, but a solid d-man is number one priority.

      Last night was an awesome game to watch in the fact that maybe our fortune has turned for the better. Prior to last nights game, Stoll would have shot the puck mid chest instead of the open net, Carters deflection goal would have hit the post and bounced wide,and Kopitar’s flying goal would have flown over the net instead of dropping in front of it for a beautiful tally. We’ve had no luck all year. Maybe things will start falling in our favor.

      • Yes, we can complain about DS’s system, but we all know that the guys haven’t been executing. That has been the case in every aspect of their play. Last night, fortunately, their shots didn’t hit the goalie’s crest. Those goals actually made the Kings look like an offensive juggernaut! But they’re not! They need to get more shots on goal (not miss), and have better shot placement (pick the corners). If they can do more of that, they’ll have more success during the rest of the season.

        I don’t think this can happen with regularity. So … we’re back to the fact that changes DO need to be made. DL can start by adding a strong Left winger and a strong Left Defenseman.

  5. Just what the Dr. ordered. Goals and a comeback win. Cant remember thr last time we scored 3 in the 2nd. Good games from all involved. Carter and Richards should never be split up. Pearson looked amateur a number of times. Vey is skilled but may be Loktionov 2.0. 3rd and fourth lines looked good. Ill be shopping gor a second line lw in Calgary tonight.

  6. Give me a power forward on the 2nd line with Carter and Richards.
    Go get Evander Kane and Martin Erat DL!!
    Do it, do it, do it!

    • The addition of a power forward on the left side would certainly make the Carter and Richards line awesome!

    • Yes, I would love to have Kane. Guy can score goals, hit, fight and has some good speed. Have to give up a lot to get him but would be worth it imo.

  7. Everyone has talked about Cammalleri, what about Jiri Hudler instead?
    Similar size and Hudler is under contract for two more years after this at 4 million per.
    The other guy from Calgary I like is Michael Backlund: Shoots left, 6′, 198 lbs. 14 and 15 this year.
    1.5 million cap hit and under contract one more year.
    He is a terrific skill guy and has terrific upside.
    Trade a 2nd rounder, Clifford and Fraser for him.

    • Backlund is also really good on the power play and we could use the help.
      Look at his career numbers on the power play.
      He may need a fresh start away from Calgary and I think he could take off!

    • Why in God’s name would they want Fraser? In fact, not sure they’d be that keen on Clifford either.
      Just because they’re ‘Kings’ doesn’t mean other teams would love to get our guys who aren’t scoring.

  8. Yes, our defense WAS soft in front of the net. I kept seeing the faster Avalanche players getting inside of our D-men.

    Yes, their PP IS amazing. That team could go far in the near future. They may end up being like the powerful Avalanche from Roy’s days.

    I hope DS will give the kids time to settle in. They are still finding their way in the NHL.

    That was nice to see some goals, but one game doesn’t make a season. I hope DL is successful before the trade deadline.

    • Same thing I’m thinking bout the Avs. That’s why Lombardi needs to stop faffing about with considering players like Andrew MacDonald 9 (thats rumour anyway) and find a way to integrate more speed and more skill on this team.
      In four more years the Avs will have guys like Landeskog, Duchene, MacKinnon starting to go into their prime.
      If DL is serious about wanting to be in contention every year for a championship, drafting more players who have very limited offensive upside and mediocre speed will not get that done at all.

  9. To clarify… there was a rumor that the Kings are seriously looking at Andrew MacDonald of the Isles.
    He’s got a very poor reputation and lousy Corsi numbers to say the least. But supposedly the Kings are very interested. Maybe true, maybe not. But that’s not gonna help this team to evolve….. nor compete for another cup.

    • From Twitter report on MacDonald:

      mc79hockey ‏@mc79hockey 22h
      He’s terrible but he’s cheap! MT @ChrisBottaNHL Isles, justly, insisting on a 1st for MacDonald. $550K salary a + to contenders needing D

    • You made some good points, Drew. I’m beside myself with anticipation for some new blood for the Kings!!!

  10. Drew, just sharing some ideas, if Clifford is so bad, why do the Kings want him?
    Fraser is a two time Stanley Cup Champion and could provide some leadership not only on the ice but, in the locker room.
    Just sharing my opinion and I’m sure it’s not always right.

    • Thing is, anyone interested in Fraser could have claimed him off waivers. Clifford will be moved in the next week. Nolan is a much better option. Islanders don’t have anything we need. I really think we will do something, just not a defenseman. Not enough in the cupboard. 2nd line LW is our primary need. MacDonald wants 4 million a year. Again, what’s wrong with Martinez. Jagr, Whitney, rental. Maybe Lou will take Clifford and a 2nd for Jagr. Or Clifford and a prospect. If he helps us to another cup, I’d even retire his number. Can’t argue what his value is. Even if he’s 80 years old.

  11. I missed the game and was wondering how true to practice lines did DS stay? It sounds like Toffoli stayed on the top line at LW & Pearson @ LW on the 2nd. I a hoping that the young guys can step up and give the team the support it needs somewhat like King & Nolan did a couple years ago(albeit to a much larger degree, but that is what talent is for).

    • I must say that I was surprised that the lines remained intact. The kids were having some difficulties, but DS let them play. I guess, as long as the Kings weren’t being destroyed by the Avalanche, he didn’t want to change anything. I think it worked. The kids did play hard. And they need that kind of play to learn and improve. Maybe their hustle helped the veterans play better. Although, our defense still has its problems.

  12. Why not dream?
    How about trading Dustin Brown, Linden Vey and a 2nd rounder to Tampa Bay for?
    Wait for it: Martin St. Louis!!

    • St. Louis shoots left, but he’s a right winger. He’s a highly skilled player. And though 38, he’s always stayed in tremendous shape. He would certainly be an asset to any team, and he would like to leave Tampa, but I think he wants to stay on the east coast. The Kings’ priority is for a left handed left winger. Has St. Louis played on the left side? I don’t know.

      • I’m not sure either but, scoring is scoring right?
        He is a natural left hander and if you put St. Louis, Kopitar and Carter on the power play with Doughty and Muzzin/Richards I think it may get a little better!

    • Dude…you need to lay off them drugs.

    • yes lets trade our captain for a 38 year old right wing. Dumbest thing Ive heard yet regarding the deadline.

      • Thanks for backing that statement up with some statistics and not just an emotional response from a dipshit!

        • That 38 year old had two goals last night and has 27 goals and 31 assists on the season.
          Brown has finally woken up but still only has: 11 goals and 8 assists.
          Luckily we score at will all the time and don’t need those points, right?
          That was sarcasm by the way!!!
          Fucking Dumbass!

        • the only emotional response I see is you getting all feelings that nobody thinks trading Brown for St. Louis is a good idea.

          Dare to dream I get it. It doesnt mean people won’t call a bad idea a bad idea. Plus Marty has a NTC and sounds like he will only waive it to go to the rangers…..pussy….. I would love to see a goal scorer come I don’t like selling low on any player and trading Brown this year would definately be selling low.

  13. St. Louis-Kopitar-Williams

    • all 4 of your lw are natural rw….. have you ever played on your off wing?
      It’s pretty tough

      • Yes, I have and my backhand is pretty strong and players are rotating all the time, what’s the problem?
        St. Louis is a natural goal scorer: 367 goals/603 assists in 1038 NHL Games.
        What’s your point?
        Also, did you notice in my first statement I said, “Why not dream?”
        Lighten up a little, it’s a blog and allows opinions.
        It would be nice to give some stats or actually qualify your comments though!

        • What is your infatuation with statistics. If you really want my statistics Im 6ft. tall 220 pounds and sexy. My corsi is off the charts, and my Fenwick is unreal.Im not attacking you bro. Don’t get all defensive I just think a natural left wing would be a better fit.

          • Well I’m 6’5″, 275 and don’t like being called a pussy.
            So fuck you!!

          • I can’t be certain, because I’m not very well informed about anything. But I think he was calling MSL a pussy. Which is true. NYR fans have already had there way with Mike Richards. Good luck with all that pal. He’ll be crying like Ryan Smith in no time.

          • Jman, 6’5″, 275 who can play the off side and has a solid backhand? Shit, dude, the Kings need the sign you to play with Doughty! That would be a solid 1st pairing. Ha ha!

    • Pearson sucks.

      • I was calling MSL a pussy I don’t believe in being a tough guy from behind a computer…. I only gave height and weight as a joke cause I thought you said you wanted my stats take a deep breath Jman

  14. @Jman69: Forget about Kane, forget about Hudler he was never that great to begin with, Backlund nope, forget about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs its not going to happen #1 and the Kings don’t have the CAP to add a Kane, or a Vanek or a Moulson etc… Marty St. Louis, well nobody really knows what the conversation was that went on between him and Steve Yzerman. For all we know he might have told Steve he wanted to stay so that when Stamkos comes back and they get some of their prospects playing in the NHL next season he would like to be part of it. If he said he wanted to be moved, the Kings wouldn’t be interested since DL doesn’t like small players no matter how many points they put up. The Kings don’t have much to bargain with, and you aren’t going to get much in return for a Clifford/Martinez/Lewis/Fraser or any of the Kings 3rd or 4th line forwards.

    @Hamburgular: Jagr had stated he did not want to be traded, wants to finish out the year with NJ which is too bad because he could be a good addition for the next 22 games and playoffs.
    Macdonald might be a decent pickup, but if he is asking for that kind of money, then Lombardi should go hard after Girardi because either he goes or Callahan goes, but Girardi would be a nice pickup for the Kings even if he is a right shot defenseman.
    Belov from Edmonton is another player the Kings might want to kick the tires on. Nobody heard of this guy before he decided to play in the NHL this season and he also played for Russia in the Olympics 6ft 4in 218lbs and a left shot.

    Last night was a nice win for the Kings, but they got taken to school by COL. The Harlem Globetrotters were playing the Washington Generals on the PK. COL and their one touch passing were pure beauty the way they were moving the puck around. The Kings PK was horrible, and their PP wasn’t all that great either.

    The one good thing I can say about last night, a lot of players who have been pretty much absent from the score sheet finally picked up some points, but that was only 1 game.

    It was nice to see the Kings use the side boards and also playing below the goal line in the offensive zone to score a goal, but that has to be more consistent.

    Here is the problem with the Kings and upcoming trade deadline:

    Calgary tonight which Kings team is going to show up?

    I don’t care if Drew loves Muzzin! Drew is not the coach. If Sutter and Lombardi couldn’t see DD skating like Bobby Orr in the Olympics regardless of the bigger ice surface, mainly because his defensive partner wasn’t unpredictable, then there is no hope for us seeing DD pick up where he left off in Sochi.

    Matt Greene! Fuck it pains me to say this but he is done. He is frail and is like a pylon out on the ice. He is too slow and the Kings can’t continue to allow him to be flogged by the opposition. He should end his career as a King, but as far as a contract, give him another year then move him into a coaching position if that is what he wants, but he is just not the same physical defenseman.

    Willie Mitchell has yet to declare if he is interested in coming back or is going to call it quits after this season.

    This presents another problem in leaving another defensive slot open, but the Kings don’t have anyone to really fill that spot. Forbort isn’t close. Gravel is still at St.Cloud St and needs to add 20lbs.
    I don’t know if its possible, but Jared Tinordi would be a nice addition to the Kings young defense. He’s big and nasty plays even more physical than his father.

    Max Pacioretty would be huge if the Kings could pull some sort of trade with MTL. LW, a very reasonable CAP hit of 4.5 million and he is a Top 6 LW.

    Just some ideas and thoughts, but I don’t see the Kings going after a rental and if Lombardi wants to trade away draft picks on a Top 6 LW, well I think Pacioretty would be very good fit, financially and with his production.

    Lombardi can still buyout 2 contracts I believe, and it might not be pretty or sane, but Mike Richards is not the same Mike Richards we saw in Philly and early on here in Los Angeles. I know him and Carter are joined at the hip, but his CAP hit for his production make it hard to rationalize keeping him for that long. Same can be said with Dustin Brown, but I think there is something more to what is going on with Brown and his knee that are really the reason why he has not been the same player this season as he has been in the past.

    • The bottom line is that the Kings do have some serious problems offensively AND defensively. Green and Mitchell, as much as we all like them, can’t keep up. And physically, they are worn out. I don’t know how much longer Regehr can hold up, and he’s slowed down as well. And I don’t think Muzzin thinks the game very well. Could he mature into a good defensemen? Who knows?

    • Richards and Brown are both still totally tradeable. Buyout is a stretch. MR looked good last night. He’s an awesome hockey player. When he is on his game he is a real difference maker and arguably one of the best 2nd line centers to play the game in a while. I know the defense could stand improving, but we still have one of the better defensive squads in the league, so by that comparison we are not weak. What I notice most is slow players getting burned by top skill players. I agree with you on Greene, but it’s already too late if we are playing man to man, the forward has already lost his man. Seems pretty obvious that is why we take so many penalties too. Our forwards can’t keep up. Glaring against a team like Colorado. I will also agree its nice to see players around the net, and goals being scored from there as well. A lot of positives last night. Like to see a solid defensive game with that kind of goal scoring so I can get all delusional about how good we are again though. GKG \X/

    • @Modcoop

      Great thread you wrote. Intelligent!!
      Only disagreement(s) are…. MacDonald. I live in ny and while I don’t watch the Isles all the time, I know enough from what I’ve seen and read (plus not good Corsi numbers) that he’s way overrated. In fact, I don’t know if he’s overrated cause I never hear anything good about him. Except of course by his team, wanting a first rd pick.

      Just like some guys in LA expect to trade Clifford for some sort of magical offensive whiz. A team can ask for the moon, but that doesn’t mean they’re gonna get it.

      As for Richards, you know Deirdre always extols all of the little things he does. It is true, but for the contract he’s on, goodness, his offensive production has just disappeared. I can’t for one imagine why that is given that he’s still a few years away from thirty at this point.
      And also agree with what you said about Brown. There has to be some other issue. Perhaps he’s not at his best physically and another off season could help sort that out.

    • Nice analysis Modcoop, I think you’re pretty spot on about the defense.
      I hope that the team will start harvesting some of that young defense next season for sure.
      I think you re-sign Greene and Mitchell both for one year deals.
      Tinordi is probably the closest to being NHL ready and I like his grittiness around the net and boards too.

  15. The only untouchables on the Kings are: Kopitar, Carter, Doughty and Quick!

  16. 2nd tier: Richards, Jones, Toffoli and Voynov

    • Yeah, considering Lombardi wouldn’t want to part with Richards, and they need a good backup G, and Toffoli has great upside (hopefully) and if they lose Voynov then they’re really depleting their D not necessarily for this year, but for coming years. I think this year is just a bit of the sophomore jinx type of thing. He’ll be fine. He’s a talented hockey player.

  17. How did Marty as Pearson play last night? I had school..
    These next few days will be really interesting. Rosen expects the kings to make a move or two before the deadline.

  18. RR playing a back to back and actually having more minutes than DD while Greene rides pine. I don’t think Greene’s injured so that speaks volumes.

    Greene’s a warrior but his days are numbered. AMarts needs to be a regular.

    Brown was on fire last night. Now that’s what I wanna see from the cap. The goal was a little flukey but who cares it got him going.

  19. I can’t remember specifics on the King’s game against Calgary, because I was so unimpressed, in general. Yes, the King, Stoll, Brown line were moving the puck well, and they should stay together for the next game. Kopitar was excellent again, but I really didn’t get a good feeling about the team’s play. As usual, “Magic Hands” Lewis was underwhelming. He got a perfect pass from Kopitar and he missed an open net.

  20. Here’s a trade:
    Brown, Clifford, Frattin and Martinez to Buffalo for: Moulson and Ehrhoff.
    It’s inside the salary cap and the Sabres would be getting their type of players.
    The Kings get another experienced defenseman and the LW they need and then have room to re-sign Moulson and Ehrhoff has a ten year deal at 4 million per already.

    New lines:

    Muzzin; forward or defense

    • Who knows! It could happen!

    • Give it a rest already! You have no clue WTF you are talking about!

      Seriously how the hell do you know what type of players the Sabres? You don’t!

      Miller off to St. Louis while Halak is off to Buffalo. Chris Stewart is off to Buff and Steve OTT is going St. Louis plus prospects. This now really makes the West a very competitive conference!

      The Kings can’t afford Moulson if he is going to ask for 6+ million per year so stop with the hypothetical fantasy guessing you are doing.

  21. Girardi signed. Ship has sailed. 5.5 for 6 years.

  22. St Louis just traded Halak, Stewart , prospect and two picks for Ott and Miller. Lombardi better do something cause the Kings stand Zero chance on beating the Blues now

  23. Ott would have been perfect for the bottom 6!! Dean missed out :(


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