St. Louis Blues Call Down the Thunder, Acquire Ryan Miller and Steve Ott

Hooollllyyy shit. That was my first reaction when I read about this trade. The Blues gave up Halak, Stewart, a prospect and some picks to send a clear message to the Western Conference – go big or go home.

Ryan Miller is legit. Possibly too legit to quit but we will see about that. The Kings v. Blues rivalry just got a whole lot more interesting.

I haven’t completely digested this trade yet. So you chew on it while I do the same.

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  1. I got the moves like JAGR

  2. Woooooooozzza!

    The West keeps getting stronger and stronger! Consistent goal keeping is what the Blues were missing…look out they are a strong candidate to make a full run.

    As a Kings fan, I absolutely hate this trade. F-you Buffalo!

    Having said that, St Louis gave up a shit load. Not sure how highly touted the prospect is though! If he’s a sure shot, Buffalo did well.

  3. Buffalo is gonna be one helluva team in the future. They’ve drafted well the last few years. They are stockpiling picks, with this #1 plus what they got from the Isles and what they’ll get when they flip Vanek, they are dealing smart. Neither Halak or Stewart will be Sabres by next week. Both will be flipped, Halak to the Wild most likely.
    And it’s risky for the Blues, if Miller doesn’t sign with them. H’s a terrific goalie, but can be a headcase at times. Having seen him come unglued during the Sabres/Flyers 7 game series, he can get rattled. They gave up a lot for 2 UFA’s.
    And he certainly helps their goaltending issues but their weakness, and something the Kings exploited for 2 years in the playoffs is at center. They still don’t have a legit #1, they have 2 number #2’s and 2#4’s. And if they do meet the Kings in the WCF, Quick is still better than Miller and the Kopi, Richie, Stoll, still better down the middle. And they don’t have a weapon lke Carter, a pure sniper with a lethal shot.

    • Deirdre, when you’re talking about them flipping Vanek….. I got confused as it’s the Isles who’ll flip Vanek. Also, true they may not have a weapon like Carter, but they have something pretty lethal nonetheless which is Schwarz, Tarasenko, and Oshie all scoring goals plus Steen, and Backes. That’s pretty solid forward depth in terms of offense. Five forwards at least who can score. And then scoring from the blueline as well. Three guys on the blueline who total 107 points between them.

      They’re also due to have some luck in the playoffs after all the experience of the last two or three years. And as for Richie, maybe it’s time for a patented Deirdre update, because one now gets the impression that his scoring touch has truly gone awol. If it were just the slump he had in 11-12 that would be one thing, but it’s even worse this year. He’d better do a hell of a lot of the ‘little things’ to make up for that with the contract he’s on.

      • To clarify….. I understood the Sabres flipping Vanek as an error….. and the ‘they’ in having a weapon like Carter was clearly St. L.

    • The big difference is the kings lack the hunger. Eye of the tiger baby.

  4. We just ever get rid of the damn Steve Ott!
    He was a thorn in our asses and I said good riddance.. go further.. please..
    and now like a freakin boomerang he’s back.
    Miller.. He was Golden a few years back.. I think he is legit.. Good for the Blues.. uugghh

  5. I feel like this forces DL to do something. Blues just better and tougher. Elliott wasn’t bad in the playoffs. Miller is a big game player with some big games to look forward to though for sure. I wonder if they deal Elliot too?

  6. Sabres asked Ehroff to to submit a list of teams he would consider from his no trade clause. Good D but he’s got 7 years left on his contract, that might make him difficult to move.
    DL will get a D, a solid partner for DD. And I think that is higher on his list than LW, which I think that 2nd line needs but if the Kings don’t have the assets to get both, DL will go for the D.

    • You know…. when one says ‘have the assets’ that’s so personal. I’m not much of a basketball fan but I heard on the radio the other day that the Knicks don’t have another first round pick till 2018, so I think it’s pretty subjective. Of course….. DL could give up firsts next year and the year after to get whatever. That doesn’t mean I think it would be a good idea.

      The way I see it he doesn’t have much at all in the way of assets. On Mayor’s Manor he goes into detail about the current situation on the Kings roster in terms of people who could be moved. About five to six guys are untouchable or very unlikely to be moved. So that leaves……. guys (forwards) who don’t score. Also he doesn’t have dmen to trade away as they Need defense…. not a subtraction of defense.

      All that leaves is prospects and picks. And really, at this point what are you gonna get for Vey or Pearson (who wouldn’t be traded anyway as he’s the one most highly touted LW in the system).
      That leaves picks. I’ll be very sad if he trades away more picks. He already sent away a lot between Penner-Carter and then Regehr.

  7. Got get Ehrhoff and Moulson, trade Brown, Martinez, Frattin and a pick or two.

    • Thank goodness you are not Lombardi :)

    • Seriously dude give it a rest already. Go ahead and play fantasy hockey, but keep it off this group.

      Your repetitive predictable rhetoric are getting old fast. You seem to like the sound of your own voice, or in this case, posting bullshit for the sake of posting bullshit.

      Your ideas, or thoughts are reactive with no real substance to rationalize your diarrhea that spews from your keyboard.

      I keep seeing you react when hearing a name from a blog, or an NHL insider or analyst.

      You seem to think its really easy to make any trade and without even looking at it from a salary CAP perspective, or short-term or long term impact. Even void of any argument for or against your thought, you still find it necessary to post it just for the sake of posting it.

      Its not a competition here, its a bunch of people who are die hard Los Angeles Kings fans, along with being NHL fans expressing ideas and concerns.

      You might think you are expressing ideas or concerns ,but personally I find your posts really only worthy of posting in some group in facebook. You tend to carry on your own discussion with yourself or anytime someone responds to your post or a post within this group.

      Dustin Brown is the face of the Los Angeles Kings. He is the captain of the Los Angeles Kings team and leads by example even if he is not scoring, he makes sure he finishes his check, leaves everything he can on the ice. Dustin Brown is also the 1st captain of the Los Angeles Kings to hoist the Stanley Cup.

      Dustin Brown will tell you, he isn’t having playing as well as he would like, and he knows he is not scoring as much as he can, in order to help this team win.

      Brown has accepted his current role on the 3rd line with Stoll and who ever the other wing is. In case you haven’t payed attention Brown and Stoll have started to contribute goals and assists.

      Dustin Brown got a raise starting next year along with an 8 year extension. This move by the Kings should tell you, the Kings are not going to be trading Brown this season and probably next season.

      Is Brown untouchable? No he is not, however when you post some far fetched idea you have just come up with, an idea which doesn’t really look at the financial impact or the short term or long term impact of this franchise then its just spam in all honesty.

      Your thought about getting rid of Brown, along with Martinez, Frattin and a pick or two in exchange the Kings get Moulson and Ehrhoff is to say the least retarded!

      For starters Moulson is a UFA so he could just walk after this season. Ehrhoff has a no movement clause in his contract which is for a CAP hit of 4 million per year for 7 years.

      Buffalo asked Ehrhoff for a list of 8 teams he might be willing to waive his no movement clause so if they wanted to trade him he would approve. What you don’t know, nor does anyone else because it hasn’t even been reported is which teams he’s listed.

      In essence your thought is to give away Dustin Brown, Martinez, Frattin and a pick or 2 for a return of possibly 1 player. Seriously?

      Maybe its me, but this makes no sense at all. You assume one player has given an ok to being traded to the Kings and that another player is going to stay with the Kings after this season is done.

      You think giving away the captain, a decent defenseman, a player in Frattin who is gone after this and also giving away future draft picks is value for money and makes the Kings better for the remainder of the season?

      Seriously, why don’t you just wait until March 5th, and stop posting fantasy trades which involve players you aren’t that familiar with and just allow the guys who are paid to make the decisions.

      I am sure there will be lots of discussion going on after March 5th, but until then if you really need to post something put a little thought into it and maybe look at how it impacts the chemistry of this team, the financial impact and the future of the Kings franchise.

      Age: 50
      Height 6ft 2in
      Weight 210
      Married 25 years in June
      Kids 2: Son 21 years old, Daughter 20 years old
      Occupation: Disable due to Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) so I am an advocate and speaker on this very big problem that not only impacts athletes who have 1 brain trauma or many brain traumas. PCS also is one of the other issues our service men and women are returning from active duty with. Symptoms are very similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
      I played this game for 30+ years as a goalie. My PCS is partially due to multiple concussions either car accidents or getting a knee in the head even with my mask on. The main cause we believe was due to spinal surgery which I had a complication known as a Dural Leak, A Dural Leak is caused by a tear in the spine which allows the spinal fluid to leak out. Along with the spinal fluid, the fluid which protects your brain also leaks. If caught early enough, sometimes a patch can be surgically placed on the torn tissue, however most of the time its not caught early enough.
      The treatment for a dural leak is there is no treatment. You are pretty much bed bound because when you stand up you get a debilitating migraine which can only be treated by laying down on your back. The absence of the fluid to protect your brain, causes your brain when you get up and walk to hit your skull which is a mini brain trauma so its considered a concussion.
      Only your body can produce this necessary fluid and there is no real time table for this to happen. In my case it was 3 months.
      I would never wish a dural leak on my worst enemy its that bad.
      On the plus side, I can be anti-social and not get into trouble because my condition includes this sort of behavior but that still does not make it worth having.
      I am lucky my wife is an RN and there are many medical professionals in my family so they understood what was going on.
      I was allowed to spend a heck of a lot more time with my kids as they grew up so there was huge positive.

      • Hey Modcoop. My feelings out to you man. I really appreciate the bottom of your post. I had a nasty concussion (slipped on a wet playground while shooting baskets with my friends kid) and while I didn’t have memory loss or nausea, it was very very upsetting and debilitating to say the least. That was nine months ago, and on certain occasions I can feel a bit lightheaded for a brief period.

        And that was simply nothing compared to what you’ve experienced. I wish you all the best in dealing with all that you’ve been up against. And I for one always enjoy your hockey knowledge and comments.

      • I hope you are doing well. I’ve had physical difficulties in my life as well. It’s not something we want, but we still have to cope with it. All the best to you!

      • Thank you new name warrior man..
        (migrainer..relate 1000% on that)
        TY for the post defending Captain Brown.I am a shit debater so almost always opt out of trying.
        Kings are grinding it out..another W!

      • and a P.S.
        I appreciate your Hockey IQ…and know you are grateful that your intellect has not been compromised.

      • Well put Modcoop. There are a lot of diehard Kings fans who sit back, read these posts and make brief, sometimes quirky/comedic posts (myself included) but posting “we should” or “trade this guy and that guy” posts are getting old. I’m one of Browns biggest fans and worst critics but he is El Capitan and not going anywhere. There is a “game behind the game” and it’s played off the ice. Some people just don’t realize the chess game that is salary caps, no trade clauses, UFA’s, trades that address one problem but create another etc.

        I am sorry to hear about your disability but it sounds like you have a great support system.

        Keep up the good, informative posts because they are insightful and fun to read.

        PS……I love The Jam

    • Dude….. can you name me six teams that would want Frattin? OK, then maybe name one team that would want Frattin. Two goals and four assists in forty games I think it is. Nope….. nessuna squadra le vuole.

  8. Hoven says JW is the trade chip most likely to bring us a defender and help on the left. That would bum me out.

  9. As for the St. Louis/Buffalo trade, I think the first will benefit in the short term and the latter will most certainly benefit for the long term. I think this deal was very smart for Buffalo. St. Louis will probably want to trade Elliott, but their isn’t a strong demand for Goalies right now.

    No one knows what DL will do, but the Kings certainly do need both a quality Left Wing and a quality Left Defenseman. They have quite a few bottom six players to deal away. I don’t believe that the Kings can go far, should they even make it into the playoffs, without dealing. IF a smart trade IS done, and IF Toffoli, Vey, and Pearson can pick up their play, and IF they can get some scoring from the veterans (which they haven’t had), they could do some good things. I don’t want DL to do what St. Louis did. The Kings need help for the long term. DL needs to avoid an expensive (can’t afford it) short term fix.

    • “St. Louis will probably want to trade Elliott” – disagree. Miller is a UFA and they still like Elliott imo just not sure about his play in the post season.

      “The Kings need help for the long term. DL needs to avoid an expensive (can’t afford it) short term fix.” Agree totally.

      • Who is their third Goalie? Is he good? It seems to me that I’ve only heard about Halak and Elliott. Yes, every team wants a good second Goalie; especially when they get into the playoffs. Certainly, Elliott IS a quality Goalie.

        • They have Jake Allen. Kid is a stud. Year or two away.

          • OK. So, St. Louis will need to keep Elliott for awhile. They’ll have a great starter in Ryan, and a very good alternate in Elliott. In a couple of years, they’ll be able to use Allen, and they’ll be able to move a Goalie, if they need to.

  10. I don’t understand why Williams name has popped up all of a sudden. Any deal involving him would be a lateral move unless he is part of a BIG trade. Don’t need it. Just a minor tweak. Plus he has a relatively low cap hit. Can they get Gaborik for a pick? He would just be a rental.

    • Williams name has popped up because the Kings are going to play TT top 6 minutes and your other right wings are Carter and Brown. Your not trading either one of those guys and Willy has over 4mil cap hit.

      I love Williams, all the guy does is score in big games. That being said he is over 30 makes enough to give cap relief in any trade. I don’t like it but I understand it.

      Most reports I take with a grain of salt but when The Mayor reports he would be surprised if Williams was a King next season, makes me think there is something to it.

      • Very interesting! That’s a logical perspective on Justin Williams! I like Williams too! Well … we’ll just have to see what happens!

  11. A comment on the Kings/Hurricanes game –

    The Kings are certainly playing better. And I’m not saying this because they’ve won their first three games of this last leg of the regular season. I hope this trend continues. Montreal will be a tougher game. Let’s see how they do against them. I hope we’ll see more improvement and another win.

    I must say that I really liked what I saw from the King/Stoll/Brown line. And Stoll worked his ass off!

    Quick was solid again! He almost had another shutout. Too bad for that unlucky bounce. But the King’s also had some good luck with Richard’s goal. So, it evened out.

    • Can’t remember the last time the Kings beat Montreal. They seem so far to have the Kings number.

      • Uhh., how about earlier this year; 6-0 iirc

        • Yea…..6-0 win IN MONTREAL!!!!!

        • Ha, you’re right. I totally forgot about that. That was for me (not about Montreal, but the score) a bit of an aberration as shortly thereafter they couldn’t score to save their lives.
          But you’re correct, they did win. The time before that I can’t remember. Montreal always seems to play well in LA.

          • Last win was 2-1 in LA……2003. Storr with the win. Never the less they seem to have our number

    • Love Stollie..and good chemistry with Brownie..was the last time they played together as well. Stoll’s game improves when he has better skill to play with..I liked when Williams was on the line as well..but that was Brownie back on the left side.

      • Yes, it’s easy to like Stoll. Brown obviously enjoys his natural position on the right side. And King is playing better again, because he’s with two good players. This bodes well for the Kings!

  12. As for doing a ‘reactive’ trade…. because of what someone else has done, I never like that sort of trade.
    I think Stan Bowman said it best regarding his Blackhawk team:

    “I think you can’t be reactionary that way,” Bowman, who’s been at the helm for Chicago’s Stanley Cup titles in 2010 and 2013. “Those guys haven’t even played a game yet in St. Louis. You kind of have to see how it all shakes out, but we’re more focused on what we can do. We have to play good hockey.”

    If the Kings play good hockey as they are now they can do well. If they continue to show a lack of discipline and take so many penalties, and not be able to score on the power play, it doesn’t matter if they get Vanek, Erhoff and whoever else. It’s not gonna help.

    • Yes, Drew, the trades that we’ve been discussing will help the Kings, but trades won’t change the basic chemistry of the team. The rest of the team still needs to get their act together. They need to get their PP on track. They need more 5 on 5 scoring. They ARE playing much better since the Olympic break. And this improvement needs to continue. They can’t fall back into their lack of discipline, in general; especially with bad penalties!

  13. I keep hearing Williams is one who will be moved, but that makes zero sense to me. Yeah, I get he’s one of the only tradable assets available to trade for a LW/LD. Why would you get rid of the only player who’s game is constant. Besides Doughty and probably Carter, Williams is the only player who plays his game night in and night out. He’s a possession demon. Top 5, I believe in the entire NHL. Veteran leadership. Always raises his game and is “Mr. Clutch” during the long playoff runs and is the only individual who seems to have chemistry with Kopitar.

    I keep hearing Toffoli makes Williams expendable. I’ll be the one who says that would be a big mistake. I want everyone to pretend they don’t recognize Toffoli or his number when you watch him play. He’s not that impressive to me. Sure he’s a young talent and has a bright future with our team but he’s nowhere near ready to man either top six Right Wing positions. His speed is average at best, his work along the boards is average and best and minuscule compared to williams. His positioning is good at times, but on many occasions he looks lost or unsure of where and what his responsibilities are. I’ve seen his display crocodile arms on more than a few occasions…fear of contact. I haven’t seen him score consistently or even be dangerous on a consistent basis. I understand he has talents and needs time to develop, but at this moment I don’t have confidence in him playing a major role in the playoffs this year. I fear Toffoli is not quite ready for the intense rigors of NHL playoffs. Maybe next year he mature enough to be that man, but not this year.

    If DL trades Williams, it will be after this season.

    The prices for deadline acquisitions are waaaaaaaay too high! I feel DL will manage a D-man with a player of Clifford character and draft picks. I can’t see it any other way, not this year, anyway.

    • Yes, Kingnation13, Toffoli IS still green. All three of the “kids” are still very green. You can see it in their play. But it DOES seem that the Kings ARE playing much better with the kids in the lineup. So, as long as they aren’t causing damage to the team, let them settle in. As their comfort level increases, they’ll begin to contribute more to the team.

    • Pretty good summation of TT this season.
      He is young physically as well as age.
      Mayor’Mannor had a good article on 2-21..interview with Colin Frazer. He stressed the Biggest difference jumping from minors to NHL is the speed of the game..for the few that are much easier…for most that is the reason for the system Hockey has. Time to learn to skate better..learn the defensive part of the game. To mature physically as well as mentally. This is a game of young people. Even if they are making a fortune we have to remember that.
      I am just hoping that the guys that needed to rest and repair are now fresh and can keep playing like we have seen the last few games..not saying they are perfect. .but
      having the Will to Win..not giving up..minimizing the mistakes..and Please cut down the friggin penalities!

  14. I think you are dead on. Asking price way to big for top end talent that are rentals. Garth snow is nuts.

    • Crown…… that was too great!! Thanks. You made me smile: ” Garth snow is nuts.” With a small ‘s’ on the last name. The whole thing was too great. But I mean, it really is funny. He wants to get a first plus whatever….. something else for someone who A) is a rental and B) has it known already that we is very unlikely to sign with whatever team unless I suppose the team was Chicago who doesn’t need him. Maybe Pittsburgh? But after that display last night, they don’t need someone who can play with Crosby. They need someone who can actually play defense it seems. (Other than Scuds who isn’t getting younger).

  15. I know right. A first, 3rd, and a top prospect? For a freaking rental? They just need a small tweak. I’m hoping for a big damn to play with Drew. Bumping Muzzin to 3rd dman pairing. Maybe a cheap winger. Hemsky won’t cost much. He’d help the power play. Has been playing lw lately. I’m sure he’d rather play with RR than against him. If he doesn’t pan out let him walk. Maybe give them back the 3rd we got for Scrivens?

  16. Also watching the Nucks game right now. They have really fucked this team up. Loving it!

    • I was so happy to see John Tortorella leave my second favorite team (I’ve been a fan of the Rangers since I was a teenager), the Rangers, and go to the Canucks, one of the most dispicable teams in the NHL. Now, Alain Vigneault, a great coach, has been relieved of the horrors of coaching in Vancouver, and he’s been straightening out the mess that Tortorella caused in New York. Now, Tortorella is making the Canucks even worse than the way they were before. And that’s a good thing!

      • Rangers my East Coast team also (Dad..NYorker)
        Torts was brutal on h seems to be poisoning the nucks..hahahaha..I dislike them immensely

        • Tortorella’s tough guy stuff didn’t work in NY, and it’s not working in Vancouver.

          I spent my youth in NY state. After after some time in the Navy, I decided to live in the southern California area, and rapidly became a Kings fan.

          • My Dad was in the Navy as well..came back out to San Diego on his honeymoon…how I ended up a Cali kid.
            San Diego Gulls and Willie O’Ree how I cut my hockey teeth.

          • Very good! You sound like my older son! His mother and I brought him and his sister to southern California when they were quite young! :-)

  17. When Vancouver finally fires Torterella, no one will hire him again.

  18. He is very angry isn’t he

  19. I keep hearing rumours about the Kings looking for a D. McDonald from the Isles is a name I keep seeing. Just watched a segment with Bob McKenzie discussing Stephane Robidas from Dallas who might be on the block. What are your thoughts about bringing him in as a rental to solidify the D?

    He’s old (would probably be the oldest guy on the team), but still seems to have some skill and decent speed. He’s a shutdown guy that could probably pair with Doughty to give him the freedom to showcase his skills (just as Vlasic did at the Olympics).

    Just spitballin’. Haven’t heard anything about the Kings looking at him (mostly Boston or Anaheim), but I just think it could be an intriguing idea.

    • This isn’t a spitball its a did you listen to the entire commentary about Robidas?

      What I heard from Bob say about Robidas was there was some interest in his availability (no teams mentioned) and that Robidas might be ready to play in the middle of March. I emphasize “might”! Why would you give away a pick or player(s) for a guy who might be ready sometime, but no real date of when that might be?

      At this point there is no point to speculate. In less than 48 hrs everyone will know what if anything the Kings did or did not do.

      I just would like to know one piece of information that involves the Kings. Matt Greene played in the 1st game after the Olympic break. Since then he’s been that “scratched” player. I know he looked like a pylon that was just getting in the way of the opposition, which was then called interference or hooking.

      Is there something wrong physically with Greene or has DS decided AMART is faster and not impaired, therefore he’s going to play until he proves otherwise.

      The great debate exchanged here starting at the beginning of this season which a majority agreed that at the very least AMART should play in place of Muzzin because after watching both play, it was the consensus that Martinez was less likely to cough up the puck, or shoot the damn thing into the oppositions skates especially when on the PP regardless of DD saying he loved playing with Muffin as his d-paing.

      Hell even Yakob and Roberto cornered Jon Rosen because we were livid that,AMART not playing in place of Muffin was increasing the odds the Kings would lose.

      Honestly, there is no magic player the Kings need to mortgage the next few years over. They might add some veteran defenseman, but that is about it. Heck just to appease some people who read this, or participate, maybe a tweener forward who can play LW and can’t be any worse then Frattin or any of the other guys they put on the 2nd line.

      Call up Larry Deslauries, at least he can play LW or drop back and play left defender. Larry can even play the point simply because he can be inserted in a number of different roles or positions and not cost the Kings anything.

      Once the season is over, at the draft or after free agency starts, this is when the Kings will do something of any real significance.

      Did anyone else start laughing hysterically at Alex Curry when she was interviewing Quick and Quick was doing his best DS interview I have ever seen! Awkward?

      The only thing missing was Bitter Beer Face! Well played Mr. Quick, well played!

  20. With all the recent articles on LAKI, sure seems like they are laying the tracks to not do shit at the deadline. Oh well. It’s good we are winning again. We should definitely be shopping this summer though. UFA is better anyway. GKG \X/

  21. I sure hope the Mayor is smoking crack. Getting rid of one of the top possession fwd’s in the league, and big game player just prior to the playoff run is Sam the Disaster McMaster-esque in stupidity.
    Let the kids get their legs even if it means a few hard lessons. They need as much playing time as possible. I think they could add a few more goals than w/o them. Also they should leave Martinez in the line-up. He’s gets it on the breakouts and is in the right spots in the O-zone.
    Ryan Miller tends to implode with traffic and contact, has a .001 SP% differential w/Halak, and Ott over Stewart when Stewart can get hot…..lateral moves. Chicago is still the challenge. Shore up the bottom six, and Martinez will help with Chicago.

  22. lol the blues.. They neeed as much playing time as possible. I think they could add a few more goals than w/o theem.


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