Five Baby

Kopitar kopitaring.

Brown browning.

Carter scoring.

Defense defending.

Boys swarming.

LA Kings winning.

Shit isn’t complicated.

I can’t find a single thing wrong with this victory against the Montreal Canadiens. We should have scored 4 goals. Kopitar’s open net…Jesus. That’s about it.

As far as everything else?



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  1. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!

  2. Things are starting to gel. Me likey. No Colin Fraser in sight btw…

    • I like having Pearson in the lineup. He brings much needed speed and skill.
      That being said our boys had far too many off-sides.

    • I think it was a good decision to move Colin Fraser. I would also love to see “Magic Hands” Lewis moved.

  3. The Lego movie was pretty awesome !

  4. 5 games does not a season make!

    Its nice to see this team finding ways to win these games, rather than ways to lose them.

    Personally, I get a false sense of security simply because this is very similar to the way this team started the season off, but then all of a sudden could not find the twine or the back of the net.

    Quick is Quick, Kopitar is Kopitar, Carter is Carter, Martinez is Martinez, Drew is Drew I just hope all of these players continue to be productive. I am also hopeful TT starts to terrorize net-minders every chance he gets Dustin Brown hits every player on the other team, within the rules of the NHL. If Richards becomes Richards and Williams gets greasy and becomes Williams or get some of their swagger back, well then we have something special.

    19 more games to accumulate goals, assists, points. 19 more games to improve the success rate of the power play and penalty kill. 19 more opportunities to reduce the teams goals against average and 19 more games for our goaltenders to increase the number of wins, shutouts and shootout wins.

    Once those 19 games are completed, then its all about the 1st team to win 16 games! 12 wins versus Western Conference Opponents, and then the Kings need to be the 1st team to win 4 games vs the Eastern Conference opposition.

    Spike Lee has his 40 acres production, the Los Angeles Kings need to establish 16 wins!

  5. Well, initially my wife and I had ONE baby due in May…after that pass from Kopitar to Carter…we’re now having triplets…

  6. The guys on this team DO work hard, and they DO want to win. For the most part, this is a very good team. BUT can they get at least two or three goals, every game, to win? They’ve shown us that they DO need a solid D-man for the left side. And they’ve shown us that that they DO need a solid left winger to carry some of the scoring load. Will this happen immediately? I don’t think so, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Can they win it all with the personnel that they have? It IS possible, but IS it probable?

    I think Pearson is going to be good for this team. He DOES need to settle in, but it appears that he will improve (I hope he’s not another Frattin who hustles but doesn’t accomplish anything). Toffoli is showing steady improvement. I don’t know what’s happening with Vey. He hasn’t shown anything positive.

    Last night’s game was a solid game, but they DID have a lot of problems with being offside. I think that’s because of the new players in the lineup. They need to get more in sync.

  7. Stoll Stolling
    Robyn Smashing
    Slava Gap Controlling
    ALL GREAT♡♡♡ Our Boys

  8. Tanner Pearson played his best game ever as a King last night; he needs to continue that effort he gave against the Canadiens, and he will get into the scoring column….self confidence in playing with the big boys; it took Toffoli a while, and he is buzzing right now, the same will happen to Pearson.

    As far as Frattin and Fraser are concerned……good riddens. They brought absolutely nothing to the table. Last year, after trading Bernier, I said it was a bad deal and now, look at it……nothing for him. Very Bad Trade. Lombardi is smarter than that, this was just a deal that didn’t work out and he has to eat it.

    Kings may just be getting it together after that bad stretch before the break……more scoring would be good, let’s see how these new line combos turn out.

    • You are right regarding Pearson..I neglected to include him in Best game players last night..noticed him on the ice..and for good reasons.
      Disagree regarding Frazer..may not have great skill set but the guy gives 110% on consistant basis. I enjoyed watching him play for the Kings.

      • It really doesn’t matter if a player is a nice guy and really hustles when he’s on the ice. If he doesn’t help the team, offensively and defensively, he shouldn’t be there. Yes, I understand that there are “enforcers” that aren’t expected to be allstars, but they still need to contribute. It’s like “Magic Hands” Lewis. He hustles and plays great defensively. But he has zero offensive skills.

        • I agree regarding Lewis. He is strictly a PK player to me.
          I don’t see him improving. .

        • Interesting stat on our boy Trevor Lewis, he draws the most penalties of any player in the NHL. Defense isn’t just for defensemen. Robyn Regehr doesn’t score a lot of goals either but he serves a valuable role. Players like Lewis are not as easy to come by as you may think. I would argue that his offense is fine, it just comes in the form of creating turnovers, power play opportunities, and taking several hits a night to advance the puck into the offensive zone. He will never be Mike Richards or Jarret Stoll, but he is a huge improvement over Fraser as a 4th line center. Speakin of, I wonder how he’s settling in with Manchester ?


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