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Here is it. The place to put all of the facts, opinions, chatter and noise about the coming trade deadline.

Pundits and pretenders have weighed in on other sites about who may go where and why.

I just want a good defenseman.

I don’t want to see Justin Williams traded. That would screw up the room.

I like Alec Martinez but recognize the club thinks he is expendable.

I can see Kyle Clifford going although his value at this point? I do wonder if the Kings rushed him.

I don’t want a rental at the cost of a first round pick or a quality prospect.

Our own players just need to get hot. 5 in a row…cautiously optimistic.

Talk about the Kings and other teams. Provide useful resources on pending or actual trades to read if you have them. Be nice to dogs and old people. Remember to tip your waitress.

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  1. Kings aren’t doing diddly. And that’s……….. Okay. Get Vanek and McDonald in the off season. I will say this. Tanner Pearson sucked much less last night. Last time we toured Canada I believe we were undefeated. More goals and wins please. Oh ya, JQ is the shit. If Ryan Miller and Steve Ott are the thunder……? Jonathan Quick must be a tsunami. GAA 2.04 and falling. GKG \X/

    • I agree, I don’t think the powers that be will make any moves this deadline. Not with the team playing like they have the last 5 games.
      King/Stoll/Brown is a line that has impressed me recently……love Kings constant smirk on his face. Blues are scary good but Miller is no Quick.
      If Miller/Ott are thunder then Quick is “gonna eat thunder and crap lightning”

  2. How in the holy fuck is Alec Martinez expendable? We just win with the guy in the line up. He plays solid D, scores goals (as many as Muzzin, Voynov with much less TOI), makes good passes and gets the puck out of the zone. Oh and he does not do the Spazz Muzz giveaway every other game.

    Greene the penalty machine is the expendable odd man out and he is one more hit away from going on IR.

    With Greene and Mitchell gone next season, why would we subtract from our young solid D corp when we should be adding to it next year?

    Sutter has blown it with his unbalanced treatment of AMart.

    Why the hell are we thinking of fucking with our #1 rated defense anyway? We need a sniper left wing, we need to score more goals.


  3. I HATE this time of year..just never gets easier..
    holding my breath for 24 more hours.
    Kings are jelling again so maybe No moves.
    And don’t forget to tip your Pari Mutual Clerk as well :-)

    • Whaaaaaat? This is the best part of the season. :)

      We always turn it on in this time. We start rolling and carry it over into the playoffs. Again, the old cliche, we are built for the playoffs. It can’t be anymore true with this group.

      DL with not overpay for whatever move he makes, which tells me, the odds are on the side of standing pat. Though I would feel a lot more comfortable if he worked his magic regarding a defenseman.

      We have the players, they just need to play like we know they can.

      Holy smokes, I’ve even seen Richards the last few games. Add Brown playing a little better and we’re golden. If Toffoli raises his game a just a notch or two, I like our chances against anyone.

      I love this time of year. It’s when the big boys/girls come out to play. Ya, baby, it’s on :)

  4. I’ve found the perfect trade: Trevor Lewis for Vanek. Garth Snow can suck it otherwise.

  5. I’d say at this point the pacific division is locked in for the playoffs. Unless we completely tank and Vancouver puts on some crazy win streak I can’t see how we won’t get in. Minny looks like it’ll get in as the WC with Dallas and Winnipeg duking it out for the final spot.

    Unless DL can find a smoking deal I don’t think it’s the wisest thing to do overpaying for someone. I think a huge hint was his quote saying that someone once told him that the trade deadline is a suckers market.

    Maybe the Gagner deal was probably the best option but that’s gone. Let it ride for sweet sixteen.

  6. Sounds like Bryzgalov to Minnesota, Fasth to Edmonton. Possibility of Penner to the Capitals. Ducks are active today.

  7. Because of the cap, this offseason:

    Clifford for Sam Gagner

    Sam Gagner, Pearson, Toronto’s 2nd rounder for Evander Kane

    2014-Kings 1st Rounder, Oilers-3rd Rounder, and Jake Muzzin for Christian Ehrhoff

    Kane Richards Carter
    Toffoli Kopi Williams
    King Stoll Brown
    Frattin Lewis Nolan

    Ehrhoff Doughty
    Mitchell Voynov
    Regher Martinez



  8. Haha pancakes to the capitals. That move makes no sense

    • Ducks flipped the pick they got in Penner trade to acquire Robidas from Dallas. Assuming Robidas gets healthy, it’s an upgrade on defense. Stupid move to trade Penner though, he’s clutch in the playoffs.

      • Glad he’s not a Duck anymore. He had a better season with them than us. Looks like they are moving hard on Vanek. Stupid really. He is just getting ready to earn his money. All this stuff tells me Ducks know they can’t win as is.

    • It is national pancake day.

  9. Can’t believe Cory Conacher is on waivers, yes he is shorter than Muggsy Bogues but he was traded for this years eventual Vezina winner just a year ago.

  10. I still think Gaborik would be a sick addition to this team.. Even with his injury history. I don’t know if the numbers will work though

    • I don’t know if I’d pay the price for a “maybe”, but I have a feeling Gaborik might do well here in LA-ala Carter- where there would be less pressure on him being “the man.” This idea is intriguing, though.

  11. Is Vancouver lost?

    Luongo sure has been dragged threw Whale shit, hasn’t he?

    Trade both starting Goalies within 5-6 months and rumor had it Kesler might be be moved as well. Wow! Three pretty big pieces, I’d say.

    McDonald is also off the books.

    So now what regarding a D-man?

  12. Holy smokes, I’ve even seen Richards the last few games. Add Brown playing a little better and we’re golden. If Toffoli raises his game a just a notch or two, I like our chances against anyone. were going to rock every place we go!

  13. Okay, I’m against trading Williams this season, but if John Hoven is correct in his reporting that DL is going after Giordano with a package deal, that supposedly consists of Williams, Clifford, Muzzin and a pick, I might have to reconsider. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention we’d have to take Cammalleri, as well.

    Wow! That’s a lot to digest. Isn’t this fun!

  14. I would just like to restate that Garth snow is a stupid dickhead. And please get Gaborik Dean! Low risk possibly high reward.

    • Got the word that Futa came back with bad things to say about him. Tough to gauge when healthy he’s one of the best wingers in the game but when is he ever healthy?

  15. We’ll that sucks. What’s plan B?

  16. Not sure but Bobby just handed Dennis from The Fourth Period his ass on twitter.
    Atta boy Bobby!

  17. Don’t do twitter. What did he say?

  18. Dennis Bernstein ‏@DennisTFP 34m
    Hearing price drop on Matt Moulson. Tyler Toffoli no longer in conversation for a deal solely for Sabres winger to Los Angeles.
    Bobby Scribe ‏@kingsofhockey 20m
    @DennisTFP @TheFourthPeriod ugh. Matt likely hates Lombardi, heart won’t be in it, won’t want to stay. Unless price is a 3rd, leave it
    Dennis Bernstein ‏@DennisTFP 18m
    @kingsofhockey @TheFourthPeriod unfair character assassination of Moulson I’d say.
    Bobby Scribe ‏@kingsofhockey 15m
    @DennisTFP @TheFourthPeriod wait, are you saying he back checks? Or that he loves the guy who traded him because he didn’t work hard?
    Dennis Bernstein ‏@DennisTFP 14m
    @kingsofhockey so you’d call Hemsky Gaborik and Bourque gamers eh? LOL
    Bobby Scribe ‏@kingsofhockey 11m
    @DennisTFP hell no. Don’t want them either. I wanted MacDonald or a quality DMan. D will improve the O.

    • Except I had a mental block because MM not traded just not re-signed. Rest was accurate though :)

      • The art of being credible is admitting a mistake. We all blank or put our foot in our mouth from time to time. The point was dead on. This is why I like Lombardi. When someone asked him if the Kings were his dream job when he got hired he said “No, I would love to manage the Bruins.” When asked about Moulson “He didnt get re-upped because we didn’t know if he’d work hard enough to stay in this league.” After the Cammalleri contract nightmare it was “He didn’t want to be a team player and sign a fair contract.”

        Gotta respect a man who calls it like he sees it. No gray area. No waffling.

        Sutter was asked about Colin Fraser and he said “Colin has 2 Stanley Cup rings, thats more than Pearson, Vey and Toffolli have come close to accomplishing. They have a lot to prove, Colin is a helluva player.”

        You can’t tell me players don’t like Sutter. The man obviously cares about these guys as people and he’s loyal.

        Whatever happens by noon I stand by this management staff. They are smarter than I am. I hope this post made sense I have been enjoying some Jameson tonight. In Dean We Trust.

      • Also a mental block on MacDonald actually helping the team.

  19. Ouch! Well played Scribe. Well played. Toffoli for a rental? What a dumb rumor? Want Gaborik though.

  20. Sounds like Gaborik is now a King.

  21. Give me Gaborik or give me death!

  22. Not sure how excited I am about the possibility of Gaborik…..he’s so darned injury prone. If they do pull the trigger I can only hope they don’t give up too much.

  23. Ok..we just got a Big D Minor League Prospect from Buffalo..Brayden McNabb..trying to find out if related to Max/Peter..
    but gave up Nick Deslauris and HUSON FASHING!!!
    CRAP..I think that will come back to haunt Us..

  24. They just got their lh dman and 2 2nd. Sounds like a good deal.

  25. I’ve been sitting in my easy chair watching NHL Tradecentre. I think things are going to happen quickly during the next, almost, two hours.

    I’ve always liked the Rangers. And I was not impressed with Gaborik, after watching what he did in NY. I see that the deal is now final. I hope he works out for LA.

    • You and Me borh..I had Center Ice the year my Beloved (Fro) was there..But Torts was just a Brut…Gabby was Not his type of player.
      Frattin the trade..2nd pik and conditional 3rd pik.
      More we took some of his salery.

      • Maybe Sutter, being a much better Coach and not insane, like Tort, will be able to wring the best out of Gaborik.

        I’m happy that a team was willing to take Frattin from LA.

    • And p.s. ha! sitting in your easy chair..O have been pacing like end of a nail biter game…as stated previously. .I don’t do well with this stuff..TSN just showed Buffalo? players watching T.V. in their locker room..can relate how guys are feeling..even the Hemsky..whom I did not ever want as a King..talking about being an Oiler for 12 make is hard for them..
      yeah yeah put on my big boy panties..such a girl :-/

      • I can’t get comfortable in my easy chair! I’m contantly moving around, and checking info on my computer. This is really intense! I think, the way it looks to me, that if prices are now dropping, the Kings could still land one or two quality assets!

  26. Gaborik?

    We all remember what happened last time the Kings traded with the Blue Jackets for a former 40 goal scorer!

    • Boy am I late joining the party

      • Don’t worry about it! Everyone can, and should, put in their two cents!! :-)

        • Wait!! What?!?! I’m trying to check and keep up with the deadline while responding to 911’s!!! Gaborik to LA for Frattin and some picks? He’s a RW…..lefty tho…..hmmmm.
          Fasching & Deslauriers out of the system? McNabb coming in? Should I puke or chirp my siren? AAAARRGGG!!!!

  27. Gabby! Really good trade IMO.. I’m kinda bummed to see D-LO leave to buffalo because he is an interesting prospect.. He leads manchester in goals and is that big LW that we lack.

    • Yes..and it just shows how Highly thought of is The Kings Development Program! Not the first time out Prospects have been what other NHL teams ask for..I really was hoping to see Fashing.:(
      And last monrh we lost Kozan..know he was too small but he is quick and skilled..D Evans and I discussed and he said he will maje it to NHL but didn’t know if Kozan was willing to wait in Manchester..may have been part of hus trade.


  28. AM I the only one hoping that DL is about to flip Gaborik for a player we really need? We are loaded on the right wing…..Fingers crossed

  29. SOB! We traded Fasching and Deslauriers?! McNabb better be one hell of a player. I need to look him up because I haven’t a clue what he represents.

    I’m perfectly fine giving up Frattin, a second and conditional 3rd for a potential game changer in Gaborik. I know he’s injury prone and tends to float at times but he’s coming to a Stanley Cup contender with a group of guys who’ve created a wonderful environment/culture. If that doesn’t pump him up, nothing will. It’s worth the risk!

    • I think this could be a good trade. The price wasn’t too steep. Gaborik is certainly a quality player. If he can be a “happy camper” with the Kings, we could see a renewed spirit and drive, which will certainly help the Kings.

    • Kingnation I agree with you. I saw a video of Fasching setting up a goal and scoring a goal last weekend and he has seriously good instincts and a very nice skill set…. and speed, something that a lot of Kings forwards don’t have. Also, Deslauriers was starting to score a lot being converted into a LW. So agree that McNabb better work out well.

  30. In Dean we trust. Frattin a 2nd and a 3rd for Gaborik? What kind of voodoo is this? McNabb is a stud. He’s 23 and an AHL all star. He is a left shot, a booming skills completion winning left shot too I might add. Plus he is waaaaay closer than any other defenseman we have in Manchester to the NHL. Good fucking job Dean!!! We just got waaaaaay better dude!

  31. Gaborik, Kopitar, Toffoli, Pearson, Richards, Carter, Brown, Stoll, Williams. That’s a pretty good top-9 group. And that doesn’t even include Vey and King, who are good enough to be 3rd line players. It will be interesting to see how the lines work out.

  32. Matt Molson to Minny..hmmm

  33. oh crap..conjecture Vanak to sucks…hope NOT!!!
    Legwand to Detroit.

  34. I found it interesting that Gaborik’s interview with TSN Tradecenter was so deadpan. He sounded like he’d been up all night and needed to go to bed. I hope he isn’t disappointed with being traded to LA.

    Ryan Callahan seemed pleased that he was being moved to Tampa, during his telephone interview. And Vanek was upbeat about being traded to Montreal.

    • Yes my observation too..I hope he has a plesent suprise at how good a group we have. I know he will be respected. .and valued.
      Interviews.. Tronto GM..decent guy…Mike Gilles..ass ..
      now Brian Murray..yikes he sure looks like his twin!
      I am getting Nothing done :->

  35. Hope Gaborik doesn’t flop like pancakes.

    • For the last several years, he hasn’t played up to his billing. I don’t know if he’s just tired of the game or if it has just been because of circumstances. In NY, Tort was a pain in the ass. This year, in Columbus, he’s still not playing at an allstar level. Can he do it with LA? I certainly hope so!

      • I hope our Locker Room rejuvinates him.
        We hear all the time how the Kings Group is very unique in that everyone genuinely likes each other.
        Gee what a concept..T.E.A.M.

    • I didn’t mention the small fact that he was also injured. If he’s feeling strong again, and he must be or the Kings wouldn’t have wanted him, he’s certainly capable of doing great things.


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