Does Marian Gaborik Fit? Will Darryl Sutter Fuck Him Up?

Surly was awesome today. I had a trial, was not hip to all the happs and he filled me in on all the details of the crazy shit that happened today, not just with the Kings but around the league.

I still cannot wrap my head around the Rangers and Lightning trade. I mean…is Sather the dumbest son of a bitch since Snow? Straight up for St. Louis, okay, I guess but you give up draft picks too? You couldn’t get ANYONE to give you a decent prospect and a 1st? You got a THIRTY EIGHT year old forward?

Okay, fuck Sather. Yzerman schooled him.

Let’s talk about Marian Gaborik.

Surly covered all of my initial thoughts. Now that I have chewed on this for a few hours, here is what I am pondering.

  • Marian Gaborik is not a two-way forward.
  • Marian Gaborik will not go hard into the corners.
  • Marian Gaborik will not stand in front of the net and take punishment.
  • Marian Gaborik will not do a lot of the “little” things.
  • Marian Gaborik is fucking fast.
  • Marian Gaborik finds seams and gets open.
  • Marian Gaborik has a hell of a shot and can pick corners from just about everywhere.
  • Marian Gaborik scored 40 goals under that dipshit John Tortorella.

Marian Gaborik is Jeff Carter without the defensive part of the game and the great looks.

Assuming Sutter uses him properly, he can make the powerplay downright scary and round out our top six.

Think about this for a moment. Our top EIGHT is Kopitar, Carter, Richards, Williams, Brown, Stoll, Toffoli and Gaborik. Fucking wow. Can 8 talented offensive players go into a slump at the same time, especially when 7 of them have been in a slump and are finally getting out of it? What you have here is an LA Kings team that is coming out of its offensive funk just in time to add a pure goal scorer…sounds nice right?

Only if Darryl Sutter doesn’t screw this up.

Yeah, I said it. I love Sutter but he is capable of doing the dumb thing here and trying to turn Marian into something he isn’t. The guy is already made of wet particle board, you make him hit people, take punishment and play a gritty game, we may lose him to injury during warmups. I hope Sutter realizes that is not Gaborik’s game and he is not here to be Jeff Carter…well, Jeff Carter light with lime maybe, but not the Extra Stout. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Are we really going to be upset if Gaborik is scoring at a fuck yeah pace because he doesn’t back check?

Yes we are.

But are we going to be happy so long as the others do their job and Gaborik scores lots of goals?

No…no, we will probably be critical of the fuck.

So, he will never really win with us because we are tough motor scooters to please BUT do we want to win a Stanley Cup again?

Yes, yes, we definitely want that.

Will Sutter evolve? Or will Gaborik be “week to week” with a “______ (name any of eight broken bones, strains or sprains here)

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  1. Who gives a shit. We got Gaborik for Matt fucking Frattin and a 2nd, possibly a third…also getting fucking 2 2nd’s earlier? Flip one for Gaborik and keep one? I thing the Kings did very well today. Mcnabb, 102 mph slapper? Nice.

  2. Adding gaborik to a team that relies on grinding and cycling is stupidity. If the team is transitioning to a more off the rush, run and gun type of team, then I can understand the acquisition of gaborik. If not, then I don’t understand why we didn’t get a guy with size/grit.

    Gaborik seems like the type of player who will finish the rest of the season here with 5 goals and 10 assists, not exactly what you want from a guy like that. But, he didn’t cost much. Just frattin and a couple of picks. Anything to keep incessant king fans eyes glued to the message boards. Oil for the machine. Gaborik will sign in minny next season.

    • How can Minny afford Vanek and Gaborik? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Vanek is going to Minnesota. I like this from the pure standpoint that your always gonna have Kopi and Richards paired with an elite scorer. Teams can’t simply load up on 1 line. This move will either be a complete flameout and Gaborik will simply get benched for similar lines to the ones against the Montreal game; or Gaborik will score some big goals see what winning feels like and resign in the offseason. Last time he was a free agent his final decision was down to NY and LA what makes you think he want’s to go back to a team he requested a trade from.

    • I dunno, if he can finish the season with 7 goals and 15 points, that’s pretty much in line with his career statistics, and a success in my book.

      • Even 5 goals from him should take our goals for average from 2.32 to 2.58 or so, over the remaining 19 games. That’s a pretty decent jump, and means the Kings are scoring 3 goals/game more often than two goals/game.

  3. Hamburglar’s comment was pure comedy gold. I cannot stop laughing

  4. The kings are 28th in scoring….

  5. Also if it doesn’t work, it cost Frattin!

  6. Fucking hello…

  7. Gaborik is a solid player all around. He plays hard. Ranger fans still love the guy. He has been nothing short of a great teammate. Injury prone, yes. But it comes from effort and that’s commendable.

    As far as Sutter goes, no he will not fuck him up. If anything, he will make him better. Marion has never dealt with DS and he will inject some new life into him. I expect him to put plenty of pucks in the net. Just hope Dean resigns him for a few more years

  8. Compa Bobby hope you’re doing well..
    I think comparing Gabby to Carter is kinda unfair.. I hardly saw Carter play in Philly because I don’t have access to flyer games. Has he always had the defensive part of his game or did he pick that up under DS?

    • Always had it. I don’t have link handy but I wrote about Carter and getting him before we even traded for Richards in large part because he was and is a complete player

      • Thanks Bobby. What a nice surprise to wake up to.

        • Like that comment. Good one! In addition though, if you have any midget friends get them to buy the ticket and throw them over the boards! Win-win all around! No offense to midgets of course. My last year of hockey was Midget.


  10. I actually agree with hitman to a degree. I thought, and still think, the Kings truly lack a big power forward, since King is inconsistent in his competence as a top sixer and we don’t know who Dustin Brown thinks he is half the time. We still miss Penner’s presence, as insane as that sounds. We have elite goal scoring skill in Kopi and Carter. Now we have a third. I’m grinning big time to have Gaborik, despite the obvious cause for concerns.

    I read that part of why Gaborik didn’t fit in with Columbus is because he was asked to play a defensive system and couldn’t gel with it. That may be true, but Gaborik was only one of the only high end forwards on that team. He was one of two high end forwards in New York. He was the only high end forward when hew as with the Wild. This is the first time in Gaborik’s career besides an All Star game when gaborik will be surrounded by players with as much skill as he has combined with a team with a rock solid system.

    Lots of pundits out there want to say that Gaborik isn’t what he once was, and I say that’s horseshit. He’s always been an elite talent and still is. His two flaws have only ever been his plaguing injury history and the teams he has played on. He never should have been relied upon to be the sole catalyst of an offense. Not a player to build around as teams have tried. He is a complimentary player, and put in the right situation, I believe he can be one of the best in the league at that.

    And despite his lack of overt to desire to backcheck, I never saw him as a soft player. He is willing to get hit. It’s just a shame he can’t take a hit.

    • Good summation..I bekieve an Elite player is an Elite. They may slow down a bit..or not as they age, but their experience blends into their game and keeps them at that high level.

    • It is weird that a player with his wheels and finesse never seemed to learn to do that twirly thing properly to avoid getting smashed. Maybe it’s because his mentality is always “forward, forward, NET!”. I dunno. Also I disagree with the assessment that he doesn’t take his place in front of the net. He does when it’s time. That’s part of his game. He’s an opportunist that way. He just doesn’t stand there.

  11. I absolutely like this deal. Dean didn’t have to chip into the “core” to get him and I think that’s a win. I am also a bit worried about Sutter, in fact my first text to a friend after the deal was made said, “He’s a full blown scorer, I hope they let him play like one.” When the team is in the pits as far as league scoring is concerned, getting a guy like this is huge, but Sutter needs to let him be who he is…a straight-up skill player w/ hardly any defensive prowess. Throw him on a line w/ Kopitar and Williams and Kopi can get to the defensive work.

    If Sutter hand-cuffs him …I’ll be all lubed up with no place to go.

  12. Gabby is fast as shit. World class wrist/snap shot. I love this move. Yeah, he’s a bit enigmatic but so fuckin what. Gonna be a fun run.

  13. I like this deal too. I hope he scores a ton. But I don’t know if it matters how many goal Gaborik scores if he opens things up for other people. His speed still needs to be respected and I think he will force defenses to stay back more than they have been doing against the Kings. The real test of this trade may not be how many goals he scores but how many his line mates can put in in the net.

  14. I’ve enjoyed the above comments on Gaborik.

    Remember that Tortorella tried to make him into something that he wasn’t, with lots of checking and shot blocking, which the rest of the team was forced to do. And It didn’t work. It seemed the Columbus also wanted the same thing from him. And it didn’t work. I hope Sutter is smarter. Here we are again. Sutter also has a strong defensive system. But … has he wised up to the problem that exists on the Kings?! Is he going to enhance the scoring on the Kings by allowing Gaborik to play his game?! I certainly hope so!

    Go Kings!!!

    • The Kings are a great defensive team but not through shot blocking. That’s for talentless hacks. As we all know puck possession and gap control are our strengths. That kind of fluidity of play should sit better with Gaborik than the monolithic system of the Tortorella era Rangers.

  15. I’m thinking so what if one forward on this team doesn’t hit the corners hard or backcheck (and I love a great backcheck). We have enough highly committed players to absorb Gabby’s style to allow him to do what he was brought here to do. Could be fun to watch Sutter actually shit on the bench.

  16. I would be happy if the exact same thing happened when Carter showed up
    Carter only gave us 10 pts in 16 games (7goals) when he was traded here but his presence freed up others to score and we all know what happen from there

    I am happy with the trade
    No real roster spot lost, only a press box chair being replaced. Gaborik has already mentioned he wants to be in LA and that’s a plus

    • I didn’t know that Gaborik spoke favorably about coming to LA! Where did you hear that? I think that he should be happy about it. Circumstances weren’t good for him in NY or Columbus, so this will be a new opportunity for him to flourish! LA is one of the top teams in the league. So, this is his chance, if Sutter doesn’t try to change his style, to shine!! I hope so!! Sutter should be aware of what happened to Gaborik in those two cities. You can’t change someone who has developed their own winning style over the years. IF Sutter does work with his unique and very skillful style, it will most certainly pay dividends for the Kings!

      Go Kings!!

      • Via Twitter he sald was excited to come to LA..
        also that we had been in talks starting in January (DL intervuew) and that hopefully we can resign him come summer.

        • It will certainly be a good thing if he can incorporate his style into the King’s system. That is really good news that he’s positive about his move to LA!!

          • Yeah, Perister, look up Mayors Manor, under the heading of DL’s quotes on Gaborik.

          • I’m feeling better about Gaborik! I’m certainly thinking he’s going to do a lot of good things for this team!

  17. Will he fit the system? Yes. Will he follow suit? Maybe. Will he disrupt the chemistry of the team? Doubt it. Will he be the kind of player the opposing team must absolutely cover because of his offense and in turn that opens up some ice for the other offensive players? Bet your ass he is.
    It’s that “added threat” that is getting me all excited to see what happens.
    Another reader posted the fact that he (Gaborik) can play “his” game and not have to worry about being the centerpiece of a team. I think that reader was right on the money. Just put the puck in the net any way possible….off your face or the back of your head (ala Stu Grimson) I don’t give a shit!

    • Goos point..another threat on the opposition has to be aware of..set lines to contain..and if with Kopi..ha!
      Can’t cover everyone. .

      • Looks like it’s gonna be Gaborik on left, Williams on right and Kopitar tween em. Just hope that King, Stoll, Brown line stays put.

        • Yes the Stollie-Brownie lin has been Great.
          Top line looked ok tonight..Kopi’s passes little too hard..
          prob bit excited about his new linemate..Gabby just needs a bit of time to jell with his new line as well as adapt to the
          Kings system.
          I loved tonites game!
          All the energy/forechecking/hitting/sog…41 wow!
          And another W!

  18. Devils managed to get their pick back for the Kovalchuk punishment. They will have the last pick in 2014. This only bothers me cause he will probably take something we want with Edmontons 2nd round pick. (For Scrivens by the way). If you saw what went on yesterday…… That’s insane! Lou and Dean are the Godfathers of the NHL. Next years draft is a deep one. We have our first and second, and Edmonton and Buffalos 2nds too. That’s 4 players out of the top 50 of a deep draft. My face hurts from all this smiling.GKG \X/!!! Looking forward to tonight a lot. Only 4 1/2 more hours!

    • All very good points! We now have a better team to root for, and we still have a lot of good picks in the draft! That’s a win win!

      Go Kings!

  19. Like to find a source for what actual picks the Kings have next year. Anyone? Did we get Buffalos picks or someone else’s? I guess it’s possible we got our own two picks back from the Regehr trade. That’s quite a difference in value. If we had a second for Gaborik, which one was that? Just wondering.

  20. Gaborik rhymes with hattrick rhymes with McNabb and picks rhymes with grab my dick GKG\X/

  21. Marian is more of a chick’s name than Robin! I hope that Gaborik plays better for us, than his parents name their kids! Even the “Duke” new better right Mr. Morrison!! I mean John Wayne!!!!
    Go Kings!!!!!!!

  22. I just watched Sutter go to the locked room with a big smile on his face. When does that ever happen?! Love is in the air. I for one am feeling it. If you are Brown and Richards you must feel like they just lost a big monkey off their backs. Oh and look who scored!? Brown and Richards. Bababababababababababababa!!!!

    • I don’t know how this game is going to end, but this team is certainly continuing to improve its play!

  23. The boys are looking good. See what happens when your top six actually play like they should? We’re starting to get a few bounces now as well, which is just as important.

    Gaborik is nowhere near our team in cardio fitness. He has work to do with his lungs. Hope he’s willing to work hard to get to speed. He can make a difference.

    Nice game gentlemen! I’m getting excited for the post season!

    • I agree, but at least Gaborik looks like he’s happy that he’s now on this team. I saw a very pleased look on his face tonight! :-)

    • It was his 5th game back after a long injury layoff. He’ll round into form over the course of this road trip.

      Damn, he and Kopi looked good together. Again, this road trip will give them time to get their timing together.

  24. My god Gaborik has lost a step. Used to be the fastest player in the league, now he’s maybe Brown’s speed or a little faster. We may live to regret not using those assets to trade for Vanek instead, given all the points made in the blog as well about Gaborik not being great at backechecking or battling in the corners.

    I still think Gaborik can help just because he still has good speed, just not great speed, and he’s got such good length and pretty good hands, a natural touch around the net. He will help on the powerplay and just getting some easy goals with his finishing ability. But the breakaway machine is gone. He had a few chances to get to lose pucks this game and the acceleration just wasn’t the same, just couldn’t get there. If you watched him in Minnesota, not only were his strides long, but he would get in so many so quickly. Just such quick legs. Now he gets in it looks like almost half as few strides. That explosion isn’t there.

    Of course it doesn’t help he’s been out injured. Maybe after a good offseason he can get that back. But that doesn’t help us now.

    Oh, and you know he’s going to get injured. He’s not going to make it through the last 20 games, and a deep playoff run if we achieve that, without getting injured. It’s a matter of time. Vanek has some injury problems as well but nowhere near the same. He has good odds of making it through that time frame healthy. Gaborik doesn’t.

    Last thing, I haven’t been a huge Pearson fan in the past (although I’ve always touted him over Colin Fraser etc etc etc), but the last few games he has been an important depth player for the Kings. He’s always had pretty good size and lately his skating was a lot better. So it’s disappointing to see the Gaborik trade push him out of the lineup. He should be in there. I think he will be an important depth piece for us if we want to go deep in the playoffs.

    • He does look a lot older than his 32. He’s certainly not in good shape. But now that he’s with LA, I think he’ll get back in shape. I think the peer pressure of being on a strong contender, and the fact that he has a new opportunity to shine, will encourage him to work hard.

      • maybe Columbus did not have as good a rehab program and trainers as rhe Kings them work their magic :-)

      • Long term, maybe, I’d agree with you guys. Especially if he’s on another one year deal next year. Although this was his contract year, so you’d assume if ever there was a time he’d get himself into top shape, it would have been this year. But maybe he did and the injuries just held him back.

        Then again, some players get even faster during their injuries because they have to work so hard at rehabbing it, even harder than they normally train when they’re healthy, and it actually makes them better than before. Raffi Torres just came back from injury for SJ and he is absolutely flying (by Raffi Torres standards).

        But whatever the case, even if the Kings have a good enough staff to theoretically get Gaborik into top shape over a decent period of time, do you guys really think that’s going to happen between now and the trade deadline? You really think they’re going to be able to get a player who doesn’t have top work ethic anymore into good shape over just about a month-plus time, and in-between 20 games?

        If I was Dean or Sutter and the team was in a good enough position with 10-15 games to go (i.e. no risk losing their playoff position), I might sit Gaborik for 10 games and really try to rehab him and work his legs, his power skating, work a diet with him, and just really try to get him back to 95%+ over a three week period of time. Because what kind of shape he is in for the playoffs, and what kind of explosion he has, is going to make all the difference. Players like this, really most players in general, that extra jump is everything. Look at Dustin Brown, it comes and goes and it’s the difference between a good player who can score goals, and someone who goes 20-30 games without even sniffing the net. Mike Cammalleri is another guy, he used to fly, and now he’s just not in the same shape.

        Hell, Mike Richards. He was never a total speedster but when he was in top shape with the Flyers, it gave him that extra jump and strength on the puck that gave him so many more chances to use his true strengths, which are his hockey sense and his hands.

        But that’s just way too outside the box for any NHL team to consider. But my focus would be to get Gaborik into better shape at whatever cost. Everyone always focuses too much on individual plays players make in games, “how well they played.” It’s the shape that player is in that is going to determine how well he plays over the long run. If Gaborik underperforms people will talk about the effort and lack of grit, and while that may have some weight to it, most of it is just going to be because he wasn’t capable of beating NHL defensemen the same way without his top gear. So I really do hope the Kings can get that back for him before the playoffs, but I don’t see how.

  25. Sutter: “Hopefully he can play a whole 200ft game… fit into the way we play…”

    lol uh oh!

    • I caught that too! What a sour puss!! He couldn’t let it go! He just had to interject that lame comment! I truly hate to listen to anything he says! He’s worse than the worst General Manager in the league! He has such a sarcastic nature.

      • I respect the Mother Sutter..You KNOW he is Not a fan of Media..basically puts up with because it is part of his job.
        We do not know even a tenth of what is really said.
        But you should All know by now he LOVES his players..loves all players of the game. He is Not a
        my way or the highway at all cost..aka Murray ended up being..

        Think if you were in his shoes..he has little say regarding which players he wants..but must adjust and coach who he is given. Gabby has Never gotten bad press as being a Prima Dona that I have seen. He will be fine esp with the
        Great group of guys we have on our team.

  26. So one game in and start bitching about Gaborik? We are a 3 line scoring team now. King stoll brown? Back on the right, by the way. Good 3rd line.

  27. Toffoli on the left certainly makes the kings better, also.

  28. I’m still trying to figure out the quacks… trade pancakes.. for a 4th? and trade for an injured defense man?


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