The News We Wanted From 2009 – Marian Gaborik A King

I’m not entirely sure, David. My head is swimming, but that’s mostly just the traffic jam of mucous swirling through my skull. Waking up late to the text “GABORIK!” knocked me back into a Nyquil daze, which is weird, because I never took any.

We heave a heavy sigh for the dearly departed, a second and third round pick, and the throw-in, Matt Frattin.

Now, we all know we shouldn’t get too excited. Gaborik is a popsicle stick house that someone forget to glue together. But I have a good feeling about this, as I seem to remember the last injured player we traded for from Columbus working out somewhat decently for the Kings. The story is perfect – Injury prone Gaborik shakes plaguing injuries on oft-injury prone Kings.

Only the Kings aren’t really injury prone anymore. That was the team of 2009. The team that couldn’t and wouldn’t sign a UFA Gaborik. Had we signed Gaborik back then, as many of us wanted, he would have broken into a million pieces and never been put back together again. This is a different Kings team. I’m thinking after spending all of his NHL winters in Minnesota, New York and Columbus, the poor guy just needs some sunshine.

This is either the second coming of Ziggy Palffy… Or Cliff Ronning.

The Kings also got a defenseman, Brayden McNabb, an AHL All Star who is young, can shoot and is a big boy at 6-4, 208lbs. I presume the Kings think he can hang with the big club playing under a proper defensive system, something lacking in the Buffalo Sabres organization.

In other team news, the Ducks did all their major dealing yesterday, and didn’t really make a splash. They got an injured Stephan Robidas and… Draft picks. They traded Penner to make room for Vanek, and didn’t get Vanek.

Vanek is a Hab, ne’er to be seen by the Kings lest it be in the Cup finals.

Martin St. Louis is a Ranger, Callahan a Lightning.

Legwand is a Wing.

Tim Thomas is a Star (that’s the team, not an adjective for his current career)

Hemsky is a Senator.

Tuomo Ruutu a Devil.

Andrej Meszaros a Bruin.

Moulson is a… Whatever the Wild are.

Halak is a Capital.

Kesler is still a Canuck, because fuck him.

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  1. Interesting hearing all the GM interviews.. reasons a lot did not make or get trades done.
    Gaborik..we all know he is Star quality..if he can stay sound.
    Bummed we lost both Hudson Fashing And Nick Delasauris..but Brayden McNabb..sounds like a Good one.
    F the nucks..right..Kessler..not so much..
    how bout a F*** that selfie Camilari..

  2. better than Frattin, at least if Gaborik is healthy, he’ll score1

  3. Second coming of Palffy???
    Ahhhhh…….the memories of #33 poke checking the point man on a PK and heading down the ice on a breakaway.
    A healthy Gaborik will contribute to this team.
    I’m happy…..time to light em up and chirp the sirens!!!!!!

  4. And fuck the rest of the rest of the NHL!!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!!!!

  5. This is a moderate to low risk, very high reward move. Didn’t lose anyone off the roster, since I don’t really count Frattin as a contributing member of the Kings.

    Fasching may end up being the best player of that McNabb deal, but we got some draft picks back, somewhat negating what we gave up for Gaborik, Deslauriers had ample opportunity to make the team but could still have a very bright future, but McNabb seems like what the organization is missing in depth, since Forbort isn’t on schedule, Andrew Campbell (I think) will never be the player Lombardi wants him to be and the rest of our D depth is kind of middling around. Maybe McNabb will too. Time will tell, but on the outset, I think was a very solid deadline for Deano.

    • Agreed on all points. Plus the fact that Scott Burnside at espn thinks the Gaborik acquisition is a bad deal makes me very happy. Fuck Burnside. He’s always hated the Kings and he’s a short sighted little twerp.

    • Don’t count Fobort out..
      He is a BIG a puppy or horse that needs to learn to
      grow into that big Body. Slow maturer..
      did look better this year’s trainibg camp then last years..jmo.

      • We always knew Forbort would be a long term project, but by all accounts he isn’t quite where he should be.

        • Still boggles my mind how he was drafted over Tinordi

          • Still boggles my mind how he was drafted over Tarasenko, especially with the draft in LA and all the fans just salivating to hear the announcement of a new winger. So much for that. That’s what pisses me off about Dean. He generally does well wrt trades, but in the draft department, that thing about these big bodies, tough to play against…. how many of them have really panned out?

            King seems to be in the process of developing if he can keep going. Teubert-no. Campbell, evidently not. Forbort, sounds like some very real questions around him now. Clifford….. meh.
            Other than Campbell those are firsts and seconds. Pity to not get more production there even though I know that clearly not everyone is gonna work out regardless of the franchise doing the drafting. But some do better than others.

  6. Hope this guy isn’t another flopper of pancakes.

  7. Dont forget the second round picks are from last place rebuilding Buffalo. I just smiled again. That keeps happenning. We got two lefties. And Lumbus keeps half Gaboriks salary. It just gets better and better. Fasching is a stud, but he is many moons away from the NHL. This kid McNabb is good to go. We may even see him before the playoffs in LA. GKG\X/

  8. I like it a lot, a good move for the right price. I just hate all these dumb GMs who think they’ve done their job for the year once they make one trade. Moulson and Vanek were still out there, and the Kings still had the picks and/or prospects to do it. Giordano was still out there if Burke would have taken a 1st and something else. Jake Gardiner has a mile high ceiling, could have been an option. I would have tried to swing a blockbuster for Eberle as well around Muzzin, a 1st, and more.

    Eric Staal sounds like he could have been gotten too for a good offer. We’ll never know but there was definitely more Dean could have done, even if they were more minor moves than what Im describing now. I just dont like this attitude that you make a trade two hours before the deadline, and now you’re done and everyone on TSN is talking “well yeah LA already got Gaborik so obviously they’re not an option for Vanek or Moulson anymore.”

    Why? Why is there this attitude that you’re only allowed one trade? It’s just ridiculous and the GMs buy into it too. We’re still bottom 5 in NHL scoring, is one player really going to change that? Gaborik and his 6 goals. I think playing with the right people, if he’s happy and in shape and healthy, the speed really could open things up much more than those 6 goals would suggest. Domino effect, bumps everyone down a peg, improves the depth and all that. And Pearson has skated better since being recalled, which helps too.

    So I like it, but Dean should have done more. At least ANA and SJ did nothing.

    • Yeah getting a top 6 LW and a LH dman. WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Kings could had traded Williams, Brown, Doughty, the next 10 years worth of 1st rounders, Quick, Toffoli, the pieces are there to move! Why not blow up the entire roster and overpay for players that wouldn’t fit under the cap with lessthan 1/4 of the season left?!

      • You obviously don’t pay attention to anything I say. Which is ironic, that you’re trying to make fun of someone probably because you don’t like them based on what they say, but then you don’t even get right what they say. Makes you wonder if maybe you have no factual reason for making fun of that person in the first place…

        But I’ve always said the Justin Williams trade rumors were idiotic. I called Mayors Manor out on that at the beginning of the season. And I said it again here before the deadline, that contending teams shouldn’t trade any core roster players ever unless a star is coming back and it’s an upgrade.

        But we did have more prospects, more depth players, and more picks we could have afforded to trade. I don’t understand why Dean was willing to trade two top prospects for an AHL prospect, but not for an upgrade to the NHL team, maybe a young player with some term.

        But we’ve seen reports Kyle Clifford has a lot of worth on the trade market because of his style of play. That’s someone who would have been worth trading for the right piece. Nick Shore, Nick Ebert, Maxim Kitsyn (depending on his development if you want to keep him), just to name a few prospects, could also have been moved. Or Dean could have just put the two top prospects he did move to use on the NHL team.

        Because that’s the problem we keep running into. We develop this deep prospect pool, Moller, Holloway, Loktionov, Kozun, Deslauriers, Fasching, and then we just throw them away. That’s six prospects that fans like you were saying “no no don’t trade them at the deadline, that’s stupid, we can’t sacrifice the future, etc etc etc,” but then what happens anyway? They’re gone anyway. They amount to nothing anyway. Dean is forced to give them away anyway because he doesnt develop them properly, he doesnt find room for them on the NHL team, and their value declines. Instead of moving them at their peak to actually help the NHL team, they just end up amounting to nothing. That’s six NHL prospects right there, all highly touted at one point or another, and we have ZERO NHL players to show for them. Just Mcnabb now, and we’ll see how that works out.

        And those are just the most recent six. That’s not counting Moulson and Purcell before. So this is a long standing problem that idiots like you just willfully forget about every year when you scream “no! don’t trade out 10th best prospect for an NHL upgrade! I’m sure we’ll find room for ten prospects on this team someday!”

        But it doesn’t even matter because Dean could have just found some steals out there for more draft picks if he didnt want to move any more prospects. Im not a big Hemsky fan, but for a 3rd and 5th round pick, that’s a good addition. And there are deals like that available at every deadline, ones we don’t even hear about. Jussi Jokinen was one last year. Antoine Vermette two years ago I believe. Cory Conacher got waved, would it really have hurt the team to trade a 7th round pick or a busted prospect for him to avoid letting Buffalo get him with the first waiver claim? Conacher is still young and he has slick skill and hockey sense. Even if he’s just insurance for if one of your top six forwards gets injured, those are the moves a smart GM makes. And if he takes a big leap in development over the next few months, now you dont just have an injury insurance policy, but you have the rights to a valuable young commodity who already showed flashes of brilliance when he came on the NHL scene just two years ago. It hasn’t been that long.

        • Those X-prospects you named are middle of the line guys who would have been doing the same thing they are doing with or without Dean. Moulson was a mistake. I’ve liked Purcell but have not been as huge of a fan as the rest. Loktionov fetched a 5th round pick. That’s about all he’s worth on the market today, and will eventually be in Russia because nobody wants to sign him. AHL success does not equal NHL success, and nobody is going to pay a huge price for any of those guys.

    • Good call! Giordano would be a great pickup. Flames would have wanted an arm and a leg though. Just happy Camalleri didn’t come. Never could stand the dude.

    • That’s fine, and I don’t disagree, but you really should change your handle. There’s nothing concise about your statements. Ever.

  9. before all of you say “DAUG, you are SHIT”, let’s just say Deano is righting his wrong……look, here it is in black and white……Martin Jones would NOT be backing up Quick if Bernier were still here…, being the cup is half full guy, we got Gaborik AND Jones for Bernier….now doesn’t that sound a lot better than Scrubbins and Fraction.

    McNabb in my “who cares about my” opinion is a great pickup, young and big defenseman; look, Greene and Mitchell aren’t getting younger, and both have had their health issues, too…….

  10. After all the dust clears, it’s basically Bernier for Gaborik. I guess I’m okay with that.

  11. The interview with DL was interesting. He basically didn’t like giving up the prospects for McNabb but clearly understood the organization needed more defensive help.

    As for Gaborik, DL made an interesting comment which was in 09 he wasn’t the right player. i think he was intimating that he wanted to build a winning (as opposed to whining) culture first. Then you can bring in a prima donna. I trust that locker room to kick him into shape if there’s a problem. I’m excited about both deals and am looking forward to Brownie lifting the cup again!


  12. I’m happy about Gaborik and McNabb and all, but the defense…yeesh. I would have taken Meszaros for a 2nd or 3rd. The guy can skate and play a little on the power play. I would like to have seen Regehr and Mitchell move down a spot and have a more solid 1st shutdown pairing with Doughty. McNabb isn’t ready for that role. I really thought Dean would snag a experienced D man. Maybe he tried, I don’t know. But that was what I was waiting for, and nothing.

    • I thought he would too, but not many experienced dmen were moved. Meszaros would have been good, great addition by the Bruins, I’ve always been a fan of his game. I bet Dean was asking about dmen. Giordano would have been the best option, but that’s Toffoli and a 1st territory. I want another dman and have written about it, but we still have the world’s best goalie and the league’s top defense/lowest team GAA. I wanted Giordano but I likely would have also scoffed at the price.

      • In actuality, Meszaros is making a hefty chunk of change and would be hard to fit in under the cap. What I would have done is moved Williams. I mean, I like the guy and his game, but in this circumstance I would have moved him to a contender. Maybe could have gotten a 1st or a 2nd + a bottom six player. Toffoli or Pearson can move up to play with Richards. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  13. I agree, for the most part, with most of the comments. I don’t feel bad about DL’s investment in the Kings today. But I am still disappointed that he wasn’t able, or chose not to, go for an experienced left handed, first line D-man to work with Doughty. That would have made my month!

    Go Kings!

  14. Is this real life?

  15. Im pretty sure we just got our 2nds back from the regher trade not there 2nds


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