Kings Keep On Truckin’ Past Jets

So six in a row isn’t bad, right?

With all eyes on Gaborik’s first game as a King, the King-Stoll-Brown line continued to prove its usefulness while Mike Richards and Alec Martinez showed that it’s not always a team effort. Well, that’s not entirely true. The Kings played a solid, 60-minute game. But more exciting than Richard’s beautiful howitzer or Martinez’s dirty dangle wrister for the 2nd and 3rd King’s goals, was the marked lack of penalties the team took tonight.

For what I believe is the first time this season, the Kings were only shorthanded once during the game. This is a big turnaround from the last few months, where the Kings have averaged 3.64 times shorthanded since January coming into tonight. It’s been worse during this win streak, averaging 4 times shorthanded over the last 5 games.

That now concludes the math quota for Surly & Scribe during the 2013-2014 season.

My point is, it’s encouraging.

The Jets put up a fight and attacked the Kings blue line well but were never able to establish a prolonged and invasive forecheck. The game was back and forth for long durations, making for some exciting hockey. The Kings never let it devolve into a run and gun and kept composure.

Fine, we’ll talk about Gaborik.  He looked like a guy playing his first game with a team. He put himself in the right spots to score, but not necessarily always in the right spot for the play at hand. He spent most of his shifts thinking and reacting, but showed early signs of great chemistry with Kopitar and Williams. He certainly gave the Kings a different look on the powerplay, where they cycled the puck well from low to high to open up the middle of the ice. The defensemen in particular were money at the offensive blue line throughout the game.

Someone here said Gaborik’s conditioning isn’t at the level of the rest of the team and I agree with that. He wasn’t sluggish, but his explosiveness wasn’t quite there and he seemed to tire towards the ends of his shifts, but again, I think a lot of what seemed to be a lack of energy was an overabundance of thought. Not even having had a real practice with the team, he was passing too often and more concerned with what his teammates were doing than what he was doing. Normal stuff. Good things to come.

Nothing really to complain about, besides the awful acoustic guitar being mangled by my neighbor’s kid. Six in a row is fun. Seven is better. How many Kings wins until I’m allowed to smack a strange child upside his oblong head?

Scribe’s 3 Stars (taking a wild guess)

3. Drew Doughty

2. Justin Williams

1. Mike Richards

Go Kings.

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  1. Smack that kid now, tomorrow, and the day after. No matter what happens with the Kings, smack the kid. And, have fun doing it.

  2. Funny how the squad stays outta the box when Greene isn’t playing. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    I saw the same as you with Gaborik. The possible makings of a stellar line. If this line can really get going chemistry wise, there’s gonna be some sick ass goals. Highlight reel shit.

    The return of Palffy? Fuck I hope so.

  3. Yes, that was fascinating about this game tonight. I think the only penalty the Kings had was that crosschecking penalty on Doughty! That was truly amazing! I hope that they’ll continue to get it together! This is fun to watch!!!!

  4. It’s even more amazing Jake Muzzin didn’t take a penalty on the partial break away he defended. This game would have been much more lopsided if not for Evander Kane. The guy was flying and playing the body. He is a fun player to watch.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see how many times Gaborik drove the net or planted his ass in front. People say he’s soft cause he’s often injured but I don’t think anybody scores 40 in this league without driving the blue paint. Solid win tonight.

    • I’m glad you mentioned that, because I noticed his net presence as well. That alone made me happy.

  5. Voynov has finally started coming around too. He has been right up there with Brown & Richards on the underperforming front, but he appears to have jump back in his game and he’s starting to fire off those blistering shots on the PP. It’s just a matter of time before some start going in.

    • Yeah, VV has been awesome. Getting Brown and Richards back to speed is like getting two new players at the deadline. Three solid lines, and I look forward to Vey coming back. Potentially four lines that can bury it and play great defense.

  6. Didn’t get to watch the game. This “work” thing is REALLY interfering with my free time.
    Seems like most are pleased with the new acquisition so far. Seven in a row has a nice sound to it.

    Oh yea and about that kid……punch em in the stomach… won’t leave a bruise (evidence) just FYI.

  7. Stay on the path of non violence brother Surly. Do you have a drum set? Maybe just a pair of cymbals?

  8. So….is it possible that all we have learned in the six games is that when Brown is going, the Kings are scoring? Some might say its a bummer to have such a streaky guy have a captains influence like that. I say thank goodness we have a captain that is so much the heart and soul of the team. Plenty of teams have captains that are not real leaders (by leader I don’t mean they lead the team in performance, but I mean real leadership – having the attention of the group and having them go as you go), and those teams rarely win anything. Maybe it’s time to stop cursing Browns cold streaks, and just start praying for his hot streaks to be well timed…

  9. Agree on the kings staying out of that sin bin, that creates too many issues and the game is more fluid when they do that. Slava’s best game in a long time, DD was impressive, some of the moves he made in the offensive zone were killer. I thought Gabby and Kopi meshed well, considering it was their first game together. Gabby’s been out for a long time and just returning rom injury takes a few games to get back in game shape. His speed and timing will pick up and that top line will be lethal. Speaking of which, note to Sutter, keep MR and JC together. They have an almost telekenetic connection and last night MR dished some sweet feeds to JC, who I thought had a great game and could have had 4 goals. Keep TT on that line and you have one very strong top 6. This team is just warming up for the final laps of hte RS before the real race begins. I thought the PP looked pretty good, and for a change spent most of hte 2 min. in the right zone, cycling and shooting. The score could have been 6-1. A very solid effort in all 3 zones by th Kings. BRing on Edmonton…

  10. And although he didn’t get an assist, with TT’s strong arming Enstrom on the boards and forcing him to make an ill adivsed pass, MR doesn’t make the pickpocket and lauch that Kenora rocket. I hope Sutter keeps TT on the first line, he needs both top 6 minutes and regular top 6 linemates to gel with. Keeping him oiut of the top 6 isn’t good for his development.

    • Kenora rocket sounds like some old soap box car. Lol.

    • Deirdre – You’re so right about TT. He’s been working really hard to show DS that he can play a 200 ft. game. He isn’t just standing in front of the net waiting for someone to pass him the puck. He’s picking his spots. That’s why he’s on the second line with Richards and Carter. He’s been digging pucks out of the corner and cycling through the slot. You can’t ask for more. He’s improving every game. He’s had some nice looks, but the puck hasn’t gone in a lot for him. It will. He’s a keeper. His goal scoring will pick up. He’s also had to learn how to use his stick while playing on the left side. And because of this, he’s been losing control of the puck more. But he’ll get it. Playing on the off wing is a lot different. He has to use his backhand more. This will come. I’m really pleased with how he’s coming along.

  11. Ah, yes, you all bring up great points on how good we’ve looked during our 6 game winning streak. I’m going to pose a question to the group; have we gotten better because DS has changed his coaching style or because ALL our guys are actually performing to respectable levels, staying out of the box, and getting the breaks you’d expect from a team that earns them? Strategy/Philosophy or execution?

    • I think it’s a number of things. Spending more time on getting the puck into the O.Z. with speed (not just dumping it in) and more body movement/puck movement while in the zone, is doing good things for their efforts. The lack of penalties is helping them. And their passing/receiving the puck has also been better.

    • Last night was the first in a while we had less than 3 or 4. Some games we have gotten 5 or 6. It’s an issue. Especially when you are struggling to score. What good are consecutive penalty kills if you can’t convert on the power play. I’ve been one of Sutters biggest critics. That said. It is a winning coaching style. Playoff proven. Perhaps now that we have Gaborik the line fiddling is finished. That’s really my big complaint. Chemistry develops with time, and splitting up MR and JC was dumb. Other than that I would say its nice to get some goals and PK success at the same time. Leadership was questioned by everyone concerned for good reason though. That’s coaches and captains. When we are winning Sutter’s comments are funny, when we aren’t I can’t stand his lack of emotion. My 2¢ whatever.

  12. Hey Neil? What do you think of the McNabb trade? I remember you liked Fasching a lot.

  13. Playing catch up..
    Boys played Excellent last night..really happy with
    Brown-Stollie line.
    I definately like steady lines..totally believe in line chemistry.
    Fewer penalities leads to a totallt different game..lines not constantly chopped up. .players can execute offe sive plays they have been working on..anyone who watched regularly can see what I am talking about. .when I yell at the TV..”oh I saw that entire play developing” I know it is one of their set plays.
    Think Sutter has more freedom to coach like we saw last night when the game develops as it did. Same system without all the PKs..Line chopping..etc.
    M. Richards. .wow that shot was a Beauty! We don’t see as many these days with the style of NHL play..more scrum or crease goals.
    As you all said..Gabby not as fit as others due to his injury..and like I said earlier I think our excellent staff will get him up to speed (ha-pun) quickly.
    Sure enjoying Hockey again :-D

    p.s.I understand the McNabb trade but am also bummed about Hudson Fashing…he will be another that got away..


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