It’s the Weekend! Let’s Do Lines!

“Friday night and I need a fight, my motorcycle and a switch blade knife!”

No, no, no, I am not 22 anymore.

It’s Friday night and after a long day of work, the family is ordering pizza, I am about to have a beer and I have 10 minutes to kill…so what better way to do it than you hang out with you misfits.

Let’s begin.

(The Checkmate Line)

That is three smart, creative players. Each one can skate, pass, shoot and score. Gaborik’s presence also “frees” Kopitar because players cannot just focus on Team Slovenia to shut down five players. That is why Carter and Kopitar (and Carter and pretty much any talented player) are effective…try to manage one, the other one is open.

This line lacks a power forward so forechecking and the dot-to-boards play is not their strength. It will be interesting to see whether a high skilled trio like this fits with our overpowering and grinding style.

For those of you asking “checkmate?”  Think about it…

(The Bromance Line)

Richards and Carter are like hops and beer. Should they have ever been broken up? Who cares. They are back together. Tyler is the wild card. If he plays 200 feet, this line will be the L.A. Kings’ most balanced in all three zones.

And will Toffoli stick at left wing? In a very small and recent sample size, pretty not bad.

(The Castoff Line)

Dwight King isn’t a top 6 forward!

Dustin Brown isn’t a leader!

Jarret Stoll isn’t either!

Heard it? Said it? Thought it?

So the secret to Dustin Brown performing well is to just put him on the third line and eliminate all expectations. I wish our Captain would have told us that a while back. Could have saved me a lot of grief.

Truth is, Dustin Brown’s game is that of a forechecking power forward who occasionally contributes offensively. We saw his best in the 2012 playoffs. If he is willing to show us his best again, color me ready and waiting.

This group will win faceoffs because of Stolly, wear down opposing forwards and defensemen and provide offense against teams who have lesser third lines. Will Darryl Sutter use this as his shutdown line? Or a third scoring and checking line while he rolls four? I hope it’s the latter.

(The Lunch Pail Line)

No pressure. Just go out there and fuck up opposing forwards and D.

You have three excellent skaters. Each one of these guys has a powerful first step and high mid range speed. Nolan and Clifford bring the edge and snarl while Lewis can back check and draw penalties.

I kind of love this line. Lunch pail. Hard hats.


Marian Gaborik is Simon Gagne Redux? Or Is He More?

What I remember most was Surly’s excitement. When we got Simon Gagne, he was a Ga Ga. A true left wing. A sniper. A speedster. A legitimate top 6 scorer…”with a long injury past”, I reminded him.

I was not excited. I was cautious. But I loved that he was pumped and he got me to keep a positive outlook.

Surly loves the Marian Gaborik trade, that of an often injured speedster and sniper, a legitimate top 6 scorer.

We will see eh?

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54 replies

  1. Yes we will see, mwahahahahaha.

  2. You earned your beer..enjoy.
    disagree with you regarding Brown..and Stoll..
    if you have not enjoyed watching them the last few games I feel for you..that’s all..jmo..I am not a debater..but did want to stick up for our Captain.

  3. If I get excited about everything, something is bound to be worth the excitement.

    • ah the impulsivity of youth ;-)
      I say knowing all Longtime King Loyalists have more perseverance then anyone..
      here comes my favortite mantra..
      as I have told myself endlessly throughout my existance..
      ‘patience is a virtue’
      Many a King has tried my patience through the years.. but still..
      I adore them all!

      Happy Weekend to All… seems like forever til Sunday…

    • Surly.. wise sage.. very nice

  4. Checkmate? Shouldn’t that be Slomate?

  5. Those forward line combos are a good mix to keep opposing teams on their toes. I’m excited for this last push into the playoffs. Moving Brown to the third line and playing with Stoll & King is gonna pay some big dividends.

    • You got that right!! Brown is a natural 3rd or 4th line winger. And being with Stoll and King is paying strong dividends!

  6. I long ago felt Brown would find a home on the 3rd line. I believe it didn’t work the last time because Stoll was flat and King hadn’t yet developed the tendencies and confidence necessary for that came from playing on the 1st line for several months.

    BTW Lunch Pail is so Boston.

  7. I like the article on LA Kings Insider today, March 8th. It’s about +/-. Trevor Lewis has the best +/- on the team. I frequently knock him for his lack of stick handling skills, but no one can knock him for his fleetness of foot, his PK skills, and his forechecking ability. When a player is good at something, that player should be recognized for that ability. He’s a natural 4th line Center.

    • Huh……I didn’t know that. Very interesting.

    • This only refers to penalty +/-. It’s not the same as regular +/-.

      • Here are the real +/- stats:

        Lewis is even and #16th on the team. Drew and Anze lead.

      • My bad!! :-) I misunderstood! Now, I’ll need to check out what Lewis’ +/- is for regular game play. Thanks!

        • I umderstood it was a penalty +/- stat. Still think it was interesting, and comments still apply to Louie.
          When you are passionate about a sport and team even this type of information is interesting.
          I start talking about something like this, and even sport minded guys, unless ‘True’ Hockey fan just shake their heads at me. They just don’t understand Passion.

          • Yes. When I was very young, I followed a lot of sports. Then, I settled in on the NFL and NHL only. I gradually stopped following the NFL. It competed with my love for the NHL. Ice hockey is a wonderful and very exciting sport. When I speak with people who play golf or watch baseball, they just can’t understand. They say ice hockey is too fast, and they can’t follow what is going on. I always tell them to give it a chance. If they did, they would stop watching other sports!!

          • Hey, I play golf… used to watch baseball a long, long time ago.

            Golf and Hockey are my two favorite sports (although I use the term ‘sport’ for golf very loosely, it’s a game/activity), and though I don’t watch much golf anymore, that is mostly because golf broke my heart about 8 years ago. I wanted to go pro but just couldn’t get there. I was damn good, but not that damn good. When I watch golf I get too obsessed. Oddly, hockey is calming for me, because somehow getting all riled up about the Kings puts me at ease.

          • There is only hockey. All other sports pale in comparison. Football has too many starts and stops, basketball has too much scoring, and baseball needs to be played on ice with skates then it might be interesting. MMA is kinda cool, but only cause it’s like a hockey fight. My 2¢ whatever.

          • So true! I also enjoy watching MMA. I like watching UFC.

        • +/- is a little misleading. It’s a differential like +/-, but it’s a much more tangible stat to determine a players influence on the team when they are on the ice. Especially for a player like Lewis, who is always supposedly matched up against players above his skill level. I didn’t quite understand the stat either when I mentioned it before, when I searched online it showed Alexander Steen leading the league in this stat at +13. Lewis at +15 isn’t even on that list. I call Shenanigans!

  8. Thnx..I don’t go there much..Prefer S&S and the articles by Gann Matsuda.
    Agree that Louie is a great skater..much improvement from rookie season..good positioning and use of stick for PK..and cannot find the back of the net to save his life.
    Wonder if he should have been a defenseman?
    Also wonder if refs are more predisposed to seeing infractions by the D? Or being D men the, players are more prone to the penalities they take?

  9. Deslauriers is dressed for buf against chi on nbcsn

  10. Who said Lewis can’t find the back of the net to save his life?!?!?

    • I LOVE being Wrong :-D
      Louie Saving his Life..This team is
      In The Zone!

      • The swagger is back! All lines playing good hockey. All I wanna see is Gaborik score one time!

        • I will be in Az tomorrow so taping game..hoping to see Twitter/Email telling me
          ‘ yes indeeie’….a Gabby GOAL!
          Hockey so Fun right now..Love this ride! Love this Team!

          • AZ Hockeyjockey? My old stompin grounds! I’m sure there’s a whole LA King army loving this ride!!!!!!

          • Pre Yokes or a convert?
            I find Hockey fans more then any other sport are forever loyal to their home town.
            Do. NOT like missing Any game..first one this season I will have to wait til Wed nite to view :-/
            Will be seeing some Dodger Dback action..hoping to see the new Cubans..and the Puigster..
            wtf is with that Patrick ONeal pimping the Angels..ick..thry are in too close proximity to just saying

          • Kings fan since ’88 my friend……lived in Phoenix for a good while in my mid 20’s thru early 30’s (38 now) but I use to give them yotes fans hell every time LA was in town!!!! I’d do the coyote howl when LA would score! Yotes fans would get so freaking pissed!!!

  11. The breaks/bounces have finally entered the equation.

    That a boy, Lewis!

    • Lewis and finally we get some lucky bounces! Dumb penalty by Nolan to end the period. As usual.

      • Totally necessary. Jonesuu was fucking with Doughty and Quick. Nice hard punch too. That’s what he should remember after fucking with two of our best players. That’s why MR speared Scrivens too I’m sure. Nice chippy game. Was Gaborik playing?

        • I get why Nolie did what he did..and nice punch!
          but didn’t like the MR spear..wouldn’t want that done to Quickie or any of our goalies..and the Professor..did did Nothing bad when playing for us..I call cheap shot..jmo

          • It’s not like MR is a dirty player. I don’t know why he did that, but I don’t think we’ll see that from him again.

  12. I can only say that I’m happy for Lewis. He’s so good in the other aspects of his game. It’s nice to see him get a nice tip in. He hit the target again later in the game too! It was stopped, but it was a inside the iron!

    The Kings haven’t had any good luck. Tonight they did! :-)

    • He had an A+ game..very happy for him..Amart as well!
      We had wondered if mother sutter would ease up the chokehold and let the players go a bit..seems like he has and we are seeing the guys finding some open ice..and it is a nice sight to behold.

      • We’ve been rightfully critical of all of the King’s bad play this season. And when you add in zero good luck, we have many reasons for their many losses. I really don’t understand why they’ve flipped the switch and are playing much, much better. And I don’t know why they’re taking quality shots on goal when, previously, they were taking very low quality shots. I just hope their play will continue to improve. They’re going to need consistent, quality, play to knock off their competion in the upcoming playoffs.

        Watching Gaborik, I have a feeling that he will quickly begin to register goals and assists. He’s working hard. And he’s doing some good things while he’s on the ice.

        Go Kings!!!

  13. Finally the Kings luck, after 2 months of hitting posts, near deflections, posts, goalies over-performing, posts shooting in the opponents’ legs, posts, and, well you get the picture. Our luck offensively is starting to change. Combine that with the consistent, stellar defensive play, and you may have an idea where this is heading…
    If not, just look at 7 wins in a row and counting baby. Getting fine-tuned for the playoffs.
    Btw, even though Gaborik hasn’t yet scored, he’s already helped our power play a ton by his turnovers- created and also had some great looks 5 on 5.

    • It’s the respect factor……he’s a speedy forward with a fantastic skill set. Even though he’s not “scoring” his presence on the ice is being recognized be the opposition. Hence freeing up the other forwards.


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