Sept Grâce à Soixante Dix Sept…and That Was Not a Sucker Punch.

Seven is a favorite number. Seventy seven is better. Eight is best. Until you get to Nine.

This was a copy and paste of the game against the Winnipeg Jets.

Total domination.

We made them play defense for nearly the entire 60, not exactly the Oilers’ strength.

Every line rolled and rolled over the Oilers forwards and D.

If there is a world without Trevor Lewis, I don’t want to live in it.

Take your Alec Martinez hate and fuck off. Alec is a stud and a fixture on our blue line.

Jeff Carter is a Hockey God.

Don’t screw with the lines coach. Please. They are great. Give Gaborik time. He is finding his game.

That Jesse Joensuu fuck deserved that punch for grabbing Jordan Nolan’s balls. Who the hell does he think he is? Drew Doughty?

The Professor played well. Nothing was going to stop us tonight.

Love for and thoughts with Matt Stajan and his family at the loss of their newborn son. Boys and girls, hug your children a little tighter tonight. More than one kiss.

Scribe’s Three LA Kings Stars:

3. Alec Martinez

2. Jeff Carter

1. Trevor Lewis


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18 replies

  1. Harrumph!!!

  2. Nothing at all wrong with Scrivens game tonight. No goalie would have stopped those goals. Weak defense ran into a puck possession buzzsaw.

  3. Belle victoire! Though I am annoyed at Jordan’s penalty and the subsequent ones, considering the Kings had played such a disciplined game until that point. That won’t fly in the playoffs.

    • Wait! What?? I didn’t know about the Stajan’s loss… That’s just horrible. I’m not religious but that doesn’t mean I don’t pray, and pray for them I will. That’s just not fair…

  4. Good write up..Such good Hockey right now..
    And yes love and sympathy and for Matt Stajan and his wife..
    so terribly that this afternoon and was getting funny looks at work with the tears in my eyes. .and again now..RIP sweet baby.

  5. Seriously… I hate it when other people say Marty is expendable. He deserves to stay here! I thought it was a sucker punch until I saw the ball grab. I would have reacted the same way

  6. Willie Mitchell says in LA Times that ever since he’s been here, he’s known the Kings flag between games 40-60 and then turn around and play strong from games 60-80 and then the playoffs.
    And said he wished they’d play better between 40-60 to get better playoff positioning.

    Consider that Chicago-St. Louis will have Minnesota-Dallas-Phx or unlikely but poss, Vancouver in first round. The Kings have San Jose. More like a third round pairing in the first round…. w/o home ice.
    I’m pleased they’re playing better. Not to put a damper on the proceedings, but it’s gonna be a very tough road in the playoffs to get as far as the finals this time. And they have themselves to thank for that. I’m not convinced that in this league, and with the west being as strong as it is that you can just turn it on when necessary to get into the spot they’re in now.

    imo a much easier first round matchup pays dividends by the time it gets towards the WCF or ECF.

  7. Can you see the testicular assault on the game feed? I was watching the game at a restaurant last night. End of 2nd and 3rd anyway. As if there aren’t enough reasons to be ashamed of being an Oilers fan.

  8. Kings win 7 in a row, that’s awesome. The Stajan’s loss……that’s real life shit that takes precedence over a game.
    My condolences to the Stajan family.
    Bobby is right, hug your kids or loved ones, life is too short and precious to let words of love go unsaid.

  9. we are!!!!!!!

  10. Now I really call BULLSHIT!
    Nolie got 1 game suspension and Hockey News whining. .I watched what happened several times..Nolan turns to Ref. saying hey look what happenwd..gets no call at that point..Doughts there as well turns to ref with ‘hey’
    Nolie just took matters into his own hands..I applaude.
    He is a pretty quiet guy..not a goon. not an instigator.
    Now I am whinibg as my android won’t support flash player to get 1150 AM and I♡ Radio ignorant in Az..crap!


    • One game suspension…..there’s a lot of haters on different sites calling Nolan a dirty player along with other choice words. Oh well, can’t please everybody ay? Sometimes a nut check warrants a punch in the face.
      Sorry to hear about your radio troubles…..looks like your gonna have to find a Hooters and see if they got center ice!!!


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