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  1. When I was young … as the saying goes … I was in a lot of fights! And I’ve watched a lot of ice hockey fights in my time! I have to say that was awesome!!!! Those are a couple of fighters that know their way around a hockey fight!!!!! Super!!!!!

  2. Yeah, but can they skate and do they back-check?

  3. remember the mcsorley/ probert fight in the 80’s? went on for almost 2 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR389em23T8&feature=player_embedded

    • Yeah! I remember that fight! They were two of the best at fighting on the ice! And McSorley could also play a decent game of hockey! He was certainly an asset to the Kings!

  4. Aw man. Respect in the ring! I’m not one of those proponents of fighting being left out of the NHL. I must I don’t like it leading to goons being part of said culture. The truth is that that has largely been eliminated anyhow, so who cares. Let ’em go!

  5. That’s awesome and I’m a little disgusted at myself for thinking so. Great fight, but if you can high five afterword, then it must be staged and be one of those fights that doesn’t really serve a purpose other than as a momentary distraction from a game that likely isn’t going someone’s way.

    I do feel like fighting is somewhat working its way out of the game lately. It may just be because I mostly watch the Kings, who don’t engage often in fights, but it seems like there are less and less fights in general over the past several years.

    • I think it would be a sad day for hockey if they removed fighting from ice hockey. I understand that it CAN get out of hand, but it IS a high adrenaline game. Sometimes, a fight NEEDS to happen!

  6. Those are some hard headed dudes.

  7. That’s gonna leave a few marks.


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