Kings Take on Maple Leafs. My Glorious Beard May Not Care

The day before the LA Kings started this post Olympic Break streak, I decided not to shave. A day of lazy turned into five and, boom, the beard was in damn fine bloom.

The wife shook her head and declared she wanted her smooth faced husband back. She doesn’t like facial hair. She tolerates it.

I said okay and would shave it. The clipper stopped working (needed it trimmed before I could get the razor on it) and got too busy to care.

More days passed and the Kings kept winning.

Yesterday she says, “the Kings haven’t lost since you grew that thing”

Me: “I am not superstitious”

Her: “oh yeah? Then shave it”

A challenge. A “the hell you aren’t!”

I could have shaved it this morning. I choose not to and it had nothing to do with any superstition. It also won’t have anything to do with the team if I choose not to shave it tomorrow…if the Kings win.

I am not superstitious.

This is your open forum for tonight’s game.

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  1. It’s not superstition – it’s the butterfly effect. The vibrations of your trimmer cause a slight shift in the wind that causes the puck at staples to bobble into the net instead of wide. It’s all very scientific :-)

  2. No mention of Bernier’s first visit to Staples? No mention of the first Quick versus Bernier showdown??
    I’m personally pretty excited for his game because of this sideline…but I’m goalie-centric. Hope it’s a great game that we win. 1-0 (in regulation) would be classy!

  3. In a game where “lucky bounces” exist, I say let’s be rational and not let superstition guide our actions. Just don’t say shutout until the final buzzer or anything about how well the team is playing when we have a lead. Or change any habits at all during a win streak. Also don’t forget to tap the goalies pads or forget anything during your pregame ritual. I also find it to be good luck if I only goto games with certain people while wearing certain clothes. CPK is a pretty lucky thing to eat when you are at the stadium. Barbecued pizza I think has the best record. Ummmmmm…… That’s all I can really think of for home games. Away games………..: )

  4. Don’t you touch a hair!
    I am Not a fan of facial hair on men..esp if good qualify ;-)
    #One superstitious people are I inherited said quirk.
    I Finally get to see a game Live..and my row12seat7 is my Birthday..I take it as a sign. .We are going to break some records and take down the Leafs. .♡ you Bernier..just not tonite. Kings. .do your thing..Dominate!

  5. Anybody know LA’s record in throwback jerseys?

  6. Shave it… The luck ran dry

  7. Not the outcome I expected but that was a hell of an entertaining game! Can’t win em all….better luck against the Ducks on Saturday. I will be making the trip from Central Cali to attend that one!

    • Bring Your Luck please..
      safe travel

      • I’ll bring whatever luck I can, rabbits foot…..horseshoe…..whatever mojo chicken foot voodoo I can muster, whatever mexican egg superstition there is. A damn four leaf clover and the lucky charms leapreachaun.Or even that little statue “Jobu” from the movie “Major league”!!!!!

  8. Well that was a disapointment (understatement)
    Sure did not put together a 60 minute game.
    Started so well with Gabby getting his first goal in his first appearance at Staples in a King jersey. Then the goal that Kopi owed us for the one that should have been.
    Then the bullshit penalties started..obviously we had Tronto born referees. .and I again have to question if Quick is nearsighted..the one blue line goal with no screen???
    I think he is the best don’t get me wrong..just not his night. Will see what game replay shows me.

    • The shot caromed off the shaft of Kopis stick and slightly changed direction. Jim Fox pointed it out from several angles. Park and ride right!?

    • You may have a point about his vision. He does so well in close! On the Raymond goal (the winning goal), the puck barely missed the top of Quicks glove. Quick was in good position and he was set for the shot. But … he let it go by! He would be the first to tell you that he should have had it! Maybe he should be wearing contact lenses!

      As for the game, Toronto goaltending was stellar. And Quicks play was excellent. The Kings came very close on some shots, but close only counts in horseshoes!

      Maybe the Kings can start another winning streak with a win against the hated Ducks on Saturday!

      Go Kings!!

      • I still have to rewatch..tonite..I was too blah after I got home and no time…many close but no cigars last night..that is part of game. When live it is more frustrating. .dont know why.
        I sat on the angle which I have not in a long time.I do like watching the game from that view..similar seat to how I grew up learning the game.
        The first leaf goal was right where I could really see the play..Lupal great execution…I can’t remember if DD and Muzie out there but I just do not like those two together. .more negatives then positives.
        And though you do not get to see the replay repeatedly, you can see the entire ice and plays develop. I do miss that from watching at home… Years ago the camera crew had no clue how to follow a thankfully it is 1000 percent improved.

        • I’ve never been inside of Staples Center. I attended a few games at the Forum, in the past.

          As for the TV camera crews. In general, I have to say I’m pleased with television coverage. And if they don’t replay something, you can rewind your DVR and use pause to find out what actually happened. That’s what I do when I see a goalie fail to stop a puck. Using the pause control allows me to see just where the puck went.

          I recorded the two hour replay of the game last night. I’ll try to find some time to go through it again. Defensive breakdowns led to quality chances for the Maple Leafs. But Jonathan Quick should have had two of those goals. I know … this shows that he’s human. But he’s Quicky. When he’s in position to make the stop, he should make the save.

  9. Well, that’s it for me. I’ve attended 4 games this year and our boys are winless. WTF!! This breaks my heart! I will try again next year.

  10. I just have to say that the Kings could have won that game 4 to 1. James Reimer was awesome in relief for Bernier. He absolutely robbed Kopitar on two sure goals. It was good, for Toronto, that Bernier had to leave the game. Both teams made defensive errors, so it was left up to the goalies to stand tall and win the game for their team. In LA’s case, Quick didn’t get it done. We love Quick, but it he didn’t play a Quick game last night.


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