Let’s have some fun, Darryl Sutter translation style

“On whether Dustin Brown got hurt:

No, he got benched. [Reporter: Something specific throughout the game?] No, their line was tired, so we didn’t play them much. It wasn’t Brown. Don’t ask questions ‘Did guys get hurt?’ ‘Yeah, he got hurt. He was hurt.’ I always tell you guys when somebody gets hurt.”

1. He is not hurt. I benched him. That line was tired…

And I am so lost after that…

If the benching and tired comment are sarcasm and we disregard it.

2. Brown is not hurt. Don’t ask me if he got hurt. Yeah, he got hurt. I always tell you if a player is hurt.

Shit. That didn’t help.

If the last half is sarcasm, he was benched.

If the first half is sarcasm, he was hurt

But the “it wasn’t Brown” throws it all off.

That leaves one remaining option.

Darryl Sutter doesn’t want us to know dick about what he did and why he did it.

Brown played like shit.

That we can agree on.

The fucker does not back check to save his life.

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  1. Missed the game cause of work. What the hell happened? Watching the replay now.

  2. here we go again..downonbrown..
    not a good game..neither was muzzie/carter/king/slava/tt
    leafs have speed ..they closed the gap well. .we did not..they played well in our end..we were choppy..quick..not a great game from him..reimer was on..
    park and ride

  3. Toronto is the Anti Corsi.

  4. Penner was the last player to get benched that was tired. LAKI seems to be hinting that Pearson will play and Brown will sit next game. Healthy scratch is the beginning of the end for any player. For the record I’m positive I’ve never seen Brown shy away from a hit. He just doesn’t seem to be in position to dish them out anymore. Not sure what’s up, but it’s pretty noticeable when that line doesn’t produce. Brown has been completely removed from special teams altogether for weeks now. Add that to his almost $6 million salary. We have an issue. For 3.25 he can slump half the damn year, what have you done for me lately Dustin?

  5. This comment is not about the kings. It’s about the terrible Ducks.

    I watched the game between Colorado and Anaheim tonight. I’ve enjoyed staying informed on Patrick Roy and his young team. They’re really looking good. Tonight’s game shows that they still lack somewhat on defense, but against a strong offensive team like the Ducks, cracks will show.

    I’ve always hated the Ducks. Watching tonight’s game makes me hate them even more (I didn’t know I could dislike that team more.). Everything they do makes me cringe. They’re a nasty bunch, except for Selanne. I think everyone on Colorado kept their heads high. They deserve the accolades that they’re getting. I don’t want them to beat the KIngs, of course, but I’m pleased to see Roy doing good things with that team.

  6. One more cooment on Leaf game..then moving on..
    watching replay of their first goal..a nice one by Lupal..we had 3 Forwards Kopi/Williams/Stoll on ice with 1 D ..
    wtf was that about???
    RR went to cover right side where rt D would have been..wide open for Lupal. ..uuggh

  7. This is an outstanding game. If we met the Quacks in the playoffs, carnage would ensue! That would be fantastic!

  8. Brown is a problem. His head seems somewhere else. During that interview with that dolt Patrick O’Neal, he seems aloof and distant. Not sure if it is a personal issue or something else. Not sure what the real scoop is.

    But anyhow, his play lately sucks. Perhaps benching him would be the best thing for him. Light a fire under his ass. Does anyone have any idea how to motivate him?

  9. “They all end up at Ralphs”


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