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  1. No deep run this time

  2. Greene was brutal

  3. Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but…I started thinking about Patrick O’Sullivan. Yes, that Patrick O’Sullivan. I looked it up and it turns out he’s a free agent after an unsuccessful still in Finland.

    Is it possible to sign him to an AHL or 2way contract? Maybe provide some kind of push to the team? I don’t know, but I would love to try. He would come cheap.

    Anyway, I didn’t watch the game but I’m sure it was amother heartbreaking loss. Don’t let that bad call get in your head boys. Go out and punch face.


  4. While Quick let in some very savable and soft goals last night I really don’t know why he was started? He had the flu this weekend and it takes most people several days to get back to normal physically even after they’re feeling better. I thought Sutter should have started Jones for that reason alone.

    I’m also starting to questions Sutter’s system more and more. His system has been very successful in keeping goals against down but it’s been equally successful in stifling proven goal scorers. Every time I look at this team on paper I find myself looking for reasonable explanations as to why they struggle so much just make the playoffs. More and more I keep coming up with Sutter being my only answer.

  5. I’m not happy with Sutter either. For their Stanley Cup run, they were very fortunate/lucky to have every line scoring at appropriate times. That was not the NORMAL Kings team. During their regular season they struggled. It was the same thing last year. But when they reached the playoffs, there was no miracle increase in scoring on all four lines. Now, this year, their entire team has been inconsistent, at best, all year long. If they don’t win a few more games, they won’t even make it in as a Wild Card. Quick has concerned me, this year, with is frequent inability to gather in the long shot. The defense is sporatic along with the offense. I’ve seen other teams, who have quality players, but are struggling, make a coaching change. Then, everything begins to gel. Is that the answer for LA?

    • I I’m not a huge fan of some of the things Sutter does, esp how he mishandles young players , but like it or not, under his watch, the team has 2 WCF’s and a Cup. He is tight with DL and given his success, I can’t see DL moving him. I don’t like the severe Norht and South system he employees that you have to sacrifice offense to play defense. That allows little to no time for creativity in the O zone. He is not as concerned as he should be in the goals for, stresses too much on goals allowed. And their PP sucks. What exactly is Payne doing to earn a salary? Other teams have efficient moving PP’s with players put in the position to score. The Kings are too stationary and on the perimieter. And MR is better that Slava on the point, he’s a better decision maker.
      You’re right about a coaching change bringing fresh air and new attitude . Look what the jets have done under Maurice. and the Avs under Roy. I think this team would be better with a less severe defensive minded coach, but defense is what DL believes in and any new coach would probably be similiar unfortunately.
      The Kings D has me worried, Mitchell is looking his age far too often and Greene is done. There is a reason whythe Kings record this year is so much better (not even close) with him on out of the lineup. I hold my breathe every time he’s out there. DL tried (price too high) to upgrade at the deadline but I think he will move some players (Greene, Stoll, JW, Clifford) to clear salary to get at least 1 top D, Doughty needs a high end partner. I think DL will concentrate on upgrading at D and put TT on the first line with AK and MG and Pearson with MR and JC on the 2nd. Or maybe they get lucky and sign that ever elusive LW. But upgrading at D should be ihs top priority.
      O n a postiive note, A Mart rocks. Pisses me off that Sutter sat him so many games earlier.

      • I can’t disagree with anything that you said, Deirdre. And I must also say that I really do like Alec Martinez … a lot!

        I loved Colorado (almost as much as the Kings!) during the Sakic years. And I loved Roy as a player. I’ve watched Colorado’s changes. And at the same time, I’ve watched the logical process of Roy’s coaching career. I think Roy is creating a fabulous team in Denver!

        • I love the Avs and try to watch them and their combo of speed and skill is impressive. So much young talent…love how mature and poised MacKinnon has looked. I also love that the Hawks can’t handle them and would bet that the Avs beat the Hawks in the 1st round. I also like the BLuejackets and the fact the play to the final buzzer, skating, swarming, and Bob is playing well. I would love to see them upset the Pens (shaky goalie for last 2 playoffs and no D) in the playoffs. I knew once John Davidson went there, he’d put a mark on them. He’s a great hockey mind and has great vision. They’ve drafted very well the last few years and should a good team for the near future.

          • Yes, Deirdre, the Bluejackets have a lot of potential. I don’t know how far they’ll go this year, but they WILL do good things.

      • Only had two issues with Sutter. Breaking up Carter and Richards and sitting A Mart. Otherwise, I think he is a great coach and don’t want to see him go

  6. These comments are hilarious a week or so ago everybody loved Sutter. Now it’s time to run him out of town. Dies everyone forget that during the Cup run the Kings were an 8 seed? We tend to forget about their regular season that year. Some of these comments are worse than the ones on the Insider blog

    • Really Sean74? I seem to recall Persister typing this last week: “I still don’t like Sutter”. Hardly seems like an endorsement to me and I know I’ve only expressed dissatisfaction with his system. So maybe you’re stumbling across Sutter love elsewhere because I don’t think I’ve seen it over the last couple months.

    • Huh? Sutter love? Then run him outta town?
      Are you calling us bipolar?

  7. Greene is done. Shame too. Love the guy. Huge during the cup run and awesome in the playoffs last year too. I have a bad back too so I sympathize. We will only get cap relief for his retirement. It would be awesome if he could take some time and heal. Surgery I’m sure is necessary. Brown I have a feeling has pushed his knee to that point as well. How many collisions has he had where the other players knee got hurt and his “did not” 3?-4? We weren’t lucky in 2012, we were healthy. Without Mitchell and Greene next year we will have the funds at least to spend. $7.25 I think, to solidify at least one of those roles, and then we can all watch McNabb grow into his role like Muzzin. I’m gonna wait til this summer to hate on Sutter more. He’s the coach. He’s earned it. He may be the best person for the job, not sure. All I know is when you dominate a game……… You should feel like the game is out of reach for your opponent to win. Dominating games in possession time and shots and winning by one goal 57% of the time is wearing me down as a fan. I was desperate for the team to put last nights game out of reach. Never happened. We fucking lost again. Sucks. Colorado is competing for the presidents trophy with ONE PROVEN DEFENSEMAN. Defense is not our problem. How it’s being implemented is. My 2¢ Whatever!

  8. I understand how you feel, Hamburgular.

    More changes DO need to happen on this team. And they will probably happen in the off season, after they get knocked out of the playoffs. I’ll be the first to admit my amazement if they do go very far, assuming they win enough of the remaining games to get in.

    Something isn’t right about Quick either. I don’t know what it is, but he’s been letting in a lot of stoppable goals.

    Go Kings! I still love you!

  9. Hey its me, I’ve been away, other things were a little more important but I’ve been watching.

    Quick needs a new glove! I think this is the 2nd time in the past 4 or 5 games the puck failed him. I know he is responsible for his equipment and how it feels, but the 3rd goal last night was pretty weak.

    Maybe he was a little late on getting the glove on top of the pad, but a few games ago he was trying to catch a puck that looked like it was going wide glove side, and he missed even a “snow cone” save because that piece of leather that goes between the glove and the mesh was not stiff enough, and the weight of the puck bent it backward.

    As far as Sutter, he is an upgrade to the tandem of Dumb and Dumber, but in terms of what he is doing or isn’t doing that is that is the 64K question.

    I think the game has passed him by, and he hasn’t adjusted the way some of the other re-tred coaches have. Payne and Stevens were both young up and comers who were not successful when they got their turn in NHL after having success in the AHL.

    This team on paper says one thing, but on the ice says another. The erratic peaks and valleys are to be expected during a NHL season, and player slumps or hot streaks are also part of what is to be expected.

    What is hard to understand is how a team collectively can all slump at the same time during a season. When your Top 6 are not scoring, then you need your bottom 6 to chip in. When you defense is not playing very well, you need your goalie to step up and save the teams ass.

    Some of this has happened, but not enough to really put the Kings at or near the top of the NHL food chain. This current version of the Kings are good, but not great. The defense is suspect and average at best. The lowest goals against or as they call it best defensive team in the NHL is misleading. The guys that have stood between the pipes are a big reason why the Kings have one of the lowest goals against average in the NHL, but they are not defensively sound.

    So back to performance. Last night the Kings came back being 2 goals down to a team which has no business beating them. Everything was fine until that 3rd goal tied the game up. What I saw on the 4th goal was Quick being too aggressive and getting caught cheating, which is why he stumbled and fell trying to get back in good position for what should have been a routine save on Halpern.

    What I did not agree with was some of the line combinations Sutter was using. Dwight King started out the season looking like he was right on the verge of becoming a Top 6 wing. He has gone missing for quite some time now, and why he was being put out with the Top 6 really bothered me.

    Justin Williams has had a pretty sub-par season to date. Usually J Will is doing his thing, slipping and dodging opposition defenders to score those greasy goals, or dish out an assist. Last night he looked like he was trying to give Phoenix a chance with some poor decisions or giveaways. His point production is down this season, something that is somewhat concerning.

    Mike Richards has not been his usual self. He too is having a less than Mike Richards average season.

    Jeff Carter has been Jeff Carter and one player the Kings can depend on to get his.

    Kopitar started out slow, but has been the Kopitar we expect.

    Gaborik seems to be adjusting to his new team, and I can only hope he wants to stay for a few more years because the Kings need him.

    The torn ligament in Brown’ knee needs to be re-evaluated because he has not been the same player this season. Having 12 goals this late into the season for a guy who is considered a Top 6 forward in the NHL isn’t a very good return on investment. He hasn’t been nearly as physical and is now 10th in the league in hits, a stat which he is always in the Top 5 on a yearly basis. He is on pace to have his worst goal production since 2006/2007.

    Sutter has been slow to incorporate the Kings younger prospects into the lineup. I agree with this approach. I don’t agree with moving them every few games up or down, or making them healthy scratches.

    I wish Sutter would use Toffoli like he uses Muzzin. Toffoli should be playing on the 3rd line or on the 1st line. He has played 20 fewer games to date than Dwight King and currently has the same amount of points having 1 fewer goal and 1 more assist than King but 25 points. TT in his 20 fewer games has more points than Stoll and Brown. Stoll I can understand, but again one more indication that Brown is not the same Brown.

    Tanner Pearson needs to play, not watch, otherwise send him back to Manchester. Pearson doesn’t need to be playing on the 4th line however. I am glad to see Pearson on the left and Toffoli on the right with Stoll. This is one combo I do like, especially because Stoll knows his role and is going to allow Pearson and Toffoli use their skill, without having to worry about making a mistake on the offensive zone because Stoll will hang back just in case.

    I look at the the individual stats our Top 6 forwards had before being traded to the Kings and there is a disturbing theme among many of the forwards, they have had some pretty significant drops in goals/assists and points.

    I understand the Kings play a more defensively aware type of game, I get that. What I don’t like is even with this defense first style, and that CORSI metric they still seem to find a way to not win games.

    Finally, Sutter has freed the Mexicutioner, and we are seeing AMART taking advantage by contributing goals or assists. We have been critical of Sutter and his decision to go with Muzzin, leaving AMART as the healthy scratch this whole season. S & S even brought Jon Rosen into this debate, but still Muzzin played and AMART watched.

    Now there is a concern with the stability of the Kings back end. Matt Greene has been pretty much crippled by injury, and now his future with the Kings is potentially in question. Willie Mitchell is done with the Kings after this season as of right now. I would assume he will retire after this season, or at least let DL know his intentions. Do you sign him for 1 more year? This is kind of a difficult decision considering Forbort is not ready to play in the NHL.

    The Kings can decide to go into free agency to get a steady stay at home defenseman once the season is over. I’m not sure about McNabb being ready to play for the Kings next season. It seems that either he wasn’t good enough to crack the lineup in Buffalo, or he was just stuck behind a few other defensemen and rather than not play minutes that would help him, they sent him to the AHL to play more minutes.

    Lots of hard decisions to make after this season is over, but right now it is what it is and Sutter is going to have to make adjustments.

    I keep hearing how the Kings are built for the playoffs. This is all well and good, but these games right now should be looked to as playoff games, and if they can’t put their opponents away now, then forget about a “deep” run.

    We are all aware the Kings have won a cup and been to the Western Conference finals the past 2 seasons. We also know this team for the most part has stayed intact. That was then, but this is now (ABC).

    If the Kings get bounced in the 1st round of the playoffs, things might change behind the bench, or in the office of the GM. I doubt it considering how loyal DL is.

    Oh regarding the PP, one touch passes and shoot. Too much time playing bubble hockey shifting players. Keep it simple, stupid! The other night 3 passes Doughty to Kopitar to Gaborik goal was pure beauty!


    “6 AM Bag skate bitches! Muzzin piss hole!”

    • I have always enjoyed your intelligent and thoughtful comments. There really isn’t much to say to your comments.

      I would like to say that I was wondering about Quick’s glove in the last game. I could see the webbing fold backward with the force of the puck. And that’s not supposed to happen! Also, it seems that it’s the longer shots that he’s having difficulty with. Every goalie has difficulty with someone making a quick move in close and flipping it into one of the top corners. Some you get … and some you don’t.

    • Excellent read….excellent post

    • Mexicutioner! Awesome!

    • Awesome post bro spot on

    • Very good assessment. My only comment relates to the defense. “Good and average at best” is overdoing it in my opinion. Yes our goalies have been very good; but, no only do we have the lowest GAA, we also allow the fewest shots against on average. As much praise as Quick gets (and I truly believe he deserves it), he usually faces between 19-25 shots a game. That is completely the result of our team’s possession based, defensive orientation and positioning in our own end. Pair that strength with elite-level goaltending and you have the best defensive team in the NHL.


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