Jonathan Quick, Legacy, the Stretch Drive, Playoffs and Glory

Jonathan Quick now has more victories than any other LA Kings goaltender, including the great Rogie Vachon. He was humble in this honor. He deflected the accolades. His greatness as a goalie and his response to this milestone are what make him who and what he is to Kings fans. Are we worthy? I don’t know. We are blessed.

Jonathan Quick’s name will hang one day from our rafters. May it do so with several Stanley Cup banners near it.

Jarret Stoll is great for Tyler Toffoli and Tanner Pearson. He brings work ethic, experience and a 200-foot skill set to the kids on each side. He brings balance. Tyler Toffoli and Tanner Pearson are great for Jarret Stoll. The young guns bring speed, bright eyes, bushy tails and soft hands that give Stoll room to play and feed off the exuberance. It’s a good line. It will need to be good in the playoffs so we can have a top 9 that can score.

Dustin Brown’s injury is a concern. He should not push the knee, leg, ankle, whatever it is which has been hampered. We can make the stretch run without him. We will make the playoffs.

And to speak of the playoffs means we must speak of…park and ride…oh yeah, park and ride. Shit, I guess we can’t speak about the playoffs.

Mike Richards scored a goal. It was one of very few. Now would be a good time for Richards to get his game back. He looks like an older version of himself…not a year or two older but about 8. He isn’t old enough to look that way. He is in his prime and I don’t believe he has peaked early. If he gets hot around playoff time and through it, then very few of us will remember the ice-cold streak that has been this season. If not and this kind of production continues, I would not be surprised to see his name bounce around in trade talks. I still believe in Richards. The guy is money when it matters most.

Marion Gaborik may be a little bit slower but he is still damn fast. He may be a little bit older but he still plays like he is within his prime. He may not be a great 200 foot player but he sure as hell knows what to do in the other hundred feet. Gaborik has been a pleasure to watch and he and Kopitar have a natural chemistry. I could watch them pass, shoot and score all day. He has rejuvenated Anze.

Jake Muzzin had a nice game against Florida. I mean, it was Florida so don’t get carried away but he was…gasp…smart. A smart Jake Muzzin would make Surly and I very happy because the kid has the skills for being a top four. It’s the place between the ears and hockey sense that has been the thorn.

We play Philadelphia and another team I cannot remember in the next two.

Even after we lost 3 in a row, I didn’t get the sense the team was in trouble. I have a cautiously good feeling about our direction. While there are questions, the answers are all here…sometimes, the puzzle pieces have to figure things out themselves and fit in the right places.

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  1. Ummm. Why is the banner teal green? Not a big fan of change over here.

  2. Nice post, Bobby. You made some good points.

    Quick is certainly a modest and classy man.

    As good as Stoll is … he’s much better with the youthful exuberance and skills of Pearson and Toffoli. He always plays like a bug skittering around on a pond, but with those two on each side of him, he’s playing with even more enthusiasm. I’ve caught moments him, on the bench, talking with his linemates and both Pearson and Toffoli were nodding their heads with obvious interest in what Stoll had to say. He was, obviously, coaching them on their play.

    As for Kopitar’s play, I agree that Gaborik has filled him with a new fire for the game. Williams is a spark plug, but he will now have to work even harder to keep up with Gaborik and Kopitar.

    The Kings can beat Philadelphia. Yes, they’re a much improved team, but if the Kings can put a solid 60 minutes together, they can prevail!

    Go Kings!

    • Sold 60 is what it is about right now.
      I Love Stollie..Twinkle Toes is a Good motivator to any line mate..he has infectious enthusiasm. Got Brownie going..
      Philly…they do have some Good players..and Grit.
      CG and our Nightrain..and Schenn now coming into his own. Not many rosters I look at and actually know almost all the players. But We are capable..we can take them.

  3. i would like to see…


  4. Practice report is the lines are the same, except Nolan taking Brown’s place. That I think , esp vs the Flyers, is a mistake. They are a lot harder to play against (and the last 4 wins 2 vs Pens,1 vs the Hawks and 1 the Blues) they played hard . The Blues struggled, and couldn’t contain them. Two rookies on one line will mean Berube will probably put the Gioux line out there vs them to take advantage. The Flyers are a much more physical team than the Panthers so don’t except the same results at yesterday, that won’t happen. They roll 4 lines who hit hard and are aggressive. And Rinaldo, who I despise will be taking cheap runs at the Kings players all night. This won’t be an easy game for the Kings and Quick will have to be on his game.

    • Nolan is probably in to keep Rinaldo honest. It would be nice to see Mike Richards go into beast mode.

      • Beast mode? How about just playing a bit more like your real age mode. That would already be something. Being back east I’ve seen a decent amount of the Flyers. I’ll just say Dean gave up a lot. It was a trade you had to make for sure, but I never expected him to go from a 65-68 pt a season player (and that was the lower years in Philly) to a 45-48 a season player just like that. Cause that’s what he’s done.

        I know the Kings system and the Philly system aren’t the same. But wow….. if he continues on a down slide as you made reference to, it’s not gonna be pretty. I never thought we made that trade to get a 3rd line center.

        • Richards has had 2 head injuries in 18 mos. That is what has affected his game. A brain bruise like he got from Bergenheim takes (average) 12 months or more to heal. He was just getting his game back last spring from that and Bollad hit him He started off strong this year thru beg of Dec and got rocked vs Ottawa. It’s a brain bruise and it doesn’t take much the awful Post Concussion Symptons to resurface. His reg. season production dropped and that sucks, but hockey is a physical sport and injuries happen.
          And Schenn won’t be a Flyer long enough to make an impact of any kind. The Flyers do not have top D and it’ s the reason (among others) they have been playing golf the last 2 Aprils and will again this year. Until they sacrifice and get a top D, they are 1 and done, if they even make the playoffs. And B Schenn is the expendable piece to package. As far as the trade, without Richards no Cup and they’re out in the 1st round last year. And the Flyers have been playing golf the last 2 springs and will again this year. It’s highly unlikely that Schenn and Simmonds are impact players who ar e in the front seat of the Flyers going to the Conf Finals 2 years in a row and winning a Cup. So until that happens, the Kings win the trade. DL traded for that and it worked. And if he feels by next year, if Richards reg season is off again, that by the deadline a deal is necessary he’ll do that, it’s a business and it’s what GM’s do. But it still wont’ change the fact because of Richards, the Kings got a Cup.

          • Dear Deirdre. I didn’t put that in my post….. and I should have. But yes, agreed 100% that without Richards they don’t win the Cup. Also, very true what you say about post concussion syndrome. I had one not in same category as MR and I still can feel cobwebs in the a.m. when I get up sometimes….. and I haven’t played hockey for quite some time. But just in the day to day.

            Glad you responded to that though. Also, agree that somehow the Flyers are playing with more defensive responsibility at the moment, but in terms of what they have in the backend, not likely that they’d win a cup that way.

          • Richards and Carter really helped get the Kings their cup, but Lombardi should have got rid of Terry Murray after the Kings lost to San Jose in the previous seasons 1st round, a series which the Kings should have beat SJ but TM did nothing to help the Kings win. Losing game 3 at home when up 4-0 early in the 2nd period, unacceptable, then game 6 a 5 minute PP in OT and they can’t even get one shot, should have been the end of TM.
            Regarding Richards, everyone is different in terms of healing. Symptoms might not be visible, but the motor damage and psychological damage can be stored for years and years.
            IMO Mike Richards is not going to get better. He’s one of those players who has had too many concussions since he was a kid and who needs to seek out an experts opinion about his long term health. Richards needs to be more concerned about his life after hockey.
            This is the problem with brain injuries, especially in a sport where head trauma is inevitable like hockey. Concussions and their damage can lay dormant for years and years, actually accumulating until a seemingly harmless event can unleash some or all of a multitude of symptoms and complications that come with a concussion.
            I have payed attention to Richards, especially since he was acquired by the Kings. He has been on the wrong end of a few incidents with Martin Hanzal and he has not been the same since. I am not saying its all Hanzal, but I am saying during Richards time with both Philly and the Kings he has always come out on the losing end of hits or fights. I respect him for his willingness to stick up for himself or his teammates, but it has come with a price and that price is now effecting his career.
            Everyone is different and some people may not have any residual issues, from the exact same impacts, while others might be forever impaired.
            I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think Richards is going to improve much going forward. I don’t think its a matter of hitting some kind of hot streak with Richards, I just fear he is the player he is now after his past 2 seasons of issues with concussions.

    • You’re so correct about the Flyers being a tough team to play against. I like the way they’ve been playing. The Kings will need to play well on this away series.

  5. Everyone counted Philly out at the 20 game mark. Fire the coach. Trade Giroux. Now, everything is wonderful. Shit happens. Brown and Richards will be there come playoff time because it is ingrained in their psyche to do so.

    • LIving in Philly, I can tell you a lot of Philly sports fans are like that. The rant on the sports talk shows and then when the team turns it around , those same fans who want ‘that star guy’ traded can’t stop bragging about him. Giroux has had 2 years in row now where he’s had a rough first 20 to 25 games. He’ s a very skilled player but he’s struggled in the leadershiop role. His post game pressers during the both the slow starts last year and this were brutal, had no clue what to say. Same with the 2012 playoffs whe nthe Devils embarrassed the Flyers, he actually told one report who asked what was wrong ‘ I don’t know’. Maybe it’s taking him longer to adjust, but Philly is rough sports town with fans that can be unforgiving. And wearing that C has weighed him down at times.
      The have a lot of holes to fill (and bad contracts to shed) and positions to upgrade before they are a team that can go deep and get past either the Rangers or esp the Bruins.
      The Kings, with Richards again being an active, annoyed pain in the ass to play against , money player will be a Cup contender this year while the Giroux and the Flyers are playing golf again.

  6. Brown is injured….. He needs to act like the Captain and stay out of the line up & give his team the chance to win. He’s a liability to the team if he attempts to play.
    Brown has been under the microscope and a lot of people have been so critical of his play (me included) but I know he is proud and has the heart of a champion so it’s gotta be killing him that he’s had a piss poor year.
    Rest up Cap, get well and let your team take it from here. When the playoffs come, lace em up & dig deep inside and find that player from 2012!!!

  7. I made the mistake of watching the KCAL9 news last night and their sports reporter referred to Rogie Vachon as “Rahjay Vanshaw.” Is that worse than the famous Brad Doty reference?

    • Now a days, there are many, many immigrants in America who can’t speak proper English. More and more, we see everything from road signs, business signs, publications, and news mouthpieces who really don’t understand traditional American culture or the proper pronunciation of English words. And I married a Chinese woman. She has the same problem!

    • Six of one, half dozen of the other.

  8. Woah, what’s this? I had to walk out of the room and check the sign on the door. Yes, it’s the right shitter, it says S&S on the plaque.

    Looks good, gents!

  9. Hey s and s, I like what you’ve done with the place. Btw, richards belongs on the 2nd line with carts and pearson. Florida is a team we should beat. I wouldn’t ask for too many high fives for taking out lu and the boys. Playoffs are coming, let’s get amped. Stay frosty!

  10. Are you guys going to do another podcast soon?

  11. Holy shit! Another disallowed goal!? On a bullshit call.

    • I guess Refs hate the Kings! That was a soft push by Carter’s left hand. It was NOT a crosscheck!

      I think the Kings played a solid game!

      Go Kings!

    • TG we were up by 2..I think I am getting ‘conditioned’ to bad calls..I did not start fuming as usual. Was really enjoying watching our Boys jell..what a fun game to watch…Carter and Richards sure up for it..Rick had more jump in his game.
      RR and A Mart another solid
      wtg game for them..Great play by Slava to setup the game winner. Really enjoyed watched our offense tonite. Team seems to be in the zone.
      And how bout that catcher’s save from Quick..lightening Quick! and from the blue much for my theory on his vision..

    • I agree…..was a pretty weak call but hey, I’ll take it since that ping pong of a puck stayed out of our net! What a trip!!!!


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