Love and Respect to the Philadelphia Flyers…But the Better Team Won

The Philadelphia Flyers battled back tonight. They deserved to tie the game 2-2. They also deserved to lose. We let off the gas in the third period and they pressed hard just long enough to get back in it. Our boys then promptly did what Champions do…get the damn momentum back. The Flyers aren’t going to win anything special with Ray Emery in net.

There was a time when “former” Kings just kicked our asses. Every team probably has that but it felt disproportionate. Jeff Carter and Justin Williams scoring goals 1 and 2 was special sweet.

Trevor Lewis had a rare miscue. RARE.

That first goal against Quick…meh. But he was otherwise awesome.

The goal they called back…fuck the NHL Zebras. I am starting to think incompetence is a damn requirement to wear the stripes. Where do they get these pricks?

Interviewer: “Are you a total fucking idiot?”

Candidate: “Oh, yes sir. One of the worst.”

Interviewer: “How are your phantom call skills? Can you blow the whistle and call a penalty when nothing actually occurred?”

Candidate: “That is my greatest strength, sir”

That is one loud building and they have some rabid fans. I hear they are also pretty manic, not the even keeled and unemotional cats Surly and I are.

I still love Marion Gaborik and the chemistry he is developing. We haven’t even scratched the surface of that line’s potential.

Winning rules.

Scribe’s 3 Stars:

3. Dwight King

2. Willie Mitchell

1. Jeff Carter


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  1. Very pleased. Adversity sucks til you overcome it eh? I held my breath for most of the third period. These lines are pretty solid. One goal from each of your top three lines….. Nice. Fourth line looks good with Richards on it. Pretty deep at center. GKG \X/

  2. I guess you said it all, Bobby! I just want to add that I see this team jelling … finally. I have a good feeling that good things are beginning to happen! We were on the verge of missing the playoffs, but the way this team is now coming together, anything is possible!

    Go Kings!

  3. Good read bobby! Once again you nailed it. And yes the Gaborik-kopi-Williams line. This is gonna be good.

  4. Road trip is off on the right foot. Philly played a physical game but our boys came out on top!
    They are looking better but still not firing on all cylinders. Gonna be scary good when they are!
    Philly down……bring on Ovie & Halak.

    • The way they’re … at the last minute … beginning to jel, it reminds me of their Cup run. Is this Deja Vu?!!!

  5. I am so tired of hearing in article after article how the Flyers got the best of the trade value when comparing what they received to what we received in Carter and Richards. When the Flyers have 2 Stanley Cup Rings, they can say this. Until then, I wish all of those people who keep writing this crap would shut the fuck up.

    • In all fairness what they got for Carter was Jakub Voracek and a first & third rounder; not the “defense”man JMFJ and a first rounder that Columbus got. Also, right now if offered Simmer & Schenn & a second for Richards you know you would take that deal. That being said, the Kings did win the Cup and have played in back to back WCFs and are well positioned for another run.

  6. By the way Bobby, you are absolutely right on all counts in your piece. I believe we have not even begun to see how good Gaborik can be as time goes on. He has made our depth immense throughout the line-up.

  7. This just got me thinking it’s time for a new skit. Maybe Dean Lombardi calling Gary Bettman about us getting screwed on goals this year. Maybe Gaborik trying to understand what the hell sutter is saying….. all I know is that shit you guys did at the trade deadline the year we got Carter was Gold…… as was the one about Doughty trying to understand wtf Sutter was saying during practice…

    I like the new layout…… theres only a few weeks left in the season and we already know our fate, on the road in SJ or Anacrime….. entertain the people boys

  8. also good pull on Willie Mitchell for 2nd star. I thought Regehr and Pearson had great games also. Jim was on Cliffords tip all night.

  9. Can anybody tell me why the Flyer fans were booing JC? I don’t fully understand that. I am not aware of him doing anything along the lines of demanding a trade or not performing in Philly while he was there. Yes, I know MR and JC had this stigma of partying alot and whatnot and supposedly the Flyers dealt MR and JC, et al to change the leadership chemistry in the locker room. But what in that equation leds to the Philly fans booing JC?

    AMart was pretty good at times tonight too. That one shift where he blocked back to back shots was fabulous.

    • Flyers fans seem to be “you’re either with us or go fuck yourself.” Not all of them I am sure (our very own Deirdre is pretty logical except DONT F WITH MIKE RICHARDS) but seems the majority

      • Even the Philly announcers were perplexed, saying “It’s not like they traded themselves.”

      • When I was young, I loved to watch football. Ultimately, I didn’t like the fact that it competed with my love for ice hockey. There are only so many hours in a day. So, I drifted away from football. I saw Philly fans do some crazy things at their football stadium. Some of their fans have gotten into fights when they travel to “enemy” stadiums to watch their team.

        Flyers fans are somewhat insane when it comes to sports. I don’t know why. Maybe they have a higher consumption of fluoride in their water. They can get violent with those who are not on their side. So, I know what you say is right on. If you go to another team, they’ll hate you.

  10. I’m hoping the chemistry between Kopi Gabby Williams starts to pick up soon. I think he may get a little frustrated sometimes because the squad shoots more often then making that extra pass. It’s good and bad. I’ve seen where Gaborik has a wide open net and the other guy just fires. That Stoll shot had Gaborik so wide open but you have the defender sliding across your lane.

    Could he have read the play a little better, held onto the puck just a second longer and passed to Gabby? When he looked skyward I think he knew. The first line has some incredible talent and to mindlessly throw pucks at the net with no traffic is gonna be tough sledding.

    If and when the chemistry comes, shits gonna get pretty sickening. I think Gaboriks got some Palffy moves in him. If you watch some old Palffy highlights and the passing involved…damn those were some memorable games!

    Got what we needed in Philly. Tomorrow’s gonna be a tough game. Washington looking for some payback. Jones or Quick shits gotta be down tight. Tomorrow we may see some sick shit from our first line.

    • Yes, Hat Trick, Stoll knew. Stoll knew he had tunnel vision and that he had not seen the big picture. Gaborik was just standing there with no one near him. Stoll could have been more patient, let the defender slide by, and make a pass to Gaborik.

      Yes, Washington will play tough in Washington D.C. Jones will need to play one of his better games. I think Ovechkin will probably be on his game, since he’ll be playing at home.

      I hope the referees are better!

      Go Kings!

  11. Great game, good win, bad start of the thrid, shity officiating, fucking terrible announcing (Philly’s announcers may be worse than their fans)! Park and ride.

    • I really dislike Bill Clement……he’s obviously biased towards Philly but there’s just something about him I don’t like.

      • It wasn’t the biased that really bugged me, it was just how fucking boring they were. It was like they didn’t even care about the game and were just there for a paycheck.

        • Maybe that’s what it is TK….just absofuckinglutely painful to listen to them numb nuts call the game. Was like listening to my ex-wife blah blah blah blah-ing
          me all over again.

  12. On the Capitals game – I wonder why Quick used his blocker pad, on that long shot, to send that huge rebound back to the Capitals?!

  13. Wondered where the game blog was..just have to say. ..
    Loving our no quit!
    I just knew when King got the quick 3rd period goal Kings felt Halak crack..
    Gabby :-D
    Captain Brownie♡

  14. oh crap..Why do Kings have distinction of so many NHL players getting their first vs us ?
    last game vs WA at home the rookie got his first shootout try/goal..uugghh(and Pens..first goal as Cap)

    waiting to post this as a W
    And I can!!!
    Hate the SO fyi
    oh bad..collision..geez..think Hillen knocked out cold..
    hate so much to see that..he’s up..scary.

  15. Gutsy comeback by the once and future (14) Stanley Cup Champs. 6 points out of 6 points with 3 games in 4 nights and getting 4 goals in the 3rd period (even if 3 only counted) 2nd night of back to back on the road = team with swagger and major stones., the stuff that champions are made of.

    Good for Kopi to do that nifty celebration at the bench after his SO goal, Kings should have been pissed. Richards busted his ass and that Empty net goal should have counted and the Caps were given a 1 pt gift.

    Must have been some talk the guys had in the locker room after the 2nd, because they all played balls to the wall in the 3rd and earned that W with a pound of sweat.

    On to slay the Pens….and I hope Doughty or RR puts Crosby in the first row.

    Although I don’t understand why Sutter played Quick tonight and Jones on Thurs (so said the DC crew calling the game) WHy play your goalie back to back when you have a guy like Jones on the bench?

    • The Kings are back!!! :-)

      I think that there must be a lot more pressure being put on Refs, by the League, to make calls. This is ruining the game of hockey. I’ve watched hockey for a very long time. And I’ve never seen such lame calls. Defensemen aren’t permitted to play defense, and forwards aren’t permitted to play offense. How can you plan this game without contact?! Every single player is wondering what they can and cannot do! If your stick is parallel to the ice, whether or not it’s actually hooking, they’ll call it hooking. If you push an opponent with one of your hands, while your hands on your stick, it’s an automatic cross-checking penalty!

      I agree with you about Jones playing. Sutter should have played him. Thankfully, we did get the win anyway.

    • Good set of comments Deirdre. Who wrote these for you? POW! JK, Love you baby.


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